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Jake & Reese's Martha's Vineyard Meet-Up

Jake & Reese's Martha's Vineyard Meet-Up

Reese Witherspoon spends time with her kids — daughter Ava, 7, and son Deacon, 3 1/2 — while vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair earlier this week.

On-again off-again lover Jake Gyllenhaal was also spotted earlier this week at The Chilmark Store, where he stopped for snacks while vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.

You can bet your last penny Jake, 26, and Reese, 31, met during a secret rendezvous!

FYI: Reese was seen toting around the eco-friendly “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” just like Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley.

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  • ladybug

    She looks so unhappy.

  • ni

    um…yeah…maybe because the cameras are constantly in her face?! duh

  • KC

    I’m still convinced he’s Gay.

  • Violets Auntie

    I don’t know why Reese and family aren’t just left alone. Of course, with those expressions and sad looks, magazines will never buy those pictures.

    Jake, on the other hand…

  • Venice

    He looks old

  • Deb

    I think Reese and Jake make a great couple. I wish the Paps would just leave them and her children alone. How could anyone go through the first “get to know each other” time with constant clicking of cameras.

  • Mmmmm

    “I can’t quite you” … love that line

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    She is so conservative she won’t have sex again until she’s married. I know it from a reliable source.

  • H

    Is it just me or has Jake not really been looking like his old hot self lately?

  • Jeanette

    Aww Ava is such a cute kid!

  • Dumdums

    He likes to do it out in the open for a thrill that he might get caught.. Women not allowed.

  • ladybug

    Duh??? Have I just been transported back to middle school? I suppose you didn’t actually want to see celebrity pictures on this website. Please.

  • bite me

    conservative my ass… she has pregnant with Ava when she got married

  • Nanea

    So just because two people happen to be in the same area at the same time it means they’re dating?

    In my eyes that doesn’t prove anything, not even that they’re friends, just colleagues who did a movie together.

  • passingby

    Here you go with the Toothy Tile crowd, enough already people.
    Jake is not gay & he and Reese by most accounts are already having sex.

    You think she took her kids across the country because they are just friends or bearding. Especially when she has never been spotted at Martha’s Vineyard before this year.

    INF might be taking credit for those photos, but they must have purchased them from the local MV photographer who took them. It’s sad when legit photographers become paps for the tabloids just for money.

  • Sinna

    Conservative! What a joke. I have nothing against Reese, but the chick was knock-up before she got married and rushed to get married before she gave birth. Get your facts straight. I get the impression that she is trying to play the goody-two-shoes role too hard

  • Kay

    OK, first of all, Jake REALLY, REALLY deserved to win that damn oscar for BBM, cause he played that part so damn well, that he has convinced people, he really is GAY. NOW THAT’S TALENT. I am so sick of that. Jake isn’t a gay guy, I mean I could understand sleeping with Kirsten Dunst might turn you off from women for good after being with a skank like that, but luckily for Jake, he came to his senses and moved on. Now with Reese, I’m sorry, I don’t support them together. She isn’t even divorced yet and already dragging a very wealthy, young and attractive guy into her already made family and marital problems and that is wrong. Maybe if she was divorced already, it wouldn’t look so bad, but talk about RUSHING she basically hopped from a 10 year relationship that isn’t completey over yet, to some guy, that keeps getting mixed messages and confusion from her, cause she isn’t sure. Yeah, she shouldn’t be sure, she’s still married. Maybe Jake will come to his senses and realize he has much more potential then her and she needs to realize, she should be thinking about her kids and what they might be going through and keep the focus on them ONLY until things with Ryan are over and they understand their daddy and mommy will never be together again, before bringing home some strange guy to fill Ryan’s place. Her family should encourage her to back off and get her life straight first, same with Jake, they need to tell him to wake up and realize the woman has issue’s going on in her life and her children’s life, that is bigger then him and her.

  • No

    Dumdums, you are an idiot

    Venice and H, he was caught in mid face movement. No one looks good in a picture like that. There is one other picture, which of course Jared didn’t post of Jake looking really good. You can see it here:

  • passingby

    I love how everyone claims to know these people or what they should or should not do. If you have ever gone thru a divorce then you will realize that by the time you legally file for it you have exhausted every effort to save your marriage. In most cases you have seperated in private long before you do in public, you have gone to counseling and often tried again one to many times. They legally seperated on Oct 30th of last year, she filed for divorce early November. They could have been legally divorced after 6months but her ex filed a counter claim reguarding the custody issues. Money & custody are the only two things stopping her divorce from becoming final.

    You get divorced because you don’t wish to stay in an unhappy union.
    Which means that you wish to have a healthy relationship with somebody. Jake’s an adult and I’m sure he makes his own choices.

  • Zoey

    so disappointed at Reese pulling the desperate Aniston.
    Jake is soooo gay.

  • Yes He Is

    It is a well known fact that Jake is gay – this ‘rumor’ was circulating well before Jake ever read the Brokeback script. I believe his boyfriend is Austin Nichols, who stars on John from Cincinnati.

  • Anon

    Jake has a disgusted look on his face and she just looks depressed. I think they are both totally sick to death of being stalked and photo’d. I agree it is sad when a legit photog becomes a paparazzi for $$$$. on MV they had peace and security and privacy. Now that is gone. So sorry for them all. I think Reese at least is back in LA bcz she would be getting the kids ready for school. As a mother, I am sure she hates her kids pictures plastered all over the internet. Her kids deserve privacy too. We have no right to expect things from any of them. Go take pictures of the attention whores who sell they kids and call the paps to report on themselves.

  • nika

    Oh jake you disappoint me..

  • passingby

    R21, you are correct.
    The photos of Reese were not taken by INF but sold to them and listed as another photographer. If you goto the Boston Herald website you will see the name of the person who really took the photo. This person is a known MV photographer. It’s very possible that the photgrapher did not have rights to the set of photos and perhaps they were turned over to the paper who released them to INF.
    Either way you know they made money because these have been in holding for a few days now, which means they were shopped and sold to a few places, notice how they are suddenly coming up today when they were taken last Thursday, the becoming public today because the tabloids have goto press today.

    You can say it as many times as you like, but it won’t make it true.
    It is not a known fact that Jake is gay, according to him and his statments he is not. The only known fact is a bunch of people refuse to let that rumor go. It’s sad how anytime some website blogs about Jake you know it will just be a matter of minutes before the jake is gay crowd get to posting.

  • ilsvont

    Jake Gyllenhall is such a dopey dude, he better watch out before he gets clocked by Ryan Phillipe for as Cuba Gooding Jr. says, “shoplifting the booty”.

  • No

    Some of you are so ignorant it is scary. Acting as if you know Jakeor Reese, etc. You don’t know them or their sex lives. No it is not a fact that Jake is gay. He may be but until he says it then it is rumor. As for how he looks in the picture, he was caught in motion and no one looks good in pictures like that. I love the scruffy face and hair. Anyway, leave the guy alone already.

    Ilsvont, you sound dopey and stupid.

  • Snikolas

    haha not that anyone cares at all, but that’s not “The Chilmark Store.” It’s Allie’s General Store, in Chilmark. It’s the only place that far up Island where you can get anything grocery like.

  • Cherry

    I think its really funny how all these tabloids/sites are saying that Jake and Reese are an item. Isn’t there like ONE picture of them together in a car floating around? If they were really a couple, don’t you think there’d be just ONE picture of them out there holding hands or eating dinner together? Considering all the paparazi following them around, you’d think they’d get at least one shot of that.

    And please, Jake is GAY. Like someone said above, he has totally been dating Austin Nichols. I don’t know Jake, but this rumor going around that he’s gay makes me happy, so I believe it.

  • Lollipop AKA Angelina

    So basically only Brad and Angelina are the only ones happy and not havinga fake relationship in hollywood?

  • Sinna

    #17 Kay
    I’m, sitting here reading your post and laughing my a$$ off, not because you’re funny, but becuase you sound like a complete nut case. Do you have personal access to these people and their families to know what the heck is going on in their personal lives. You’ve drank one too many caffinated drinks, calm the he!! down. I’m sure Reese knows what’s best for her children. And like someone else said, two people who has been together for awhile, and has children, don’t just wake up one day and decide to get divorce. That divorce was probably a long time coming. As for her going out with Jake or anyone else, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Life goes on, and we only have that one life, so why not live and be happy. And what a stupid statement to make about, bringing her bringing some strange guy to take Ryan’s place. Those kids are not babies, and they know who their father is. Stop making stupid comments, because you sound really ignorant

  • Redflag

    He’s GAY and she is ugly. Maybe he is giving her blow job tips. TAKE NOTES will need them in the future.

  • passingby

    Well as you can see from photos above her ex is doing just fine in London, moving on with his life. Why shouldn’t she do the same, is there a certain amount of time she needs to throw a pity party at home for herself before she can share her life with somebody else?

    It’s called privacy and not wanting everything you do to be done before the public’s eyes. It might be ok for Jolie & Pitt to be 24/7 in the public’s glare and to use that to push movies and causes, but that isn’t everybodies cup of tea.

    Stop with the gay Austin Nichols stuff, it’s old and it isn’t a known fact, it’s a made up story.

  • TS

    Again so many insulting comments from people who have no clue what is going on with any of these people. Grow up. Sinna and No, thank you both for being a voice of reason here.

  • duh

    I happen to know Austin Nichols, and they did date…hardcore. They’re not together anymore, but like, c’mon people….I think it’s rather obvious even without this information. “Oh he says he’s not gay, he’s not…”


  • Cherry

    34 – Duh: I am considering you a reliable source. It’s settled. Jake is gay and he did date Austin. End of story. :)

  • passingby

    Sure you know Austin R34, like I know Jake.
    Give it up hardcore.
    I bet Austin will be surprised to know this information.

  • Tim

    I think its pathetic that Jake & Reece are together, when she is still married to Ryan. Didn’t Reece & Jake’s parents raise them any better than that?????? I would think that Mama Naiomi would have alot to say about Jake being involved with a married woman with so much baggage right now. As far as Reece being conservative goes, WHAT A FRIGGIN JOKE!!!! Yes, she did get knocked up and pregnant for AVA before she was even engaged to Ryan. Now 10 years later, she is practically doing the same thing again. She has obviously not learned from her mistakes. Reece is not a very bright person in my eyes.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    He loves me. I am his secret girlfriend and I’ve been wanting to shout it to the world but I can’t!!! I promised. But he knows hwo I am.

    I love you Jake, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. These past three weeks have been the most amazing weeks in history.


  • Jazz

    I’m sure she’s not scarring the kids for life. I’m not crazy about the Jake/Reese coupling either because I don’t think he’s right for her. (In my imagination she needs an older guy who is established in his career maybe a non-actor for a change.) I hope she is not introducing Jake to the kids just because I really doubt anything permanent will come of it and that is just too confusing for kids. That’s just my opinion though cuz I don’t know anyone involved here just like all of you.

  • WeHo Guy

    Duh, They still see each other but on the extreme down low.

    I feel bad for Austin that his show got cancelled. Hopefully he’ll find something better soon.

  • JJ

    I have to agree with the people who are down on this whole relationship. What is she trying to prove? Why would she go after another young actor. Is that what is “best for her children”? Of course not. She is no better then any other actress her ego needs to be constantly stroked. What a phoney.

  • anonymous

    I heard she wouldn’ have sex until marriage too. And she gave it up to Ryan first. But people who happen to know her a bit know for sure she is a real conservative gal.

  • dani

    Jazz, what are you talking about? Jake is an established actor. He got an Oscar nom for BBM and Zodiac, his latest movie, is critically acclaimed. He does not need Reese for his career, frankly i even fear this relationship will hurt his career. Jake said a few times he is straight and i still believe him, though i’d still be a fan if he was gay or bi. That being said, i hope he and Reese are just good friends. I’m not a supporter of this relationship. He should find himself a single woman!

  • Ric

    Reese really needs to get back with Ryan,with all do respect Jake is cool,though he is not the father of Reese’s children and I do not think he can really be a father like Ryan.

    This is all a product of what has happened between Ryan and Reese.Reese and Jake is a created “fake” relationship due to the circumstances between Ryan and Reese.

    Further more being in the spot-light can be a lot more of a challenge for anyone, I can only empathise with RYAN and REESE.

    Do not let that get in the way,utilise this in a postive direction and GET BACK TOGETHER the pair of you. We all go off tangent that what we do, and the great thing is we deal with it and learn from our mistakes. THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN,YOU ARE PARENTS, ACT LIKE IT!!!

  • Ric

    Reese really needs to get back with Ryan,with all do respect Jake is cool,though he is not the father of Reese’s children and I do not think he can really be a father like Ryan.

    This is all a product of what has happened between Ryan and Reese.Reese and Jake is a created “fake” relationship due to the circumstances between Ryan and Reese.

    Further more being in the spot-light can be a lot more of a challenge for anyone, I can only empathise with RYAN and REESE.

    Do not let that get in the way,utilise this in a postive direction and GET BACK TOGETHER the pair of you. We all go off tangent that what we do, and the great thing is we deal with it and learn from our mistakes. THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN,YOU ARE PARENTS, ACT LIKE IT!!!

  • Molly

    Ric, not that I want to destroy your dreams but look some posts above – Ryan is obviously busy with a new girlfriend in London.

    So much for “Get back together”….

    They have both moved on and it is simply not our business. Or does anyone here want strangers giving them “good” advices how to handle their private life…I donĀ“t think so.

  • [~Famous~]

    No matter what Jake does (or who) 20 years from now they’ll still be calling him gay. Lmao

    I doubt they’re fcuking with each other, but if they’re Jake can do sooo much better than that amazingly ugly, miserable biish.

  • devilgirl

    Like Sinna and No, I find it laughable at all the opinions floating around here, being touted by delusionals who think they “know” something about these folks. And I love how no one says anything about Ryan going out clubbing, which he seems to have done since before the divorce! Oh yeah, that’s right, b’c only women and mothers raise the children, right?

    As for Jake’s mom being upset about Reese, hmmm… Naomi is a card-carrying liberal, so chances are her views on divorced moms are pretty lenient– but then again, I don’t profess to know her, so I won’t make any assumptions. I had also heard that she was pregs with Maggie when she and Stephen got married, which would make her even more of a hypocrite to judge Reese, who was pregs with Ava when she and Ryan got hitched. But hey, I could be totally wrong. The main thing is, IT ISN’T ANY OF OUR BUSINESS. Just like Jake’s sexualtiy ISN’T ANY OF OUR BUSINESS!

    everyone take a valium and calm the eff down.

  • Go Vinyarders

    The Gyllenhaal mom and pop are big time stoners. I wonder if Jake and Maggie are too. Wasn’t that one of Reese’s problems with Ryan?

  • dani

    “Go Vinyarders” you are ridiculous!