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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green: Peet's Pair

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green: Peet's Pair

Megan Fox and her main squeeze Brian Austin Green get their caffeine fix at Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Los Angeles on Monday morning (July 27).

At the Comic-Con convention over the weekend, Megan shared about the zombie cheerleader she plays in the upcoming horror Jennifer’s Body.

“I think I’m pretty sexy in it,” the 23-year-old says. “You’d better put on your sexy shoes for this movie. There’s a hint of a bit of a lesbian relationship. There’s a girl-on-girl kiss. And beyond that, before every kill there is a seduction that occurs. The boys have to be seduced to get in close enough to the dead girl in order for her to devour them.”

FYI: Megan and Brian are both wearing LNA. She’s in the Hemp Tee in Black and he’s in a V-Neck Tee in Cherry.

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Credit: RF; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ali

    omg they’re such a hot couple!!! i’m a fan of both:)

  • Lollipop

    Brian looks like such a wife beat*er thug…The bully on the playground gets the girl. She’s obviously not too bright…He’ll be dumping her just like his beautiful ex.

  • ANA lĂș

    lovv her

  • marissa

    she tries waaaay too hard.

  • fresh

    LOL at her selling the movie by stating theres a girl on girl kiss and that she gets naked in it.

  • H.

    I miss the days when she was saying she looked like Alan Alda. Suddenly she’s on this ‘i’m so sexy’ kick, and it’s a little nauseating. Yuck.

  • alex

    they’re a good couple but they look unhappy

  • jeremy

    megan is sexy

  • Sam

    She is attractive but I’m getting tired of her….she needs to chill and be more humble!

  • KirstenK

    @H.: You have to realise ‘sexy’ is used to describe clothes and behaviour too, like a lot of skin showing. So saying, I look sexy in this movie doesnt necessarily mean omg i think im so hot, it means im dressed sexy, theres undertones of sex in this movie.

  • amy

    she seems humble to me she seems friendly in interviews

  • H.

    Kirsten, that’s just in this statement. She has had several interviews recently where she quoted as saying how she knows she’s very sexy. I’m sure she does know, how could she not? But talking about it all the time kind of takes away from it, imo.

    She’s too pretty to even be worrying about, or without the need to talk about it. It’s stating the obvious.

  • lol

    they perfect match – both zlist!

  • !

    she’s FUGLY!

  • KirstenK

    @H.: That I agree with:)

  • summer

    you wish megan was on the zlist! stunning

  • fm

    u losers fall for everything! she’s not cocky nor dumb, SHE IS VERY SMART cuz she knows exactly what shes doing when she says things like this…Megan’s got game! lol…cant wait for Jens Bod and Hex

  • fm

    according to hollywood she’s an A-Lister…where do u get Z from? lmao…

  • Jen

    she is pretty but the way she dresses comes off a bit trashy for some reason

  • summer

    she is an a-lister! brian looks buff and she looks cute

  • Beth

    Shes not full of herself, she says she thinks shes masculine. I bet if she said she wasnt pretty, You all would say shes trying to get attention. Whats she sopposed to say? Ive never heard her say “I know im hot’ or anything.
    Im all for megan fox, love her! cant wait to see the movie

  • amyisablockhead

    i like megan

  • Magicrat

    I think that her beauty – which is amazing – is completely overshadowed by the fact that she’s, unfortunately, a total moron. At most, she’s an arrogant, self centered and occasionally bigoted and sexist moron. At least, she’s aloof and off putting.

  • mdrrr

    what’s up hoe!!! i’m sure she opens her nasty legs to every man she meets, i mean she fcked the director of Transformers to get the part; she’s a hoe, a talentless one

  • Ariana

    everyone who says shes is ugly or has some negative comment about her is just jealous…she is GORGEOUS and whether you like her personality or not there is no denying it…

  • rachell

    omg what is wrong with u people she’s not a hoe calm down

  • brooke

    if u hate megan don’t comment hear it’s not like she reads this stuff whats the point of commenting if u hate her

  • mailey

    meggie is my girl crush. there, i said it.

  • http://deleted Magicrat

    Physically, Megan is probably the most gorgeous thing walking on two legs. Unfortunately, she has nothing else going for her, to the point where she admits she’s not talented.

  • IamLegend

    so Tongue-Foo Megan strikes again huh. Jennifer Blows, what a great movie this is gona be ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s not a z-lister neither an a lister
    she’s more along the b-lister
    she looks nice but i heard in one of her recent interviews saying how short she is
    no wonder i always find myself saying she has stumpy legs
    i always thought it was me looking for a flaw in her

  • rachel

    yuck and I hope she’s not in Transformers 3 or any movies in the future

  • hilary

    sexy couple!! can’t wait for her movies

  • christine

    Alrighty then…. well… notthing. Ahem. Ummm…

    Thank u. Thank u.

  • letitbe

    She can’t seem to get away from him. I guess he got good mojo! ;)

  • Frida

    Well, doesn’t this seem like a classy movie…. complete CRAP!

  • Lainey

    @mdrrr: Shes only had 1 boyfriend.. and thats Brain. Theyve been together for 5 years..

    Thats the furthest thing from slutty

  • Jughed

    Nice shorts, Megan!

  • jess

    i agree she’s not a hoe

  • well

    Leave out the nasty dyke sh*t… and I might go see it.

  • Sally

    They looks like a gorgeous couple.

  • cry no more

    they say shes a man and i looked it up in google and it was true =0 !!!!
    and she doesnt know how 2 talk realy ” i only date boys who have at least 6 tats ” !!! and the stuff she siad about the guy who made directed transformers 2 or what ever and she always talks dirty talk and she thinks shes the sexiest wo-man alive !! well ive seen better !
    but realy i dont think shes a good girl sorry if u guys dont like it !

  • dinsky25th

    she’s hot….he’s NOT! can’t she just dump him & hook up with a c-lister ATLEAST??

  • Sofia

    @fm: she’s told by her team what to say genius…

  • ops

    I agree..She is not a good actor.

  • Michael

    Megan looks gorgeous! Is there ever a time when she’s not drool-inducing?

  • heckler

    its too soon to tell whether Megs has any talent. We shall see in Jennifer’s the mean time l dont see the point of belittling her when there isn’t a reason to do it…yet. l am a fan of Megs and l will see the film as well as hex. Hoping for the best her film…love you Megan…p.s. drop Brian he’s a loser

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing!!