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The Peter Jackson-Ryan Gosling Feud

The Peter Jackson-Ryan Gosling Feud

So what were those “creative differences” between director Peter Jackson and Ryan Gosling over The Lovely Bones?

The LA Times reports that Ryan was too fat for the role:

Peter Jackson was said to be quite surprised that Gosling had showed up to start work on The Lovely Bones looking like he’d donned a fat suit. According to sources, the 26-year-old Gosling had apparently told the director he was going to gain weight to age himself up to play the part of a grieving father, but Jackson was still expecting some movie star allure — not paunch and a beard. By Friday, Gosling had left the high-profile production over those pesky “creative differences,” and, by Sunday, he’d been replaced by 36-year-old Mark Wahlberg, who actually could be old enough to father a teenager.”

Page Six reports that Ryan was a diva.

“‘Peter couldn’t stand Ryan,’ said one source. Though Variety reported that Gosling had “stepped down” and was replaced by Mark Wahlberg, our source said, ‘Ryan cut his own hair, and was fighting with wardrobe. He was so demanding . . . Peter booted him two days before filming started.’”

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  • Eli

    if Peter Jackson was directing me, id keep my trap shut

  • Regina

    I love Hollywood feuds!

  • Flisbeth

    either way, I enjoy Mark Wahlberg..and his work, so I don’t mind that he has taken over so very much at all!

  • black

    This Goosling guy is only 26???

    He looks so much older damn it……and he is too fat….

  • george

    damn straight eli.. and not all dad’s are fat, Ryan. Little punk.

  • Regina

    He looks so much older damn it……and he is too fat….

    Maybe read the article before you call Ryan Gosling ‘fat’.

  • julie

    He was just trying to look older for the part, what’s wrong about that ?!
    Didn’t know that Jackson was more interested in the look of an actor than in his skills.
    It’s such bullshit to fire someone over his weight.

  • jocasta666

    Not to start a fight, but if Peter Jackson directed me and called me fat, I’d hold up a mirror to his effing face.

    Doesn’t a contract with riders specify how an actor is supposed to look well BEFORE he shows up? And who isn’t a diva when the world and the world wide web is salivating over an actor?

    I’m not a Ryan fan, I’m a movie fan. Peter Jackson could have/should have told his actors in no UNCERTAIN terms how their characters would look, act, and feel.

    THAT’S what a director does.

    Ever heard of Scorsese firing his actors over 20 extra pounds?
    Woody Allen?

    I haven’t. Because they make it clear what is expected MONTHS in advance.

    And even if they did tell Ryan…he just lost a long time love. Guess what some people do when they are bereft and sad and lonely.


    (ME? I write scathing emails to my exes *grin*)

    Mr. Jackson: Good luck with Mark.
    Mr. Gosling: Get your head straight…either get back with your girl or let it go…

    Poor kid (and I say this sincerely). I’ve had friends go down the same road. Either booze or drugs or careless dating or food.


    Good luck Ryan. Not a fan but pulling for you.


  • george

    Oh please.. Ryan didnt gain weight because he just lost a love.. He thought it would age him to play this part. PERIOD. Instead he just looks bloated and fug.

  • Regina

    Hey Jared, since you post Tom Cruise a lot, I thought I’d tell you that he’s at the Rome Film Festival with Robert Redford. There’s some pictures at Getty!

  • Give me a break!

    damn straight eli.. and not all dad’s are fat, Ryan. Little punk.


    How does him gaining weight = all dad’s are fat?

    Maybe he gained weight because it makes him,27, look like a father of a 14 year old child.

  • Kayla

    It’s sad that Ryan isn’t going to be in the movie anymore. I was very excited to see him play in it, but Mark Wahlberg? Really? How do you go from Ryan Gosling to Mark Wahlberg?

    I think Peter Jackson probably just used the weight as an excuse. If he and Ryan weren’t getting along, then that’s a great reason to fire him, but he should have done it sooner than 2 days before shooting began. That’s not very professional.

  • KC

    This isn’t the first time Peter Jackson kicked someone off of a movie. Some may remember he kicked Stuart Townsend off of The Lord Of The Rings a fews days before it was to begin filming because “he wasn’t right for the part.” He replaced him with Viggo Mortensen. No complaints there, Viggo is HOT and a better actor!

  • EbolaHater

    that’s too bad because Peter Jackson was a fatso himself. So quick to judge once the pounds comes off…kinda reminds me of Karl Lagerfeld…critizing all the fat folks when they were once fat. booooo!

  • fresh

    this is getting juicy

  • lol

    Oh gosh… he replaced The wonderful actor Ryan Gosling with MArky MArk? Ridiculous!

  • Tina

    GO MARK!

  • sophia

    GO RYAN !

  • lola

    They are both good actors, I want someone to speak out and just tell the truth- like that will ever happen. Ryan does seem like the sort of actor that thinks he knows what is best. I love the book, I just want it to be a good movie. As good of an actor as Ryan is, I never thought he fit the part. Too young!

  • lulu

    Poor Ryan, I think they must have alredy discussed how will the actor and actress look months before filming. Ryan looking too fat was just an exscuse.

  • Kara

    Oh, poor Ryan. He needs some TLC from McAdams, even if they aren’t together. I still consider their split just temporary. She’ll keep him grounded. Find her Ryan, and take comfort!!



  • george

    Maybe he gained weight because it makes him,27, look like a father of a 14 year old child.

    Well it doesn’t. some actors think they know best about everything and they don’t always. If the director wanted some fatty he would have hired Vince Vaughn.

  • colleen

    I’m glad Ryan’s out of this movie. A 26 year old playing the father of a teenager? Give me a break, there are plenty of actors old enough and capable enough.

    I’m glad that Mark the new dad!

  • b.

    Go Ryan!!!!Peter Jackson is an azz!!!

  • lol

    he could weigh 500 lbs and still not look like he has a teenaged son/

    Bad casting from the start.

  • hello?

    14 EbolaHater :

    Ryan is not a natural fatty ok? so he isnt hating on him cause he is a former fatty. Geesh. Ryan did this to himself deliberately because he thought it would help him look the part.

    Bad call. Then again, I blame the director for hiring him anyway if his character is supposed to have a teenaged son. Ryan was a teen himself just 7 years ago.

  • Cocoahomme

    Im sorry but Im on Ryan’s side on this one. If anyone read the book The Lovely Bones, there is no mention of how good looking the father is. his looks were beside the point. In the book, the writer brilliant describe the father being so grief stricken.If you are grief stricken father bc your daughter was brutually murdered, you are not going to be looking movie star handsome

  • Mia

    Ryan can be anything BUT a diva, I’m sure that if he quit he had his reasons.

  • Someone

    Peter Jackson is a shallow man if he really did kick Ryan out because of his appearance. Ryan Gosling was only trying to be in character. It’s not even about the age or anything, I think there is more to the story than what they are telling us. And I do not believe that Ryan is a diva, he has ideas of his own, so does the director and perhaps they didn’t get along.

  • lauren

    He’s not fat. But Peter is a jack-arse for putting the image before the content of his film. Ryan plumper would not make the movie less commercial ..sad that a really great actor has to put up with narrow thinkers.

    Most men look like Ryan. Mark Wahlberg is not in the same acting range as Ryan. Sorry.

  • lauren

    Also you have to let your actor create the part from the outside in..that’s just good directing. He should have asked Ryan to lose some weight, I am sure they had pre producction meetins.

    Very UNPROFESSIONAL on the directors part.

  • mike

    HA! I called it! Peter, who’s lost a TON of weight, took one look at Ryan and thought no way! I don’t want Little Debbie wrappers everywhere, reminding me of my former fatty self.

  • in

    I love marky mark, but he will look like the type of dad who’s grieving and will punch the lights out of someone. He never looks broken, as hard as he might try. Ryan actually looks pretty pitiful and sorrowful. The age thing – meh, a little make up, with his paunch and everything, will do the trick. He’d probably change is voice a little bit, make it older, it would work.

    I don’t think Walhberg would screw it up though, so it doesn’t matter but Peter Jackson is a bit of a diva too.

  • kat

    i think i’m going to have to root for gosling. firstly because he’s a very powerful actor and seems like he ultimately prepares himself for a character, hence the gain. i suppose there was some fight that the director wanted to let go of gosling, but just used the weight gain as an excuse.

    i was very excited that he was going to play the dad, but now that walhberg is going to take his place… and to whoever said that casting was bad i disagree. rachel weisz is a beautiful actress and i bet she’ll do great. i know gosling made a right choice. hope he grabs another great role!

  • cp

    Why does everyone believe that is about the weight gain – I’m more inclined to believe that Ryan was the problem – Jackson is well known to not like egos on set. Can’t see that its the weight gain – I mean he hadn’t seen him before starting filming ? Highly unlikely.

  • Life is good

    Not to point out the obviouse but the only way a 36 year old is “could be old enough to father a teenager” would be if he knocked up a girl when he was 13, while it happens don’t make it sound like the norm lol

  • Cynthia

    Peter Jackson should never forget where he came from. Ryan was doing Peter a favor by gaining weight and cutting his own hair. Pete used to make what… two Ryan Goslings in one! That was very pathetic of him to fire him two days before shooting. Keep your head high Ryan.

  • Cynthia

    I meant used to be two Ryan Goslings in one

  • Dave

    Peter Jackson ALWAYS does tricks like this to “show who is boss” and gain false respect on set. He did the same to Stuart Townsend and Howard Shore. If hed didn’t want arrogant, fat bearded men with bad attitudes there, then he should not have hired himself.

  • ze

    Well, peter, this time I think you are wrong! I love Mark but he is only for certain type of movie But Ryan is the ‘ticket seller’ guy at this moment.

    Anyway, Cheers!

  • bebe

    It didn’t sound like it was all about the weight gain. It sounded to me more of rubbing of shoulders the wrong way. Ryan Gosling sounds like a hard person to work with, just like Val Kilmer was known for being a difficult person to work with too.

  • dorothy

    Seriously…what he has in fat, he makes him in talent.

    WTF! I love Ryan.

    Screw that. See…thats what happen when he tries to do big budget?


  • Ally

    LOL, Peter looked into Ryans big, fat hairy face and so that which he hated the most…HIMSELF.

    Srsly tho don’t they look alike now?

  • Ally

    ^saw not so.

  • Emily

    Well, I’ve heard Peter Jackson isn’t a ball of fun to work with. And maybe Gosling cut his hair in keeping with what his character would do. And may have had some ideas of wardrobe for that character. Have you read the book? Can’t picture Marky Mark pulling it off. Isn’t he just supposed to play cops?

  • Cedric

    Firing a person 2 days before filming,Man, that’s mean .

  • black

    I don´t think this fat guy gained weight for the sole purpose of fitting the role…..he just got carried away…..fatty-fat-fat;P

  • Zenah

    I think that the whole thing is bull. In a day or a week, or even a month, there’s going to be a story about Ryan’s inability to shoot the film because he had to be with his family.
    I don’t believe any of it for a second.

    Please dont make me take sides between Ryan and Jackson!
    I mean…go Ryan

  • Keisha

    They shot Half Nelson in our school a couple summers ago while we still have class, and I have to say that Ryan Gosling is one of the nicest person (actor or non actor) I’ve ever met. Alot of people even took pictures with him. I highly doubted that he’s a diva as reported by Page Six.