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Rachel Bilson: East Side Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson: East Side Shopping Spree

Rachel Bilson continues to keep her fingers hidden with long sleeves as she goes shopping with her mom and friends in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City on Thursday.

Rachel, 26, and current beau Hayden Christensen are engaged according to sources.

According to a friend of Rachel, “They’re so excited! They’re a great couple. Rachel seems thrilled beyond belief!” The source also added that no wedding date has been set yet.

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Credit: Carlos Vila/Gardiner Anderson; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • http://Goawaybeyonce nice

    Love her. cute.

  • Smilehexe

    Wow, she’s really burning these “news” out as long as she can. Haven’t we all been exactly there so very often before? Are they, are they not, are they, are they not… This girl is so very pathetic.

  • viva

    ok, WHY do they put ‘a close friend’ or ‘a friend’ said that when we all know any friends of celebs never spill the beans???

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Well good for them, they’re getting a lot more attention now that they’ve got engaged. Now they can compliment each other’s horrendous acting for life.


  • dev

    I bet she whispers every day to Hayden “Don’t believe those stupid critics. You’re the best actor in the world. ”
    And that my friend is why he agreed to marry her.
    She also whispers in his ear- honey, you’re the best actor in the world and by the way I need shopping money.

  • Diana

    She’s so awesome. i wish the oc (with orginal cast members) was still on tv.

  • s

    Now shopping for the wedding? I notice, she is with her friend Jill, too.

  • suspicious

    she either knocked up or it’s a publicity stunt

  • ryan

    shes really cute, i love her sunglasses, infact i like the whole outfit

  • marlough

    Whatever & if ever that crapthing is true… may their children be at least reached beyond five feet (one of them is a garden-gnome isn’t it?!) and be fortunate not to inherit their dreadful acting skills & their boaster personalities.
    Anyhow, her whopping thighs are really thundering…lmao!

  • olive

    Let’s hope their kid doesn’t inherit the short gene, the shopaholic gene and the low IQ gene from Rachel and the bad actor gene from both of them.

  • shadowy

    No frills / hype at all but a “genuine” engagement thing. More dignity & reverence would absolutely ensues on that.

  • olivia

    she is so pretty!!
    and looks fairly young for her age..i love her style..

  • ugh

    bitch better stop shopping cuz she ain’t got no job nor will she be getting it any time soon, unless of course she wants to work at McDonalds.

  • really

    Long sleeves – is anyone surprised Who is she to hide her ring (if there is one)? Does she think anyone acres that much? And what a CRAPPY way of hiding it – just don’t wear the damn thing?

    Makes me think, how would she know the paps are out?

  • really

    Long sleeves – is anyone surprised Who is she to hide her ring (if there is one)? Does she think anyone cares that much? And what a CRAPPY way of hiding it – just don’t wear the damn thing?

    Makes me think, how would she know the paps are out?

  • me

    Why does her hair always look so dirty. I mean she is unemployed she has all the time in the world to do her hair and she’s still lazy. She should just vanish from public eye, nobody wants to see her.

  • whodie

    @ #2: she’s really burning these “news…

    Literally speaking, she not really burning… but actually glowing… coz she’s a (she) “devil” and a devil that lives & breathes in a fire-burning-hell do really glows in there lol!

  • kyle

    Forget Rachel, JJ.
    Among the OC gals, you should be paying more attention to Olivia Wilde. She just won the lead in the big budget Tron and she’s a hardworking actress. Rarely ends up in the tabloids and doesn’t attend many of these fashion events because she’s busy working. Give her a few years and she’ll have a more solid career than either Bilson or Barton, who will be mostly remembered for their clothes and their boyfriends.

  • mozilla

    All you guys criticizing rachel are being so harsh! Geeze, it’s not like she is out there in new york for pappz to snap photos of her. It’s not like shes a Heidi or Spencer Pratt…. If you all haven’t already noticed, she is in new york.. and you know what is happening in new york right now? FASHION WEEK. meannninggggg a TON of paparazzi. take a chill pill geezie… does it honestly make you all feel better by criticizing her?

  • fake couple

    this has come about because fashion week in new york was going to be low key with the recession and everything else going on. she could not hack that and be low key for a change. (does not know what it is to be low key) hence the leak about the so called engagament. to make sure it was all about her.

  • sharon

    like i said earlier until i see a actual ring on her finger and both reps comment on it then i believe it but until then i am going to say as alot of a other sites have said its probaly a pr stunt for new york i love you because it comes out in 2 months and of course she is going to shop ,if she was stranded on a deserted island she would find a way to shop and get photograghed.

  • http://JUSTJARED A FAN

    I like her style she looks lovely .And she sure lover her Ray BANS

  • lani

    I love her!
    I can’t wait until she like, has a baby.
    which is a weird thing to say,
    but I just love the OC and I watch the dvd’s over and over.
    and I like would die for that show.
    But anyway, I’d just love to see her have a baby or something :]
    it would just be .. I don’t know. haha
    but also it’s weird because I just realised because I’m so much younger than her, if nothing crazy kills me or something, she’s going to die in my lifetime! When I’m like 50! :O that’s a scary thought. So many of the celebrities that I look up to now are gonna like..die D:

  • thought for today

    people that say he goes around looking like he does and that the astonishing and alarming lack of warmth and chemistry between him and Rachel is just him being “private” are just plain crazy. There are some things in body language that cannot be altered or covered up. If he’s happy in his life right now, he’s a waaaaay better actor than even I have given him credit for.

  • whodie

    @#19 – Forget Rachel, JJ. Among the OC gals, you should be paying more attention to Olivia Wilde…
    There’s a LOT of clamor on that for a long time now but this gossip-site landlord keep on forever mistaking the word credits as/for “paychecks”.

  • shialove!!

    i love her outfits!

  • Sammy

    Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are desperate media manipulators, they are using the momentum of people being curious if their engagement is true for mistaken popularity.

    They can not act, and this will not last. A desperate talentless duo and Rachel dragged him into this. The whole thing is a sham just like their relationship. He was never in love with her just convenient. You could see him being interested in other girls he dated, not his one.

  • me

    Why isn’t she at home now. Since she suppose to be so excited about it.This smell like trouble are she afaid to go home? Think that he has deny the whole thing again.Like last year he said that he didn’t give her no ring. She do that much shopping in new york last year.She just mad cause hayden wasn’t her valentine’s day.And she still want the media attention she had last year.

  • http://justjared hmmmmmmm

    I don’t know as I said on another thread I can’t see Hayden telling the word he is engaged he is a really private person so don’t hold your breath he won’t tell the press if he is and neither will she.

  • zoe

    oh please give me a break there are 100 of more famous people in new york right now and there are not getting photographed


    She has the best style!!!!

  • juniper

    Or there is really NOTHING significant to be told about… nothing, nothing & nothing. But in case “media frenzy”, there’s a LOT of something, everything & anything – jeeez you’re just damn too trusting w/ these dupes LOL!

  • Sammy

    They will not confirm the engagement as long as possible bc they want the attention of the media who is following them seeking truth.

    It is all staged by the talentless duo pr machine. DISGUSTING.

    Still 2 bad actors. LOSERS, having to resort to this.

  • Sammy

    she is so tasteless, not one original detail, looks like a waitress.

  • jane

    She is hiding the ring with the clothes!

  • Smilehexe

    @#18 – whodie
    The “burning the (subject to fill in)” was actually a term I found on my dictionary for what I was looking for. ;-) But I like your version just as much, and a glow lasts longer than a fire, which RB would prefer. I guess that’s what you meant, right?

    @#25 – thought for today
    Haven’t I read the almost exactly same words written on IMDB yesterday? Whoever from over there you are – a warm welcome over here. :-)

    @#30 – hmmmmmm
    I agree that HC won’t tell the world himself that he got engaged (or even married) but not because he is so “very private”. A truly private person would never be with a person than RB right from the start. But he loves to fool people, that’s why he plays along, and for “promotion” purpose of course which will most likely just backfire instead of helping his dead career.

    @#34 – Sammy
    I fully agree to your statements in this post.

  • Sammy

    i think i may have figured it out, the duo was invited to the Oscars, thanks to their pr machine, if the machine was able to pull it of, that is why hayden is clean and shaved and rachel is shopping in new york. they will confirm the engagement at the Oscars, POSSIBLE, Ha!

    Still, it is tasteless pr stunt, they should have come clean and wore the ring right after he gave it to her, not hide it to make something out of it, they are marketing themselves, like a package, very poor taste. i don’t like them at all, dirty, dirty, dirty games.

  • jane

    Sammy and Smillehexe: Two idiots jealous of Hayden and Rachel!

  • Anakin

    @Jane, I second that, though words other than idiots come to mind, hehe

  • Sammy

    Hayden and Rachel are dirty, manipulative LOSERS, they should have come clean in the beginning, they are milking this stunt, where is the real true love, how can they live with themselves, I told you he does not love her, it is all about building a career.

  • toni

    How long until we see the happy couple together?

    #38 Why would they be at the Oscars? They want their privacy remember. And she would not be able to outdo Jen Aniston and John Mayer or Brad and Angelina or the other actors with real talent who deserve to be there. Nobody would care. Better to stick with ‘random’ sightings and unconfirmed rumors.

    “thrilled beyond belief” more like thrilled beyond relief. She’s back in the spotlight. Hopefully Hayden won’t deny it and make her look ridiculous again.

  • Angi

    Love her

  • fake couple

    i would love to see them at the oscars just to see what the body chemistry is like with them both being together. i wonder does he still think she is still that sweet girl?. i hope everyone asks them about it.

  • celebhores

    she isnt coerving up anything. go to wikio dot com type in haydens name, its lists ALL stories relating to him from various sites.

    there is a new story of her from yesterday in Zac posen. th only pic shown is her left hand in pocket……..well, if you google it, you see all the pics including her hand OUT of pocket and NO ring!!

    all hype! RB has to be paying paps off

  • celebhores

    shop shop shop shop, what a tart!

    this little girl single handedly took the man i and others loved and respected because of his modest, shy, humble, down to earth, unhollywood and genuine man and is turning him away from that.

    this is why there is some bitterness.

  • Custom T

    I’m soo happy for Rachel and Hayden!!

  • observer

    Funny it seems that these tabloids now can LOCATE the so called Friend close to them who is willing to come out and claim they have been engaged and are BOTH very excited and Happy about it. Gee HC looked less then happy about it. Why didn’t any reporter ASK the man when he was parking her car in LA if he was engaged like in Aug. this time NO RiNG on her finger. Yet no reply maybe the man didn’t get the texted in time to be on the look out for paps wanting answers. GEE she is in NYC she can now go buy a ring to flaunt around on the way home and tell everyone on Virgin Airlines she is engaged and show the ring..When the barn door is open and the animals are gone closing it now wouldn’t help a damn about being private. The fact she isn’t show anything tangable and my guess she will when she gets back to LA sport some piece of rock to claim they are engaged, married or whatever she wants to call it. Fact is the idea of making this engagement statement she KNEW the fast way to have press at her doorstep looking for a ring. She will be pressed out all day and the paps following her non stop. This is what she lives for.

    As for tabloids Page six sold the story to everyone and any other tabloid who would buy it from them, thus the massive spreading of the story. If it is true well dude their PR people are paid for speaking out on them all the time now they claim they have NO Comment gee hard for me to believe that RB won’t discuss this when she would discuss it on a PLANE full of passangers and with an IQ of a pair of socks. And the idea of this smells as bad as a pair

  • Sammy

    Just 2 bad actors, LOSERS, they don’t know what to do in desperation. It is not going to benefit them either way, if they are indeed engaged, they used it for publicity, if they are not engaged, they used for publicity. They should have immediately addressed it and they would have been perceived as genuine, all these games are to attract attention.


    U r wrong girl. Smily is far from being a jealous B*tch. She is a nice girl who won’t talk u down just because u disagree with her.

    I don’t think that HC and RB will last as a couple….but who knows, HC has been such disappointment lately…..”so everything is possible!”