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Miranda Kerr Goes Braided Bananas

Miranda Kerr Goes Braided Bananas

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr shows off her newly braided hair, long skirt and wide belt while shopping at Me&Ro and Marc Jacobs in West Hollywood on Thursday.

The 25-year-old Aussie bombshell was out with current boytoy, Orlando Bloom last night. The pretty pair was seen having dinner at posh L.A. Japanese eatery – Katsuya.

Looks like Kerrbloom is still going strong after all this time!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr going braided bananas…

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miranda kerr braided bananas 01
miranda kerr braided bananas 02
miranda kerr braided bananas 03
miranda kerr braided bananas 04
miranda kerr braided bananas 05
miranda kerr braided bananas 06
miranda kerr braided bananas 07
miranda kerr braided bananas 08
miranda kerr braided bananas 09
miranda kerr braided bananas 10
miranda kerr braided bananas 11
miranda kerr braided bananas 12
miranda kerr braided bananas 13

Photos: Famepictures
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  • deka

    hate the hair!!

  • hideous

    She’s not very attractive normally without all the makeup artists and photoshoppers but with this hair she is particularly hideous.

  • my humble opinion

    she is not beautiful at all. she reminds me of a chipmunk (no offense chipmunks!) don’t understand why she is a VS model, why she is a model at all in fact. I know it is a cliche and please don’t call me jealous but in interviews it seems at if she was not the most intelligent woman the sun was ever shining on

  • belinda

    who needs brains when you got t*ts?!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks hot =]
    cant say i like her skirt that much tho, it’s alright i guess
    but she looks so freakign cute
    love u miranda! =D

  • mone

    lovely girl!!

  • zambesi
  • RYAN



  • go away now

    Oh look, she got her ears cropped.

  • kyle

    She is the least attractive VS model, thank goodness they don’t use her as much as the other girls and they’ve brought in new beauties like Doutzen and Emanuela.

  • jughed


  • Carrie

    I think she’s beautiful! and she sometimes looks quite like Doutzen…
    but she really needs to break up with Orlando Bloom…he’s… no good!

  • @#2….

    ….stop posting over and over with the bitchy comments…….your jealousy is showing…

    Miranda looks gorgeous, casual but stylish……love the belt and skirt,
    you have to have an amazing body to wear it, and she certainly does,
    beautiful as always!!!!

  • YES

    I love her! She is gorgeous, and her eyes are amazing! She is a natural beauty. Even with dorky hair.
    Miranda is a great model, while Doutzen has only one “sexy” pose. Doutzen = tilt head down, turn chin to the left, now jut chin out and open your mouth like a mouth breather…hold it! snap! If you don’t believe me, just check out the VS web site. It becomes hilarious after a few pics. Miranda looks GORGEOUS in the new swin catalogue.

  • Gary

    She is by far, my favorite Victoria Secret girl. Sweet face and sexy body. A great combo.


    looks like rachel leigh cook, this time only younger but bigger :)

  • sara

    Thanks for the pics.. she looks great in those pics

  • sarah

    I really dont get why alot of americans don’t like her!! Why judge somebody you don’t even know??? Answer: Jealousy and thats it!!!

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  • go away now

    if she’s going to make it a point to be seen driving his car, then the least she could do is get that sh*t washed. Nothing tackier than a “celebrity” having a dirty car.

  • wandarizzuto

    I have nothing good to say so i will just shut the f up

  • @14

    Do you mean the VS swim catalog with Doutzen on the cover? The one that Miranda didn’t appear in until halfway through and only in a handful of pictures? Also, take a look at all the poses in Doutzen’s new solo launch pics for the Vintage Victoria line, gorgeous and natural and she doesn’t even have to use talk about her boyfriend for attention, she can get plenty on her own from Calvin Klein and L’Oreal. #3 is right, Miranda is a chipmunk and that’s an insult to chipmunks.

  • @21

    If you’re a fan of other models, there are some fashion threads that are mainly for them, you can post all your appreciation there instead of here which all you do is to bash others.. PEACE

  • @21

    I think that Doutzen is very pretty. But I still like Miranda more. You call her a chipmunk, but I think that her dimples are fantastic. To each his own, I guess. But just because you don’t think Miranda is as beautiful, there is no reason to get nasty.

  • poor poor fangirls

    I love how all the loonies come out when there is a photo of Miranda,

    ranting and raving and embarrassing themselves with their hatred and jealousy all because Miranda is Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend…….

    I can’t wait until they announce their engagement……the loonies will be foaming at the mouth….lol!!!!

  • zara

    she is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love her

  • to all who posts nasty comment

    I’m just wondering how the angsts in your hearts make you happy or somehow feel superior by posting shit comments.. Can anyone answer me?

  • my2cents

    Hopefully they are not engaged. At the rate his career is going she’ll end up supporting him. Orly couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag and is not a box office draw. That’s why no one will hire him.

  • my2cents

    She’s so pretty she should do movies. She way too good for Orly.

  • wish

    Seems to be a pretty nice girl.

  • @22

    Oh don’t mind the losers. Any time there is a picture of Miranda, they have to bring up their unhealthy obsession with Doutzen. They think that Doutzen is an angel from heaven. But we all know that if Orlando was dating Doutzen, Miranda would be the gift from above, instead. Typical Orlando fannie-loons.
    Miranda is beautiful and successful, and with Orlando, and they can’t stand it.

  • She looks good even….

    …without Orlando on her arm. What a babe!

  • zulu

    How useless is it having such pretty face, if you’r neck is wider then your head?!

  • Abby

    I think miranda has gained some lbs.. Hey randa, you should watch your weight carefully cause i’m sure you don’t want to be criticized for being “fat” on the runway, unless you’re pregnant

  • FReda

    Ignore the haters cause they will always be there and they will say anything they want and eventually, they will get tired

  • Jimmy

    She is gorgeous!

  • honest1

    people if you listn to the other models comments they aren’t exactly PH.D status. She is beautiful…and has a job because of it end of story.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    She wants to be surrounded by HOMO-SEXUALS………………………..DAY & NIGHT.
    ………………………………………………….CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?

  • drunkabella

    she’s a cutie.
    lmao! @ the jealous fugly fat hatrz.
    go eat your pork chops and ice cream.

  • @ 38

    drunkabella @ 01/16/2009 at 12:52 am she’s a cutie.
    lmao! @ the jealous fugly fat hatrz.
    go eat your pork chops and ice cream.

    Do you think that Kerr will quote you in her book? Such inspirational words from a Kerr supporter.

  • Heidi



  • Dri

    I like her braided hair.. It looks so cute on her though

  • luv

    Love her. Love her. Love her.

  • @ 38

    drunkabella @ 01/16/2009 at 12:52 am she’s a cutie.
    lmao! @ the jealous fugly fat hatrz.
    go eat your pork chops and ice cream.

    Do you think that Kerr will quote you in her book? Such inspirational words from a Kerr supporter.

  • mia

    There is something to notice. When Miranda is on the stage, or posing for the magazines, she has a lot of hair. Big, rich, high quality hair. In this photos it is clear that she does not have much hair, and that her hair is thin. When she is not working and hair is down, she is always putting all her hair on one shoulder, to compensate the lack of volume. But on this photos , with this terrible hair style, everybody can clearly see just one the fake things about Kerr ( among many others).

  • B

    Please get it through your heads. It’s not because she’s dating Orlando, it’s because she’s an airhead hypocrite who likes to maintain she holds her relationship so sacred while making every stupid media “mistake” in the book to tell everyone how she’s dating him. Maybe her “explanation” of just wearing her heart on her sleeve will convince you superficial people because she says it while trying to sound cute, but nobody is that stupid. Her consistent dropping of her name and now being known as Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend before her own “career” is proof enough where her real interest lies. And since he doesn’t see any of it unless he trolls the internet then he’s probably totally unaware of how she’s played this over the months.

  • B

    *dropping of HIS name

  • B

    Just think of it. If all Angelina Jolie did was talk about Brad Pitt, or the only coverage she got was as BRAD PITT’S MAIN SQUEEZE (on Page Six magazine of all things), or she went around saying how hard it was to be questioned about it and photographed and then smiled and waved at the paparazzi at every turn, then sorry, I’d call her a liar and a famewhore too who had nothing good to her name but being some kind of arm candy, and promoting it while trying to convince everyone else just how “sacred” her relationship was. Give me a break.

  • @mIa 45 46 47……

    ….Stop embarrassing yourself with your ridiculous, rambling and jealous obsessive comments about Miranda Kerr……..nothing you say will change the fact that Orlando Bloom is her boyfriend, GET OVER IT……lol.

  • Wanda Rizzuto

    Oh look! A fangirl of my very own! Hi #20!

  • @blue wanda

    Sorry Blue Wanda.

    RandiiiM put down that laptop and step away from JJ’s right now! You promised your boyphriend no more posting on your own threads. Bad girl.