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Hoda Kotb Weighs In On Awkward Moment When Nick & Vanessa Lachey Denied They Sent Jessica Simpson a Gift!

Hoda Kotb is opening up about the awkward moment that occurred during her interview with Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

During the Today show interview last week, host Hoda mentioned that Jessica Simpson recently expressed that Vanessa and Nick sent her a gift once during a milestone moment in her life. Vanessa jumped in and denied doing any such thing.

Hoda admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday night (February 12) that she didn’t expect the interview to go that way at all.

“Here’s the thing: When I was interviewing Jessica, she was talking about, like, on what great terms everyone was,” Hoda explained. “Like, ‘I’m so happy for them. I have children. They have children.’ And she mentioned something, I thought, about a gift. So, I was like ‘Oh, so everybody’s happy.’ So when they came, I was like, ‘Isn’t that cool? Everybody’s friends.’ And then that wasn’t the way it was received.”

Hoda, who was joined by her co-host Jenna Bush Hager, said she “didn’t understand what was going on” and “actually was confused.”

Vanessa Lachey recently reacted to a fan calling her out for that Jessica Simpson moment.

Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager Admit They 'Didn't Think Things Through' During Their Live Weigh-In

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are opening up about weighing themselves live on TV.

During a recent episode of Today, the co-hosts decided to step onto a scale in front of viewers to reveal their weights before they began intermittent fasting.

At the time, Hoda weighed 158lbs and Jenna weighed 171lbs.

Now looking back at it, they realized they didn’t think things through, and that it brought up all struggles with body image.

“I, for a second, was transported to when I was like a chubby little girl and found a scale in my mom’s room and weighed myself. And, I, for a moment, was stuck there,” Jenna, who just had a baby in August, shared on Monday’s episode of Today. “All I heard was that. It made me feel kind of bad. I weighed myself, the last time, when I was in college, when I weighted a lot less, so it was a shock, it really was.”

Hoda added: “Look, we feel grateful. Don’t get us wrong. We’re healthy, my God no one knows better how much that matters. There’s something about standing on the scale and watching the number, like, not stop. I was like, ‘Wait, I don’t remember this number.’”

Hoda then went on to say that she and Jenna are now on this health-focused journey to feel better for their kids.

“It taught us a little lesson,” Hoda said. “I do think we’re doing this because we want to feel better. We want to feel better for our girls. We want to feel happier.”

“We teach our girls that they’re so much more than the way we look,” Jenna added. “That they’re brilliant and interesting and funny and smart and caring and compassionate and that there’s so much more in life than a number on the scale.”

Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager Weigh Themselves on TV Before Starting Intermittent Fasting

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager are beginning their intermittent fasting experiment, and they’re tracking their progress by weighing themselves on live TV.

The 55-year-old and 37-year-old Today co-stars stepped onto a scale in front of viewers on Monday (November 18) to begin their fast.

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For Hoda, the scale read 158 pounds, and for Jenna, 171 pounds.

“This is why I don’t really weigh myself…I think I weigh twice as much as my sister. Like, two Barbaras could fit in me,” Jenna joked.

The two will begin their intermittent fasting diet, in which they don’t eat solid foods for about 16 hours per day.

“We’re doing it to be healthy, and to also improve our brain health and everything else,” Jenna explained in the segment.

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Anna Wintour Wants Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton to Come to the Met Gala!

Anna Wintour is opening up about her dream guests for the upcoming 2019 Met Gala!

The Vogue editor-in-chief sat down for an interview with Jenna Bush Hager for NBC.

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“I would love to have the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle) and the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) together. That would be my dream couple. They could leave their husbands at home. It’s the two of them I want,” she revealed.

“I honestly believe the reason people are excited is it’s this extraordinary marriage of fashion and culture. After all we don’t want a museum to become a mausoleum. We want it to be alive and vibrant and bring in new audiences and have people be excited about being there.”

Watch the interview!

Jenna Bush Hager Reveals Sex of Baby Number Three - Watch!

Jenna Bush Hager is having her first boy!

Shortly after announcing on Today that she and husband Henry Hager were expecting their third child, the 37-year-old co-host revealed that they are expecting a baby boy.

“We told our girls yesterday,” Jenna shared on air. She and Henry are already parents to two daughters, Mila, 6, and Poppy, 3. “The Easter bunny brought them an egg with the big reveal.”

Jenna then shared a super sweet video from when she told her daughters the exciting news on Easter.

“Baby!” shouted Poppy, as she ran over to hug her mother’s stomach.

Watch the video below!

Jenna Bush Hager Is Pregnant with Third Child!

Jenna Bush Hager and her husband Henry Hager are expecting their third child together!

The 37-year-old Today show anchor announced the news on Monday morning (April 22) on the morning show.

She and Henry are already parents to two daughters, Mila, 6, and Poppy, 3. This will be the third grandchild for former president and first lady George and Laura Bush.

Jenna shared the big news just days after another Today show anchor announced some baby news – Hoda Kotb just adopted her second daughter!

Congrats to the happy couple on the big news!

Jenna Bush Hager to Replace Kathie Lee Gifford as Hoda Kotb's 'Today' Show Co-Anchor

A few months ago, Kathie Lee Gifford announced that she would be stepping away from the fourth hour of the Today show as a longtime co-host with Hoda Kotb.

NBC has announced that Jenna Bush Hager will take over for Kathie Lee and co-host the fourth hour with Hoda.

“It feels humbling and I can’t believe it,” Jenna said. “My dad [former President George W. Bush] just wrote me three words, which made me weep. He said, ‘Very proud dad.’ Which I’m like, what is there to be proud about? I’m just drinking wine in the morning!”

Jenna then offered some words for Kathie Lee, saying, “You have been such a role model and so generous with your time. … You are beloved here in so many ways and if I can use some of your grace and have a half of what you’ve done, my life will be a very happy one.”