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Noah Centineo Hits The Gym To Prep For 'Black Adam' Role

Noah Centineo heads out after a workout at the Dogpound gym on Thursday afternoon (February 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old To All The Boys: Always and Forever star flashed a hand signal to photographers while walking back to his car.

After he got to his car, Noah even pulled out his own video camera and turned it on to the paparazzi.

Noah is hitting the gym and bulking up to prepare to go film his upcoming DC Comics movie Black Adam, and recently opened up about bulking up for the role.

“I’m gonna to be starting on the new Black Adam in about like two months. Hopefully if all goes to plan, which I hope it does. I’m very excited to do that, be a superhero which I’ve never done before, which should be fun,” he recently told Australian radio host Smallzy.

“Well, so last time I gained I was doing 6,500 calories a day. This time this time will not be as… (how did you not get fat?) You’re at the gym for two hours every day, good high intensity training and dying,” Noah continued.

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Noah Centineo Reveals What He's Not Going to Do Anymore in His Career

Noah Centineo is revealing something new about his career.

The 24-year-old To All The Boys actor made an appearance on Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz, and suggested he’s done playing teenage roles.

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During a round of “Would You Rather?,” Noah was asked if he would rather play teenagers for the rest of his career or only play 80-year-olds.

“80-year-olds,” he answered. When prompted if he’s done with playing teenagers, he said, “All I’ve done for the last 15 years is teenagers.”

It looks like Noah won’t be appearing in any more teen rom-coms!

He also spoke about Black Adam co-star Dwayne Johnson.

“I call him my homie,” Noah joked about what he calls Dwayne. “I met him once, via Zoom, and I told him that I was coming for his squat game and I mean it. I’m gonna put him to shame, alright? I’m gonna tell you what… You don’t see how much weight he’s squatting in his videos and that’s because he’s afraid.”

Also during the episode, Noah shared some of his relationship deal breakers and recites famous movie lines with ice cubes in his mouth. Plus, find out more about who he’s currently dating!

Noah Centineo On ‘Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz

Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, & 'To All The Boys' Cast Celebrate Final Film at Virtual Premiere (Photos)

The final To All the Boys movie just premiered on Netflix and since the cast couldn’t gather for a red carpet premiere, the streaming service hosted a virtual premiere.

Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, and the rest of the cast of To All the Boys: Always and Forever got dressed up for the event on Friday (February 12).

Other cast members who attended included Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart, Ross Butler, Madeleine Arthur, Emilija Baranac, Trezzo Mahoro, and Sarayu Blue.

Lana‘s parents and boyfriend Anthony De La Torre also posed for photos with her.

“TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER PREMIERE!!! I want to say so much… but all I’ll say is: I. Love. You. You know who you are, to each and every one of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. These movies are dedicated to you, because of you, and for you. Always and forever,” Lana wrote on Instagram.

FYI: Lana is wearing a Julien Macdonald x Gabriela Gonzalez dress. Noah is wearing a Kenzo outfit. Ross is wearing a Grayscale outfit.

40+ pictures inside from the To All the Boys: Always and Forever virtual premiere… More Here! »

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Who Is Noah Centineo Currently Dating?

Noah Centineo is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and he’s also got a relatively new romance.

The 24-year-old actor, who stars in Netflix‘s To All the Boys: Always and Forever, which just dropped on Friday (February 12), is reportedly linked to Kylie Jenner‘s best friend, 23-year-old Stassie Karanikolao, or @StassieBaby on social media.

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The rumors of the two dating first kicked off back in June of 2020, when the two began exchanging flirty comments on Instagram. They were also seen spending time together on Halloween, and packing on the PDA as their relationship seemed to be heating up.

“It started as them getting together as friends to film a project, but they ended up connecting and having chemistry,” E! reported at the time.

“It’s an easy relationship, and all of her friends love him. Kylie thinks they are cute together. They both love going on dates, going out to restaurants, but also love hanging out at either of their houses just chilling, laughing, and having fun.”

Check out the latest pictures we have of the couple!

Noah Centineo To Star in GameStop Reddit Movie From Netflix

Noah Centineo is set to star in a Netflix movie based on the GameStop trading and stock surge.

Deadline reports that Netflix is working with Mark Boal to pen the script and Scott Galloway will consult.

Just last week, stock for GameStop soared after a group of people on Reddit were able to get the stock price for it to rise significantly and cause a hedge fund worth billions of dollars to go bankrupt in the process.

The site adds that the intention with the film is to “use the GameStop episode as a specific way to shine a light on the phenomenon of how social media has leveled the playing field and allowed the masses to challenge status quo gatekeepers, for good and bad.”

Stay tuned for details on Noah‘s “major role” in the movie and about the plot.

See which celeb was praising the Reddit group for their actions in the GameStop controversy…

Noah Centineo Reveals He Had Tonsils Removed

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before‘s Noah Centineo has revealed he had his tonsils removed last week.

“Got my tonsils taken out 2 days ago,” the 24-year-old actor posted on his Instagram account on Sunday (January 17). “Goodbye chronic tonsillitis and strep throat. I hope you enjoyed your free stay for the last 7 years.”

Noah posted a series of photos along with the caption. One of the slides featured a video from the hospital where he showed off his throat, now tonsil-less.

Just last week, there was some other major news from Noah about something big happening next month! Find out what is coming in just a few weeks…

Noah Centineo Opens Up About Scary Situation With Some Of His Fans

Noah Centineo has opened up about his love for his fans, but recalled one time when a group of them got a little too close for comfort.

Speaking with GQ, the 24-year-old To All The Boys actor remembered arriving at JFK Airport just shortly after the first film was released, and was greeted by one of the fans almost breathing down his neck as he was waiting for his luggage.

“It scared the shit out of me!” he shared with the magazine, as he then asked the guy how his flight was.

Noah says his response was that they “‘Oh, no, we didn’t fly. We came here for you.’”

It turned out that the group – consisting of three girls and two guys – had tracked his flight and then decided to meet him at the airport. But that wasn’t the end of the strange meeting.

After securing his luggage, and meeting up with his driver, the group then attempted to follow Noah to his home. However, his driver was a pro at shaking tails.

“He goes, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve driven Angelina Jolie. I know how to do this,’” Noah shared. “I got lucky.”

The story turns out okay though, as Noah is now friends with the group.

“We’re all good,” he said. “I hug them when I see them.”

If you missed it, you can see the first trailer for To All The Boys: Always and Forever now!