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Kate Bosworth Digs Dogs

Kate Bosworth Digs Dogs

21 star Kate Bosworth has a girls’ night out at a West Hollywood restaurant on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old actress recently had an interview with the UK version of Marie Claire and declared her love of dogs, saying, “The dog will stay in the bed before the man will!”

Kate mentioned that growing up, “My mom was a real animal person… so I grew up with the dogs sleeping in the beds. My boyfriend found that really odd the first couple of times he stayed over!” Kate is currently dating model/musician James Rousseau.

Her upcoming movie, The Laundry Warrior, co-starring Geoffrey Rush opens next year.

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Credit: Adrian Varnedoe; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • the real jc.

    Shes looking the best she ever has recently. That boy of hers must be treating her well. Does anyone think she looks different around the eyes. Maybe lips too? Hmmmm.

  • http://YAHOO CORINA


  • http://justjared hmmm

    a lot of out goings without james after the leonardo rumor (that she spread herself for attention) wonder if they broke up

  • lissey

    I totally agree w/her about the dog issue! A dog will stay faithful long before a man will ;)

    Yeah, #3, I’ve noticed that too about her being w/o James. But I doubt it, they’ve been together for so long if they broke up, I think it would show more in her face. And, for the record, she DID not spread any rumor about Leo, that rumor was spread by people in the club who saw them talking together. She is doing a project w/a good friend of Leo’s & has known him for a long time. Sheesh!! Oh, & I don’t think she’s had anything done to her eyes…she’s only 25 what do you think, #1 she’s had an eyelift? Her lips don’t look any different either. she’s just not wearing any makeup here so she does look different than the photo shoots.

  • @4

    Yeah, she and Leo have known each other for a few years. They sit on the same board for Global Green (with Orlando). Leo and Orlando have been friends for a while, so I’m sure that they hung out together while she was still with Bloom.
    But there is also a chance that she is trying to hitch her wagon to Leo. She has a history of getting with the next guy as soon as the other one is ready to leave.

  • martine

    She looks so much better when she doesn’t wear makeup! Much prettier here than the UK Marie Claire cover. I doubt she’s broken up w/James, there were pics of them from not too long ago like 2 weeks? I really do like her a lot. Show more Kate Jared!!!!

  • @#5

    Uh, I don’t think you can come to that conclusion. She has only dated Orlando & then she hung out w/James but one thing people forget is no one knows WHEN she & Orlando broke up. People always try to make it seem like she’s jumping to the next boyfriend 5 minutes after a breakup but that’s just haters speculating. Also, she was just out drinking one night & having fun – can’t a girl do that w/o everyone saying she’s ‘after’ the guy?! She’s not trying to hitch her wagon to anyone…. she was probably just out having fun, which she hardly ever does.
    That is the worst thing (IMHO) about being a celebrity. Every move they make gets scrutinized. I have a boyfriend but also some guy friends that I will meet up w/& have fun, no one thinks I’m trading up.

  • roll tide! bama rules!

    Hey man I’d hit that no problem!

  • @5

    I heard James was in Australia working on his album, that’s why he’s not around. But they were seen checking out a jewelry store before he left so your theory just might be off. ;)

  • carrie

    She’s so pretty, I really love her style.

  • gypsygyrl

    Yeah, I love Kate. Can’t wait for The Laundry Warrior to come out. But I wish she’d go ahead & get another role (hint, hint). and Lila is adorable, almost as cute as James is. ;)

  • Betina

    She’s sooo pretty, I just love her.
    I’m huge fan of her work, and I totally support her in every decision that she mades.
    Kate is the best <3

  • gypsygyrl

    Hey Betina! Yeah, I recognize you from other posts. I agree 100%! She’s so cute & classy…I don’t know how to explain it (once I said that on JJ & got flamed for it), but she just seems to have her head on right, you know?

  • http://justjared hmmm

    are you people that naive? yeah of course there is nothing going on with Leo HE HAS STUNNING BAR why would he go for Kate reality is no one and I say no one will hire Kate to do a movie She was REPLACED TWICE on one movie by SARA MICHELLE GELLAR I repeat SARA MICHELLE GELLAR hahahahahaha that can’t be good so she needs TO HOOK UP WITH A CELEBRITY IF NOT LEO ANY ONE OR A YEAR FROM NOW PEOPLE WILL FORGET SHE EXISTS SO ASK YOUR SELFS WHO BETWEEN LEO AND KATE NEEDED THOSE RUMOR OUT THERE?

  • http://justjared hmmm

    and of course to hook up with a celebrity poor james will have to go if he hasn’t already it is strange he wasn’t with her on thanksgiving day

  • @#14 & 15

    Uh, can you run a spellcheck on your stupid self? because you’re so dumb you’re not making any sense. Yes she dropped out of After.Life (and all the haters earlier had said, oh this movie is so stupid but once she dropped out, they acted like it was the end of the world). Big deal. She had changed agents during that time & that may have had something to do with it? Perhaps, but I’m not sure. And it’s not like she did anything special on Thanksgiving anyway. She was seen going out of a damn grocery store. Oh, is this Captain Lydia by any chance? Hmmm? You don’t have your moderators here to back you up so if you are her, shut the f*** up ok??? GO back to the Orlando thread and whack off there.

  • gypsygyrl

    Hey #14 & 15…so what? You make it sound like its’ some evil thing if she did break up w/James (& I mean IF)….what’s the big deal? She’s allowed to break up w/a guy w/o seeming to be the witch of the world you know. And since she hasn’t been seen w/Leo since that night & there have been no reports of her chasing him or whatnot, it’s pretty obvious it was just one evening. Oh, you want to slag her off because she’s been out one evening? You make it sound like she’s a b*itch since she’s not photographed w/her boyfriend on Thanksgiving? I think maybe you are confusing her w/some other celeb who has to have a pap set-up every now and then!!!…

  • jessme

    honestly, the haters will never go away. they have no life. they have all this time to pick out people to gripe about. nothing can change them. they are jealous of everyone above them and love to spew venom. best to ignore their sorry ass*es and let them go….

  • @ #16

    No, I think the poster named “hmmm” is the same one that usually posts as “infamous” or maybe it’s ‘famous.” pretty obvious this one is just a troll. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Slag off hmmm!

  • http://justjared hmmm

    you two kate fans can ignore me all you want but what is strange is you IGNORE kate . Kate Bosworth forums is a dead place her picturesor news get 1 comment 3 on a good day i just went at kate bosworth online out of curiosity it hasn’t been updated in months the last time was september.Have you seen the comments she gets on this site?she gets 19/20 comments on a good day SO IT IS YOU HER 2 FANS WHO DON’T BOTHER WITH KATE

  • hi lydia

    Okay, #20, you showed your cards there. Spending a lot of time over on KBF? Going to KBO? yeah, right. we don’t bother w/Kate at all, do we??? So what if her forum is slow these days? She’s not working right now & her fans have lives to live (unlike *cough* some other papwhore celeb*cough)…. BIG DAMN DEAL!. We still like Kate & go see her films (oh & how many has your idol made the past 2 years?) You are so frickin transparent. I N F A M O U S, get bent….

  • http://justjared hmmm

    just helping poor kate to get some hits

  • jessme

    yeah, no one is ignoring Kate. Her movie 21 was a HUGE hit this year, it did very well. Just because we don’t bomb down on her personal life & haunt her fansites don’t mean we’re not fans. Jeez, grow up will ya? There’s more to life than going on some fan site, that doesn’t show how popular a star is. For example, I adore Eric Bana, see all his movies, buy all the dvds, etc, yet have NEVER been on a fan site. Don’t need to go there. Same w/Kate, I don’t need to see pap pics of her.

  • cassieowatch

    yeah, really, what are you 12? Do you hear yourself? Who goes on fan sites other than teenagers?

  • my2centsworth

    Yeah, this line of thinking is moronic. She’s got some fan site that’s slow? That’s what ‘hmmm’ is griping about? Well if it’s slow then get on it and post your lil’ heart out beetch!

  • nancydrew

    hey give us the links & I’ll go on them in between semesters. I’ll post every hour if it’ll ‘prove’ we all love Kate! (ugh is #22 an idiot or what?)

  • godwin

    Hey #16, I don’t think ‘hmm’ is Capt Lydia, even Lydia can spell and make her point clearer than this twat. I’m betting this is some deadhead who drifted over from the Orlando thread…..her posts sound like some of his fans, don’t they? “Duh, why aren’t you on her fansite?? Fansites are the most important thing in the universe next to pap shots!!’ whew I smell the stink from here.


    “Have you seen the comments she gets on this site?she gets 19/20 comments on a good day

    Uh, ever since Snakes on a Plane bombed at the theaters, no one in Hollywood gives a rats arse how many comments/hits/posts/whatever get put on a fanboard. Especially one like this one (sorry Jared, we do love you tho!). So what if she doesn’t get a lot of hits? She doesn’t get paid by the hits & do you honestly think some producer or whatever is saying “jeez don’t hire her, she doesn’t get blasted on Just Jared.”

    I agree w/others, you must be a) 12 or b)a moron.

  • Marie

    I adore Kate. She looks beautiful, happy, and healthy. She’s a class act. BTW, my dog sleeps on my bed and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  • dogsforsale

    Dogs are adorable, I love them so much.

  • dogsforsale

    Dogs are adorable and very loving.

  • Holly

    Kate looks great in the pictures. I love the story about her dogs sleeping in her bed.

  • Noel

    Wow! I love animals but i wear fur! Fake..