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Ryan Dorsey Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Naya Rivera's Death on Behalf of Son Josey

The late Naya Rivera‘s ex husband Ryan Dorsey has filed a lawsuit on their five-year-old son Josey‘s behalf on Tuesday (November 17).

Josey is suing the county where his mother tragically died in early July, Ventura County, California, as well as United Water Conservation District and Ventura County’s Parks and Recreation Management for “wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress,” Us Weekly reports.

Apparently, the paperwork states that the boat that Naya and Josey were in on July 8 at Lake Piru, where she died, did not comply with Coast Guard safety standard.

Naya‘s autopsy was revealed back in September that revealed devastating details about her death. Our continued thoughts are with the Rivera family and Dorsey family on this tragedy.

Late Naya Rivera's Son Josey Dances to 'Smooth Criminal' in Cute Video

Josey Dorsey, the son of Ryan Dorsey and the late Naya Rivera, danced to Michael Jackson‘s hit song “Smooth Criminal” in a cute new video.

The video was shared to Ryan‘s Instagram Story and then reposted by fans on Twitter. In a second clip, Josey was dancing so hard that he actually fell over, and was totally unfazed by it!

As you can see, Josey has a fresh new buzzcut in the videos, which he got a few weeks ago after traditionally sporting longer hair.

If you missed it, Ryan and Josey now live with another member of Naya‘s family to help out after the tragedy the family suffered. Naya tragically passed away over the summer in a drowning accident.

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Naya Rivera & Ryan Dorsey's Son Josey Has a Short New Haircut

Ryan Dorsey has revealed that son Josey, 5, has a brand new, shorter haircut now and he looks so cute.

Ryan captioned the photo on his Instagram, “Wanted a cut like his boy Hunter. Oceans 12 meets C-Mac. 🌟Happy Sunday.😎 #keeppounding” C-Mac is referring to Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey! It looks like Josey is a fan of the Panthers, judging by his clothing in the photos.

This is the first new photo that Ryan has shared of his son since the tragic death of Naya Rivera, Josey‘s mom. Naya tragically died in a drowning accident in July while boating with her son at a lake.

Since then, Ryan and Josey have been living with Naya‘s sister and she recently spoke out about the choice to live together.

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Glee's Matthew Morrison Reflects on the Death of Naya Rivera

Matthew Morrison is looking back at his time on set with Glee co-star Naya Rivera, over two months after she tragically passed away from drowning.

The 41-year-old actor spoke to ET while promoting his work with Keep Music Alive, a music education non-profit organization.

Naya was a huge bright light,” Matthew said. “I mean, she’s someone who kind of kept us in stitches on set, like, she was always the one who is just so witty and just, like, always joking. On that show, it was difficult. We pulled long, long hours — like 16 to 18 hour days — and we needed that, that team morale, and she was always there to give us a good laugh.”

“It’s crazy saying ‘was,’” he continued. “But she was a special person and my heart just goes out to that family who is grieving. I can’t imagine, you know, having a son myself, the upbringing that that child is going to be exposed to because his mother is not there, you know? It’s gotta be so tough, so my heart goes out to that family.”

Someone very close to Naya just moved in with her ex-husband to raise her son.

Chris Colfer Reveals Naya Rivera's 'Incredible' Hidden Talent

Chris Colfer is reflecting on his friendship with Naya Rivera.

During a new interview with E!’s Daily Pop, the 30-year-old actor and author revealed one of his favorite things the late actress did when he needed some cheering up.

“A lot of people probably don’t know this,” Chris shared. “But Naya had the most incredible impressions and she was always, always ready to give you one if you were in a bad mood.”

Chris then revealed this favorite impression Naya used to do.

“She had this one of Kim Kardashian on jury duty,” Chris explained, saying it “always make me belly laugh whenever I needed one.”

Chris and Naya starred together on Glee from 2009 to 2015.

The other day, another former Glee star remembered the “greatest thing” about Naya.

Ryan Dorsey Speaks Out After Moving In With Naya Rivera's Sister Nickayla: 'She's The Closest Thing Josey Has To A Mom'

Ryan Dorsey has spoken out about the report that he has moved in with Nickalya Rivera, following the passing of his ex-wife Naya Rivera.

The 37-year-old actor spoke about the recent months where he has had to raise his and Naya‘s son, Josey, without her.

In his Instagram video, Ryan says that Josey has had “grow up so fast” and “without his mother”.

He also explained that Josey has been asking where his mother is, and he responds that Naya is “an angel now and she’s with God. She’s in heaven.”

“And he goes, ‘Well, I want to go there. How do I get there?’” Ryan goes on, adding that he hopes a parent would never have to hear their child say that or explain what a funeral for their parent is “way before they should have to think about it.”

Ryan then addressed the reasons he and Nickayla are now living together.

“Then he asked me if TiTi can live with us. ‘I want TiTi to live with us, forever.’ Because she’s now the closest thing that he has to a mom,” he explained. “Because you’re going to need all the help you can get as a single parent, trying to build your career and navigate this disaster with your child. You deal with it every hour of every day for 80-plus days now.”

“I wasn’t even going to speak on any of this, I feel like my head is full with so many things that the last thing I need running through my mind is this bulls**t,” he went on, saying that he doesn’t care what people think about the situation, because it’s “2020 and this is life. 2020, what a sh***y, f***ing year.”

Nickayla took to her own Instagram Story the night before, addressing the situation.

Watch Ryan‘s full video here:

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Jane Lynch Remembers 'The Greatest Thing' About Naya Rivera

Jane Lynch is remembering Naya Rivera.

During a new interview, the 60-year-old actress opened up about the impact the 33-year-old late actress had on her life.

″The greatest thing about Naya Rivera was that she would be the first one to speak up if something was happening that wasn’t right, that wasn’t fair, that was cruel,″ Jane shared with People.

″If you were a friend of hers, you knew it, you could feel it,″ Jane continued, adding that Naya was “loyal” and “protective.”

Jane continued: ″Just such a fierce force of nature that girl was. It’s a great loss. It’s a great loss for all of us.”

Jane and Naya starred together on Glee, which ran from 2009 to 2015.

Naya went missing after a swimming accident last month at Lake Piru, and her body was unfortunately found five days later on July 13.

You can find out how Naya Rivera‘s son Josey, 5, is doing after her death here.