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Victoria Beckham @ T.G.I.Friday's

Victoria Beckham @ T.G.I.Friday's

After soccer practice, Victoria Beckham takes the kids – Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 2 — grab grub at the local T.G.I. Friday’s (“Thank God It’s Friday”) on Tuesday in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Unfortunately, Victoria‘s reality TV special failed to spice up NBC’s ratings with an audience of fewer than 5 million viewers. A repeat of Wife Swap beat Victoria Beckham: Coming to America in the ratings. That’s alright, that’s okay, we still love Posh anyway!! Plus, it did win the coveted 18-49 demographic (the most important).

Even so, you can catch a special rebroadcast of Coming to America on NBC This Thursday July 19 @ 10 PM ET/PT with new commentary from Victoria!!

And as a special bonus, you can listen to Posh impersonate Donald Duck here (mp3) from a recent radio interview. It’s great!!

15+ pictures inside of the Beckhams dining at TGIF’s

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victoria beckham tgi fridays 01
victoria beckham tgi fridays 02
victoria beckham tgi fridays 03
victoria beckham tgi fridays 04
victoria beckham tgi fridays 05
victoria beckham tgi fridays 06
victoria beckham tgi fridays 07
victoria beckham tgi fridays 08
victoria beckham tgi fridays 09
victoria beckham tgi fridays 10
victoria beckham tgi fridays 11
victoria beckham tgi fridays 12
victoria beckham tgi fridays 13
victoria beckham tgi fridays 14
victoria beckham tgi fridays 15
victoria beckham tgi fridays 16
victoria beckham tgi fridays 17

Photos: Chris/Danielle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Melis

    First!!! I think Romeo is the cutest

  • Tucker

    I would be so excited to see them its not even funny

  • Laura

    All I can say is that I watched her show and I absolutely loved it .. I was laughing the whole time … it showed that she is a real person who is really down to earth … loved it! Her kids are adorable and she is amazing.

  • Beth

    AWWWW They are all too cute!!

    Victoria seems like such a wonderful mother and they boys are adorable!!

    Thanks Jared!

  • Tam

    Those kids are going to be sooo good looking when they’re older, i mean they have two hot parents.

    I wonder if any of them might become big soccer players like they’re dad, im sure they’d have the talent for it!

  • Jane

    I don’t think the show was a ratings failure, it held up with the other shows (despite it being her first ever show on US tv) and it did win the coveted 18-49 demographic, a lot of the negative headlines fail to include that, or bury it under all the negative spew. NBC are obviously satisfied otherwise they wouldn’t be putting a special re-run on Thursday up, with new commentary from Victoria.

  • Eathan

    I don’t think the show has failed, it was watched by 5 million people on a Monday night in the middle of the Summer, how is that a flop?

    And the best thing is 90% of comments i’ve read on various blogs and sites were POSITIVE, and that was the purpose of the show – to show the US haters that she’s not a miserable bitch that never smiles. The show did its purpose very well.

    She should now get a TV series like “Will & Grace”, she can get into that humour very well.

  • No

    It’s baseball season. No one’s watching that show and they won’t watch it again on Thursday

  • Louise

    The pictures show she’s a caring mother of 3 boys, and i’m glad she tries to keep things normal, she’s even driving!

    And also she’s wearing the same outfit from few months ago, and that’s not the first time she does that. It shows she’s human just like the rest of us.

    And her show showed us she can be quite funny aswell. Hopefully it’ll be released on a DVD with some extra footage.

  • lala

    Jared, you’re MAJOR!!!

  • MJStyle

    I loved the show… I really don’t think it can be considered a flop, and most of all a lot of ppl who didn’t like Victoria loved it and now got the chance to know her personality a bit more!

  • Angelina

    cute boys, especially cruz. look at him in the main story pix, totally adorablee! victoria does look like a good and hot mom…haha. too bad her show wasn’t a hit.

  • Mediterranean

    Indeed, she is very normal and like all of us, she carries Hermes bag when she even wears one of the most expensive jeans, she drives custom-made Bentley.

    Commmon, you must be kidding. She’ll do anything to have her photos in the magazines. And frankly she has done so far, so good.

    Anyway, someone needs to tell her to cover her ugly feet.

  • lg

    i think people should just let her settle down and stop being so horrible to her.
    looking forward to seeing her on ugly betty.

  • blip

    Someone needs to tell her that the kids should be in car seats.

  • me

    Um, the middle boy needs to be in a car or booster seat and the oldest shoulhd not be sitting in the front. Other than that, cute pics/kids.

  • Jill

    Atleast while Victoria is with her kids let them eat in peace. You can always catch them when they are coming out of the rest. Victoria said she wouldn’t eat while the cameras are on her it’s no wonder she’s losing weight.

  • Davidson

    Does that woman ever smile?

  • Shari

    Just love them, they are a beautiful family.

  • Jamie

    How cute!!!!!!!!!
    So lovely family.
    Ha Ha
    Thanks Jared.

  • suz

    It was NBC’s fault the show bombed! I didn’t even know it was coming on until I stumbled upon it channel surfing! I love it!
    It showed a whole new side of Victoria! She is always portrayed as cold and stand-offish in the press. She was funny and friendly!

    I would love to see more of her in an ongoing show! Those boys are adorable!!!

  • t

    awwww to freaking cute not talking bout the nasty robot though. cruz is too adorable.

  • please no more

    i love this site but it’s getting depressing. NO MORE VB NEWS.
    she doesn’t DO anything.

  • lilflowa

    awww i cannot get enough of those boys!! They are sooooo adorable especially ma baby romeo!! lol aww

  • Jennie

    She’s very family oriented, that’s what I like about her. Sure you also see pictures of her out, shopping and whatnot, but she’s always taking care of her kids and supporting her husband. I missed her show, but I will tune in to watch it’s rebroadcast. She’s very cute, especially her Donald Duck impersonation.

  • Raquai

    People should just give up, Vix aint going nowhere just because she’s blessed enough to have al the things we could ever wish doesn’t mean we must downplay her!! Argh! May God bless her more!

  • lory

    LOVE SEEING PICS OF THE BECKHAM’S FAMILY. Victoria is quite normal taking her kids to football practice and out to eat.

  • Colleen

    Victoria seems like a great mother. I love these guys!

  • Louise

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for posting Jared.

  • http://justjared Katie McManus

    CRUZ BECKHAM is just the CUTEST kid EVER !!! And Romeo look at him he is so Cute & tanned & what can a say about Mr Brooklyn Beckham well ……

  • http://justjared gillian

    All 3 Beckham boys are cute but cruz just has to be the cutest he just looks like a mini david !!! And i must say posh is a great mum and she is not the evil cow u all think she is so stop giving this women abuse !!!


  • JMom

    I am not crazy about Posh & Becks, but neither am I a hater. What I don’t understand is why some people hate her. You don’t have to like every celebrity you read about, but is there a need to hate? What’s wrong if she seldom smiles or dresses up for every occasion? It’s her choice. She’s just living her picture-perfect life (which she & David earned, I might add) amidst the madness of papparrazzi as best as she can. Why fault her or any other celebrity for that? She takes her kids out? Oh, PR stunt. She goes out alone? Oh, bad mother neglecting her kids. Boy, can’t win.

  • http://justjared gillian


  • lula29

    I love Posh and Becks! They are so into their family and each other. I love families like that.

    Nothing wrong with working hard and being rich! Hell they deserve all they worked hard to get, I don’t resent them for it. They have so handsome boys too! Good for them.

  • angelah

    aww such cute pix of the boys

  • stfu

    first k fed in woodland hills, now the beckhams..what is becoming of my humble little neighborhood?

  • ME

    OMG…i love them! can’t get enough! romeo is a doll!!! so is baby cruz. he’s so big for being 2!

  • ntt

    I am glad NBC is doing a rerun. Thank you NBC.

  • sexybeasts

    Mediterranean, please go back to your AJ thread, your jealousy is showing!

  • Mimi

    Ugh, she’s MAJOR-ly nasty…why would she not wear a bra to cover those indecent nipples?! How yucky that she’s with her kids and people can pretty much make out her breasts in that flimsy shirt with no bra? ewwwwwwww, so trashy.

    Also, I can’t believe what sheeps some ppl are. Some of you are already starting to say “Major” about everything….such an obvious media ploy by VB. Some of you seriously eat what the media feeds you down your throats like good little sheep. Pathetic.

  • Mimi

    The kids are gorgeous, though.

  • inhirnamy137

    You will never see Posh dressing like a soccer mom

  • Irishgirl

    The kids are so cute, especially Cruz. Brooklyn looks fed up in the picture where he is looking out the window at the paps. I dont know if victoria and david will survive in LA. The papazzari are stalkers there.

    They didn’t have to deal with the paps 24/7 in London or Madrid, but in LA they won’t be able to get away from them. I think they will get fed up.

  • Rae

    Welcome to America. Leave your privacy at the door. Bet they don’t last the rest of the year.

  • http://justjared g

    i feel bad for them ,my god they can’t even eat without people watching them.

  • http://justjared g

    i feel bad for them ,my god they can’t even eat without people watching them.

  • pickle

    Awww their kids are so freakin cute.

  • rachelemc

    I think its ” Thank goodness It’s Friday.”

  • Mediterranean

    39 sexybeasts :

    Because I wrote about her wealth which makes her not normal (?) like us made you think that I am jealous of Mrs Beckham. Then you are so wrong. Take a deep breath, you need fresh air!

    Or if you are only trying to pick on me, do me a favour, DROP DEAD!!!!

  • whatever

    Ok this is getting just redic. Let the family eat in damn peace! That would piss me of too if people were following me around all day with my childeren no less! Let them BE!