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Michael Phelps Goes For Gold

Michael Phelps Goes For Gold

Michael Phelps continues winning at the Beijing Olympics, winning his 10th and 11th gold medals, the most ever won by any Olympian.

Although he didn’t finish first, Phelps has advanced out of the 100-meter butterfly preliminaries at the Beijing Olympics, keeping him on track to win his sixth gold medal of the games.

In five days, Phelps has already won five races and set five world records.

The 23-year-old phenom appreciates all of the support he’s received, especially from his fellow Americans. “It’s pretty cool,” Phelps said of the NBA basketball stars watching his races. “I heard them starting cheers. My mom took a picture with them.”

Phelps may become the first person to win eight gold medals at one Olympics and would then pass the legendary Mark Spitz, who won a record seven golds in 1972 in Munich.

DO YOU THINK Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all-time?

25+ more pics inside of Michael Phelps going for gold…

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michael phelps beijing olympics 01
michael phelps beijing olympics 02
michael phelps beijing olympics 03
michael phelps beijing olympics 04
michael phelps beijing olympics 05
michael phelps beijing olympics 06
michael phelps beijing olympics 07
michael phelps beijing olympics 08
michael phelps beijing olympics 09
michael phelps beijing olympics 10
michael phelps beijing olympics 11
michael phelps beijing olympics 12
michael phelps beijing olympics 13
michael phelps beijing olympics 14
michael phelps beijing olympics 15
michael phelps beijing olympics 16
michael phelps beijing olympics 17
michael phelps beijing olympics 18
michael phelps beijing olympics 19
michael phelps beijing olympics 20
michael phelps beijing olympics 21
michael phelps beijing olympics 22
michael phelps beijing olympics 23
michael phelps beijing olympics 24
michael phelps beijing olympics 25

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  • marine queen

    Go, USA!!!!

  • pauline


  • yara

    Good for him.. he really deserves..all the suport

  • pauline

    damn it
    but omg go michael <3

  • Paulo

    I think he is such a cutie, is he married or has a gf?

  • mike

    Go Michael!!! <3

  • sweetie

    He is an amazing athlete! Congrats, Michael!

  • Ha!

    He is definitely on his way to being the greatest Olympian.

    He has a girlfriend.

    I met him briefly last year and have to say that he is a really, really nice guy. Incredibly gracious, not arrogant at all. He deserves the success he’s achieved – he’s worked his *ss off for it.


    Michael is really the best in his categorie !!!! Go USA… greatest Olympian team. and Michael is a golden rock !!!! a true shark.
    Don’t forget Australian teams women and men, Alain Bernard for France, Brent Hayden for Canada… an lots others.

  • aida

    Go Michael

  • steroids

    i hope he is not doped

  • mel

    i think he is the greatest olmpian of all time :]
    he is amazing in the water and just works so hard.

  • Mary

    It’s great that he’s winning to so many medals, but it over shadows over competitors that are also good. So, i’m thinking that he’s getting played out and rated now.

    He doesn’t look as emotional as other people when he wins metals anymore…it’s just like “oh it’s just another gold medal….”

  • Taylor

    I AM SO HAPPY HE IS REPRESENTING USA! HE IS THE BEST SWIMMER AND FASTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waha


  • Joyce

    U.S.A. FTWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • wehee

    i love him, omg!!!

  • Keyla

    Good for him, a least something to compesete the ugly face

  • elena m.

    MARY. I def. disagree. I can see y u would think that but he’s said that he either sort of cries or tears up EVERY time he wins…and you can see it too when they do close ups when he gets his medals.

  • Melissa

    Michael is an incredible athlete, he trains so hard, but with all his success he has not changed a bit, I am from the same town as Michael and though I don’t know his personally, I know one of his best friends. He said Michael is the same Michael and he can’t wait to move back to Baltimore with his mom and hang out with his friends and eat crabs.

  • stupidsexyflanders

    go michael! he is awesome.

  • Josh

    Michael Phelps has had his blood frozen because of some of the speculation that he is doped up. He did this so if in the future they come up with even more advanced tests then they have now, they can go back and test his blood. That is amazing. Also, Michael would never risks disappointing or embarrassing his mother. He would quit swimming before he would ever do that.

  • linda

    way to go michael! I’m sooo jealous!!! I live in Belgium and I’m ashamed by the fact that Belgium hasn’t won any medal:p

  • Linnea

    This guy is the BEST!

    Love from Sweden <333

  • S

    Haha.. US love themself. I have noticed that after being in US so many times and reading media.
    But anyway, he is really good. I hate OS anyway.. I don’t even know if my country have won anything :b

  • LOL

    he is cute and very good looking, but……jared manages to post some of the bad pics. i don’t know….these pics are the worst i have ever seen of him. he looks amazing on TV and in person. Go USA! Go Marylander!

  • alia

    Go Michael!!!
    We are all cheering for you!

    USA rocks :D

  • gast

    It’s M√ľnchen…not Munich xD

  • Caring

    No….the greatest olypian of all times is one that competes and wins medals in multiple sports not just swimming. Nevertheless, he is GREAT!

  • go sox

    What a fierce competitor and hard-working young man!! Very proud of him and all our Olympians!!

    That anyone can say anything negative on this post, is beyond me. Shame on you.

  • Caring

    Come on people…he is a GREAT swimmer with a GREAT body but don’t start saying he is cute, we all know he is not!

  • aud

    No, he’s not the greatest Olympian of all time. There are some track and field atheltes who’ve won many medals, and events such as runnnig or hurdles works the body a lot harder than swimming. Also, there’s a female athlete who won a total of 18 medals in the 60s or 70s in skating.

    And don’t forget Jesse Owens in 1936, taking the gold out of hitler’s hands.

    Phelps is amazing, no doubt about that. But he’s got a ways to go before he gets the title of “greatest Olympian.” He’s definitely on the right track (lane) though!

  • Kira

    A phenomenal story…. Congratulations to Michael Phelps and, obviously, a mother who sacrificed not only on behalf of her Olympian son but her daughters who are swimmers!

  • L

    A lot of people are saying his success is overshadowing other athletes who are only able to get one or two medals even at most…I don’t really feel like that. I think he’s actually making people take notice of the Olympics again with his success and his goals, normally a lot of people don’t watch, but after hearing the name Michael Phelps all over the place people are taking notice of his games, but then also some of them start to take an interest in the rest of the games.

    Anyways good luck to him! If anyone can beat him in the next two individual races it’ll probably be Ryan Lochte I think.. but its hard to tell. He doesn’t aim to make WR in the heats and semifinals, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s been holding back as he has for most of the qualifiers. Apparently Ian Crocker barely made the cut for the semifinals for the 100m butterfly so I doubt he’s much of a threat as people were expecting.

  • Mackenzie

    Did anyone else notice this article didn’t make any sense? At the top, it says he’s won his 10th and 11th gold medals. Then the last paragraphs says Phelps “may become the first person to win eight gold medals at one Olympics.” If he’s won 11 gold medals, wouldn’t that mean he HAS become the first person… etc.

    Very confusing. Hopefully Jared will edit it to be more clear.


    Mackenzie (# 35) – Michael Phelps has won 11 gold medals in his career. He won 6 in the 2004 Olympics (Athens) and won 5 already for this Olympics. He has 3 races to go, so he has a chance to win 8 total gold medals from this Olympics. It can be confusing to keep track of them all, but that’s the gist.

    And I think he is great and well rounded from the interviews I’ve seen so far. He doesn’t seem to have let the fame or fortune (he has $5 million in endorsements this year alone) go to his head so far. Hopefully he will remain grounded and keep that up!

    Go Michael!!!

  • Andrea

    omg he’s such a beastttt!!! GO USA!!!!! He wins Gold every time!! Wooo!! plus he’s hottttt :DDDDD
    Go phelps Go!!!

  • fresh

    he’s getting way too much attention. there are other athletes there that are really talented as well.

  • Ridita

    In my country everybody suspicious, that Phelps is doped up, so he isn’t the best athlete in the world.

  • anna


    Great, Greater, Greatest.

  • anna


    Great, Greater, Greatest.

  • geniass

    Yay MP!

  • Mrs.Phelps

    omg i love this man <3

    if he was doped up we would have found out by now.

    lol does anyone know if he has a girlfriend and if he does who she is?

    i know i sound like a creeper but i have been wondering for SO long who she is.

    thanks <3

  • Lidia

    I love this guy and I think he’s an incredible athlete, but the media tends to focus almost solely on him when it comes to men’s swimming. Aaron Peirsol is another excellent swimmer and NBC didn’t even bother to show him getting his FIRST medal at the Beijing Olympics. I won’t blame Phelps for this because he didn’t tell NBC what to do, but I think the US media can be a little more evenhanded when it comes to their coverage of the games.

  • Merle.v

    Michael is amazing, he’s the best!
    Gosh. love him!

  • cayla

    Micheal Phelps is the best swimmer ever! The only reason i watch the Olympics is because of beach volleyball and Micheal Phelps!

  • M@R!@

    micheal phepls represents USA very well. im so happy for him and if he keeps up the good work he can be the GREATEST OLYPIAN.
    plus he’s handson and very cute.
    but is he single????

  • layla

    He’s the greatest Olympian.. This guy is a legend.

  • parisgirl

    Do I think Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian of all-time? Huh the facts, I mean medals, are there and speak for themselves. Damn right he is lol.

    And I don’t understand how he looks hot when he’s in the water but out of it, he’s just mad ug… so not cute. Maybe it’s the cap =/