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Jessica Alba: Feather Headband Hottie

Jessica Alba: Feather Headband Hottie

Jessica Alba takes her adorable daughter Honor, 13 months, and a gal pal to run errands on Monday afternoon (July 13) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 28-year-old Fantastic actress made a bold fashion statement by wearing a feather headband by Stella Accessories.

To order your own custom-made headbands, check out V.Loo Headbands.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica Alba’s feather headband — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of feather headband hottie Jessica Alba

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jessica alba feather headband 01
jessica alba feather headband 02
jessica alba feather headband 03
jessica alba feather headband 04
jessica alba feather headband 05
jessica alba feather headband 06
jessica alba feather headband 07
jessica alba feather headband 08
jessica alba feather headband 09
jessica alba feather headband 10

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  • Xanda


  • Emily

    ever since she got pregnant, her fashion sense has gone down the toilet!!!!!!

  • Steph

    People should leave her alone. she obviously cares more about her daughter than what she’s wearing. At least you see her with her own child where as most other celebs hand them to nannies and forget all about them.

    She’s a great role model for people, think more about your children than yourself.

    Go Jess!

  • Yuri

    watevr she does ,, she is HOT <3 <3
    luv u JESSICA

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    looks like her brain (who knew she had one?) is sticking out of her head lol

  • Not Name

    I just don’t get her appeal–especially with that hair, she just looks washed out and plain, bland. lol about brain sticking out of her head. But you’re giving her credit for having one….

  • chloe moely

    she always looks shocked & po-ed at the papz,
    yet she always frequents most popular areas known forL.A. photogs.

  • haha

    what the heck does she have on her head (exlclude the baby, cuz at least hers is pretty decent)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i just think that she’s a not relevant person
    she’s super boring now, she cant even get a job anymore
    she use 2 be really hot 2 me but since she’s doing nothing that’s like liking some1 as useless as paris hilton

  • Emily

    @Steph: uh…why cant you care about your daughter anddd dress nice??? who says it has to be one or the the other???? she was way more appealing and pretty pre-pregnancy (i.e. the hair and her wardrobe choices)

  • christine

    <b.ew, that doesn’t look very attractive….

  • chloe moely

    is that a dead bird on her head?
    ewww..Rachel Zoe aka Chuppa is guilty.

  • miah

    she’s been hanging around Rachel Zoe too much lately…never liked her and never will…daughter is growing on me. I know it’s a pain in the butt being followed by paps everywhere but hey it comes with the profession…she doesn’t have to worry where her next meal will come from like millions of americans that are out of jobs…she has $$$$ and should smile like crazy..i know I would…also, if u hate being photographed, get out of f_cking L.A.

  • Paranel

    She looks ridiculous. and that hair color, sheesh….

  • silly putty

    # 3-

    well…she must care…..she went thru the trouble to wear that awful thingy,


  • shannon

    it looks like a bird died on her head

  • bananamama

    gosh…..Honor looks like a boy in a girl’s hat.

  • ughhhggghhhhggghhh

    EW and Ugh.. Ewgh?

  • Lovely

    Jessica needs to go back to vandalism it suits her well.

  • Irish Girl

    @Emily: I agree. Don’t blame pregnancy and motherhood on tacky clothes. She has the money to pay for help, and I’m sure that she has it, so why does she look like the cat dragged her in all the time?

  • nyob

    Was sort of GD headband is that? She looks horrible and ridiculous. I am so sick of “stars” trying to make fashion statements and create their own trends. Like Katie H. and those stupid jeans. Ugh.

  • Jen

    never liked her. boring

  • jenna

    What a silly thing to wear on your head.
    Is she a bird?

  • Cot

    She has the wing of a dead bird on her head. Tacky Mexican.

  • psychic crackhead

    I feel sad for the baby bird that passed away to make that ugly headband.

  • Me

    I think Jessica Alba is kind of losing it! First the shark weirdoness and now bizarre head pieces. Maybe hormones? I know, I had a baby and your kind of off for a while. Just a feeling I’m getting about her.

  • cosi

    she must be wearing that atrocity to hide her wee bald spot

  • Irish Girl

    Caption for picture #2:
    Honor won’t dare laugh at her mother’s bird infestation in front of her face. She knows better.

  • Autumn M

    Oh, this chick is still alive? I had no idea. Jessica who? She is so irrelevant these days.

  • wutthefug

    That is one UGLY thing she is wearing on her head. Just thought she had improved her style a bit lately and she rolls out with wacky piece of s**t. She probably thinks she would look hot in anything…Fail.

  • megan fox

    Ewww… hideous looking headband!

  • Mariel

    feather headbands have been around for a while now, i dont know why you guys are freaking out over this one headband. it’s cute and i think on the right person with the right outfit it works.

  • e

    that sh*t on her head is hilarious!!!! keep it up.

  • Meh

    NOT! It looks like a giant bug is attacking her head.

  • Luke Fuchs

    She has a dead rodent on her head.

  • mertz

    okay i like jalba, but come on, that whatever is on her head is so beyond whack.

  • Jack

    She’s my #1 fave but her fashion sense is askew at times, like that weird headband. Of more concern is how thin & gaunt she looks.
    She looks far better with some fullness in her face & body in my opinion. She’s certainly a great mum!

  • choo

    that is just ugly

  • whatever

    Ewwww…that “headband” looks like some kinda fungi growng on her head…makes me want to barf!

  • Jane

    You can say what you want about Jessica,but I have never ever seen her with her baby in a stroller, or any kind of baby carried. She has always carried her baby in her arms. I love that. That how I was. I always carried my babies in my arms. That is so nurturing.

  • Jane

    She has always carries her baby in her arms. I love that.

  • Avery09

    I don’t get that headband at all?????!!!!!!

  • retrobanana

    well guys she has been hanging with rachel zoe she is going to start dressing liek nicole richie and lindsay lohan. she looks really really skinny again….and i actually dont liek it. no why i used to think she had boobs and was skinny. she has nooooone. she looks unhealthy. she is very pearshaped. ohhh and ps hate the blonde hair on her. she said that blondes have more attention.

    why cant she just learn to love herself. she is so beautiful. honor is sooo cute..the best thing about her is when she is with her daughter

  • Lola

    “looks like her brain is sticking out of her head”

    That was my first impression when i first saw the pic….Eeeeeew

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks good=]]]

  • steph

    Wow! You people are mean. And the tacky mexican comment. Your a veru ugly racist person to say that. No ones being racist on here.

  • steph

    Here here..i totaly agree with you

  • steph

    ok i didnt see the dates on here. oops im a year behind. but i bet most of those people making the mean comments are wearng them now!