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Rihanna Attends Britney Spears Concert

Rihanna Attends Britney Spears Concert

Rihanna, her BFF Leandra and another gal pal catch a departing flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 12).

Yesterday afternoon (April 17), the 21-year-old Bajan babe (in a Balmain jacket) was seen shopping at the BAPE store on Melrose. Later in the evening, she attended the Britney Spears Circus concert at The Staples Center. Also in the audience was Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Presely and Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough.

On Thursday, Rihanna (with an entourage of 10) partied at new Hollywood nightclub, Halo. “Rihanna‘s group sat in the elevated V.I.P. area, which has one way mirrors,” an onlooker tells E!. “They can look into the crowd, but the crowd can’t see them. This offers the group privacy with a hint of voyeurism.”

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears fan Rihanna

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Credit: Matingas/Matei/Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • tina

    she looks like she’s getting pissed with all the press attention!

  • ******

    I like Rihanna but I don’t like her hair do…it’s kinda looking a bit much like Michael Jackson’s do:( Sorry Rihanna

  • LALA

    i dont like her
    she seems mean

  • m.t

    LINDSAY LOHAN was there…..
    soooo Coool

  • bling

    Sorry. She looks fugly.

  • Chris

    @LALA: I agree.. Rihanna seems to cold

  • annie

    I agree, she looks like she is high maintenance and not easy to please.. aka a total bitch.
    The kind of gal that would give you a mean stare at the mall for no reason. just pickin a fight..
    I bet Shia LeBeouf wouldnt have beat her up like Chris Brown did

  • jUICE

    If Rihanna is pissed with the press attention, there is an easy way to avoid it. Don’t go to high profile events like the Spears’ concert.

  • emma
  • whatever

    yep, people were right..she really is not a nice person.. she looks like a bitch…

  • Steve

    Things won’t ever be the same, people see her in a totally different way now.

  • eyda

    totally agree with you gays, she looks really bitchy and mean

  • VNY

    ♥ her outfit…she looks angry though.

  • ozzy

    this chick is looking butch.

  • fleece

    I don’t like her new style. She looks like a younger, transgendered version of Dionne Warwick.

  • Mousse

    I begin to think she became famous too quickly. I too think she looks too often too angry and mean. But she’s still a very young woman at 21, who grew up her last years of childhood under the spotlights. Playing the diva is not difficult when you have money, and adoring fame and attention is a nice thing if that was what she looked for…
    But then things changed, and having to cope with what happend the past months and the change in the public opinion… ?? It must be hard for her to deal with.

    But then it was maybe a reality check she needed…

  • Robby rob rob


    If she didn’t walk around looking like such a bitch, people would not call her out on it.

    If she smiled for the cameras at least, you would see radically different comments here.

  • Mousse

    uh, and before anyone misunderstands me: by “needing the reality check” I didn’t mean the attack from her boyfriend!!
    But the checkin again on life as it is, with good and bad times and good luck and less easy situations..

  • crimson

    Why is her face so puffy? Is she on steroids?

  • e.

    She had to go to Britney Spears concert, gotta watch the real lipsynch pro so she can better her own craft. LOL!

  • flygirl

    i used to love rihanna, but something must have happened to her because she sooo fucked up her face. not good.

  • sadie

    I think she’s channeling MICHAEL JACKSON from Thriller!!!

  • YAY!!!!!

    I am LOVING Rihanna’s OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!! :lol:


  • nope

    no. just no.

  • G-UNIT


  • G-UNIT


  • majesty

    Ohh wow!! What happened to Rihanna’s hair??? Ouch!

  • chula

    I read she hooked up with Chris during Easter. How sad! She needs to stay away from that dude. He’s bad news!

  • hello1

    yeah Rihanna wishes she was Britney, Rihanna has no energy when she performs and needs to learn from the best. Rihanna is finished anyways, she can’t comeback like Britney did. Maybe Chris Brown should have finished her off instead? Shes a waste of time.

  • DaBoss

    Rihanna’s taking notes for her Dubai concert. She will wow the crowd with her lip synching and crazy outfits.

  • http://Goawaybeyonce RiRi

    I love her, she’s pissed cos of the attention. Love her though!!!! x

  • becca

    she looks really cute. I hope she’s doing well.

  • kenricka

    She should date Shia, that’s all I’m sayin’. She deserves so much better.

  • Alex_

    She is gorgeous. Her outfit is cool too.
    Chick is fierce!

  • Peace Love Miley

    she looks so sad

  • Dave

    She’s looking fug. The 80s looks is gross.

  • shopaholic1

    This b*tch is always sulking about something! I can’t stand Rihanna. She needs to go away already!

  • Rosita, Luanda, Angola

    Good morning to everyone there in the United States, I am from Angola and I follow a little history of this famous fight between Rihaana and Cris Brown is news in the world … And my message today is especially for the Brown and Cris for your family … I wish them much strength and courage in this difficult moment that everything will certainly at the end… Cris … my brother did not know who is advising you at that time … More in my humble point of view make this every conversation with Rihaana aside at this time … and then further examines whether it is worthwhile to continue with it or not … You should not anything to Rihaana, where you came by it own merits, you have much talent, you are very beautiful, hot and you have much more charisma despite your young age … you have style, and has strength to become one of the great musicians of the time in the world has little time … What makes me more sad that whole story is not the people criticizing you because the fatal mistake you made was to have fallen in descontole of Rihaana on the incident, you really missed, and ugly, most people have to give a discount, then your relationship was or is still and involves feelings of love, and you reach the point to beat it is because your privacy is too much and the two in the wrong way in you role … Then why are you people criticize you and she does not … Is she not also wrong in your relationship? brother Cris … learned in life with more errors than the correct … We grew up with more criticism than the praise and compliments … In very good, after all all like to be praised, and the person does well, more when we criticize we must have the ability to back up and in great … but I appreciate others and the person you are not noted for it .. , is the Rihaana know that, so she avoids commenting your confusion … Make sure your music here in Africa is playing hard, With you, forever, Superhuman, No air, you have many fans here, and a lot of good people to pray for you … I am sure this one leaves you … And you will come back in style … That was a moment of uncontrole….you are really a good person …

  • enoughalready

    @33 What?

    Two lip syncers unite, I bet that was funny riri wathching how terrible brit is live and saying, that’s how I sound?


  • bejeebus

    she had an opportunity to stand up for herself in the wake of chris brown’s beatdown but she let him off the hook and consequently made herself look like not just a victim but a fool, coward and poor example to other women and girls. she could have come out on top but now it’s too late. i’m sure it doesn’t matter to her but i will never look at her the same way after all this…i doubt i’m the only one though….i don’t think she has too much respect for herself anymore either. if you just look at her face you can see that something fundamental within her has been broken and possibly can never be fixed….
    chris brown is a disgusting creature yet she treated him as more valuable then herself. it goes to show that no matter how beautiful and successful you are, you can still have poor self esteem…so sad.

  • EthiOpia

    Man EveryOne Jus LEave Her Alone After All She Is A Human We All Like To Be Left Alone Sometimes.. She Looks Beautiful All The Time

  • taps

    She really is a terrible dresser. If she wants to be left alone, stop going out every night. Keep a low profile and get into counseling.

  • Anonymous

    @bejeebus: Everything you said is right. I feel the same way, too. I can’t look at her the same way, because of her not taking a stand against Chris Brown. I was rooting for her to stand up for herself and leave him for good. But she did the opposite, which is very sad. A woman from a radio morning show said that, “Rihanna has set us women back many years for taking Chris back”. SMH

  • MMA

    Nice mullet.

  • mz bitch

    yalls some lames and rihanna i feel sorry 4 wont CHRIS BROWN did but what u do

  • Sharon

    she looks kinda ghetto in these pics

  • G.A.

    rihanna is a britney wannabe