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Angelina Jolie @ Santa Barbara Film Festival

Angelina Jolie @ Santa Barbara Film Festival

Angelina Jolie arrives hand-in-hand with Brad Pitt at the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Saturday.

SBIFF presented Academy Award-winner and three-time Golden Globe-winning actress, Angelina Jolie, with the Outstanding Performance Award for her critically acclaimed performance in A Mighty Heart at the Arlington Theater.

Possibly pregnant? Positively pregnant!

25+ pictures inside of Angleina Jolie @ the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival…

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angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 01
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 02
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 03
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 04
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 05
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 06
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 07
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 08
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 09
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 10
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 11
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 12
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 13
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 14
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 15
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 16
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 17
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 18
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 19
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 20
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 21
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 22
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 23
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 24
angelina jolie santa barbara film festival 25

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Jen Lowery/
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  • http://justjared susieqt

    Angie is soooo pregnant. Yay!! :-)

  • Alexanderina

    PittParade #125 [-]

    Posts: 2850
    (02/03/2008 1:03 AM)

    The girls said…..the interview was like “Inside the Actor’s studio” Angie was very fidgety…she was funny, too…very funny, in a good mood…they just left in a black SUV…the girls chased it, lol
    Clint said the nicest things about her

  • bdj

    The real lou @ 02/03/2008 at 1:05 am
    I guess we told laughing to hide the pain.

  • marianna

    I read on one of the threads that Brad went for his fittings yesterday for TOL. So the weight gain is probably for the movie. No one knows what this movie is all about so Brad’s character may go from looking like this to having much less hair and weight by the end of the movie.

  • lovely

    They are lovely

  • jesse fan

    How come while we were all excited about the 3 jjb’s posting their birds eye view through Raqchel there were no “tolls” on this thread. We were all getting along fine. Now all of a sudden the exciting part is over and this board is back to the ugly side.


    She is so funny……she has great timing…Clint gave her the award…it is so obvious he loves her…She said “I wanna thank the producers one I am particularly fond of” the whole crowd started laughing and Angelina started to giggle.

    More when they get back to the hotel they are trying not to get hit.


    …and we know what Angie’s ‘giggling,’ means, now don’t we?? LOL Awwwww, soooooo unbelievably cute. I bet Bradley was grinning ear to flippin’ ear. I wanna know what Clint said too now after that description.

    ..and well alright Ms. bdj!! I’ll even let you have my window seat! LOL

  • reeses pieces

    # 129 lol @ 02/03/2008 at 1:00 am
    You have a lot of well-wishers. They would all like to throw you down one.

  • jesse fan

    and we know what Angie’s ‘giggling,’ means, now don’t we??

    Good call Cliniqua.

  • jude

    that’s it the show is over …..

  • bdj

    Alexanderina @ 02/03/2008 at 1:09 am
    Thanks for all the updates. It was fun getting all the play by play. AJ seems very happy. She is deserving of this accolade and many more for her amazing performance in AMH. Thanks for all the updates Just Jared and remember call on your “Insiders” next time.

  • The dress

    I don’t know about the dress.

  • hOT DOG

    Angelina…that skirt is SO not you…

    oh well, love ya anyways!!!

  • Bo

    Yeah someone posted during the week that it would be like the Inside the Actor’s Studio interviews. Should be good.

    Oh and Brad is filming a movie. All of you who don’t know that or couldn’t figure that on your own should try to audition for those entertainment show on E & TV Guide. They talk about actors looks without even remotely thinking that they could be filming a movie.. Those neckbones simply cannot make that connection. There’s too much education in that kind of logic.

  • the real tita

    #110: yeah, you’re a fan alright. First you diss her about the forehead and at the same breath you say you want to be her stylist? You think they’d want somebody as tactless as you in their entourage? Go do the tacky lady in the too small bikini. Her low brow is just the right size for you.

  • You/Me

    Maybe its the angle of the photos but it looks like Papa Pitt is gaining a little bit of the baby weight along with Angie,lol. :-)
    No matter, it just makes him that much more sexier!

  • cabat

    hope it is a boy.

  • dianad1968

    #110, when you stop writing “much more better”, i will start believing you are a fan of Angie.

    Angie as usual looks gorgeous, and Brad looks handsome. Together they are a supernova. I like Angie’s fashion sense, and because it’s not the usual red carpet look, does not make her outfit less beautiful. i think her main focus is concealment and comfort. I am so happy for them, they are happy and contented.

  • fatima

    Imagine Aniston wearing this dress. The Horrors!

  • hey OT
  • You/Me

    Oh, and it looks like Angie is enjoying the pregnancy thing a little more this time around. I got the feeling the first time she was nervous, scared, anxious…all the new first time pregnant things we have to deal with.
    Thats not to say her love for Shiloh is or was any less. I’m talking the physical aspects here. :-)
    I know I enjoyed my pregnancy the second time around way more than I did the first time!

  • dianad1968

    Alexanderina #114, that’s the Angie’s smile i absolutely love. It just takes over her whole face, and makes her look so young.

  • citi

    We know Brad’s sister had twins. That doesnt necessarily mean it runs in the family. We dont know the “circumstances” (such as her age etc ) . Unless we have that piece of info, we cant conclude it’s genetic.

    You cant tell by the size of the belly, unless thru the image of sonogram. I dont think there’s any leak from the doc’s office.

    x17 or star mag wanted to kick up a notch to catch attention.

    Remember, when Angie was pregnant with Shi, tabs were saying twins until Angie hinted otherwise.

  • cabat

    brad has gained weight for his movie.

  • cane

    congrats to angie

  • beautiful

    I hope they have twins. one boy and one girl. Brad looks great as always. Angie looks so pregnant.

  • a



    Yeah, me too – I hoped the girls taped it to type up later – lol

    I wanna know what Clint said too!

    ..the giggling, thefunniness on full display, more proof she is preg…for some reason Brad’s little swimmers must also like tickling funny bones and eggs, :lol – because she just gets giggly when she’s preg. I think it’s because she’s soooo happy.

    I would love to see Brad’s face when she said that too.

    Well, yep – here’s just one more instance where Maniston is blown completely out of the water – if she hadn’t been completely obliterated already (and she had, on day ONE – as her friends stated in VF, lolol)….here that b*tch Maniston goes a whole decade to finally get a Mercy golden globe for dragging movie star Brad Pitt up the red carpet to get unheard of career mileage for her TV sit-com hack ass, and yet she gets up onstage and doesn’t even REMEMBER his ass is there!! She does not MENTION his name. She doesn’t say flippin’ BOO! She FORGETS ALL ABOUT HIM! They said, at the time – Brad was embarrassed and disgusted – I believe it. Here he had been sitting in the kitchen w/ the TV players, sandwiched between Ray Romano and Alan Thicke –segregated from his MOVIE STAR peers for YEARS…and he got NO LOVE, no acknowledgement AT ALL?!


    Yet Angelina, with the perfect touch – not only gives Brad his props professionally in the business, by REMINDING people who brought this story (AMH) to the screen in the first place, HER MAN – she gives him props for BEING, HER man…and all with a lovely deft and appropriate touch, and a giggle…he had to be grinning so hard at that.


  • the real tita

    #132: In vitro? You have a perfect specimen of manhood right there who couldn’t even hide his wood in the midst of people at a premiere and you think they’d go the way of a turkey baster and miss out on all the fun of baby making?

    Yeah, anything to keep that picture of them in or out of bed doing the deed. What a sorry piece of azz you are.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Wow! They look gorgeous!! I’ll only believe she’s preggers when she or Brad says she’s preggers. I’m one of those stubborn New Yorkers! HA! HA!

  • Andrómeda

    i would like to see pics of the moment Angie received the award!!

  • a


  • Maria (Shorty)

    Don’t much like Brad’s suit — sorry. Love Angie’s though.

  • vickifromtexas

    cliniqua your post #178 was great.

  • Raven

    Oh yeah! As skinny as Angelina is and wearing baggy clothes lately?? Yeah she’s pregnant! :)

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Does she really need the Academy Awards. The Academy Awards will need them when no one watches because they don’t have any really, truly stars there. Serves them right. Peace

  • hey OT

    Angelina talks about her ‘giggling; to Ann Curry when pregnant with Shiloh.

  • Renate

    spelled angelina wrong…not angleina

  • vickifromtexas

    they just look so happy in these pics. it makes you feel good to see such wonderful people so full of joy and love. they deserve all of the happiness and love they have.

  • cane

    some people need to see the head crowning before they believe.

  • +++

    soooooooo Pregnant !

  • QQQQ

    cane @ 02/03/2008 at 1:41 am
    some people need to see the head crowning before they believe.

    :lol: soooo true

  • cristine

    omg! i really think she’s pregnant! she’s glowing and both looks soooo happy! God bless them always! i hope it’s ‘lil william bradley jolie-pitt!

  • +++

    Definitely pregnant. !
    The question now is how far is her pregnancy and when is her due date ?

  • Choux

    I wasn’t believing the tabloid gossip saying she’s pregnant, but now I think it’s true! AJ is radiant, sooooooooo beautiful!!!

  • +++

    We have seen the girl replica of Brad, I hope this time we can see a mini Brad Pitt boy.

  • luke_david33

    its obvious i think …look like she didnt notice her outfit isnt that good to look at. The important …is that she can hide that bump… so happy to both of them…..i love brangelina

  • QQQQ

    hey guy’s it’s coca! we had a great time! And Angie did not forget to thank Brad It was so lovely! they showed movie clips: The best clips was Mr & Mrs Smith

    the tango scene!!!

  • On Bored

    Brad couldn’t have gained much weight since last week. I think it’s just the pattern on the suit, it’s adding some pounds to him, plus he’s got his pockets full of junk, Blackberry, keys etc. Me thinks he looks beautiful! Love his hair from the back.

  • http://shedone she done

    she dant bring up pitt in her speeche, she done wit him. jennifer stay tune an alert , papas comin home. in a black ,s,u,vee.