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Top 10 Touring Acts of 2023 Revealed, But You Won't Find Taylor Swift on This List - Here's Why

The top touring acts of 2023 brought in so much money while on the road!

Billboard unveiled the data that they compiled throughout the year via Billboard Boxscore. The system tracked how much each artist brought in, how many fans they performed for and how many times they took the stage.

The top-earner grossed $570.5 Million after performing for 2.7 million fans across 55 shows. They blew most of the competition out of the water by a longshot, and the list features some A-list acts.

One artist who was not included despite embarking on a massive tour in 2023 was Taylor Swift. The reason why might surprise you.

Head inside to see who had the top-grossing tours of 2023 and to figure out why Taylor Swift wasn’t included…