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Tom Cruise Takes the Kids to Cheer on Becks

Tom Cruise Takes the Kids to Cheer on Becks

Tom Cruise takes daughter Isabella, 15, and son Connor, 13, to cheer on soccer star pal David Beckham at the Home Depot Center on Saturday in Carson, Calif.

Becks helped The Los Angeles Galaxy defeated CD Chivas USA 5-2.

Be sure not to miss Tom on Oprah this Friday!

15+ pictures inside of Mr. Golden Balls, Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor

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tom cruise kids soccer game 01
tom cruise kids soccer game 02
tom cruise kids soccer game 03
tom cruise kids soccer game 04
tom cruise kids soccer game 05
tom cruise kids soccer game 06
tom cruise kids soccer game 07
tom cruise kids soccer game 08
tom cruise kids soccer game 09
tom cruise kids soccer game 10
tom cruise kids soccer game 11
tom cruise kids soccer game 12
tom cruise kids soccer game 13
tom cruise kids soccer game 14
tom cruise kids soccer game 15
tom cruise kids soccer game 16
tom cruise kids soccer game 17

Photos: Victor Decolongon/Getty
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  • me

    How dare Tom Cruise not spend time with his adopted children! Doesn’t he love them as much as Suri?

    How dare Tom Cruise take his adopted children to a game and be photographed with them! That’s exploiting them.

    Make up your minds people.

  • me

    I am “me” (#48). Number 51 is NOT me …. Obviously, #51 is a raving lunatic as well as an imposter.

  • remember da truth

    What’s wrong with how Connor is dressed? He looks appropriately dressed for a box seat at a soccer game to me, and shirt untucked, relaxed, like a kid.

    Did anyone notice what they are drinking? Orange juice. Not Coke, not junk, but healthy juice.
    Tom might be weird, but he’s a good father, and no one can deny that.

  • me

    #53- I’ll deny it. A “good father” would not want his children in a cult. You should educate yourself about scientology. Tom is so brainwashed, he’s not capable of making good decisions for his children. I feel sorry for both Connor and Isabella. If Tom keeps going at the rate he’s going, Nicole may be awarded the kids..then Nicole could, hopefully, get them straightened out.

  • Marie

    Tom looks gay, gay, gay in that sweater.

  • Aussie doll

    Who do they live with? (Not that it’s my business) But….you never see them with Tom or Nic.

  • frida

    Poor Tom damn if he does damn if he doesn’t ! He can never win ! Give him a break and let’s stop the denial : Tom ‘s a good father for all his kids . They look always well dressed , happy and well cared .

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    Its good to see them together

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    Miapoopca, how much does the brangelina cult camp pay you?

  • katie n

    These kids are obviously very comfortable with their dad. They are talking and laughing. Everything points to a happy family. Very good to see.

  • Bess

    This made my day because I miss Tom and the kids.
    Hopefully we will see Katie and Suri too.

  • dolphins


  • tlc

    They have grown so much. LOOOOOVE THEM.

  • solaris

    Is anybody here familiar with the word “Dianetic Axioms?”
    My advice: READ IT.
    So you know what you are talking about, when you talk about scientology, included when you talk about TC.

    Barbara, I will leave him alone, if his organization leaves me and people whom I care alone.

    And as far as I can tell about Miapocca’s arguments, she/he has nothing to with brangelina. AND WHY, everytime somebody say something, it has to be connected -pro/contra brangelina.

  • Miapocca

    These kids are obviously very comfortable with their dad. They are talking and laughing. Everything points to a happy family. Very good to see.
    This is what the the shitologists want you to think when you see these pics…now its not enough to show you the pics they have imbed it with sentences in your brain..ahahha

    Yeah right.!!..rolling my eyes is not even worth it..ahahha

  • diane

    At least you see Tom with his kids not like that kidman who only thinks of herself

  • bet betty

    The. Top-less. Aging. Sucker. Made. The. Shortest. Gay. Violently. Happy.


  • cathy

    I respect tom because he has NEVER PIMPED HIS KIDS OUT LIKE THE BECKHAMS. His kids look normal although they have so much money, CANT SAY THE SAME ABOUT BECKS MOB OF KIDS.

  • fibi

    Actually the kids don’t live with Tom. They live with and are homeschooled by his sister, the same one who used to accompany Katie on all her interviews and fed her the lines about how she met Tom. Having worked int he child welfare system, I’m amazed that they are still allowed to be called the adoptive parents when neither is the true caregiver.

  • American

    That woman who used to hang around with Holmes wasn;t Cruise’s sister.

    Cruise and Holmes are true caregivers who enver neglect their three children.

  • me

    Did anybody see the photos at x17onlinecom of the young “nanny” that is holding Suri. Somebody posted that they think this girl looks like suri’s mom . I tend to agree. I’m thinking that this girl could be her mother but the cult wouldn’t let her have her baby. Maybe the cult of scientology is like the cult in Texas where young girls are “violated” really young (12, 13, 14,…..)? There is something odd going on….(as usual).

  • bob dobbs

    Yeah, it was’nt his sister, it was Katie’s Scientology handler.

  • American

    You can’t be serious, #71. There’s nothing odd at all going on. That was just the nanny and not Suri Cruise’s mother.

  • me

    How would you know #73? You don’t know jack……….And what makes you think that the young girl is not Suri’s mother? Do you have any proof that it is NOT?

    BTW, there is always something odd going on in Camp Cruise.

  • Katie

    That’s Tom Cruise? Are we sure it’s not Ward Cleaver? Nice shirt-n-sweater combo, Tom. Way to mix it up.

  • American

    How do I know all that? Common f–k’in sense.

    The only odd things going on is people gullible enough to believe such crap

  • me

    American, I guess you’ll be glued to the TV to watch Tom’s latest attempt to dupe everyone into believing he is the Messiah. What blows my mind is all the people (like you) that he has actually brainwashed. Tom doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone other than scientologists because, to him, anyone besides a cult member is not worthy of anything. He thinks all of us non-cult members were put here on earth to make him rich and powerful. The only reason he continues to run his mouth is because he cares only about himself and scientology. WTF is it going to take for people to wake up? Tom doesn’t care about you if you are not in the cult.

    I think I remember you saying that you are a scientologist, American..Is this correct?

  • Miapocca

    You should know by now that American is pimping teh cult..why else would anyone in their right mind be defending a celebrity nonstop comment after each comment…dont waste your time with a shitilogist..they are simply too dumb and gullible and thats how they got to be in the cult in the first place……ahahha PATHETIC

  • connors # 1 fan!

    oh my gosh!!!! connor is the hottest guy i have EVER seeeeeeeen,


    number 1 fan