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Scarlett Johansson @ ELLE's Women in Hollywood Party 2007

Scarlett Johansson @ ELLE's Women in Hollywood Party 2007

Scarlett Johansson (in Louis Vuitton Resort) arrives at Elle magazine‘s 14th Annual Women in Hollywood party held at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel on Monday.

Johansson, 22, was one of the women who was toasted for making their mark in the film industry. Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Bosworth, Julie Taymor and Lauren Bacall were the other six honorees.

Adams received the Chanel Spotlight Award for ‘emerging talent.’ Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Myers hosted the gala.

Scarlett is the November 2007 cover girl for Elle. Scans here.

10+ pictures inside of Scarlett Johansson @ Elle‘s Women in Hollywood Party 2007…

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • angel

    what do u mean with making their mark in the film idustry??????? is that a joke???other than that lauren bacall wont believe who else is getting honored.

  • lee

    r u on facebook? test your celeb gossip knowledge in Celeb Quiz. Challnge your facebook friends. It’s fun!

  • http://deleted lulu

    She’s pretty but a bit too short.

  • justmeagain

    jesus christ this woman is UGLY!!!!!!!

  • Just me…

    I really found this girl ugly and not talented! ! !



  • alison p

    She is not ugly but she is not as beautiful as the media and some blogs keep telling us she is.

    Ugly shoes



  • chub

    she’s fat!

  • Gambit

    Marilyn Monroe wonnabe and they have one thing in common and that is being among Hollywood’s prosti elite.

  • lola

    Yeah..I don’t get how some of these actresses have made their mark. And isn’t Julie Taymor a director, not an actress? Julie and Lauren make sense but what the hell has Kate Bosworth done that is actually worth noting. She makes cute movies, not great ones. And SJ is quite overrated. Amy Adams? She’s hilarious and funny. But..mark on the film industry? Did they run out of people?

  • angelina_mmm

    love her earrings

  • Ruth

    SJ and Lauren Bacall! What an insult to Ms Bacall, one of the greats of the movie industry, who genuinely made her mark on the movie industry. That would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • kay

    She’s not fat!!!
    She’s gorgeous and her skin is perfect!!!!!!

  • the_original_nika


  • the_original_nika

    she shouldn´t be getting this award.

  • Sophia

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and so talented.

  • Sebastian

    you all are full of envy! one of the few young hollywood talents,so healthy looking and gorgeous.

    Kiera,Kate Bosworth…learn.

  • emélie

    She’s not a marilyn monroe wannebe…. what do you even know about her?I guess nothing. She just likes the ’40 and ’50 as inspiration for her eveningwear, and she looks amazing in it.
    BTW almost everyone has certain people or things that inspire them, how can you grow in life without it?

  • Silence_is_golden

    I think she’s gorgeous too.

    Someone mentioned the shoes, another mentioned the earrings. I thought the shoes looked misfit at first, and there was nothing special about the earrings – but it’s kinda cool how they match each other. I would rather say that the dress was a bit boring.

  • cecilia

    She’s beautiful!!!

  • Yily

    Yes, Scarlett is amazingly beautiful but the girl hasn’t had a good movie since “Lost in Translation.” It’s time to change your talent agency, Scarlett. God, this woman is so overrated. Most of you guys are so right.

  • john

    you bitches are just jealous. SHE IS HOT !

  • Reader

    How is she fat?! And how is she ugly?!

    She’s pretty.

  • Lexyane

    Hem Okey I am suppose to be her number one fan BUT, here I have to say is not her most beautiful shoot!!!
    What happen to her hair???!!! I prefer when she is natural, more beutiful than here, with so much make up and other stuffs….

    But hey I still am your biggest fan Scarlett =)

  • claire

    k well she isn’t wow beatiful vanessa hudgens is more beautiful!

  • Buddy

    I’m not saying she is ugly – she is just normal girl. I really don’t know why everybody thinks that she is SO beautiful.And btw.she looks older than her age and that’s not good.

  • ScarlettIsAWHORE

    ugly and fat as always!

  • remember da truth

    She acts older than her age, is mature, articulate, sensible, intelligent — and so that makes her seem older.

    Can’t stand her hair in these photos.

    I think some are confusing talent wih her looks and the movies she’s in. Therefore, if you don’t know what you are talking about, your opinion is just hot air.

  • Julianne

    I have to agree that this is just not a good photo shoot for her. I liked her in Lost in Translation and also Match Point.

    She’s OK…just had a bad day with her hair.

    Fat? Are you guys kidding? She is NOT fat. She’s probably slipping into a size 4 or 6…what are YOU slipping into?

    Thank you JJ for this information. Your site is the BEST!

  • violin

    stunning as always

  • KrungKrung

    loves the dress but not the hair y’all.

  • LANA


  • Regina

    SJ and Lauren Bacall! What an insult to Ms Bacall, one of the greats of the movie industry, who genuinely made her mark on the movie industry.


    LOL! All Bacall did was sleep with Bogey. That is a FACT! Tell me one outstanding performance that Bacall ever gave?

  • libraesque

    WOW, beautiful. Nice to see a talented, young, fresh faced lovely girl, dressed beautifully, hair and make-up impeccable, SOBER and behaving like a lady.

    The great thing about Scarlett is not only is she talented and revered by such mega directors as Woody Allen at such a young age, she is virtually untouched by the merry-go-round these other young stars get on and can’t get off. She has said in more than one interview that she loves champagne…..she just doesn’t DROWN herself in it!

  • Lexyane

    yeah her hair is not that good…

    GOD! Her hair was sooo beautiful when she was in Spain this summer!
    Hope she didn’t cut them! gaaaz, Reynolds fault!!!!

    Scarlett you rock love ya! (but please!! change the hair!)

  • kmi123

    She’s so natural, you can see that in little details (skin, shortness, not being thin, …
    I really like her!

  • bebe

    There’s something about her mouth/jaw that seems strange or not symmetrical or whatever. Can’t put my finger on it but my eyes immediately go to her jaw line.

  • Trying so hard the poor

    Oh this attention whore again what is she gone say this time that she fuked another actor this time in ” a station car” or her 1000 time test of HIV she did a month ..geez overrated attention slut and very limited actress and physically i don’t see beautiful i see a puffy nose , a fade pale face , a tiny body so avrage nothing special to me sorry .

  • angie

    she’s not fat and she’s not overrated. stop saying all those things when they’re not true! when someone looks skinny, you haters say she’s anorexic. when someone has a curvy figure, you guys say she’s fat. honestly, whats up with all this envying? scarlett’s a gorgeous girl and a really great actress.

  • kmi123

    You’re so right, angie.

  • remember da truth

    Angie #40, what it says about the people out there is a LOT and not so much about Scarlett or whatever talented beautiful person they are vilifying. You are right, it’s envy, and there must be a lot of underachievers who are lazy out there. Lazy with maintaining their body, getting what they want out of life, and certainly lazy about keeping their hearts open and their minds on something more important than someone else’s weight!

    Scarlett is so talented and didn’t want to make a blockbuster like Mean Girls or Teenage Drama Queen movies. She chooses small, independent movies that tell stories and develop character and that is why she is so respected. Her movies are not about box office, but about art. Obviously, people here are too lowbrow to get that. All they see are big boobs and think “marilyn monroe” or “her chin isn’t right” or something to make themselves feel better for being such losers in life.

  • kmi123

    Look this wonderful video, the speech that she made that night!

  • donatella

    i am a model and i am not annorexic and i can say that she is fat and not that beautiful!! PERIOD!! i know that there are lots of annorexic girls outthere, but to be considered healthy, you can’t just point at this fat ho as a role model! see at hale berry, jessica biel, penelope cruz, they all have healthy bodies. scarlett falls into fat category, look at her, no muscle tone at all and her tighs full of cellulite. totally OVERRATED in terms of beauty, talent and attitude!





  • http://www.squidoo.oom/worldsmostbeautifulwomen Jason Gubler

    Ha! Those just aren’t the most beautiful women. They are good looking. But I’ve certainly seen better looking ladies. Try here: