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Angelina Jolie Heads To Arab Children's Congress

Angelina Jolie Heads To Arab Children's Congress

Angelina Jolie and son Maddox, 7, flew out of LAX airport on Tuesday (July 21) on a flight to Amman, Jordan, to attend the 24th annual Arab Children’s Congress.

The 34-year-old U.N. Goodwill Ambassador has been a supporter of the foundation for years will be a guest of honor at the event. An insider tells In Touch, “She will be staying with Her Majesty Queen Noor, who is a good friend of hers.” The congress will be held from July 23-29 by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation’s Performing Arts Center (PAC).

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  • an oldie

    Good for her and for the children.

  • shamam

    Angelina has earned my respect. I didn’t care for her but she has become a better person & i’m glad she’s trying to make the world a better place. Amman is a wonderful city & Jordan is the best country in the Middle East!

  • mariam

    she is so popular in the arab world from the ocean to the golf

    love her

  • annie

    Why do they celebrities keep draggin those kids across the world???
    I understand that it is good for children to meet new cultures and such.
    But Brad and Angie (and Madonna) keep draggin those kids all over the globe, don’t those kids have school or something?
    And yes i know it is summer now, so no school for those kids.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    I don’t believe any news from In touch magazine.

  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    that punk kid never seems to get older wtf?

  • Open your eyes and your mind

    Had your parents dragged you to a few places, you’d have been a better person now.

  • emma


    get over it. Loudes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne have the childhoods we wish we could have and could give our kids.

  • lollo

    Mad has grown so much, soon he will be 8, time flies and it’s great that he has some quality time with mum.
    But In Touch Magazine!? Don’t believe that.

  • emma

    @Jon and hailey + baby bailey:

    uhh yeah he does look at him now compared to April he has grown loads.

  • Sofia

    great person (Y)

  • pokeman

    annie @ 07/22/2009 at 4:53 pm

    when was the last time they dragged their kids around world? probably when brad was filming in germany. how many months ago?

  • Polly

    Queen Noor and the Queen of Hollywood!!!!!!

    I do really admire Angie and her great love for the children of the world.

  • debra77


    I am not going to attack. These are their children. In this world you get to raise YOUR children the way you chose too.. it is not open for debate. She and Brad have made these decisions on how to raise them.. It is to use a phrase… NO ONE ELES BUISNESS.. Parents in this country have choices. Some send their kids to public schools, some use private and others HOMESCHOOL their kids.. Brad/Angie have decided when necessary they will HOME SCHOOL thier kids.. Just like MILLIONS of Americans and others across the globe. If this is not the choice you would make fine. Send your kids to the school you want.. But how do you think it is your business to judge how these two people raise their kids..( and I am quite sure your disproval is ONLY give to Brad/Angie) do some research.. there are other celebs wo homeschool.. but of course they are not Brad/Angelina..

    Point is if they have it under control and are not asking you or the other critics to pay for their travel or take care of their kids.. then what business is it of yours and why does it bother you so much.? Why do you care?

    Maybe the other jp fans can make a list of other celebs who travel with their kids and a list of the celebs who work months and months away from their families.. not seeing their kids much at all.. Brad/Angie have both said that they keep their family together.. TOGETHER.. I think (JMO) that the kids care more about seeing Mommy and Daddy then that they are in a school.

    Take care of your own kids and watch as Brad/Angie take care of their 6.

  • awwwwwwww

    This is why Brad Pitt love Angie very much. I admire her.

  • annie

    @Open your eyes and your mind:

    Honey, im not pig brained like you
    I speak 5 different languages, not counting my mother language.
    Can you say the same?
    You ever been outside your country??
    And no, spring break in mexico does not count..

  • K.G.


  • ladams

    What will she wear all her dresses were stolen. Who would want to steal 3 boxes of black dresses?

  • OMG

    Good for angie,she is friends with queen noor,love her

  • Oliver

    She has friends??

  • ivecometoterms

    Wow! They really are broken up! :( They do nothing together anymore. I don’t think it’s healthy to stay in a relationship just for the kids. ?? I think Angie will be much happier on her own. Their relationship sounds toxic.


    A true beauty inside and out. Can’t wait to see Angie and Brad at the premiere of IB next month.

  • goaheadandbash

    does she ever do anything for american kids?

  • chicanery

    She of the permanent bitchface.


    jared ok is misinformed once again

    29th International Arab Children’s Congress Focuses on Children’s Security 12 July 2009

    Amman, Jordan (12 July 2009) – The 29th International Arab Children’s Congress (IAAC) took place from 5-11 July under the theme “The Right to Protection … Whose Responsibility?” under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor. Nearly 140 teenagers aged 14-16 from seventeen countries convened in Amman to discuss the well-being of children in light of risks such as war, pollution and the global financial crisis. This year’s guests of honor were Lebanese singer Najwa Karam and Jordanian actor Zuhair Nobani.
    “By bringing together young people from all over the world at a stage in their lives when they can begin to appreciate common values within their diverse perspectives, we hope to lay the groundwork for a more respectful and cooperative world,” Queen Noor said.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn boring
    go make a movie
    @goaheadandbash: i totally agree with u, i agree that u should help out refugees and other in the world but u barely hear her doing any big contributions to the us

  • t.m.delafonda

    THIS is why she has my admiration. She shows her children how to positively affect the world, not how to wear the latest fashions, be seen at the “hottest” events, or love materialistic things. Her children will realize that they are citizens of the world not just denizens of Hollywood. If everyone could do this it could erase geographical and cultural boundaries and eliminate prejudices that prevent us from solving world issues. Hate her if you must ,but, you can’t deny that she is truly an enlightened woman.

  • Buckley

    never have taken the Angelina kool-aid

  • hmm

    No wonder Brad isn’t attending London premiere which is on July 23 because Angie has an important event on the same day. They really support each other.

  • Shannon

    That’s bogus. She went in 2004 when it was the 24th. This year’s was the 29th and it already happened. ROTFL

    Amman, Jordan (12 July 2009) – The 29th International Arab Children’s Congress (IAAC) took place from 5-11 July under the theme “The Right to Protection … Whose Responsibility?” under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor. Nearly 140 teenagers aged 14-16 from seventeen countries convened in Amman to discuss the well-being of children in light of risks such as war, pollution and the global financial crisis. This year’s guests of honor were Lebanese singer Najwa Karam and Jordanian actor Zuhair Nobani.

  • t.m.delafonda

    @lakers fan in boston: Why don’t YOU start helping children in the U.S.A then you can come back and criticize to your heart’s content.

  • Angel_67

    awww..her son is sooo CuuTee..!

  • mariam


    about a week ago on tv *an arabic entertaiment news like ET*

    najwa karam a lebanese singer with queen nour at the Arab Children’s Congress event

    so i don’t know if it’s true

  • Shannon

    Angelina and Brad have given millions to the children of US military, they’ve helped set up the pedi cancer ward for St John’s. Angelina for many, many years has supported the Nations and children on the reservations. Brad and Angelina have also paid for and set up a traveling clinic in NOLA. It goes on and on

  • love them

    the idiots are back.

  • nat

    she looks like an emaciated spider……yuk

  • Lillianne

    Brad and Angelina are nearly Saints in New Orleans. The rest of the world has moved on but they continue to contribute. You have no right to criticize. Does anyone tell you where or how to spend your money? She is making her children aware of their world and should be applauded.

  • Rhonda

    Isn’t is about time to adopt another kid from a foreign country for her collection.

    sure hope Brad doesn’t pull a Woody Allen/Morgan Freeman and marry Sahara. that would be kinda sick! like woody and morgan!

  • jolie-pitt fan

    @Oliver: You are right there, she has friends all over the world & mostly in good standing, held high offices in the govt. She is known all over the world not only a good actress but a humanitarian as well.

  • eat something


  • pl

    @ivecometoterms: why do you want to break agood relationship specially when it involves 6 kids ? I pray for you, hope you find peace in your relationship.

  • Shannon

    They also saved a childrens park in LA, paid for it to be cleaned and restored and also have given millions for childrens arts

  • IMO

    If not for Arab Children’s Congress, it must be for UN related works. For the safety issue, UN usually releases information after Angie comes back.

  • lol

    @Shannon: LoL I guess In touch is desperate to find out where and what Angie is doing . They googled and found old info. LoL for the haters, Angelina has done plenty in the US. When they released the tax returns showed that Angelina supported many art centers and artistic type of park in LA and orphanages in the us. plus, she visited with the vets.That stuff is not publicized because it’s not part of her UNHCR work. Her work with UNHCR is public because her job for UNHCR is t bring awareness so it has to be public.

  • old lady

    Glad there are new pictures of AJ. Thanks JJ.

  • old lady

    Glad there are new pictures of AJ. Thanks JJ.

  • lol

    @nat: emaciated? what pix are you looking at? The airbrushed Pix from X17′s “angelina super skinny” edition? LoL what a joke. a very high percentage of Americans are OBESE .. maybe that’s why you think she’s emaciated. LoL

  • pl

    @lakers fan in boston: How about Brad & her helping the Katrina victims & more that will remain anonymous.

  • Teri

    WOW! Angelina sure does alot for the UN. I’m so happy for her and happy that she’s able to help others. Brad and her children must be so proud of her.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @t.m.delafonda: don’t bother with lakers_fan_in_boston. They are a troll from the ugly thread.
    BTW one and all, remember that Angie set up a children’s charity in Cambodia with plans that one day Maddox would run it? If she is making a humanitarian trip, what a great way to teach Maddox her vision? Remember Princess Di did that with her boys at an early age so that they could appreciate the suffering of others.
    I am not worrying about where they are. If they wanted me to know, they would let me know. Get it trolls…

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