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Jessica Simpson Hosts Pussycat Dolls

Jessica Simpson Hosts Pussycat Dolls


Jessica Simpson unleashes her puppies for the 2-year anniversary party of PCD at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Friday night.

The Major Movie Star star hosted the Pussycat Dolls’ special performance at PURE nightclub.

(The PCD Lounge is a fairly small room adjoining the larger Pure nightclub, which guests can access directly from the lounge.)

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Photos: AP/Jae C. Hong
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  • Vera

    this bobmshell image doesn’t suit her..
    she looks much better and natural when casual.

  • Keepin Real

    She looks like a basement bargain ho

  • angiee

    Doont like this look at all..


    WOW, what a cleavage!

  • a

    she looks nasty, who is she trying to look like??? and has she gotten a boob job?

  • bdj

    Those “puppies” have taken control of Jessica. They are a life-force and have taken over her body and what is left of her brain. It is obvious that she is training them to control that Mayer fellow – next the world. Beware Men; they are coming to get you. Just a joke!!!!!!

  • nona

    she’s desperate for the attention — that’s why she’s flashing lately.

  • Angie

    She makes me vomit…looks like a puta…

  • viki


  • [Fug Face........]

    I second that Angie. She’s fcuking pathetic. what’s next – going outside topless?

    so desperate for attention she has to shove her t!ts in everyone’s faces at all time.

    Nick left her fcuked in the head

  • Rose

    i think she makes a beautiful brunette.

  • Mary

    Major movie star and her name NEVER should be in the same sentence! her acting is a BIG joke.
    OMG that Ho looks horrible! SHE IS SO DESPERATE! just disgusting!
    Have she any shame left or has she lost all of her dignity. Ugly chick go burry yourself!

  • annabella

    why r u attackin’ her i think she looks nice although hrer boobs look a lot bigger
    her new song rocks that’s why i like her

  • H

    Looks like Proactiv isn’t working so well this week.

  • Mary

    Major movie star and her name NEVER should be in the same sentence! she is just horrible in movies. Yuck-Yuck this chick is disgusting, Latly all she does is wear push up bras to put her breast in everybody face.
    She sucks at singing and acting and it’s too bad she is not educated.

  • she is Fug face

    Her CD and her looks stink. I’m sick of her rubbing that nasty brown stuff all over her skin. She is phony inside and out.

  • WTF

    Why is Pimp Papa Joe making her be a total whore now? Damn.

  • Matt

    I love the fact that she’s wearing longer nails these days!

  • MissBhav

    She looks great- Loving the suit. If only I had cleavage like that.

  • Cassandra

    i dont like her new look i think she looks trashy,i like the old jess

  • Marta

    I hope she wont complain “nobody looking at my face anymore”.

  • Courtney

    She is just too masculine looking for me.

  • Cindy

    Jessica doesn’t look “hot” anymore. I hate to say, but her sister Ashlee is more
    pretty NOW. Talent…don’t get me started. HAHAHAH~

  • april

    who care what Jessica is doing now her career is in the toilet…pass it around happy mayo de drinko.

  • Todd

    MissBhav just go buy a push up bra and you can have that same cheap look if that’s what you want, you will probably look 100% better than that thing.
    She looks like a dirty 2 bit hooker on the streets.

  • SinĂ©ad

    ugh..jessica..what have you done..
    she used to be so sweet and pretty

  • Natalie

    What a trainwreck! hahaha, yikes. Its funny how Jessica looks like crap when she tries. Seriously, she looks 100 times better when she doesn’t try and she’s slumming around the city in sweats and no make up.

  • irene

    you all should stopbeing so jealous of her she was working with the pussycat dolls in vegas she is supposed to look like that grow up!!!! and she looks beautiful and hot

  • Sara Lee

    Todd, you’re so right! She’s going to be in HBO’s new installment: Hookers From The Point.

  • Samatha

    More plastic surgery? She looks ridiculous. A third rate Briney Spears. No wonder why her album tanked.

  • Shoes4life


  • Mary

    WOW her boobs are like WHOA…not in a good way. She’s starting to look weird. I agree with some of you guys ,she looks like a hooker. She is not good looking anymore.

  • Todd

    Jealous of someone who hasn’t made shit out of their life I don’t think so. biggest thing is landing Mayer that’s not saying much. I’ll bet Nick was glad to dumb that shit hole.

  • Ashley

    She looks like a man dresses up in drag. This is so sad, she’s gone from America’s Sweetheart and married to Nick to being John Mayer’s groupie and hosting some Pussycat Dolls mess. How pathetic.

  • chichi

    I dont know, lately those boobs are looking mighty enhanced.

  • Deb

    That’s the truth she’s now John Mayer’s trashy blow up doll to use when he wants to. She must be suffering from low shelf-esteem to allow her life to drop in the pits like this. I would never bother to see anyting she is hosting or any movie she is in.

  • tondogirl


  • woohoo

    she looks like a tranny

  • Lucie

    Getting scarier and scarier by the day. It’s like a neverending Halloween. Is she trying to look like Jordan??

  • Sharon

    tondogirl, that’s the kind of woman JM is into and she is desperate so she is making herself into what she think he likes she has no dignity left.

  • 2985

    I don’t think she’s had surgery on her puppies, that’s just what happens when DD cup size boobs are put in a bra with wire! Have you seen her pics in a bikini? They just hang there, free as a bird. But put em in a bra, well, they ain’t so free then… ;) I agree that she looks MUCH better w/o all that heavy makeup the makeup artist seems to like putting on her whenever JS is out for an event.

  • kate

    the most fugliest thing i’ve ever seen

  • logic

    Uhm 2985? I am a DD cup size. I only wear underwire bras.

    My breasts do not look like that.

    Those up there? Have been “altered” and I would be willing to bet, recently.

    Just sayin’

  • Danielle

    Actually, I don’t think John is into women who look like that. I still believe he prefers women who are a little more natural, which is the look she usually goes for when she is out with him. Now, when she goes out with friends, it seems to be a different story.

  • tiger

    “the major movie star???” Since when?? Saying that is an insult to major movie stars everywhere.

  • md

    She looks like a tranny. She has rough features. The only thing feminine about her is her boobs. Yuck!

  • Stef

    She looks like trailer trash BIG TIME!
    Onya Nick!
    That’s aussie slang for good on you!

  • bee

    your all so jealous get over it she looks great and you all know it and nick didnt leave her she left him so get it right, remember he cried!!!

  • Mondo Bongo

    At one time i thought the dumb blond thing was a act…. hmmmmmm
    i guess i was wrong.
    And YES she looks Baaaaaaad!!……

  • Tania

    She’s a knock out. Her critics can say what they want, but she’s got it all going on. And on and on and on….