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Kristen Bell's Many Men (and Dogs)

On Friday, actress Kristen Bell takes her dogs for a late afternoon run at a local Los Angeles dog park with Veronica Mars co-star Ryan Hansen, who played the ridiculously slimy Dick Casablancas.

While at the park, the Heroes hottie took a cell phone call and then ran into SNL alum Chris Kattan. (Her new man did not make an appearance). From what we can tell in the photos, the two chatted and then got into a little playful shoving match… while Ryan discreetly tried to pick a wedgie.

Later on, Kristen and Ryan grabbed coffee, along with something that made Kristen pull a funny face.

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Hayden Panettiere, Pretty on the Pink Carpet

Here’s Heroes‘ cutie Hayden Panettiere stalking the pink carpet in patent Loubutin slingbacks and an adorable black-and-white striped minidress at Thursday’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Hollywood.

The 18-year-old, who recently expressed her need for speed, not only loved the VS show, but proved herself a die-hard Spice Girls fan:

“I was dancing and singing along. I loved it,” raved Hayden. “The Spice Girls were great. I knew every word to the first song. Enough said.”

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'Heroes' Pre-Emmy Bash 2007

The Heroes cast party at their 2007 Pre-Emmy Party hosted by Perry Ellis and Vanity Fair at the Chateau Marmont on Friday in Los Angeles.

Pictured: Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, Zachary Quinto, Hayden Panettiere, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Adrian Pasdar (with Dixie Chicks wife Natalie Maines), Ali Larter, Kristen Bell, Leonard Roberts, Dania Ramirez, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Santiago Cabrera, George Takei, Greg Grunberg and director David Semel.

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London Loves Heroes Hottie Hayden

Heroes cutie Hayden Panettiere poses at the doors of central London’s Radio 1 studios on Friday after taping a segment for the Chris Moyles show. In addition to a fabulous purple bag and Loubutin slingbacks, Hayden’s showing off a sparkly red mug autographed with: “To Hayden, I love you. CHRIS.” (Our sentiments exactly).

In other Heroes news, Hayden’s soon-to-be co-star, Kristen Bell (of Veronica Mars fame) dishes to EW about her new role:

What can you tell us about your role?
[Elle] comes in with a bang. She’s a bit of a criminal in the beginning. I’m not even sure if they know whether she’s going to be bad or good. She has a link to H.R.G. and Peter. She becomes integral to the mystery on the show.

Bell is not only excited to join the Heroes gang, but also looks forward to starting a band called Kung-Fu Professor with her new buddy, Greek star Clark Duke. Says Bell, “We’re not sure what we will sound like and we may not be any good, but we do know we will all be wearing cravats.”

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Heroes Season 2 Promo

You may have missed this awesome promo for the upcoming season of Heroes. It’s not really spoiler-y. Just some cool special effects with the cast!

Heroes season 2 premiere episode “Four Months Later” airs Monday, Sept 24.

And if you missed it, check out the Hayden Panettiere‘s milk mustache as well as Masi Oka‘s!

Heroes Season 2 Promo