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Christian Bale: ShoWest, Young Man

Christian Bale: ShoWest, Young Man

The Dark Knight costars Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal join director Christopher Nolan at the Warner Bros. Pictures presentation of “The Big Picture ’08″ held at the Paris Las Vegas during ShoWest on Thursday.

Acorrding to Variety, Warner Bros. “received the most spirited applause for the footage of Dark Knight, Nolan‘s sequel to “Batman Begins.” Nolan took time to say how grateful he was to have worked with Heath Ledger, who appears in Dark Knight as the Joker. The clip played Thursday showed a sequence with Ledger.”

You’ll also want to read this article about The Dark Knight at ShoWest from The Canadian Press.

The Dark Knight opens in theaters on Friday, July 18.

15+ pictures inside of Christian Bale @ 2008′s ShoWest convention…

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Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty, Nikki Nelson/WENN
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  • Orange Clockwork

    He’s ferosh.


    Christian is gorgeous.. But his wife is extremely plain and kind of fug!

    These homely women get these hot guys, that leaves hope for us..

    Thank you Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Chtristian Bale..

  • bolishopin

    great acting you guys!! enjoy

  • Bazooka

    Great actor.

  • Jennifer

    #2 why do you talk about his wife like that? Sibi is gorgeous!

  • cat

    the best

  • Kuky

    Sexy actor ;)

  • jamie

    i can’t wait to see this movie. Batman begins set the bar high up compared to other batman movies. I can’t wait to see the sequel w/ Heath Ledger and w/o Katie Holmes.

  • erika

    Maggie looks like a 40-year-old woman. Also, that frozen expression on her face ~ every pic I have seen of her.

  • tom c

    Maggie looks old enough to be his mom, never mind playing his love interest in Batman. But anyone is better than that Katie Holmes chic.

  • Ali

    #2 stop being mean toward his wife. jeez! she is not ugly!

    I can’t wait to see this movie.

    I don’t really like Maggie but oh well… :S

  • legs

    bale is aging fast. Im gonna puke on Maggie same with Bosworth on Superman, Paltrow on Iron Man. I like Liv Tyler for Hulk and Katie outclasses Maggie in every way.

  • ninja

    I like Bale but I love Kilmer and Keaton more. Clooney was the worst. Gregory Peck if still alive would have been the perfect Batman.

    Rather see Holmes than Maggie. Its sick to see Batman kiss Jake Gyllenhaal in a wig. But this movie is about the Joker vs Batman; hopefully its not taking away Batman’s thunder again like Batman’89 with Nicholson. Love Gary Oldman and Michael Caine too.

  • Brad

    Why is Batman with a smug and very fug woman?

  • amber

    I agree ninja – Micheal Keaton, for me, was the best Batman. Bale’s alright, but I fell asleep on Batman Begins. Can’t wait to see this movie though! Heath Ledger looked crazy (in a good way) as the Joker!!

  • Willywonkarocks

    Heath should have been there :(

  • Stephen

    What a pitty our dear Heath won´t be able to enjoy the success the dark knight is going to be :(…It is a real pitty to loose such talented man. Imagine what Christian and Maggie (and the rest of cast) might be feeling to be at the premiere without Heath :( it must be hard.

  • !!

    Bale’s nose…..ick

  • justa mia

    super hansome…great actor. Love him

  • Andee

    Soooo hot!!! Great actor and the best Batman!!! He is in shape and pulled the real raw deal of the Batman character out. Love him!!! I love the connection he and Michael Caine have as well. Maggie G is a much better actress than Katie H also. Can’t wait! BALE IS HOT!!!!!!!

  • trekkie

    My heart still belongs to Michael Keaton as Batman and I doubt Ledger can make Nicholson’s joker fade away. Bale is alright but upclose he’s not so good looking kinda chubby and the wrinkles are obvious. See Begins and The Dark Knight esp Blu-ray when its out and you see the difference. Not a fan of Katie Holmes but for Batman Katie is the more ideal lady. Maggie gives me the creepie crawlies.

  • celebrityfanchat rap

    i can’t wait to see this movie.

  • voiceofreason

    Are you crazy? Maggie is a fantastic talent, what a huge step up! Holmes was a robot in the last one, and that was before her brainwashing by Tom.

  • Marina

    christian is the great actor in the world!!!
    I love Impire of sun, Equilibrium, Prestige and of course Mashinist – my favorite picture!

    Christian, you are the best!!!

  • peach

    I liked Keaton but Bale is the best Batman and of course he’s the best actor of his generation. His wife is beautiful – I think some of us are blinded by our jealousy.

    I’m sure Maggie will be better than Katie – hell I would have been better than Katie and I can’t act.

    It’s is a real shame about Heath (he was a great actor) – but he made a stupid mistake and it cost him his life. Also he didn’t take his responsibilities seriously as a parent and take care of his child by having a current will. He apparently thought he was indestructible and he should have known better.

  • http://serafin Starmaker

    He s great as Wayne. Bale delivered in B.Begins.
    He (C. Bale) compliments the Other cast in all the films I’ve seen him in. V. Goldmine, Shaft, A.Psycho, Equilibrium, All the Little Animals etc…..

    TREASURE ISLAND is Awesome!
    In Loving Memory RIP CHARLTON HESTON
    Gone!……. But not forgotten.
    RIP Olaf

  • http://serafin Starmaker

    Where was Batman in Australia ?

  • http://serafin Bvallll

    Willem Dafoe seemed like a cool guy

  • http://serafin Bvallll

    Very Actor

  • Curts Bitch

    You looked beautiful in the Velvet Goldmine On the Roof

  • Bitch

    Ewan looks much better though fucking gorgeous man aye

  • Sally

    Christian Bale is gorgeous! I want to meet him this year. I wish he could be my husband. ~sigh~ why are the good ones always taken? Christian I wish you weren’t married to Sibi but to me!!!!

    I can’t wait to see Dark Knight. It’s going to be awesome.

  • Bitch

    No you want to marry Ewan McGregor!

  • Smoker

    Lost Prophets Fake Sound of Progress lyrics
    somebody told me I would always have to Bail / Bale!

  • A. N.

    LOL, he was drinking, totally has the alcohol flush going on.
    Then again, so would I…

  • bITCH

    Sally, Now I’ve read your text bit better and thought it through : man you should be careful cos you’re drawing attention to the fact that Christian and Sibi MIGHT be staging things and using their marriage to get attention. Because they’re both in the same industry. But no one probably believes or actually EXPRESSES as such that that is the case. So youre treading a very fine line as cliched as it is between ruining their fame by entangling it with loving feelings. Business is Business. We all need to understand the image that is being portrayed by two people not one or three or four. That is the main point, that the number of people it involves is becoming blurred in my mind and probably yours. But the key is to cherish these clear images and impressions and use them to your advantage which could mean collaging and mosaicing in mind your own impressions of HOW you want to go about anything occuring in regard to your wish. Because then, HOW THEN. Will power is a certain ability and communications are an important part of modern and postmodern OUTLOOKS. As the redefinition of current situations does not require certain interactions which could prove intimidating although Christian and Sibi are together, individuals and do not suggest that they hold to such capabilities purposefully and that they feel that your individuality (or duality in Christian’s case) should COME through. But I believe Bale to oppose harassment as the themes to his movies show. Good Luck to You! You seem to know what you want. I do wish you the best. But Frankly who are you to come between the parents of a small child (if you are doing that or are going to) in this day and age. For Gods sake stop youll make me cry.