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Gisele Bundchen Shoots Blackcowboy Music Video

Gisele Bundchen Shoots Blackcowboy Music Video

Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen shoots a sexy cameo along West Hollywood’s Melrose Avenue on Thursday for alternative rock band Blackcowboy‘s new song “Come On”.

Accompanying the 28-year-old supermodel was the band’s pal, Lukas Haas, aka the best friend of Leonardo DiCaprio (Gisele‘s ex). Check out this picture of Leo and Blackcowboy from last year at

Blackcowboy consists of Jonah Johnson (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Richard “Pookie” Woods (Piano/keys), Sean Curtis (Guitar), Jason Weeks (Bass) and Nick Pavey (Drums).

For more information on this band, visit their official site at or their Myspace.

25+ pictures inside of Gisele and Lukas on the music video set…

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gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 01
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 02
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 03
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 04
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 05
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 06
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 07
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 08
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 09
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 10
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 11
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 12
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 13
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 14
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 15
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 16
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 17
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 18
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 19
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 20
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 21
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 22
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 23
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 24
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 25
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 26
gisele bundchen black cowboy music video 27

Photos: WENN
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  • dina

    who is hotter she or anna kournikova?

  • Wunsch

    of course that she is hotter
    she is Brazillian

  • Cayanne

    I think Anna because her face is more exotic!

  • sarah

    gisele is so gorgeous!

  • Lina

    Gisele is way hotter!

  • Caroool

    Giseeelee is beeeautyfull.!!!

  • Please

    i think its really sweet that she still hangs with leo’s mom and lucas.
    she is such a great person. tom brady is a lucky guy and i know leo is hating himself for letting her go.

  • dina

    of course anna k i hotter than her.on top of that anna k got enrirqque iglesias while giselle got only tom brady,tom brady is nothing compare to enrique iglesias even leo not even close.

  • lalalove

    She’s so tall and f-in hot!

  • Adirenne

    She doesn’t have a butter face!
    Yeah she has a big nose, but it gives her character. She has gorgeous sharp eyes and cheeckbones.

    Overall her face is rather angular, but its adrogyness and thats why she make’s a good model. Didn’t Forbes list her as the top earning model with like 30million?

    I think she’s pretty and I lover her hair!

  • aska

    she may not have a beautiful face but she sure has appeal!

  • Please

    and please stop comparing women to each other.
    anna k and gisele are both gorgeous. it shouldn’t have to be one or the other. i love them both.
    there can be more than one gorgoeus girl you know…its not always a competition.

  • lol

    OMG! you have got to be jokin SHE IS STUNNING! WHAT A GODDESS! just look at her beautiful bone structure! it is absolute perfection!

    dang I can’t believe my eyes! what a beauty! she is not REAL!!!!

  • Mike

    She takes herself so seriously she can not even smile….. please girl, go get something to eat your legs are horribly skinny!

  • Nicole

    Guess they needed someone who looks like a hooker to play that part.

  • Wingnut13

    Awww, poor Mikey….what, did she turn you down?

  • anti-bar

    Women should not be compared to each other because everyone has a different opinion on what is attractive. I never thought Gisele was supermodel pretty but I have to admit that she looks pretty good here. Interesting that Gisele is still friends with Lukas and Kevin.

    Maybe I’m reading to much into this but do you guys think that this might mean that Leo and Bar are really over? It would make more sense to choose Bar to star in the video becaue she’s in L.A. and she’s suppose to be Leo’s current girlfriend. And all those guys are good friends of Leo. Also Jonah was driving the car with Bar and Leo that was seen leaving Villa, so he obviously knows Bar. Maybe Gisele was chosen as the replacement?

    In other interesting developments Leo was seen taking photos of a Brazilian topless dancer at a NYC nightclub yesterday. Hmm? I wonder if he found another Brazilian grilfriend? Leo does like the foreign girls!

  • chris

    Yea Nick! Go Blackcowboy!

  • ihb

    Giselle looks great on these pictures. It`s interesting to see her with so many of Leo`s friends. And I wonder why was she chosen for the part instead of Bar. I guess they wanted charisma and personality…
    Mike, Giselle plays a hard-to-get love interest in the video maybe that`s why she is not smiling. Why don`t you find yourself a Bar thread and post there instead?
    Anti-Bar, how do you know that Bar is in L.A?

  • ocean

    funny thing but i am not sure but the who was with bar a lot emily daniels was dating one of the band memebers at one point ALex. Bar must be pissed of.

  • ocean

    gisele rocks that is why she is there.

  • Sickitten

    People, she’s a butterface! She could be in the urban dictionary, for crying out loud! What a gorgeous, elegant body. You have to give her that! Oh & that Anna K always had a freakin’ weird puffy jaw & chin. She had something done so she looks better but her jaw right under the ears just ruined her. She has nice eyes & of course the bleached, long hair that some ugly people can’t discern from actual nice bone structure. There is actually a really, truly beautiful tennis pro from Czech or Russia right now who really does have a nice face AND body. Not Anna, she looks like she stores nuts in her jowles.

  • Closer

    Anna is hotter. Men–straight men will agree Anna is hotter with the better more ‘womanly’ body that men like. Gisele looks like a tranny.

  • Please

    gisele and leo were together almost 6 years. i think he took her for granted and then she finally left him. i know she used to get pretty emotional when talking about leo.

    funny how it took gisele moving on for leo to talk about wanting to settle down and get married.

    my theory is that usually when a relationship is over, if the guys mom and HIS friends still hang with the ex-girlfriend, then there must be a unanimous decision that leo was the one at fault, and they all still love gisele.

  • Kat

    “i know she used to get pretty emotional when talking about leo.”

    How do you know?

  • tiffi

    She is not pretty emotional when talking about babyface leo. She said in a Interview that Tom Brady is the love of her life ans she is happy that she is in a vers serious relationship with Tom and soon they marry

  • me


    Where the hell you get that Enrique Iglesias is better than Tom Brady? I don’t know much about Tom Brady but I do know about Enrique (I am Spanish and also have seen him in concerts) and I can tell you that Enrique has not got a good relationship with his family, he is arrogant, he has not released any album for a long time, he is the typical son ofa really posh family who can’t even open his mouth properly at the time to speack and who has a lot of tics when he sings! by the way did I mention that hi doesn’t know how to sing?ehen you listen to him live his voice goes….he is just a lucky guy who had a family with money.

  • bobbi

    Gorgeous Gi

  • alicia

    i bet gisele will dump tom brady in a heartbeat for enrique.btw anna k is way way hotter than gisele and more famous.

  • Chantal

    Yeah she’s attractive, but she never changes her look, for a model, she has only one look, always looks the same. always dresses the same, just boring. And her hair always looks messy to me.

  • lala

    now THAT is a supermodel :D
    gisele is and will always be the best (together with kate moss)

  • lilly

    Anna K. is more famous that Giselle? Which planet are you from?
    Why would she change her look? She is the highest paid model on the planet so apparently there`s no reason to change it. If it was boring probably she wouldn`t have a career like this.

  • belinda

    anna k is definitely hotter than gisele.line them up gisele will pale in comparison.and anna k ‘s boyfriend is hotter than gisele ‘s boyfriend.

  • debora

    gisele is the best I LOVEEEEEEEEEE



  • Bass

    love the ubermodel

  • lilly

    Where does this Anna K. comparison come from anyway? Was she mentioned in the post?
    Giselle is stunning, looks great on these pictures.

  • bridget

    Gisele is so freakin’ hot…. these pics are awesome!! And…in response to ALicia ,comment#29.. If in your opinion,Anna is hotter than Gi,thats fine..we all have opinions!! But harsh reality is…Gisele is much much much more famous than Anna Kournikova.

  • anti-bar

    ihb; I assume Bar’s in L.A. because Hurley is having a show during L.A. Fashion Week which begins today and Bar was advertised as being a presenter. Bar could be with NYC with Leo but I doubt she was there when he took pictures of the topless dancer.

    It is very interesting that Gisele was picked by this band to be in their video. I hope that means that Leo finally dumped Bar for good. But with Leo’s history it’s anybody’s guess what’s going on between them.

  • Betina

    she’s pretty, tall, thin, blonde and brazilian!

  • entfan

    How funny that you neglected to mention that the video was directed by Leo and Lukas’s best bud Kevin Connolly.

  • tina

    Good to see that Gisele work at the same city where Tom had his surgery on Monday. And w know she is by his side now

  • guga

    i simply love gisele man
    whos this guy saying that she takes herself so seriously??
    come on.. d&g have said that she doesnt. while the other girls are freaking out about themselves backstage, gisele is there acting goofy and making other people laugh.
    shes the best man

  • guga

    just one more thing.

    somebody said that she doesnt change her look. in real life she is gisele man, she wouldnt be changing that just because shes a model, shes gisele and she enjoys being herself.
    now, if u look at her photoshoots when shes working, man shes like a million women in one body.
    try to do that and you’ll see how she changes in every single work shes done, while other models cant do that..

  • josh

    she truly is a goddess. her body is pure perfection!

  • lucb


  • Amy

    Leo,lukas haas are friends with a mystery girl since 2006.

  • Amy

    Lukas haas,since 2004,has been friends with a mystery brunette young woman there is proof


    Sorry, bt she looks like a man people