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Katherine Heigl is Still a Chain Smoker

Katherine Heigl is Still a Chain Smoker

Chain smoker Katherine Heigl picks up three packs of ‘American Spirit’ cigarettes at a gas station in Los Angeles on Sunday. Despite trying to break the habit, Kat seems like she just can’t let it go!

Her romantic comedy 27 Dresses opened in second-place this weekend, pulling in $22.4 million. Does this make Katherine a bona fide movie star now?

Yesterday, Kat and her momager, Nancy, arrived back in L.A. via LAX airport.

Heigl, 29, and musician husband Josh Kelley, 27, celebrate their one-month wedding anniversary this Wednesday. Congrats to this long-lasting Hollywood couple!

15+ pictures inside of chain smoker Katherine Heigl

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Photos: Shinn/Gabo/Dean/MO/Bauer-Griffin
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  • http://justjared Lips,tits and OMG, the ASS.

    Not good to smoke!!

  • go sox

    Come on, Katherine!! Kick that dirty habit!! You’re waaaayy to gorgeous to have those nasty cancer sticks ruin your gorgeous skin and teeth!!!

  • sarah

    wow…she needs to seriously quit…its not good 4 her health..and 3 packs…wow

  • go sox

    And that’s not even mentioning the lung cancer risk!! Take it from a former oncology nurse…..your life is not worth risking!!!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    that lung cancer cant come fast enough.

  • sunny

    so she smokes-enough already! it’s her choice and yes, I’ll agree that it’s unhealthy but so is fried food, starvation, excess alchohal, too much sun, other drugs, driving too fast… I could go on and on. It’s almost as if everyone is trying to find a way to pick on this girl.

  • black lungs

    2 movies dont make you a real A -lister but almost anything these days can make you an star/celeb these days. Suzanne Pleshette died from complications of lung CANCER today..years of chain smoking took there toll. I’m not surprise she’s still chain smoking..I saw her pic on a different net site this month puffing away her life.

  • go sox

    sunny, we’re not picking on her. I think she’s great; she should just quit for herself!! Can’t say anything else negative about her!

  • Natalie

    Katherine is an adult. She is old enough to know the consequences of smoking. So really… she can do what she wants. But she should know that she is look WORN already and she is going to look even worse if she keeps doing it. haha.

  • Amma

    She needs to quit but it has to come from her…. she can call this number for help

    1-800-ACS-2345 if she needs help quitting…..

  • john shinn iii

    I took Katherine’s picture today (above) when she went to the gas station to buy three packs of “American Spirit” cigarettes. She then took her mom Nancy to Home Restaurant in Los Feliz. When they left the restaurant, I asked Katherine if she’s going to quit smoking. She said “No.”

    “It’s like when someone tells you not to do something and you do it anyway,” Katherine told me referring to people asking her to quit smoking. Regardless, whether she will quit or not—-Katherine is down-to-earth and humble even as her movie “27 Dresses” was No. 2 in the Box Office with $22-million in ticket sales.

  • okey

    she looks 39, i seriously cant believe shes 29 no wayyyy.
    ___________________11# says- I asked Katherine if she’s going to quit smoking. She said “No.” “It’s like when someone tells you not to do something and you do it anyway,”
    ________________________I think that’s childish # 11, its’ not what people say- it’s what’s best for yourself, if she was mature/ing , that should be her thought process- shes not 15 or a tween.

  • Natalie

    Does Josh Kelley smoke? Just curious.

    I am a nonsmoker and I don’t think I could date a smoker.. the smell and taste… just no. I smoked for like a month in high school and realized it was stupid, pointless and expensive. lol.

  • eg

    yes, she’s had two big hits in a year. Most A listers couldn’t say that. Plus she’s recognizable from Greys.

  • michelle depp

    I smoke…it’s nasty, stinky, expensive & bad for your health. But it is sooo hard to quit. Chantix baby!

  • Ashley

    Her good looks are going to go so quickly if she keeps up with this, especially into her 30′s.

  • jessica

    Buying three packs of smokes does NOT make one a chain smoker.

  • pinkrose


  • [~F a m o u s~]

    she’s the most overrated… anything! in hollywood.

  • average

    Sorry but she’s an average Jane, with the wrong shade of blonde, that washes her color out. Smoking can and will have an effect on your ”insides”, whether it’s big or small. The fact that she looks older than her 29 years right now, says it all.

  • Gina

    ugly and mean in person.She’s no actress.

    Let her do some non comedy serious film and Im sure it will flop.

  • Jughed

    Oh well, lot’s of people still smoke, despite the warnings. Even though I think Katherine is cute, smoking will age her pretty quickly in ways that she might not be aware of now.

    In five years she could look like Carol Channing!

  • Cord

    What a turnoff. Please don’t post more pix of her until she quits smoking.

  • luckyL

    Why speed up the aging process and bring upon yourself a painful death. Yes, you can die of many things (the same pathetic excuse), but people don’t choose to die in a burning building, or drown, or be in a car accident. You can choose not to guarantee or increase your chances of lung, throat, and other types of cancers or yellow your teeth and fingernails, smell horribly, and increase your chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

    I hope I don’t see a post about her in a while. This is my first Heigl comment and they will remain to be far and few in between, and probably rarely positive.Give me her co-star Ellen Pompeo any day.

    Anyway, I agree she is quite overrated. Many other actresses could have made her movie a success. The premise was already popular.

  • jenn

    I despise this famewhore b i t c h. Just like Britney she alerts the paps when she leaves the house.

  • Acel

    Leave her alone! She smokes.So what? You American people should lose fat. Than you could complain about smoking. You people are so superficial.

  • mike

    Chain smoking a selfish and filthy habit! Total turn off. I think we should go on a Katherine Heigl strike!

    To #26–WTF?! how can you compare smoking with obesity? Just think, you can lose the fat, but you can’t lose the destroyed lung you don’t deserve. dumb@$$!!!

  • ilaria

    Gina @ 01/20/2008 at 11:37 pm
    ugly and mean in person.She’s no actress.

    Let her do some non comedy serious film and Im sure it will flop.

    Just like Julia Roberts!

    jenn @ 01/21/2008 at 3:19 am
    I despise this famewhore b i t c h. Just like Britney she alerts the paps when she leaves the house.

    A lot of people say the same thing about Angelina and Zac.

  • hypocrite

    This chick will never be Julia Roberts. Roberts won an Oscar with a serious film – Erin Brockovich. Heigl – matter of fact – no one will ever have Julia’s talent.

  • hypocrite

    And, btw, Erin Brockovich made 125+ million at the Ameican Box Office alone.

  • hypocrite

    …and it was R Rated

  • can cer sticks

    # 28 ilaria @ 01/21/2008 at 6:40 am
    People may say that , and theres no proof..

    but we know the chain smoker does it..she/paps have said she does it..

  • alexis

    I know smoking is an unhealthy taboo, but there are sooo many people in hollywood who smoke or have been smokers including Julia Robetrs, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Shia Labeof, Brit Brit, LL and I’m sure the list continues.
    I wonder why people target her for “Chain smoking” when the reality is that she photographed outside smoking, but in Cali you can’t smoke anywhere but outside.
    Smoking isn’t cute, but give the girl a break. Other celebs don’t get attacked for that habit with the same vitrol as she does. If you wanna attack her, attack everyone.

    buy 3 packs at once does not a chain smoker make. My father was a smoker and he would buy cartons at once to avoid multiple trips to the store.

  • RElosddd

    Anyway, I love her. I just send a wink to her yesterday at She is responsive over there.


    Are you for real Jared. Long lasting marriage?

    This irritating woman has barely been maried to that young boy for a month and dont hold your breath for them to last through the year. I would rather Aniston any day who I do not really care for but she is more interesting than this ever talking ever complaining crazy woman.

  • Lucy

    Interesting how people jump on her just because she’s become successful. She’s won an Emmy, had two hit films, married a successful man – had a great year. I admire her honesty in interviews, it’s very refreshing to hear a celeb speak their mind rather than rehearsed PR talk.

    Who cares if she smokes or not ? All Americans are obsessed with it. It’s her body – if she want to poison it, it’s up to her !

    She is easily the most bankable Greys star. 27 Dresses DOUBLED box office expectations. I expect she will try to leave Greys asap. She can do far better without it, esp. as it’s now turned into such a dreary show.

  • Cheyanne

    She is way to pretty to smoke,,

  • blahhhhhhh

    blah blah blah she’s a chain smoker..she was smoking all over her wedding dress..i mean really, can she put away her special dress first..
    oh and yuck. oh please stay on topic were on kh’s thread.

  • mercredi

    Another overrated actress. YAWN!!!!

  • Dieter

    all girls today are either smokers or addicted to valium and xanax !!!! I take the smoker any day of the week and even more: I take the smoker up the pooper !!! Smokers don´t have a problem with there sexuality. I could never love a woman who does not smoking one cigarette in a while.

  • luckyL

    #33, the people who quit obviously saw the light, and I don’t see the relevance in naming them. George Clooney saw 8+ of his family members die because of smoking.The thread is about Heigl, so why would I bring up other names. And finally, people like “Brit Brit” are trash losers for more reasons that their smoking habits. Britney gets more flak than anyone, so why even name her.

  • john shinn iii

    Having worked on Katherine for a while, I can assure people that Katherine is not a “fame whore bitch.” Katherine does not call the paparazzi when she leaves her house (see poster #22 Jenn).

    Since we know where she lives, those of us (paparazzis) who have been covering her would wait down the street from her house. Then we follow her when she drives by us.

    She lives a normal life. Before the strike Katherine would go to the studio around 9 a.m. and goes home around 6 p.m.——Monday through Friday.

    In person she’s extra nice and adorable—and so is Josh. That’s why me and other photographers enjoy covering them during most of the week when she’s in town.

    I think the “fame whore bitch” label applies to Nicole Richie. Look at her now, none of us photographers would even want to work on her in Glendale, anymore except for one or two photographers.

  • http://42puleese 42 puleese

    # 42 john shinn iii @ 01/21/2008 at 1:59 pm
    42 STFU no one believes &your lies..and leave NR out of it..
    this is KH’s thread..

    NO ONE BELIEVES YOU..Lies Lies ..

  • just me

    I really don’t care is she smokes! I just can’t stand her. She has ruined Grey’s and she is such a attention whore.

  • http://na Jacinta

    im disapointed in her…

  • bonejob

    Even if she doesn’t care about her long-term health, she should care about her long-term career. Heavy smoking prematurely ages the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth. Katherine Heigl has talent, but so do many others who languish waiting tables in Hollywood. It is her drop-dead gorgeous, glamorous yet wholesome, jaw-dropping screen presence that is her money maker. She should quit so as not to jeopardize that.

    For an object lesson, she should look at photos of Melanie Griffith from her teens until now. She too has been a heavy smoker throughout her adult life. She looked so beautiful and radiant as a young actress. But the yellow teeth, the vertical lines around her mouth, and the papery texture of her once-flawless and youthful skin started taking their toll WAY too early. To compensate, she went under the knife – MANY TIMES. So, at age 50, after many face lifts, quarts of botox, and enough collagen to inflate a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, she looks totally freakshow and at least a decade older than her age.

    Moreover, not only does smoking do a real number on your looks, it is bad for one’s image these days. Even if she continues smoking like a Chinese steel factory, she shouldn’t allow herself to be SEEN smoking. Many bigger stars than she have learned that. If Katherine Heigl wants to keep getting parts when she is 39, she should quit NOW! Unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t have to worry about how much her insurance will cover, she can bloody well afford the very best tobacco addiction treatment on earth.