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People Magazine Wins Bid For Brad and Angelina's Twins' Pictures

People Magazine Wins Bid For Brad and Angelina's Twins' Pictures has just learned that People magazine has drummed up the winning bid for the first pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s twins – Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. It is rumored that the winning bid is between $10 million and $15 million. The pictures will come up in a future People magazine issue (but not this week!). The money paid to Brad and Angelina has already been earmarked for charity.

Also, Food and Wine has recently put together restaurants and recipes for the family of 8! Restaurants for large families have been picked by select food bloggers in New York City, Washington D.C., New Orleans, San Francisco and Seattle. Simple, classic and kid-friendly French recipes were also included.

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  • lucy

    I’m 1st???

  • passing Through

    Ruh-roh, Jared! You in twouble now! Another tabloid thread!

  • Vogue
  • True Colors



    Since their first child was on the cover of People Magazine.. Why not
    have the twins be on the second cover…But did her publicist say this
    or is it “here we go again” So if they hurry up and do it than people
    won’t be hanging around on the grounds trying to take pictures..

  • alia

    I’m sooo excited to see these pics! :D

    cannot wait

  • Julianne

    Can’t wait to see the newest little JP’s…..

    Thanks for the latest and greatest, JJ !!

  • Ameena

    I hope it’s true, I can’t wait to see the twins.

  • passing Through

    Anyone who ever doubted that Peeps would end up with the U.S. rights to those pictures were morons. I just could not wrap my brain around Brad and Angie doing business with OK anymore than some people understand why Jared is doing business with US Lies Weakly.

  • AnYmOuS

    People, is one step above the regular trash magazines out there.

  • irma

    That’s good news. At least People is a reliable magazine, I’m glad they got the rights for the first pictures of the twins. Now, I can’t wait to see the People mag with the twins pictures. I hope, it won’t be long before we see them. I admire the Jolie-Pitt’s more & more for their good nature by helping charities that’s dear to their hearts. May God continue to bless them.

  • Adorable

    First 5?

  • brangelinaegomaniacs

    Of course! People , the official spokesmag for self-obsessed celebs wins whoring rights for the most sycophantic couple ever.

  • alia

    I’m glad it’s People too….i’ve always liked and respected People mag

    Love that thread pic btw

  • halli


  • D. kay

    just as it should be. People is the classiest of the lot; good enough for the jolie-pitts

  • tabitha

    Thanks jared for the new thread. Has People confirmed this or is it a reliable source.

  • Jamie Insider

    Wow. That’s some crazy sum of dollars right there xD. Good for them I suppose.

    Jamie Insider:

  • senior

    Great News, boy that thread was getting long, hi to the JP’s fans, jared thanks fir the thread. Congratulations to people WTG!

  • sharon

    I can’t wait to see the twins pics. I like People magazine don’t like OK magazine.

  • True Colors

    the source is Us weekly, Jared is getting the info from them. They email him about it.

  • senior

    Comment got lost try again, Thanks for the new thread jared. Hi to all the fans, last thread was long. Congratulations to People magazine I am sure this is a big coup for them WTG.

  • disgusted

    I know, I know, if I don’t want to see the pictures, then don’t buy the mag.

    But, the fact that a mag. pays $10-$15 million for pics of babies is disgusting.

    I know, I know, the money is probably going to charity.

    HOWEVER, they could have just said NO!

    Where we will this end $4 million, 6 million, now 10 million.

    I know, I know, the agrument that then the paps won’t hunt them down for the “first pics”. That is just a joke, the paps will still hunt them.

  • soopx


  • crabbie

    Wow. Just Jared freaks…you can all get your pictures of the Messiah twins and hang them up and worship them. Until the looney bin people take them away from you.

  • Jill

    Figured. When are the pics coming out?

  • soopx

    A great big Congratulations to People Magazine,I will buy it.

  • True Colors

    stupid move, as for the people who think these pics will stop the papz are crazy, that didn’t stop them to stalk shiloh and make her life a living hell.

    They are just inviting the media to focus on their kids. Dont complain later

  • please

    i havent been on thi site for a while. jared’s in cahoots with us magazine now?


    i’m glad to know that the photos have been taken and im glad b&a waited a little longer to take them then they did with shiloh. she looked like a prune. hopefully these babies will look a little more developed.

    but for all that alleged money, i wonder if people demanded actual quotes from them this time.

  • True Colors

    Babies for SaleTeaching Brangelina and other celebrities how to be better economists.
    By Chadwick Matlin
    Posted Friday, July 25, 2008, at 11:44 AM ET

    The celebrity baby picture market is inflating nearly as fast as the Zimbabwean dollar. According to impossible-to-confirm reports, Matthew McConaughey earned $3 million for his newborn. J. Lo reportedly raked in $6 million. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly sold pictures of their newborn twins for $16 million. (Obviously, Brangelina will donate the proceeds to charity.) They’re not alone; Jamie Lynn Spears, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and that pregnant man have all reaped the monetary benefits of the baby bump.

    But inviting a glossy-magazine photographer into your home is like inviting a vampire through the doorway. Once they’re in, they’re never going to stop trying to come after the kid. (This doesn’t take into account the prying eyes of telephoto lenses, as Brad Pitt can attest.) Considering all the bitching and moaning celebrities spew about the paparazzi, you’d think they would want to keep the photogs away, not tell the world how much pictures of their new scions are worth. This should come as no surprise, but celebrities make crappy economists.

    What follows is a field guide for famous mothers to consult once they’ve brought a new life into the world. We’re offering suggestions based on three personality types, and advice is doled out for three key variables. “Distribution” details how many magazines should get access to the first photos. “Time” prescribes a time line between birth and first glimpse. “Money” recommends an asking price for the celebrity. Celebs, welcome to Baby Econ 101.

    The Narcissist
    Objective: Attention, fame, money.

    Distribution: exclusive shots given to only one magazine. After the initial photograph is released, the key is to tease the photogs. Appear out and about shopping for baby materials but without your bundle of joy. Then, when you do take the baby out for a stroll, find a way to obscure his or her face. (Michael Jackson can provide some advice.) This limits the potential supply of photographs, which will only make for more likely placement whenever one does surface. Most likely, you’ll accompany the newborn in the photo spread.

    Time: The initial photo shouldn’t be released immediately after birth, at risk of violating all-important postpartum-dignity standards. Take some time with your baby and imagine how many dollar signs could fit inside those wonderfully innocent pupils. Then, after a week or two, invite photographers into your home. Note: Do not wait longer than a month to release the photo. The public’s interest in your offspring will reach a point of diminishing returns at about the four-week mark. Only in special cases—Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s maybe-alien baby chief among them—does a long silence help drive demand.

    Money: The exclusive shot should be sold to the highest bidder. By selling the photographs for the most money, it establishes a market price for pictures of you and the baby, which will incentivize the paparazzi to hunt for more photographs in the future. The higher the price, the more desirable you, yourself, will appear to be. Monetize those assets!

    Subcategory: The Narcissist With a Heart of Gold
    The only difference between a narcissist and a NWHOG is what they do with the money. It gets sent to charity rather than the kids’ college funds, proving that even celebrities care about those less fortunate. If only we could all be more like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

    The Prudish Self-Promoter
    Objective: PSPs are after personal fame but have too much dignity to farm out their child’s image for their own good. This leaves you stuck in a tug of fame: Find a way to bathe in rays of flashbulbs without getting your kid stuck in the crossfire.

    Distribution: Because you’re in a tricky spot, you have to be innovative. For inspiration, we suggest you turn to the princess of self-promotion, Ms. Tori Spelling. Spelling wisely opened up her womb during her son’s in-utero stage, rather than waiting for his infancy. Spelling’s show on Oxygen pulled in an average of nearly 1 million viewers per show, resuscitating both the moribund channel and the moribund starlet’s career. This was the equivalent to previewing a product before it goes on the market—a more intimate knowledge of the item’s masterminds leads to buzz and hype.

    For the PSP, Spelling’s reality-show business model provides space between mother and child. It can revive your career not because you’ve had a kid, but because you’re pregnant. Sure, you’ll have to allow your rediscovered and newfound fans to reach climax by showing the baby once it’s born. Give your pictures to as many magazines as possible to maximize exposure, and give different pictures to each magazine so they’re still labeled as exclusives and will get more prominent placement. After that, though, you can hunker down in the Hollywood Hills, “concentrate on motherhood,” and be given a whole new slew of more mature roles in TV and movies. (The jury is still out on whether Spelling will lease her son’s persona out like she’s done with her own or will resist temptation like Donna Martin.)

    Time: one to two weeks after birth to allow for breathing room and for a bit of suspense. Given that the baby photos must be shared with the public, the final episode of the pregnancy can be timed to be in concert with the final episode of the season. Synergy is crucial when you’re managing a brand.

    Money: Either follow the NWHOG charity model or give the pictures away for free. Morality is keeping you from maximizing profits, but that’s what makes you a PSP.

    The Reclusive Artist Type
    Objective: RATs’ purpose is to keep the paparazzi as far away from them and their children as possible.

    Distribution: From an economist point of view, RATs have the most counterintuitive model. In order to keep the paparazzi away, you need to make the baby’s life more public than you’d like. Flooding the market will overwhelm the supply side of the equation and correspondingly reduce demand for the pictures. The pictures should be of good-enough quality to be printed in a magazine, so the paparazzi aren’t needed to take higher-quality shots than those provided. Also, a blog outreach strategy could strip the glossies and tabloids of their power. After a few weeks of this overload, the public should lose interest since there are only so many times somebody can look at the same adorable face. You’re trying to induce nausea, not compliments.

    Nicole Kidman is a role model for RATs everywhere. She and husband Keith Urban have reportedly turned down million-dollar paydays. They haven’t decided whether to release any photos at all, but if they’re smart economists, they will. Otherwise, the exclusivity of pictures on the market will spike demand and lead to incentives for hawkish paparazzi.

    Time: The spate should begin ASAP. Hospital photos should be followed by pictures of the homecoming, the newborn’s room, and the newborn’s diapers after they’ve been soiled.

    Money: $0

    The key takeaway for celebrities is that you control the supply chain. Act like your child’s publicist—control the narrative, manage the appearances, and play to the audience. You should be used to that kind of lifestyle.

  • mary kate

    I am happy,Jared thank -you.

  • groundcontrol

    “the source is Us weekly, Jared is getting the info from them. They email him about it.”

    Dear Jared,

    If this is true can you pretty please email them and ask Us to email you who my next boyfriend will be. I’m a little anxious here.

    Luv ya, Jennifer

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Sort of, kind of watching MMS again for the 1000th time. The trolls are totally off of their sh*t. Brad is sexier now than he ever was when he was younger. Don’t get me wrong he looked d*man good in LOTF and Troy. But looking at him in MMS and with Angie and the kids he looks better than ever. He is a manly man now. He is older, but so much better.

    And Angie has a look of peace and contentment she never had before. It is stupid to wish people would return to unhappiness to satisfy those who are unhappiness in their lives. Peace

  • joy

    I don’t understand what the big deal is? Congratulations on the babies though…

  • Orange Clockwork

    Who really cares anymore?

  • yolly

    Brad & Angie will not even see the money that People Magazine will pay for the twins’ pictures, it will be going straight to their charities. I’m happy for People Magazine if they really landed the rights for the first pictures of the twins.

  • A2B

    HI Jill, how are you? I agree, I hoped People was the chosen one, too.

    #28, please don’t do this. Please use your real name, and please don’t attack true fans, as you know PT definitely is, regardless of your personal issue with her. This kind of thing ruins the night for a lot of us who can’t be here often but like to look forward to friendly banter, information, updates, good videos, etc.

  • QQQQ

    Who’s your source Jared… your trusted partner LIES F*CKING WEAKLY!

  • catherine

    Is it going to be on next week’s People mag? omg, I can’t wait.

  • Belle

    I don’t trust PEOPLE magazine anymore, but if it’s true I will buy that issue.

  • vickifromtexas

    #38, riiiiiiiiiight and the 10 to 16 million dollars proves your point?

  • vidstr1

    Yay! A real story! God BLess everyone!

  • True Colors

    Jared’s source are their new friends over at Us. Back when Angie adopted Pax, Janice Min herself send a long email to gawker telling all the details of the photoshoot of angie and pax and trashing angelina on the way… this is the same thing.

  • groundcontrol

    What a stupid thing it would be for the Jolie Pitts to forego that kind of money when it can be used for good.

    Nothing the Jolie Pitts do – either sell or not sell – will affect the worth of the photos on the open market. Someone will reap huge sums of money and it should be the Jolie Pitt Foundation.

    “But inviting a glossy-magazine photographer into your home is like inviting a vampire through the doorway. Once they’re in, they’re never going to stop trying to come after the kid”

    Please. This flies in the face of reality. People – and clearly this writer – seem to forget that waaaaay before there was even a Shiloh there were paparazzi stalking this couple and their children. Hiding in bushes and harassing people at Maddox’s school so they could get pics of the kids. People were getting rich off their photos before the Jolie Pitts ever sold the rights to Shiloh’s pics. In fact, I believe it was precisely that reason that they made the decision to sell Shiloh’s photos. For some reason, I think it may have been Brad’s diabolical and clever revenge on the paps and the tabloids.

  • lmao

    F off Brad Dugger Pitt!

  • an oldie

    Hope it’s true. I want to see the twins. I am glad Brad and Angelina sold the pictures for charity. Great way to handle it.

  • African Girl

    passing Through @ 07/29/2008 at 7:51 pm

    Ruh-roh, Jared! You in twouble now! Another tabloid thread!

    LMAO! PT, You are so bad.

    I don’t think it’s tabloid though, I think our own Jared now has inside source. I mean that has to be the case, right with has just learnt

    *Finger crossed*

  • lookwhatican

    Wonderful for them, Some charity is going to be very very happy,,, Congrad’s Brad and Angelina,, You two are truly the best

  • Kelly

    I am glad is People not OK. I will definitely buy it.

  • RachelSun

    If that article is true why did the pap trespass to get a photo of Halle and Gabriel’s kid? She said no pictures and no pictures have come up. There is a market because of who she is and because they are a mixed race couple.

    If any one belives nNcole’s kid will not be stalked until they get a picture then I have some swamp land to sell you.

    If they sell, the paps want more and the value rises. If they don’t sell the paps want more and the value rises. Can’t win for losing.