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Katie Holmes Hits Golden Globes Party

Katie Holmes Hits Golden Globes Party

Katie Holmes sparkles in a one-of-a-kind gold beaded Ralph Lauren Collection dress at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards after-party held at the Sunset Boulevard’s Sunset Towers in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

The 30-year-old actress was joined by husband Tom Cruise, who attended the Globes ceremony earlier in the evening with his mom Mary Lee.

Earlier in the day, Katie had acted in her last Broadway performance of the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. She must have taken a private jet to join Tom so quickly!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes hitting up the Golden Globes party…

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katie holmes golden globes party 01
katie holmes golden globes party 02
katie holmes golden globes party 03
katie holmes golden globes party 04
katie holmes golden globes party 05
katie holmes golden globes party 06
katie holmes golden globes party 07
katie holmes golden globes party 08
katie holmes golden globes party 09
katie holmes golden globes party 10

Credit: RHS/WENN, Karl Larsen; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sabrina

    She looks beautiful as always!

  • brett

    honestly, I’ve got nothing aginst her, I really like her, but her hair does not look good at all, it’s like she’s having a hangover from last night orsmth.. and why does she always look like she’s wearing no make-up?? I mean this was a formal event after all…

  • not me

    He is looking very good. She…I am not sure. Bad dress in my opinion. But I guess it gets attention.

  • ANON

    i agree wiv u JJ, dat “dress is one of a kind” fugly, and those legs, it’s a thin line between STUPID n BRAVE……. COVER THEM UP

  • brett

    haa, correction, watched the picture from another angle, and her hair does look good

  • Laura

    wow she did not putting,a lipstick in her face?! She does not see well!

  • bizarre

    look at the bought wife!
    Finally they will be able to pose for the pictures and to fake to be a couple.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$

    crap! crap! crap!

    couple ridiculous, false, fake

  • jggfuyg


  • xoxoxxxooox

    Walking up and down stairs is always such an ordeal for that woman. She looks like she’s walking on stilts.

  • fffffff

    Call Suri too, SHE WANTS PICTURES


  • Ashley banks

    LoL she always looks like she’s having a hangover. ..

  • janie

    geez woman…how important was it for Tom to have u by his side at the GG party/ies? U had to hop in a plane and travel 5 hours just so u can be by his side and have ur pics taken? u could have stayed in NY with Suri and get a well-deserved rest/sleep but noooo, u had to fly back and be super wifey…i’m surprised u didn’t take suri with u to the party!!



  • tom

    The Golden Globes is more formal and it’s an unspoken thing that you wear long length. Katie’s dress is –glittery, that’s for sure but I find it unsuitable for the occasion.

  • irene

    She looks half-dressed.

  • bejeebus

    let’s see…..
    flat chest…..check
    tree trunk legs…….check
    stupid look on face……check
    high heel shoes to make husband look even more dwarfish….check
    high heel shoes to try and be as tall as wife…..CHECK!

  • pr person

    OMG! Her posture is disgusting! Stand up straight!

    Crazy still has the ‘crazy’ eye…. No matter how ‘normal’ he tries to appear, that ‘crazy’ eye will always be a reminder of who the REAL Crazy is.

  • Nina

    the Xenu wanna-be had the robot work on stage, then fly 5hrs then
    have her attend a party??? omg, he’s a sadist.
    I’d punch him in the nose .

  • http://google toni

    katie doesn’t look good in that dress, tom is hot!

  • tyle

    LOVE KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • * VICTORIA *

    Katie looks tired, but not half bad in some of the pictures….She WANTED to be with her husband, for the after parties…..What is wrong with that ?……..Why would they bring Suri ?…… other children are there, so why would SHE be?…….Her dress is fine for the after parties….She did NOT walk the ” Stupid Red Carpet “…..
    Alot of the women will change into something else for the ” after celebration “….Just read the tablids….They print all of the styles, ” before and after “…….Her hair looks good for once, and it’s growing out…….

  • Sonia Wu

    That dress is for solid gold and steel bars.
    Her legs are tree trunk fugly should be wrapped in her jumpsuit.
    But at least she didn’t drag Suri to the GG party, at least one of them could be tucked in and sleep.

    And I agree, what kind of relation is this? Why couldn’t Homely just go back to the aprtment, have a good night sleep to fly the next day morning? The contract is really strict, don’t you think.

  • stefanie

    Wow, she ran out of NYC at the speed of sound.

  • “Crazy” cruise fan in CT

    She looks great – and even remarkably better than you might expect when you consider that she just performed in front of a live theater audience for hours in NYC then had to hop on a plane for at least 6 hours to Los Angeles to make it in time for the parties. Some people have nothing good to say about anyone…it’s really sad that people have to be so negative. Thanks Jared for sharing these pics of Tom and Katie and the ones of his mom and her dad with Tom earlier.

  • julia


  • spice

    Cute but the dress is unflattering from the waist down.

  • thunderthighs

    she’s drunk

  • looneykat

    This should have been Katie’s big night, but no it had to be all about Tom as usual! She must have been exhausted. She sure looks exhausted! Didn’t Katie have an after party for her own show!

  • Jenna

    I’ll bet the real actors in All My Sons were glad she didn’t stay for the big finale party. I’ll bet they are so sick of her.

    Hopefully, we won’t have to see her crooked teeth, ugly hair, and big cankles very often now. I wonder what role Tom will buy for her now?

    He better be careful, he’s not working either and Tom might go broke.

    I wonder if his blonde that he keeps at The Carlyle is back in L.A. with him now?

  • ginnifer

    Did she borrow that ugly dress from her mom? She might want to see an optometrist because it is obvious she has a vision problem with all the crap she wears.

  • itstruagain

    Cannot stomach this couple.

  • dani

    Is she copying Kidman? Looks very similar to the dress Nicole wore for an Australia premiere and Kidman wore it better, much better. Although I do like Katie’s shoes better than the Prada’s Nicole was wearing.

  • mm

    how did she not fall asleep

  • pauline

    She was FAST! Maybe she was afraid to leave Tom with that gorgeous brunette that huged him earlier, she did´t even get dressed right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Silly silly…..she´s just a gold digger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine

    They are very beutiful and sweet and flawless and cute and fabulous and adorable couple. Tom is very hot hot hot……
    He will came to my coutry Iam very happy……..Brasil is a good place ……I would like to see him but I will not see him because I live in Sao Paulo I do not live in Rio de Janeiro…….So , I hope he likes and stay here for a long time with Suri and Katie…………They are the best in this pictures…..

  • Elaine

    They are beautiful together make a beautiful couple ….. Tom Cruise turns to Brazil I am very happy ….. But I will not see him because I live in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro not …. I hope he likes it enough time and always come back …..They are flawless and cute and fabulous and sweet andgorgeous and hot hot hot

  • carla

    she looks beautiful with that short hair! i love it!

  • carla

    i just love it! i want to cut my hair short coz of katie! lol

  • Ellie

    Katie you have turned into the style icon of Hollywood always so beautiful with your gorgeous husband Tom Cruise..

  • LuckyL


    But pronounce that in French

  • kim

    Yay! Katie looks happy and Tom looks gorgeous. I actually think she looks very pretty. I do hope she lets her hair grow though, I liked it better longer. She is super woman. She works, she is a doting mother, and she is even willing to travel to the west coast to be with her hubby…. that’s true love. It’s sad how some people feel the need to put her down.

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Ellie @ 01/12/2009 at 5:47 pm

    Style Icon? You mean because she is wearing a dress that looks remarkably similar to one worn by Kidman a few weeks ago?

    Since most of the voters in People’s style photos and other online magazine’s “would you wear this” or “did you like this look” tally to a resounding NO, I guess you are the one that is delusional.

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Ellie @ 01/12/2009 at 5:47 pm

    Style Icon? You mean because she is wearing a dress that looks remarkably similar to one worn by Kidman a few weeks ago?

    Since most of the voters in People’s style photos and other online magazine’s polls of Katie’s clothing choices– “would you wear this” or “did you like this look” tally to a resounding NO, I guess you are the one that is delusional. In fact that dreadful shorts outfit she had on last week got the lowest poll vote I’ve ever seen – fluctuating between 4-6 percent liking the look. That dreadful white/black lace jumpsuit got a ten percent liked. The truly awful orange thing she designed got a 5 percent like.
    So yeah…the rest of the world is really likin’ her style sense. Hahahahha

  • Ali

    Tom has really trimmed up during the past few weeks. He must have trained and fasted intensively. Just a few weeks ago, he was pretty porky.

  • GMD

    Yes, Katie had to show up to ornament Tom’s arm, as he’s playing the debutante. Hey, I missed the Golden Globes…did he win Best Actress, or maybe Best Supporting Actress? I was really rooting for him.

  • http://77 sue

    damn give it a break! Love her hair,she looks down right sexy as hell in the first pic with her hair in her eyes. what a georgeous couple! Love her!

  • http://77 suezee

    # 26, at last a Poster who sounds normal! Exactly, flew all the way from NY from her last show, and looks beautiful. Listen, the posters on here ONLY say good things about Brand and Angie (who looked like hell last night) her hair was pancake flat (did nothing for her), her dress, Yuck! Too pale against her skin, and she looks like she got some botox, no lines , all smooth. Brad with the stupid shades on. They got out of their car and went straight in, no talk, no hellos, nada.
    This couple seems to appreciate fans who made them famous…and sure aren’t in France, A preferred place to live, for the Big and Mighty Jolie Pitts. Katie is beautiful! and she has more going for her then AJ, and NO ugly as hell tattoos either. Not to mention the most adorable child in HW!

  • http://77 wendy

    LOVER her! I am taking this picture to my hairdresser, I love, Love, that hair! So Sexy. She has that combo of a Jackie Onassis and Princess Diana, in style and elegance, and yet mysterious. She’s so hot right now. Tom, is doing something right, he looks fantastic! Suri, and them, can’t get enough! haters, take your Pitt Family, I’ll take the Cruises ANYDAY! What clothes! Class, to a C!

  • LuckyL

    suezee @ 01/12/2009 at 6:31 pm



    And how does Kate have SOOO much going for her? Oh, her convenient marriage? I almost forgot.