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Miranda Kerr Takes to the Catwalk

Miranda Kerr Takes to the Catwalk

Miranda Kerr, aka Orlando Bloom‘s honey bunny, sits front-row at the Kirrily Johnston catwalk show on the first day of Australian Fashion Week at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on Monday in Sydney, Australia. (She wore the designer’s dress.)

Yes, it’s Monday down under already!

It’s been a super duper busy past couple of days for Miranda! On Wednesday, she had a David Jones department store dinner. On Thursday, she shot an ad campaign for David Jones. On Friday, Miranda took Orly to meet her parents. And on Saturday, Kerrbloom went to the derby together!

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr with fellow Aussie actress/model Megan Gale

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Photos: Gaye Gerard/Getty
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  • You/Me

    Until Orlando Bloom started dating her I had never heard of her! Now she is Miss Freakin-Australia or what?
    Coincidence? Or does Orly really have that much pull??

  • @1

    not really. Its only jj and a gossip rag in oz that pimp her that much.

  • playmate

    her face shape is weird but i’m starting to like her. lol.

  • legs


  • huh

    silver/blueish dress with tan and pink??

    dont get it.

    chic is NOT a pretty girl. Don’t even get started on the Megan Gale girl

  • nice

    Megan Gale is very pretty.

  • jorja

    I never noticed until people started saying it but she does have
    a shark nose. It’s very werid looking. She is odd looking but not pretty or beautiful.

  • katy

    hey miranda please leave orlando alone dammit

  • Kasey

    Maybe it’s the makeup but her face is really unattractive.

  • yikes

    Wow Jared, You mean this wierd looking pumpkin actually did one thing a day! Gasp, she should immediately check in at the Priory for exhaustion!


    she is pretty ugly.. i think he can do wayyyyyy better. she must be nice anywho.

  • a

    Oh geez not the catalog model again.
    She’s hasn’t walked as many runyway’s as many of her peers what’s she doing sitting and watching the show instead?
    I’m really not getting the hype about her. She does catalgos and ads for ‘stores’ rather than fashion ads. I’d understand the hype if she was doing YSL, Prada, Miu Miu, Dior or something along those lines. She’s not a part of the fashion world the way Gemma Ward was at the peek of her career, and at 25 I doubt Miranda is ever going to make it there! So why (other than dating Bloom) is she getting so much attention?

  • oh snap!


  • a

    I don’t think Megan Gale is that pretty, but she still has this look that is rather stunning. Really don’t like either of their dresses though.

  • naomi

    I like Miranda Kerr. But it’s true she has become a lot more popular due to dating Orlando Bloom. But she is a beautiful, sweet girl.

    I watched an interview of hers this morning from The Today Show.
    What i found weird was when, they introduced her. They introduced her as this Top World Supermodel and named all these other Aussie succesful models, but there was no mention of Alice Burdeu (another Aussie model, who to be frank is doing better on the Catwalks in New York, though i suppose Miranda has a more commercial look, as opposed to high fashion, plus she’s dating orlando now…so the poor girl will get noticed more that).

    Whilst on the Today Show, I think Miranda got a little annoyed about all the questions they had for her about Orlando. And i dont blame her.

    “Will Orlando be attending?” “What’s Orlando up to?” He met your father?”.

  • HeyBaby

    beautiful girl…ugly dress

  • blah balh

    miranda kerr is really pretty

    i would die to look like her

  • http://justjared beautiful

    miranda is beautiful i like her but megan gale what happened to her my brother used to have a crush on her when we would watch her on italian tv now wow she is ugly as hell

  • Secret

    Let me tell you all a little secret. If Miranda didn’t want those questions about Orlando to be asked all she would need to do is have her publicist tell them not to ask them. Period. End of discussion. These questions are all pre arranged. That is how interviews are done. And if somehow they asked and she felt so bothered all she needed to do as soon as they mentioned his name was say, “You know, I am here to talk about modelling and David Jones, so let’s keep it to that.”

  • #15

    I think Alice is a really great editorial model and as far as fashion goes she and Gemma work for a lot more designers and have a lot better ad campaigns and magazine covers than Miranda ever had so it is weird that she gets more attention in Australia than both of them. I can only guess that it has to do with her dating Orlando Bloom because no one cared before that.

  • @19

    you are so right. That is what Orlando does before interviews. He tells them flat out not to ask those questions. She WANTS them to be asked.

    let her have her few minutes. It’s almost over and after the hype of the new dj gig she won’t be interviewed much at all and she will fade away with her cheesy low budget department store modeling store job that pays her less than 100K a year.
    LOL. That is no supermodel. That’s peanuts in that business.

  • naomi

    Secret did you watch it? She was being polite, but you could tell she was a little bothered. And then they quickly changed subject and and began asking questions about her.

  • why

    Why would she now be upset that she is getting asked about OB?
    She has been linking herself to him for better than a year now between her and her PR. So now that she has this gig in OZ it’s all about her? Can’t have it both ways honey. A lot of people see that you got this gig because of him anyway. DJ’s was more interested in your so-called Hollywood connection. It gets them noticed too to be able to put his name in print with their store. So why are you surprised that they really aren’t interested in you? In fact I’m baffeled as to why they are interested in him either. No accounting for taste I guess.

  • @12

    you answered your own question. That is the only reason she is getting attention!!!
    She knows it to and for some reason Orlando is allowing himself to be used and look like a tool.
    I hope his friends take him aside and smack him silly so he wakes up and sees what she is doing to his career.

  • Emmie

    Hmmm…interesting to say the least.

  • k

    She looks like a cabbage patch kid

  • @24

    His career? His career won’t be hurt by being linked to her in any way, shape or form. Remember, studio honchos and producers are mostly male. Orlando banging a sexy lingerie model does nothing but earn him points in the boys club. they would pat him on the back if they could. Plus, it gets his name out there too. He is going to disappear from the scene again when he goes off to Hong Kong to film his movie, people need to be reminded that he exists. The only way that she could hurt his image is if she had a p orno past. And no, I’m not talking about those tasteful nudes that have come out. Those are beautiful.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]
  • Elle

    I also saw the interview, and typically they do go over what questions are alright to ask.
    Though in the interview Miranda did say she doesnt like to talk about her personal life, but she seemed happy to answer the questions about Orlando. Though toward the end of the interview it did seem to be a fair bit about Orlando, and i suppose she did look slightly uncomfortable at the end.

    Other things Miranda…….

    I agree with #15
    “I think Alice is a really great editorial model and as far as fashion goes she and Gemma work for a lot more designers and have a lot better ad campaigns and magazine covers than Miranda ever had so it is weird that she gets more attention in Australia than both of them. I can only guess that it has to do with her dating Orlando Bloom because no one cared before that.”

    Alice Burdeu –,,5503803,00.jpg

    Alice and Miranda are just different type of models i suppose.

  • @27

    she is making him look like a low life reality tv star the way she is turning them into tabloid favorites.
    No Hollywood bigwigs are banging on Orli’s door right now.
    Miranda is not well liked or respected in the NY fashion world from what I was told.
    Her image is not that great and she only has a real gig in a local store in oz besides the low budget pink line for VS but either way I don’t think producers care about that as much as just viewing him as a serious actor and not some tabloid king.

  • Just a matter of time…

    before we see pap pics of Orli having an orgy outside some LA nightclub while she’s mugging it up for the cameras in oz.






  • *****

    isnt she a model???? dont models do fashion shows??????

    i guess now she’s got her claim to fame by f*cking orlando she feels like she’s above doing that.

    notice how she’s AT their runway/fashion show, but not working???
    that’s probably because they didnt ask her.

  • Ronna

    Damn do any Orlando fans like Miranda? I wish someone would tell her to shut up about him because his fans are ready to have her head.

    To her credit she is a commercial model and commercial models get work mostly based on their popularity so it makes sense for her to use Orlando to help promote her image. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have sincere feelings for him and it seems he doesn’t mind so what’s the problem?

  • Steph

    she is so pretty! =)

  • orlando is a tool

    Every thing about this girl is cheap. Please NY fashion-world, please, please be smart.

  • You/Me

    k @ 04/27/2008 at 11:24 pm She looks like a cabbage patch kid

    OH HO HO HO….too funny….LMAO….
    You nailed it! That is exactly what she looks like !!! rotflmao

  • VS

    The face of their new line of bras
    The face of their new perfume
    Going back to LA for a “big press day” for VS
    Three commercials for VS

    She’s doing just fine.

  • @2

    yeah, youre right…. anyone notice how this is the only blog that seems to be pimping her out all the time?? perez,popsugar, people, dlisted havent even posted anything about their derby sellout.

    maybe there is hope in the world yet???

  • Jughed

    Wow! Some very attractive women :D

  • @38

    sorry charlie. She only is the pimp for VS cheap low budget line PINK.
    I doubt her contract will be renewed.

    #34 It seems after this week even the ones that tried to give her every chance have turned against her. Her true colors are coming out in spades. Check out imdb. It use to be on the verge of a war but after this week its pretty much kum ba yah with everyone in agreement that this girl is really screwing Orlando over with her user ways that are just too hard to ignore anymore.

  • http://justjared let it go

    if you don’t like them as couple fine but why come here to bad mouth them i don’t get it it’s been since chrismas time that you throgh your insults at them haven’t you had enough if you don’t like what you watching don’t look ignore them is as simple as that until maybe you are lucky and they break up so you can insult orlando’s new girlfriend im sure you ‘ll find a reason

  • VS

    You need to check your facts.
    She has been on all of the entertainment shows promoting the new bra, as well in their newest commercial.
    The press day in LA will most likely focus on the introduction of the new perfume. She is already in print ads for it.
    I would make a pretty safe bet that she will be the one in the fantasy bra for the next runway show.
    Not only will they renew her contract, it looks like they are setting her up to be the new face of VS.

  • k.c

    I absolutely LOVE coming on to read the comments about Miranda Kerr. You people have no idea how sad you all seem. I literally laugh out loud when I read some of them.

    None of you will EVER get the chance to meet and or date Orlando Bloom so its time to get over it. I have actually met Miranda and she’s a sweet girl.

    On a serious note I hope you are all teenage girls and not grown women. I really do hope.

    But seriously keep coming with the comments… Its hilarious. “Boo hoo we hate her!! Why isn’t Orlando mine!!” hahaha

  • Vs

    I meant @41

  • e

    Aw, c’mon you guys! She’s really quite pretty in my opinion. At the very least, she’s cute (just look at her dimples!). There are a ton of more “unattractive” people we see in the media.

    I suppose we won’t ever really see her in “high fashion” ads or catwalks because her look is too commericial, as are most Victoria’s Secret models. The only VS (ex)model that I can think of that isn’t too commercial looking is Gisele Bundchen and we all know she has done tons and tons of high fashion work. I don’t recall ever seeing a VS model other than Giselle doing high fashion.

    Does it annoy anyone else when in interviews, they would introduce a VS model as a “supermodel”? Because they really aren’t. They’re no Gemma Ward or Jessica Stam.

  • Alison

    I don’t understand all the commotion about her. Sure, she is moderately pretty, but she is only getting all this press for being Australia’s first Victoria’s Secret Model and for dating Orlando. She musn’t really be hitting the bigtime that much in order for her to promote one of our Aussie Dept stores. The quality and range of clothing here is far less superior than in the US. I guess it is a step up from Portmans (expensive but crappily made ladies clothing chain store) which she used to advertise.

  • gumbo

    Orlanda and Miranda are just fine with me…I’m a fan of both.

    I agree with #34 – who are they hurting?

    I am, however, amazed at the experts on this board. You know, like the fashion expert that “doubts” her contract with VS will be renewed, and, that VS lets her sell the “cheap” stuff. WTF? I didn’t know that any VS item was actually cheap… I’m no marketing director, but it seems that the reasonably priced items would sell to younger purchasers and that’s who has all the money anyway, right? :) Miranda Kerr is very appealing, very beautiful. Again, I’m no expert, but I believe VS doesn’t hire ugly women to be their “Angels” because of their boyfriends. Besides, seems like she had a career before Orlando. And, if I remember correctly from watching those reality shows…moving up from the runway is a good thing. I agree with you, #38, she seems to be doing well for herself.

    Next, there’s the PR experts…you know, the ones that know why they do everything…go to certain places…the museum, out to dinner, whatever. I would guess, you’re right, EVERYWHERE they go they’re just going for the PR, including out to dinner. Now, I’m no PR expert, but I would think that even Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr get to leave the house every once in a while.

    And, then there’s experts that know what producers are knocking on Orlando Bloom’s door. I don’t think Orlando Bloom has to worry about his career as much as you think he does. I don’t think I’m going to be crying myself to sleep tonight over poor Orlando and Miranda. I think they both are doing just fine. At least they’re not spending all their time spewing crap they don’t know on a website.

    Whatever the case may be, they look like adults to me and know what they’re doing dealing with the crazy world they live in. Some of us are happy they’re happy, some of us are indifferent, and some of us are either so jealous or so hateful that we spend our time fabricating what we wish to be their reality.

    Looks like they’re having a great life…let’s all go out and get one, too!!

    Like I always say, “I’d love to be rich, but I’d hate to be famous.”

  • danz

    She’s no beauty but she has a very cute face.

  • 007

    She looks a little odd close up. Other than that, she looks good =).