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Tom Cruise Takes the Kids to Cheer on Becks

Tom Cruise Takes the Kids to Cheer on Becks

Tom Cruise takes daughter Isabella, 15, and son Connor, 13, to cheer on soccer star pal David Beckham at the Home Depot Center on Saturday in Carson, Calif.

Becks helped The Los Angeles Galaxy defeated CD Chivas USA 5-2.

Be sure not to miss Tom on Oprah this Friday!

15+ pictures inside of Mr. Golden Balls, Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor

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79 Responses to “Tom Cruise Takes the Kids to Cheer on Becks”

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  1. 26
    tawi-tawi Says:

    what’s up with Scientology ads on the pages with bigger pictures?
    i have never seen Scientology ads on public blogs before

  2. 27
    Miapocca Says:

  3. 28
    Miapocca Says:

    Actor: Scientology Is ‘Brainwashing’ | Clive Davis Has His Own Cult

    Actor: Scientology Is ‘Brainwashing’

    Jason Beghe is the bravest actor in Hollywood. He’s come clean about his 14 years in Scientology, the religion that Tom Cruise reveres. He says the purpose of Scientology is to create a “brainwashed, robotic version of you.”

    He also says that he spent about $1 million to work his way up the Scientology ladder to become what’s known as an “OT5 auditor,” or someone who listens to new members and teaches them the ropes.

    He was so successful as a celebrity auditor, he says, that David Miscavige, the head of the sect, referred to him as “the poster boy for Scientology.”

    But now that Beghe and his wife have left the sect, the actor has concerns. They can be, he says, a vicious and vindictive group. When he asked for money back that he had banked for future study — some $60,000 to $70,000 — it was returned and he was banished.

    RelatedColumn Archive
    Actor Jason Beghe: Scientology Is ‘Brainwashing’Television Star Exits ScientologyIvana Trump Gets MarriedKatie Couric Turnaround PossibleKatie Couric Exit: A Pile-OnFull-page Fox411 Archive

    Britney Spears Aces ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Cameo Michael Jackson’s Neverland Foreclosed; Auction Date Set Full-page Fox411 Archive “Once you ask for refund and repayment, that’s what it’s called, you’re not allowed to take another course or speak to another Scientologist ever again,” Beghe says.

    On Tuesday, I told you that Beghe had posted a three-minute “teaser” video explaining a little about his exit from Scientology. A second, longer video will be going up on YouTube Wednesday or Thursday. It’s not to make money or to get publicity for himself, Beghe says, and I believe him. “If it helps people, that’s what’s important.”

    And that’s because Beghe says that most Scientologists are completely insulated from the criticism that we all read or publish. All the jokes, the “South Park” stuff, anti-cult stories, real data about people who’ve suffered inside the sect largely go unnoticed by the Scientology community. “They just say, ‘You don’t understand.’”

    Beghe is just beginning to comprehend what an impact his announcement has made. It should rock the world of celebrity Scientologists, the people Miscavige has counted on to carry the sect’s message to the outside world and make it seem plausible.

    But Beghe says not all the celebrity Scientologists are completely “in.” Kirstie Alley, he says, is a friend and “could be gotten out.” Tom Cruise, he says, was out for several years.

    “He was brought back in around the time of his divorce from Nicole Kidman. And then they put him through something called Ethics Cycle after Penelope Cruz left. That’s when you make amends for having not been in it for a while.”

    Cruise’s Ethics Cycle, Beghe thinks, would account for the campaign Cruise went on while filming “War of the Worlds,” through the meeting, courting and recruiting of Katie Holmes, the fight with Matt Lauer on “Today” and telling Diane Sawyer what kind of Scientologist he was on ABC — not to mention the couch-jumping on “Oprah.”

    Beghe, for one, says he was not a good celebrity Scientologist. “They would ask me to come to parties for Tom or John (Travolta); I would say ‘yes’ and not go.”

    Indeed, Beghe says he’s spent the last eight years trying to leave Scientology. “It was good for the first three years or so. But then I got nothing out of it.”

    “Scientology,” Beghe says, “delivers what it promises under the guise of tearing away falsity, neuroses, psychoses. It creates a brainwashed, robotic version of you. It’s a ‘Matrix’ of you, so you’re communicating with people all the time using Scientology. So we’re seeing you ‘via’ Scientology. And it creates an addiction, so you come back for more.”

    He says that he initially was recruited through acting teacher Milton Katselas’ class. Katselas has been cited in many publications, including The New York Times, for exerting pressure on his students to join the sect.

    “He gets kickbacks,” Beghe says. Among Katselas’ students have been at least half a dozen celebrity Scientologists, including Giovanni Ribisi (who is thought to have recruited “My Name Is Earl” star Jason Lee and, in turn, Ethan Suplee) and his sister, Marisa, Leah Remini and Anne Archer.

    Beghe was brought to the Scientology center in Hollywood by Bodhi Elfman, husband of actress Jenna Elfman, who was in Katselas’ class. His appointment was for 10 a.m. He wound up staying at least 12 hours, as the sect’s auditors embarked on their “brainwashing.” It was just before his career was taking off with a role as Demi Moore’s love interest in “G.I. Jane.”

    “David Miscavige loved me. He took me to Hemet” — the Scientology fortress in the California mountains — “and he came with me to the premiere of ‘G.I. Jane.’ He let me do ………….,2933,351426,00.html

  4. 29
    paola Says:

    Miapocca get a ******* life “sweetie” !Seriously ! ! ! Your stupid sermon about Scient and Tom are getting old ! Paid so much for this **** ??? You ‘re everywhere every single day ! GO AWAY AND STAYYYYYY !

  5. 30
    barbara Says:

    Leave Tom and his children ALONE !

  6. 31
    Tom Says:

    We think you’re the one getting paid. Either that or you are just another one of the brainwashed loser freaks! We are betting on the second one.

  7. 32
    Georgina Says:

    The whole Tomkat clan are CRAZAZY!

  8. 33
    paola Says:

    to Tom / Miapocca the idiot # 32 : I’m Catholic !!! so what ?

  9. 34
    pr person Says:

    OMG! A grown man in a granny sweater.

  10. 35
    ricky Says:

    Oh, for the first time in a looong time, I have come to like Tom Cruise. The bond between him and his adopted kids seem strong and genuine..

  11. 36
    rem Says:

    PAOLA sweetheart u have the aggression of a SCIENTOLOGIST, which makes me think u’re one of the many paid to go on gossip sites to defend the CRUZAZY’S

  12. 37
    ! Says:

    So good to see them. Thanks Jared.

  13. 38
    Miapocca Says:

    who the heck is poala and why is my name being mentioned…I see you have directives from the midget..ahahha

  14. 39
    BIM Says:

    let the PR machine begin, he’s being told KATIEBOT AND demonic looking SURI makes him look like a downright freak and a bad father to the other kids, so wat does he do take them to a place he knows 100% the paps will be at…FUCKRTARD is all about his IMAGE.

  15. 40
    Miapocca Says:

    oh my..what agression…please note that I didnt even write the article so you are wasting time directing your anger at me..In the real world we actually get to disagree and its accepted..I promise you its a lot of fun, mow one tells you what to think or how to think and they dont take notes and hold on to your secrets to balckmail you with it…

    Seriously I have a life and its involves INSURING THE HU,MAN RIGHTS OF ALL INDIVIDUALS..not one rich foolish family who pimps a dangerous cult to impressionable kids.

    If you want to disagree come back with something more tangible other than your percieved harrasment of someone who is not even you…
    Get a life adn baby, GET F-UCKING BRAIN!

  16. 41
    Miapocca Says:

    Paola , my advice to you , if you are allowed to take any is to scroll over my posts, that way you wont have an aneurysm…


    Tell me what bothered you the most, the you tube from Jenna miscaviage or the one from the defected actor..maybe I can post some more that will ensure that you do break a blood vessel in a vital organ!! ahahha
    ..maybe then miscaviage will find folks with a tolerance for stress and not angry raging banshees!!


  17. 42
    Miapocca Says:

    hey ..check this out…exposed ..the bbc attack in bringing out secrets they just shot themselves in the foot…


    I see some of my former friends from the Church using their time-honored persecution technique claiming that everyone is out to get them and the church.

    Those who are wondering if there is an active effort to post comments and spread links favorable to the church, why of course there is. As an ex-member, I used to be involved in just such activity. It’s not as if members are sitting in a room typing comments all day long at some church somewhere. Instead, action alerts are sent out in e-mail and on private websites with links to suspect websites and articles like this one, and members are encouraged to visit and file Knowledge Reports detailing the negative comments, including any identifying information about who made them, and also attaching their responses. This information is then stored in electronic databases for future reference and tracking purposes.

    It is also incorrect to say that new members are not exposed to tech straight away upon entry into the organization. From the earliest moments of involvement in the church, tech is taught. I’ve included a link which shows exactly what early members are exposed to which will be absolutely familiar to anyone, right down to OT-0.

    I left the Church in 2001 after I was pressured to disconnect my family. A close friend of mine who left a year earlier was deemed an SP (the church’s blacklist) and his life was made a living hell. I quit when I started doing research on the Internet and started getting answers to questions I had been putting in the back of my mind. The Lisa McPherson Trust helped me tremendously.

    The media and the Internet are incredibly dangerous for the Church because they let members privately explore their own doubts and questions outside of the control of the Church. An incredible amount of time and money is spent on restricting this information because it threatens the viability of the entire organization, should enough people follow my footsteps.

    I don’t blame my friends still in the Church for their beliefs. You don’t know just how effective group persuasion and tech methods can be. For those outside of the Church, the cause for skepticism is as plain as day, but for those within, attacking them for their beliefs threatens their self-worth, and people will try to defend that for a long time.

    Sc!entol0gy attacks psychiatry, which is ironic, because so many of their techniques of manipulation were tested and found effective by that same field!

    But for critics of the church, please don’t attack Sc!entologist followers for their beliefs — help show them there is a way out to a world that waits to welcome them back with open and accepting arms. That is what ultimately worked for me and I could not be happier. You cannot lead someone away from Sc!entology through name-calling.

    Posted by: Ex-Member | May 17, 2007 01:21 PM

  18. 43
    Miapocca Says:

    Some of them need the name calling though because the stick up thier a-rses are too fat and and spiny to pull out easily….ahhahahah

  19. 44
    Miapocca Says:

    Miapocca get a ******* life “sweetie” !Seriously ! ! ! Your stupid sermon about Scient and Tom are getting old ! Paid so much for this **** ??? You ‘re everywhere every single day ! GO AWAY AND STAYYYYYY !

    How do you know where I am…so obviously you track me around or you simply dont have a life just like me…ahhahahha this is soo funny…you sound like an extremely foolish reject of teh cult…please tell miscaviage , your asthmatic dwarf who stick up the back of his other midget lover with a penchant for amazon beards that he needs to send more intelligent folks on here and Peferabbly his high school drop out can probably do detail at babyrazzi where you will find fertile grounds (sometimes) for your stupidity//ahahahhaROFLMAO

  20. 45
    jj Says:

    I like this family. Connor and Isabella are good looking children. Nicole Kidman seems a little weird though. And scientology is not that bad, people. Get a clue. Those who say it is brainwashing are simply uneducated.

  21. 46
    Sandbitch Says:

    Connor has an unusual choice in clothes for a boy his age…

  22. 47
    Sandbitch Says:

    Unless he’s being groomed as the future president of the United States that is. Connor Cruisin’ the White House – bank rolled by daddy.

  23. 48
    me Says:

    Mia—-I’m about to have an aneurysm myself—you are a trip. Seriously, I like you because you are a “straight shooter”….

    WTF Paulo STFU.

    OK…I just got off the beach and thought, what the hell, I’ll turn Oprah on. Unbelievable….she’s already talking nonstop about the show with TC on Friday. On today’s show, Oprah talks about one of her shows in 2001, where Oprah found a woman who claimed to be TC’s biggest fan. They had her on the show in 2001, and she and TC hugged and giggled…Well, get this, they (Oprah) has actually tracked the same fan down and they are bringing her back this Friday–seven years later. Now, she’s probably the only fan of TC’s!!!!! Also, saw a preview of Oprah’s interview w/TC on today’s show….it looks pretty much like what we’ve been saying all along here……BULLSHIT!!!! Reminds me of one of Barbara Walter’s softball interviews.

  24. 49
    Ollie Says:

    I went to that game!! I sat in the VIP section :D

  25. 50
    angie Says:

    Total weirdness! Tom looks like he’s dancing with Connor in that first picture.

    I can’t get past Beck’s tattoo…why do men have to do this to themselves?

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