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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Drive-Thru!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: McDonald's Drive-Thru!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pick up Happy Meals and other treats for all of their kids — Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 3, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 1 — at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (July 26).

Looks like Brad and Angie also picked up iced coffees for themselves! (Brad sat behind the driver’s wheel in the family’s Chevrolet Suburban SUV while Angie rode shotgun.)

Even the most famous of celebrities need their fast food fix!

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie picking up McDonald’s Drive-Thru…

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brad pitt angelina jolie mcdonalds drive thru 02
brad pitt angelina jolie mcdonalds drive thru 03
brad pitt angelina jolie mcdonalds drive thru 04
brad pitt angelina jolie mcdonalds drive thru 05
brad pitt angelina jolie mcdonalds drive thru 06
brad pitt angelina jolie mcdonalds drive thru 07
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alexanderina @ 07/26/2009 at 5:50 pm

I think they have the kids in the car, in some of the pictures, it looks like they are looking toward the back seats but hey I could be wrong

Nahla @ 07/26/2009 at 4:30 pm

I really do NOT understand the hype for these two. What’s make them so special? The fact that Brad left Jen for her?HA! talk about impressive… They were hot once….then…..back then before 2005….. =)

Then y a u here

No wonder Brad left the ball and chain. What guy wants to live off chicken salad?
Angie said in the Vogue interview that when she and Brad go for a drive they love a Taco Bell and a roadside motel.

I can imagine that when Angie and Madd got home they were tired. I’m sure they slept in and Brad and Angie has some Mommy/Daddy time

Had their Sunday Sleep and just thought hey lets go for a burger run. Yeah that is just great. Now the hater who have been screaming that they have separated are going to scream the usual. Because of course Brad/Angie can’t go out with their kids.. I remember seeing pics of Suri and Violet eating chocolate donuts and cupcakes. Ice cream and pizza. YET the hater are never on their thread screaming what bad parents Tom/Katie and Jen/Ben are for feeding their kids these things. But of course Brad/Angie have to live by a different standard..
YOU Freaks go back to FF and the other crazy sites. Cream yourselves on these new pics. Spend days and weeks analyzing the pictures.. Of course you will see what you want to see. The truth never matters. Best part.. EVERYDAY Brad and Angie show the world that they are going to live their lives as they choose and to H E L L with the people who don’t like it.

The thing I really love about them both and I don’t agree with Lainey on many things.. but i do believe that Brad/Angie call the shots in their life. They are in control. and to the up and coming celebs. you should pay for them to teach a class on not giving a flying F to the fools who spend all their time worrying and waiting for them to break up.

Yeah I love this couple.. And do you nutters see the smiles on their faces.. they mean.. YEAH WE ARE TOGETHER.. A FAMILY.. SUCK IT UP..

The guy serving them is so funny, he is posing and wants to be seen with the most gorgeous couple.

@Shemp lugosi:
You silly idiot, even President Obama eats at MacDonalds. Why, is your fug idol X doesn’t eat Macdonalds. Everybody does so stop your bs and for once think with your brains not with your a*ss.

I am so happy to see this gorgeous family out and about. I really hope to see the twins in the near future. I really miss the twins.

Another silly idiot. Have you no brains. As explained to all you silly idiot fans of X Brad was not stolen by Angelina from X. It was X who wrecked her own marriage. Now if you could not let go of this bs do us a favour get lost and pour all your bs in X thread. We have no use of you here.

In your dreams. hahaha

I’m new to earth. So a person can be in LA, then spend hours and hours in Iraq helping the suffering and then also be photographed in Heathrow airport in England all in the one day. Wow, this Angie sure is a amazing person. I am so glad to meet all of you that personally know her so well that you add it to your day to rag aout people that don’t believe in any of it. Power to the Angie lovers!

holy fck! i thought they’ve split???


so, i’m guessing the haters are making another lame posts.

PS: they look like they are having a great time. :)

@Shemp lugosi: Yeah,you hate them both ‘cuz they’re still together and looking so happily and in love with each other.Admit it guys,Brad will never go back to his x-rated ex and will never entrust his children with that wicked witch.My thoughts!!! Brangelina lives on to inject pain and suffering to the haters,and i’m loving it!!!

Happy to see them running errands. Having Sunday breakfast with the family. Hope to see them in Berlin.

Who would care for Brad ……

@Shemp lugosi: Like fast food will ever hurt anyone. (eyeroll) Everyone can enjoy it once in a while. It´s when you eat it too often and don´t exercise when it´s really bad. The Jolie-Pitts aren´t fat, so they seem to be holding up nicely and can enjoy some M-food. I don´t get what MacDs has to do with war in poor countries and children starving. It´s not up to them to save the world, but at least they do SOMETHING. Can you say the same for yourself? Not many people can.

I knew they had some fcking and love making when mama Angie arrived from her trip and i can imagine having more fcking tonight!!! They are so enjoying each other’s company on and off bed.

Awesome! Best looking couple on the planet! Jen and all her followers must be stewing right about now. Let the bashing begin! They’ll say how Brad looks bad (please!) and how Angies a *****, blah, blah,blah….so predictable. She’s the most talented, richest and beautiful ***** i’ve ever seen! If thats a *****, I wanna be one too! Love to see them photographed together, the only shame is that we don’t see them often enough, contrary to what the haters say. I can’t get enough of this couple, love, love them!

Ahh that’s sweet. I went through McDonald yesterday. I wish my kids was still in the happy meal stage in stead of the bigger meals.

They still have the house there, but they don´t like there permanently. They have like 4 houses. Recently they lived in New York while Angie taped her new movie. Before that it was Germany where Brad filmed Inglorious ********. Now it´s Los Angeles. By christmas they´ll be at some other place I am sure.

I can’t believe people still talk about Jenn A. Also how is it she makes so much money with these silly dinky movies she makes? I remember being shocked to see Brad P. had married this dull little tv type when I always imagined him with a glamorous movie star like Angelina. Even the Gwyneth thing had me puzzled. Why do Americans get so freaked that he left Jenn when its so obvious that he should never have been with her in the first place?

Blech; McD is revolting. They should see Food, Inc.

X17 says Brad is showing his age. News alert, that’s what happens when you get older — contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe. But let me just say this… I would chew off my left foot to spend one night with him and his grey whiskers! He gets hotter every day. I’m not sure how Angie can walk around during the day knowing what is waiting for her every night.

luv these 2 beautiful, sexy, and HOTT couple. McDonald’s Happy Meals Rock!

wrote shotgun — that’s funny right there!

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