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Ashley Tisdale is a Coffee Fiend

Ashley Tisdale is a Coffee Fiend

Ashley Tisdale sports some shades and picks up her usual coffee and snack on Tuesday morning in LA.

Tizz was joined by High School Musical co-star Corbin Bleu at the MTV VMAs to present.

The 23-year-old actress told reporters backstage that Brand‘s jokes about the Jonas Brothers were “not really nice.”

On Monday, Ashley stopped off at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for her coffee fix.

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  • mikaela

    FIRST YAY!!!!
    and she’s right those “jokes” were cruel!!!
    good thing the jobros handled it well :)

  • REnan





  • MOrgan

    Hey! first

  • go sox

    Ok, not to be rude, but how many java jolts and coffee fiend threads do we need of poor Ashley in a day??

  • Jj

    apparently nobody liked the jokes!!!

    “#2 RENAN” you don’t know how to right
    in english or portuguese.
    so next time you try to say that ashley is ugly please
    study a lil bit before.

    love ashley ! she was hot at the VMA’s

  • Carolline


  • hater

    she only goes for coffe because if not , sh wouldn’t have post
    attention seeker= ashley tisdale

  • zanessaluv4ever

    haha i agree #7
    i hate her

  • amber

    Cute outfit! I love her hair that color! I want mine that color!

  • Tsquared

    Okay…I have to say I love this gal, but the one thing that bugs me is that she’s a slave to logos….I personally don’t care for designer bags that have their logos so prominently placed…to me it seems as though the people who are carry them are saying “look at me, look at me….I’m carrying Channel”.

    Ash, sweetheart….you don’t you’d turn heads no matter!!

  • zara

    si luv her skirt she’s so cute luv her

  • Shannon

    she has really nice boots like the other post when she wore the brown one’s i do agree with #10 she like her labels to much

  • hdisgfhjwidfwe

    omgg gorgeus

  • Ju

    she looks so cute…and older tho (actually she looks her age now!!)

  • zanessa/jashley

    Wow…how many posts does Ashley have now a days !? No offense to anyone or Ashley but I’m starting to get a lil annoyed by her….I still love her but does she really need to go to The Coffee Bean everyday !? She was just there yesterday and now here she is again !! Like I said, no offense to anyone or Ashley…..but she is lookin’ great !! I love the top ! And the shades !! :D

  • Good victoria

    AGREE SHANNON………. But I do like her hair this color and length…It really suits her……I thought Brand’s jokes were a little odd and dull, but I don’t think they were offensive……Maybe just having fun poking at people…No harm intended…… AND, i believe the girl REALLY loves her coffee….

  • Kenlie

    ugly!!!! her nose job is the worst ever! worse than posh!

  • cameron

    what does ashley tisdale know about anything? i mean seriously!

    russell brand was hilarious. little teenyboppers need to get over it.

    and this chick needs to dissapear. how ovverated is she? shes not even hot anymore.

  • Gary B

    I’d like to know what crackhead at MTV though that Brand would make a good VMA host? When I first saw him in the promos for the show, I KNEW the VMA’s were going to suck. I did not waste my life watching it. This was a world class jerk who got fired from MTV Britian for dressing up as Osama Bin Laden on 9/12/2001. What does the Viacom Conglomo do, get him a job at the VMAS.

    That is like a Burger King burger maker getting the customers ill by putting his boogers into every whopper, instead of firing his ass outright they just move him over to do shakes at another location.
    Maybe Brand can get a show with “Mr. Unstable” of the BK bath fame, at least he would be with a person who practices personal hygiene far more often,

    What he said about the Jonas Bro’s was LOW CLASS, you know Hollywood jerks like him like to promote these hedonistic values, then all the celebs and gossip rags then start to scratch their heads when someone like Jamie Lynn Spears gets pregnant or Heath Ledger DIES.

    Now Mike Meyers was an EXCELLENT host when it came to the movie awards, a good EMCEE does is make a few jokes, introduce the acts and the presenters and does not give us his opinions on subjects he has little understanding on.

  • tia

    i personally loved russell brand as did my whole family and every single one of my friends. i was re watching it again and mtv today and i still dont get the big deal????? i mean, he’s an effing comedian! regardless of who the comedian is, someone is gunna get made fun of, it happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR! remember last year at the mtv awards and sarah silverman totally trashed paris hilton? stuff like that happens every single year and i think people need to learn to have a sense of humour.

  • katie

    ashley tisdale LOVES attention. i dont get why she acts so stuckup in photos. does shoe not realise that without the paparazzi she is nothing?

  • yanina

    she looks amazing, i love her sunglasses :)

  • adam

    russell brand was not offensive. i mean, even the jonas brothers wernt offended! this country is so uptight about everything its disgusting.

    btw. ashley tisdale is actually a very weird looking chick.

  • lenn

    lol stupid cu*nt does nothing but drinks the coffee. too bad is it doesn’t kill her

  • ella

    what does she even do? she finished HSM ages ago. all she seems to do is drink coffee and look really self absorbed. what a life.

  • lol


    Jared, UM she was accompanied by Vanessa and Zac too, DUH! why don’t you say that? god!

  • Amy

    ASHLEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss::CulleN

    Well said Gary! My family, my friends and me HATED that moron of Russel Brand, it wasn´t funny at all! He was trying SO hard to get attention.

    By the way, who is he? is he a comedian? Or just a wannabe emo teen?

  • beth

    Hey JJ, getting sick of her and her coffee jaunts. Really who cares about her or any of those HSM kids. They’re boring and yesterday’s news. None of them will amount to anything after the Disney franchise is over.

    I wonder if they will change their minds and be up for HSM4 when they find out that no one really wants them for any legitimate movie roles. And by the looks of the sales of their albums , they ain’t no singers either. I can see it all now: Efron, Hudgens, and Tisdale starring in HSM 15- the old folks version. Ha ha ha!!!

  • lavina

    I’m so jealous of this girl. She has so many bags im starting to think they’re fake

  • aliana

    which coffee bean does she keep going tooooo?

  • .

    i really doubt ashley goes to get coffee specifically so she can get a post on justjared that’s stupid considering half of these posts are lame

  • lmao

    Lol Beth they already have legitimate movie roles. Zac just premiered a movie at TIFF and Lucas is in Milk which will be a critically acclaimed movie. Sorry you don’t understand what success is, they aren’t going to go away just because your self important ass demands it. How about about instead of dying for something that isn’t “yesterdays news” you get off the computer and go get yourself a life.

    On the other hand no one fucking cares about her getting coffee every damn minute of the day.

  • Amber j

    I love Ash.
    She really is glad to be who she is and doesn’t care what other people think
    And yes what that idiot said about them wasn’t nice
    But anyways i saw them on the vma’s and corbin looked mad different
    I can’t wait till HSM3 tho

  • mandy

    **** those all HATERS

    Ashley is like the most talented actress from HSM

  • peas

    Isn’t it interesting that people complain they’re bored of her and sick of her coffee jaunts, and yet read a thread about her and then proceed to post! Hypocritical or what. If you sick of her, why bother posting in a thread about her?

    I like Ashley and she can go get coffee as many times as she wants. JJ doesn’t have to post pics and the paps don’t have to take photos. And people don’t have to click on the link to respond. But they/you all do. Funny that.

  • Stephie

    i love her!

  • grape

    pretty as usual
    love Ashley>>>>>>>>>!!

  • amy

    36-people respod because they have every right to say their opinion. negative or not.

  • charli

    omfg. the bag is HIDEOUS!! sure it’s a Chanel bag but is fcking UGLY!!!

    personally that whole outfit is terrible and she really needs to cut down her coffee intake.. its not good for you. plus when i think or hear the name ashley tisdale, i picture coffee place. not cool… try some juice ash! ;]

  • James Mason Fan

    She should invest in a coffee machine.

  • Chris

    #30: The bags aren’t fake, but she is.

  • justme

    she’s getting ugly and looks like 40 year old Jen Maniston…and that’s certainly not a good thing.


    She’s right! Those jokes weren’t really nice.
    I like her new look :D

  • Kada

    Ashley’s bags are not fake. She probably has as many bags as Vanessa but not as many as Cameron Diaz(who is the Queen of Designer Bags).

    Whatever you may think of Ashley at least she earned her success unlike some young celebrities. “coughRumer Williscough”

  • Melisha

    Ashley is looking boring nowdays…her style sucks and shes forever going out for coffee. Its always the same with her. YAWN

  • Melisha

    Ashley is getting boring nowdays…shes always seen getting her egular coffee…i mean cant she make coffee at home?Her style is boring and so is her hair. Ok the logos are dumb too…okay we get it …ur wearing chanel lol. She would looke nicer if she smiles.

  • girlleader1

    she looks amazing, i love her sunglasses

  • leighton meester fan

    Ash looks great

  • ash rockz

    She is so damn pretty <3
    i don’t like the jokes Brand make.
    Nice, that Ash defend the Jonas Brothers.

    LOVE HER <3