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Henry Cavill's Superman Exit Called 'Invented Conflict' in New Report

In yet another twist in the saga, TMZ is now reporting that Henry Cavill and the Superman drama is not totally real…calling the story “invented conflict.”

If you don’t know, it was revealed yesterday that Henry was apparently done playing Superman after it was revealed that he and Warner Bros. could not come to terms on a contract for a cameo appearance in next year’s Shazam!.

Then, Henry posted a cryptic video that seemingly indicated that he was still down to play Superman.

TMZ is saying that because there’s no Superman movie in the works, there’s been no real discussion about the future of the role. In addition, the report now says that “if and when the next ‘Superman’ project is greenlit, Cavill along with others would be in play.” The door isn’t completely closed, especially if the next Superman director were to want him in the role and Warner Bros. could agree on the contract.

Henry Cavill References Superman Rumors with This Cryptic Video

News broke this week that Henry Cavill would reportedly be leaving the role of Superman in the DC Universe and Warner Bros. films.

Warner Bros. released a statement saying they had actually not made a decision on Henry’s fate playing the famous superhero.

Well, on Wednesday evening (September 12), Henry posted an extremely cryptic video to his Instagram account and…we don’t know what it means!

Henry captioned the video with, “Today was exciting #Superman.” He’s wearing a shirt that reads “Krypton Lifting Team,” and a Superman action figure makes an appearance as well.

Watch below and see what you think….

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Henry Cavill's Superman Fate Addressed By Warner Bros. (Statement)

Warner Bros. has released a statement regarding the reports that Henry Cavill will exit the role of Superman from the DC Universe films.

“While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged,” a Warner Bros. spokesperson told Just Jared. Henry has not yet released any statement regarding the reports.

Rumors are that contract negotiations broke down and Henry would be walking away from the franchise. There will be a new focus in the DC Entertainment Universe.

One big question fans have is…what will Henry Cavill do next now that he’ll have more free time after the Superman exit?!

What Should Henry Cavill Do Next After His Exit From 'Superman'? Let Just Jared Know!

News broke earlier today that Henry Cavill would reportedly be leaving his role as Superman in the Warner Bros/DC Universe films, and fans are devastated at the news.

We want to hear from you, Just Jared readers. What do you want to see Henry do next in his life and career!

We’re going to record all of the responses and we’ll pick a few to highlight and post right here in this post on Just Jared!

You have one week, until September 19 at 11:30 am ET, to record your response. You can respond as many times as you want, and multiple responses with the same answer may up your chances of getting seen and published!

Fill out the form below and let us know what you want to see Henry Cavill do next with his career!

'Supergirl' to Be DC's New Focus as Henry Cavill Exits 'Superman' (Report)

New information has emerged after news broke that Henry Cavill is reportedly leaving his role as Superman in the DC Universe.

THR has updated their bombshell story, saying that Warner Bros. is now shifting their focus towards a Supergirl movie. The film will be an origin story.

According to the original DC Comics, Supergirl would be a teen in her origin story meaning at that time, Superman (aka Kal-El) would only be an infant. This would take Henry‘s Superman out of the equation completely based on this timeline of events.

Furthermore, Deadline is now reporting that Warner Bros. is mulling over a complete change in direction in the Superman franchise and pondering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role sometime in the future.

According to reports, Warner Bros. and Henry‘s reps were trying to negotiate a contract for his appearance in next year’s Shazam! when talks fell apart.