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Jamie Lynn Spears: Check-up for Maddie!

Jamie Lynn Spears: Check-up for Maddie!

Jamie Lynn Spears heads out and takes her baby Maddie Briann to the medical center for an appointment and then to goes Walmart for some shopping in McComb, Mississippi on Wednesday.

After shopping, Jamie Lynn went to lunch at Nyla’s Burger Basket which is a Spears family favorite!

The rumors regarding Jamie Lynn‘s wedding plans are still up in the air with claims that she will walk down the aisle before the end of the year.

FYI: Jamie is using her Graco stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Jamie Lynn Spears getting a check-up for Maddie

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jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 01
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 02
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 03
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 04
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 05
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 06
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 07
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 08
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 09
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 10
jamie lynn spears maddie checkup 11

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  • Andrea

    1st bitch!!!
    wow… she looks really pretty here… she has lost her weight quick :)
    very pretty :)

  • Suzanne

    I hope she does well with the baby and all. It would be wonderful if everything works out with her and Casey.

  • mike

    I think she will learn from her sister’s mistakes with the baby…im praying she’ll make right choices….go Jamie!!!

  • Abby

    I have to say. I’m really happy for her. For only being 17 and having a child she really has her life on track, unlike her big sister.

    Love you Jamie Lynn!!

  • Ilana

    She seems like a good mommy

  • bre

    A kid with a kid. Hope this turn out well in the long run.

  • amanda

    What a shame. Only seventeen and taking care of a kid. It’s sad, really. But wish her the best.

  • natalia


  • woogie

    boy- that blanket looks a little to hot!

  • bubb;egumpop

    Aww how cute. She’s 17 and has a baby and everyone talks about how blessed she is. And Vanessa Hudgens takes PICTURES and everyone calls her a slut *rolls eyes*

  • any

    her butt is so big and ugly! she’s lucky she has money, other wise she’s a total screw up like the rest of the teenage pregnant population — dumb, dumb, stupid, and more dumb! how hard is it to be smart when it comes to unwanted pregnancy?!

  • Heather xx

    I totally agree with #10
    I heard jamie had sex while she was pregnant, with different guys, there was a thing about it, because her friends were getting annoyed. she would say like “oh im pregnant and I can’t get pregnant again” and then have unprotected sex. Obviously she hasn’t learnt her lesson.

  • Heather xx

    I totally agree with #10
    I heard jamie had sex while she was pregnant, with different guys, there was a thing about it, because her friends were getting annoyed. she would say like “oh im pregnant and I can’t get pregnant again” and then have unprotected sex. Obviously she hasn’t learnt her lesson.

  • shannon

    i forgot about her look as these paparazzi taking pics of her with her baby hope teens dont see thins and think if she can do it so can i

  • woogie

    southern bimbos



  • Mary

    I like her pink shorts. Where can i get some that are like that?

  • Abbyyy

    her shorts are from american eagle.
    i have the same ones in khaki color!
    hope everything is going alright with jamie!

  • Caroline

    Is it just me or does it look like (and especially in the magazine spread) she’s holding her child like an accessory to show off? I think Paris displays her dog the same way.

  • k

    awwwww. and yeah, she did loose her weight quick. surprised she’s not wearing her glasses, though. i always she her in those glasses now. anyways, hope everything works out for her.

  • Caroline

    I forgot to add that that only shows how unprepared she is at 17.

  • k

    i mean “see”

  • http://justjared oh please

    yeah-when you get pregnant as a teenager your body bounces back quicker-you’re still a kid! White trash-white trash. I wish she would stop getting attention.

  • ashleyyyy

    to #13 thats what you heard it doesnt mean its true & #19 shes holding her baby like a mother who doesnt want pictures taken of her child not like shes parading her if she were wed see the baby’s face

    i commend jamie on trying to be a good mom. she got pregnant so young and shes taking care of her responsibilty unlike many girls who get pregnant, have an abortion, and repeat. hopefully everything works out for her

  • TIA

    I have ALOT of respect for her!! i never did at first but you know, shes being responsible and doing what most 16 yr olds couldnt! im 18 and i culdnt do what she is! and shes staying at of the public eye and trying to lead a normal life. i give her some major props!

  • road

    A couple of days ago I saw her prof ile with nice pics on ‘r ich k is s . c om’. It’s a profess ional site. She has pics, blog and friend circle there. And more she’s a cer tified milli onaire. It seems she’s very serious there.

  • kristan

    even though she lost a bunch of it, looks healthier with the baby weight on her. i think she was a little too thin before.
    and her boobs are bigger now :]
    i’m not a perv its just an observation, it happens to all mothers when they have babies soooo…. yeah :]

  • PAP

    she is a trick. if she did not carry her sisters name no one would give a shit,

  • LaurenCornad

    WOW… Audrina Sexy!
    Enjoy! She pretty sexy!

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    This is what happens to a society that has forgotten the Lord and basic family values.. Children are bastards, their parents are fornicators and the President is a monkey. Bravo, America.


    she look so pretty in the third pic..
    shes gawjus..
    and why are u guys bashing.
    some of u guys are calling her hoe..?
    hoe=girls who have sex with everysingle boy..
    shes dating casey since 2006…
    how can she be a hoe..
    and GIRLS..u guys have Vagi&***as too..
    that could happened to u too..
    would u consider yourself a whore too?
    u guys should show just a little respect for her..
    she took responsibilities and shes giving the best to raise her daughter.

  • Adam

    Perhaps the stupiest girl ever. Having a baby at 16. The guy who impregnated her should be charged with statutory rape. Jamie Spears, SO STUPID! Give the baby away or it will turn out as F’ed up as you!

  • Adam

    TIA post, #25, may be the stupidest post ever. You respect someone for irresponsibly bringing a human life into the world at 16? Obviously, you are a clueless, single mother twit.

  • Vogue

    adam whatt the hell !!
    your not even a girl dude..
    you dont even understanddddddd

  • Yasmine

    Its crazy how this has become acceptable…shes 16… a kid.
    pretty soon in america we’l be seeing 13..14… 15..16 year old girls either pregnant or with babies of their so cute.. babies having babies… Today these young teens do everything- “gorwing up” before theior time…wearing makeup…eye brows, dying their hair, boyfriends, sex, smoking,,, HAVING BABIES.. Jeez i wasnt ever allowed a boyfriend. i believe my parents raised me right, sure they were strict sometimes yet i dont think i missed out on anything…
    some parents need to show their kids whos boss, instead of getting drunk on their asses all day and letting their kids do whateverr, teach them whats right and whats wrong..

  • Yasmine

    I agree with Adam…# 32 and # 33
    Jen # 31 #35 do u have any idea how stupid you sound??
    what would any of you do if your 15/16 year old daughter came home and told you she was pregant ? jump for joy? that shows what a GREATT parent you are… im sure in the next year or so, there will be more young parents like jamie lynn all cause of how this is being shown in a good light..

  • Jamie Insider

    She looks fantastic for someone who just gave birth.

    For more pictures, visit..
    Jamie Spears Insider:

  • enough

    i see all the jamie haters are out today…to the people who are talking about how she looks, can i remind you that she was carrying a child? geez, of course she’s not back to her ideal weight. she’s taking her time, going for the healthy way to get in shape. she looks normal. no one is perfect, no one should be judging her like some have done.

  • mark

    poor girl. she looks older then britney…oh well wish her the best.

  • Just to point out the FACTS

    i totally agree with # 10 &nd # 36!! but i wish her the best to raise her daughter

  • TIA

    33 get over yourself. do you think no 16 year olds are having sex???? YEAH RIGHT! they are just having abortions instead. jamie lynn took the responsible route and is now trying to live her life in privacy. you dont know her and shes not affecting your life so what right do you have to judge her?? i mean seriously!! and wtf im not a single mother! if u culd actually READ u would have seen that i said im EIGHTEEN and culd never do whats shes doing! shes got a baby, ppl need to get over it, it was a scandal when it first happened but damn that was a while ago.

  • candace

    get over it! she has a baby but geeezz stop hating her. pathetic losers.

  • Adele

    I’m surprised she’s breastfeeding (that pink box is nursing pads). Most young moms don’t want to breastfeed because they feel like it ties them down. I think that shows a lot of responsibility on Jamie Lynn’s part.

    I have a feeling she will turn out to be a lot better mother than most people think she will be.

  • mandy

    hey u haters! If u doesn’t have anything nice to say then shut the ****up!
    and #12 i cant believe you trust in everything u read or heard! Those things have a name and is RUMORS!
    Stop talking trash about her, at least she’s taking care of her child!
    i think is a waste of time to talk about her pregnacy ’cause she can’t do anything about that right now!
    she seems like a good mom i im sure she already learned the lesson and she’s going to be very focused in maddie!

    And for the people who are saying that little girls will go and have sex and have babies because jamie lynn had a baby, you’re crazy! Jamie made a mistake and everything but is not her fault if other little girls who looked at her in some point as a role model get pregnant!

    So forget about it and if u dont support her shut up cause it seems like she’s making a good job and if she’s not a role model right now to society, she’s going to be one for her little daughter!


  • Jamie Insider
  • elelle

    Wowwww, way to many brainless dummies in here!!!!!!!!

  • Amber

    wow she looks A LOT like Carrie UNderwood.

  • kaitlyn

    for all the haters, did you know that Selena Gomez’s mom had her when she was barely 16?!?!? Bet you didnt noe that! and im sure you wouldnt be calling her mother a ‘whore’ or ‘bad role model’.

    geeeenzz you are all such pathetic losers. she made a mistake but hating her isint going to change anything!

  • white trash

    ooh somebody called her white trash! and has not been called a racist, if it was the other way around, like sombody sayin to a black girl, look at that black bitch, everybody would say sth. but here, nothing.