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Angelina Jolie Flies Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie Flies Shiloh & Zahara!

Angelina Jolie disembarks her private plane with her children Shiloh, 3, and Zahara, 4, after a completed flight on Friday in California.

Looks like Angie, 34, gave her two daughters a ride in the sky. What a cool mom!

The trio took off from Bob Hope Airport and flew for 24 minutes before landing at Big Bear City, about 100 miles east of Burbank. They flew to approximately 10,000 feet in the air!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie disembarking with her girls…

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angelina jolie diaper dandies 02
angelina jolie diaper dandies 03
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  • lylian

    Lurked and skimmed down the posts. Seems as if 80% of the posts were about how Brad and Angelina are going to break up, how dare Angelina take her girls up in the air coz its soooooo dangerous (heheheh, statistics obviously means nothing to these people), why Angelina always dresses in black, and various rebuttals.
    To the losies, thank you for keeping the interest up on Brad and Angelina. Everytime you click on their threads, everytime you post on their thread, you send a message to the media and world about the fascination people have for Brad and Angelina.
    tick tock tick tock tick tock. Yeah, keeping watching the clock and posting your wish list on the JP threads LOSIES. Keep scrutinising the photos. It’s been 4.5 years but tick tock tick tock tick tock, LOSIES can keep watching and counting the seconds.



  • love them

    Love how such sweet pictures drive some people completely over the edge. What a bunch of losers! Brad and Angie will continue to own your asse*s! Yeah it’s great to be a B&A fan, must suck to be you. Must suc* to be you anyway, such a sad, lonely, loser. Oh well, keep obsessing over B&A and you’ll never have a life. LOSER!!!!

  • James Davis

    Cool, Give me a break. These people are out there blathering on about the environment and then she takes a private plane instead of driving 100 miles or about 2 hours. The Jolie-Pitts need to practice what they preach.

  • love them

    Oh and I LOVE the way the fans rip these trolls to shreds!! Great to be in such great company! Love the JP fans!!!

  • wfb

    @James Davis:

    Obviously you haven’t heard of carbon credits or that licensed pilots should have flying time every year for them not to lose it? I know, you’re stupid but really.

  • ebmo

    OT to Ground Control

    447 groundcontrol @ 07/11/2009 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks you for bringing that out. I have pointed this out myself at various times over the years when her enemies insist on twisting her words and imbuing them with their own negative spin.
    Well, I am impressed with your credentials, ebmo. I have represented more addicts than I can even count. I am always using experts for guidance. Good to know there is an expert on the board.
    Ebmo, what’s the current expert opinion on experimentation with snorting heroin? I realize it’s a different and harder drug but I know too many people who snorted cocaine back in the day – and on a regular basis for extended periods of time – yet for the most part when they decided it was getting too expensive they stopped without needing any kind of rehab and they didn’t return to use. I’m not saying they didn’t miss it – some a lot – but in the end they were okay with the fact it was no longer a part of their life. Of course as they matured partying was also pretty much a thing of the past for them. Don’t know if it matters but these were all well paid, hard working professionals at the time and continued as such with full lives and most eventually with families.
    Have you ever used your addiction expertise to try an assessment of those so negatively obsessed with Angie and her family? They are so pro-active about it to such an extreme that there must be some level of addictive behavior involved. Or I suppose they are just plain b i t c h e s. LOL!
    Hiya GC!
    A substance is a substance is a substance. Generally only the methods of delivery are the variables. IV injection creates an intense “rush” within about 30 seconds, snorting; 30-60 seconds, smoking; within 3-4 minutes, orally takes the longest and some drugs cannot be delivered via the stomach.

    When diagnosing addiction there is a continuum. – Use, Abuse, Dependence and Addiction. – Any person can fall somewhere in that range. (For example anyone who has ever gotten smahed – has abused substances.

    When someone is assessed for addiction they are generally given a battery of tests as well as a personal interview. It is a lot more complicated than someone getting a DUI, or someone using substances ocassionally.

    We generally look for repeated themes of the “big six”:


    THREE or more of the following:






    We take the results of all these tests/interviews as well as the DSM-IV-TR criteria – and assess their level of use.

    Sniffing has just as much potential for addiction as IV use. Use or abuse does not mean addiction. It is very common for some CDPs and addictionaologists to “see” addiction in every substance, (Dr. Drew frequently does this with his off the cuff diagnosis’ which is technically a violation of ethics)

    The other school of thought is that ANYTHING has the potential to be abused….it is all whether or not when use becomes a problem, money, relationships, work, or negative consequences, the person STOPS.

    People stop all the time after a period of use. Heroin is a lot easier for the body to recover from than alchoholl….even when it reaches the addiction stage. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to seizures and death , Heroin withdrawal might make you wish you were dead but there is little danger of occurrence.

    In addtion, Alcohol is legal and commonly accepted at social events, easily available, Very visable etc. etc. Alcohol is regulated by the FDA so there is little chance it is tainted with Fentanyl or another substance that could cause a synergistic effect. Less chance of overdose but when combined with other substances….huge chance of death, and dead means the same, whoever you are.

    Every person is diferent….just depends. Eric Clapton had a huge “snorting” addiction to Heroin way back when, he has admitted he was under treatment with a private Psychiatrist for 3 years trying to kick it.

    I am not surprised you have known people who have snorted it who have quit it…it happens all the time.

  • irma

    @debra77: My daughter just got back from her London trip & she bought me shirt & guess what else? Angelina magazine from London, she mailed it & I am excited .She is going to Paris tomorrow & I told her to buy me another shirt & any French magazine with Angie on the cover. I will give you an update if she did buy me a magazine . Angie is famouls all over the world. God bless her & her family.

  • irma


  • Neil

    James Davis @ 07/11/2009 at 10:57 pm

    Get a clue and look up irony.

  • zen2

    I’m so pround of her!

  • wall

    Lots of sick and delusional haters here.
    I am happy JPs could care less what
    these Nuts say about them.

  • go away

    Go away haters you are just spinning your wheels.LOL

  • irma

    Goodnight you all. God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • groundcontrol


    Thank you so much for taking the time to post that very helpful exposition. I used to sit in on some of my clients’ Substance Abuse Assessments for fear they would implicate themselves in further crimes. Most counselors didn’t really want me there and tried to keep me out at first but as nicely as possible I made them realize my client had a right to my presence. They just loved me. LOL!

    I have always felt Angie’s use was never as bad as her, at times, overly dramatic words made it seem. Her research in prep for Gia would have truly opened her eyes to the potential for self-destruction. She has always been a very smart and disciplined person.


    This A list star has been feuding publicly with another A list star. Both are being catty, and both are being unprofessional. The word from one of our sources is that one A list star, plans to use her political and powerful sway to ensure the other star will either get no new roles or her next movie will be a flop. The first A list star is so confident of her power in Hollywood, our source claims she alone has the ability to destroy the other’s reputation. We wonder if it’s true or if it’s just a case of egos clashing. Not Jennifer Garner.


    Madonna vs. Angelina Jolie

  • to 466

    Could it be that you are fishing for the next tabloid subject?

    Fans leave this tabloid intern alone.

  • Gracie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VIV AND KNOX. I can’t believe these little mites of yesterday are now one and the loonies are still here predicting break-up of their parents. I’m sure they will be hanging around when they turn two cos they have no life. Happy b’day gorgeous ones and have a fun day with your older sisters and brothers. Angie you are doing a great job. Love you. God bless the JPs.

  • Gracie

    TO COULD IT BE @ 07/12/2009 at 2:29 am
    This is not NE forum or lies & sh*t either. Take your lies and fabrications elsewhere — you lying twit.

  • Gracie

    Marla @ 07/11/2009 at 6:57 pm I just watched the vide of Angie flying with the Shiloh and Zahara . I think that is Brad (THE CAP) gives him away. Also, Angie is seen coming over where Brad and Z are standing and seems that she is kissing Brad before they get on the plane. . Hopefuly there is better,more clear video out there. ANYBODY?
    You’re right, that was Brad carrying Z and Angie did walk over and gave him a kiss before taking the flight.

  • mertz

    hey could it be that’s from lainey (a while back actually)…and no it wasn’t aj vs madonna and it wasn’t jen garner. lol.

  • pl

    @COULD IT BE: Are you talking to yourself, do you need attention, well you got it but please don’t stir any controversy that never happened. Go back to the hole where you belong. RAT.

  • pl

    @Gracie: Gracie, where’s the video?

  • analina

    haters will be haters….so who cares!!!

    I’m a fan of Angie for life!!! I’m sure I speak for other fans when I say if you’re a true fan then you love this woman no matter what and she can do no wrong!!!

    ps every post that Angie makes she gets soooo many comments and it’s as simple as stepping out from a plane or taking her daughters to dance class!!! LOVE HER!

    so what she wears black all the time…sometimes people really do like a colour and stick to it!! plus she’s worn non-black many times. I wear black a lot too…get over it people

  • cassie

    angiee became the pfofessional.wwoow and shiloh is lokking amazingly beautiful.shiloh resemble angie much more day by day

  • cassie

    why some people(haters) are so jeolus of angie.yeah we know she is even can’t find her failure.and you talking about stupid never means badness, is symbol of dignity.because of all thick headed people like you,people don’t need to think what fu*king mans thinking about it.she wears black she looks amazing

  • rochelle

    Angelina is really a very good person I applaud your total personality. Your a great mother and honestly your next throne to Princess Diana. Nobody can really replace you like Michael Jackson. Please take care of yourself and make sure you will be around for a very long time for your children. Keep up the GOOD WORK and I WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP ALL YOUR CHILDREN. IF BRAD WILL LEAVE OUR SUPPORT WILL BE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS

  • The Beautiful Life TV Show

    Still soooooo over-rated! Urgh!

  • jorge

    God Bless Angelina and family.

  • marie diamond

    Wow, what a cool mom, putting her children in danger by flying the plane herself. I mean, why hire an experienced pilot who does this for a living when you can fly it yourself. So what if you’re not trained as a real pilot is? So what if other self-pronounced pilot celebs like JFK jr died because of their arrogance? She is a cool mom. That’s what is important.

  • irma

    I do love wearing black too, that doesn’t mean anything. God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • KIm

    These kids are lucky..imagine, having a multi talented mom flying them in the sky…


  • irma

    Where’s the video of Angie & the girls from the airport? Can someone post it please? Neleh, if you see this, if you have the link, can you please send it to my email? Thanks a lot. God bless you & God bless the JP Family.

  • jolie-pitt fan

    @Ha!: Are describing your idol X?

  • jolie-pitt fan

    Are you describing your idol X ?

  • Malou


    Really? I disagree because all I am seeing right now is you. Those words refer to YOU.


  • diva689

    Ultimate woman. I hate ignorance. You that write hateful things about this unbelievable giving person are so out-of-touch with the real news. You probably get all your facts from US mag. Read something REAL. Learn about her recent trip to Walter Reed Hosp where she went alone, w/o any fan fare. Spent the day w/wounded U.S. vets & their families, let them take her photo. A whole month went by before it was even in the press. Then after she leaves, she has gift bags w/$1000 gift certs given to each vet. This is what she does alone in ONE afternoon. What DO YOU DO? Sit on your laptop & judge a person by photos? And black is her signature color. She looks so HOT in every pic. As a woman, I find her inspirational and awesome!

  • ok

    @marie diamond: so what you saying is everybody should stick to the cars? You might end up getting a car accident a die too. How many people die in a year due to car accidents? Nothing is safe. Flying is the same. It requiers a gut a commitment to aquire a liecence. She is accomplying with the rules and reglulations. Angie is a coolest mom regardless. She is just a cool chick.

  • Joanne

    Gosh, who cares, everything is just for attention with that Woman, she took her kids on a plane ride Whoopy do do. Finally those kids see daylight. Dont ever see her with all six of them, she couldnt handle it like a real Mother would, and to think she has nannies, she is unreal.

  • lsam

    Thanks JJ. Looks like a lot of fun for Angie, Shi and Z.

  • cassie

    @Joanne: u r so can you think walking with six a nomal mom she does everything for her children.and she works l.a every house wifes has a nannies.everyday they take care of themselves sometimes they don’t see their children’s face.angie takes lessons she makes movies but she is always near of her babies.ı see my mom’s face only in evening and she isn’t busy as much as her

  • MARY

    I find it curious that someone who appears to be so aware can just take her children for a ride in a plane. We are having summer temperatures in the middle of winter. The planet belongs to all of us! For our unawareness, our grandchildren/if not our children will be living in desert like climate!

  • jolie-pitt fan

    @diva689: ITA with you. God bless.

  • Carry

    Go Mama Angie ! We love you.

  • wth

    Everytime I see her face the word “home wrecker” comes to mind.
    Doesn’t matter how much good you try to do, Angie, you will be known and remembered as the third person in a relationship.

  • majo

    LA AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cassie

    oo honey don’t do it she isn’t poor like someone trying to get little boys.she is sexy she is beautiful everybody adores her.she just wants it and takes it.she never seems lonely and old least she won’t be child molester when she is 40.she will be happy with her husband and her child

  • deena

    wth @ 07/13/2009 at 10:58 am Everytime I see her face the word “home wrecker” comes to mind.
    Doesn’t matter how much good you try to do, Angie, you will be known and remembered as the third person in a relationship.
    And you will be remembered as the serial dumpee no man wants, whose life is wasted away by being bitter, jealous and vincdictive of a woman a thousand times better than you. Fat ugly bi*ch get a life. Angie is not the reason your bf dumped your stinky ugly ass.

  • Kuky

    Tj JJ ;)

  • Valance

    The Brand has disbanded. Not only did Brad not show up for “his twins” b’day, the homewrecker wasn’t there either.
    She must be so sad. She lures another woman’s husband by “giving him the babies that he wants”, and less then five years later he no longer wants the babies, or her. What a dumb ass broad. Dumped!!!! With six f.ucking kids!!!! Under the age of nine!!!! That some hard s.hit, right there. But, as you Brangelina worshippers love to say, no man stays where he’s not happy…..even if you give him a truck load of babies. Bwahahahahah!!!