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Kate Gosselin: It's Camping Time!

Kate Gosselin: It's Camping Time!

Kate Gosselin packs up a cooler and lots of camping gear — including a Coleman PerfectFlow Camp Grill — on Monday morning (August 3) at home in Reading, Penn.

FYI: Kate‘s parents have a campground that is located in Sinking Springs, Penn.

After a short hiatus, Jon & Kate Plus 8 will return with new episodes starting TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT on TLC. Watch the sneak peek of episode “Renovations & Vacations” below! Looks like Kate will be struggling to pitch a tent so that her kids can camp in the family’s backyard.

New “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ — August 3!
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  • kabookie lookie

    Please. That clip from TLC is such a joke. The gig is up Kate – everyone who has been following your “reality” show knows that you have hired help to do EVERYTHING for you. You can’t even brush your teeth without assistance. Stop trying to schist viewers.

  • Jackman2369

    tALK about LOSERS….gotta keep those cameras rolling, Gosstards!
    What a pitiful life for your beautiful children….delegated to playing in front of a garage (AGAIN), just like your last place.
    I guess the 26 acres are just for show.
    The public IS SICK of your mantra “it’s 4 our kids” – NO….It’s because u are both sick individuals who want lots & lots of $$$$$ & fame, for which u deserve none of. The public is going to TURN U OFF!!! Oh, except for all those “sheep” that follow your bullshit!

  • Jackman2369

    Oh, nice real estate purchase in Maryland, Kate…..No affair with Mr. Neild?????? NOBODY believes it….

  • Rhonda

    I re-watched some episodes and seem to me (what do you think) that some of the men on the show were really dissing Kate and wondering aloud how Jon got thru. I’d never seen the show where Kate smacks Emereal (sp) with a spoon twice! seems to commiserate with Jon.

  • FLO

    Knowing cheap selfish kate, she is going to try to return them to get the money back or store credit.

  • Stacy from iowa

    Lots of hate for Kate when Jon is the one out whoring around and making up the rumors.

  • ya’ll are strange

    Ok, EVEN if you guys are right about Kate, some of you are WAAAAAY to angry at someone you don’t know. Add to that the fact that half of what you bitch about you don’t even know to be true. Didn’t People say that Kate wasn’t moving to MD? That it was just a rumor because she had lunch downstairs? That the agent selling the apartments said she’d never met Kate and had heard nothing of her interest in her condos? Guess ya’ll didn’t hear that did ya? On second thought, yeah, ya probably did. But THAT must be a rumor, right? Of course Kate is moving to md to be with the bodyguard she’s screwing(because Aunt Jodi(lying famewhore said so) right? Some of you are so gullible, yet you claim the opposite because you don’t believe any of the rumors…LMAO. You just don’t believe the ones that don’t make her look like the devil. These rags are hunting these people because of you, so until you turn off the computer and put away the cheeto-dusted tabs, you can take your “Oh the poor children” crap and shove it.

    PS Jon is a douchebag. Accept it. Move on.

  • steph

    hiatus? one of the first shows is when they were at the beach in NC a few weeks ago…they took ZERO time off

  • Linda

    Kate is a strong women emotionally. Most people can’t handle a strong woman. She had to be to keep this family going. Jon’s short comings are many which are now being exposed. The show was a success and other networks set about to quash the show. Jon was there to play right in the hands. All reality show stars make big bucks, why pick on the Gosselins…jealousy. Kate is a good mother, the children are well adjusted and if Jon will keep his pants up for a few months in public they will be even better. He is not concerned how his childish behaviour is affecting the children.
    Kate Plus 8 should continue.

  • aNGIE

    PLEASE……it is all for the show…..when they were on a break U did not see them going camping or to the park. The only thing u saw was the media attention grabbers in the front yard for the 4th and her running errands and him out making a fool of himself and his family! I used to watch the show back in the day-I could relate to Kate-watching her clean the kitchen floor over and over again, doing tons of laundry, shopping on a budget–but now non of us regular people can relate to this family–with all of their maids, nannies, and personal chefs (except for the Brad Pitts of the world-can relate to them). All they care about is $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!! They put the show FIRST over their marriage and over their kids!!!!! I think that after they bought that house and made a big chunk of the money they should’ve ended the show-when John showed obvisous signs of wanting it to end (but Kate saying we have some “ironing out to do”–stupid chick–and then maybe doing like a yearly checking in on the family so they could earn more $$—Kate should’ve put her marriage first!!!!!!! They are very selfish people and I really don’t think that they were Christians at all–I think that was a scam to pull people in! I hope that this show gets cancelled soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy

    she should date her bodyguard

  • ?

    Is a trailer park the same as a campground? I do believe her parents run a trailer park.

  • ellen

    My eight year old has the same type of tent and puts it up himself. Good luck Kate.hehehe

  • pp

    So what did she do load up the SUV and drive a hundred yards to the back yard.
    No doubt she did”t stay overnight, she’s a ninny,…that is unless the production crew was there to film.

  • Abby

    #7….is your name Kate? Why are you one here?

  • a greedy creep she is

    -I do believe I can see the dollar signs in Kate’s eyes right through the shades.
    -those kids had better look like they are having fun or she”ll scold them


    Oh poor Kate; a single mother struggling to raise eight kids in a million dollar house and a million dollar bank account plus the hundred thousand hidden in the house. How hard can it be? Kate might find out when the show is canceled and the hired help leaves and she actually has to raise the cash cows.

  • lola

    people seethe with jealousy because kate is a strong woman who takes no crap from anyone, but they really just hate themselves because they are only “strong” when they are criticizing Kate on the Internet. In their own life they are meek while Kate is strong, and they hate knowing that the strongest they’ll ever be is right here, typing about how much they hate Kate.

    pity the haters. they only find strength in hate. it’s tragic.

  • ya’ll are strange

    Gee Abby, you’re so clever. Can’t get nothin past you, huh? I MUST be Kate or Jon or the PR people because no one could possibly have that opinion except them, right? HA! You guys are so predictable. Go back to your mothership and tell them Katie Irene said Hi.

  • Sue

    Now that there isn’t a convenient whipping boy around, who does she vent her anger at? it has to be someone, kids, boys, hired help ,all? we know it is not at herself (Ms ” I never said I was pur-fect”) daaa

  • Skye

    The last time they went camping in the backyard at the old house they showed them shopping at a sporting goods store and buying all new equipment. Then they sold it all at their televised rummage sale. Now they are camping again in their own backyard and have received all new camping equipment from Coleman! Yes, life is so hard as a single mother Kate! Not when you have tons of help and get everything free. Try living in the real world first.

  • Beckysue

    Shame on yunes who dont like this wunderful mom Kate. She does the best she can with 15 mill. and a staff ov 10. I’d juss like to see yunes put up a freebie play tent with 8 little asiuns runnin round. She got her muney by being strong, strong enuff not to let human feelins in while she ripped off churchpeople an other suckers. Strong enough to dump everyone in betweenand betwixed her an all the muney she can pounce on. You go Girl! Jon is no good and yunes are jell us.

  • Abby

    To: ya’ll are strange – why haven’t you turned off your computer yet???

  • melissa

    who cares that she’s camping? wow!!! she’s a reality tv star!! she’s living her life!! hey, i saw my neighbor going to check the mail all by herself this morning!! where’s the reporters and paparazzi to take pics of her, because it’s pretty much the same thing. and if she is “acting” then who cares? i highly doubt that any of you know kate gosselin personally and have to deal with her on a day to day basis. so let’s all just let it go.


    @SKYE A poster on another site,, said that Kate DID receive all of her camping free from Coleman’s. All she had to do, was show the Coleman label’s several time’s, and make sure they were turned toward’s the camera’s. I guess she is still ” putting on an act, ” like her attorney said to do. That way, she will butter-up the public and change their perception of what she really is like.
    In the end, Jon will come out looking like the cad he is. ( That is what her attorney is hoping for ). In the past Kate never did anything with her family, now she is visiting her family’s campground? Isn’t that way beneath her? No starbucks and nail salons? Probably not as many paparazzi’s around, either.
    How will she survive, for goodness sake.
    Well, at least the vacation will leave the house vacant long enough for Jon to look through it and try to find the missing and hidden $$$$$.
    If he finds it quickly, he can run back to the Big Apple and spend it on his new BFF, Lohan and his string of nasty chicky-poo’s. Or, at the very least, a few months supply of Marlboro’s and lighters, so he can blow stinky, smelly nicotine smoke from his gosh awful looking nasty lips onto his children. Or kiss them with. EEEWWWWW.
    No telling WHERE those things have been. They need to be isolated and disinfected and sprayed. Makes me sick to look at that creature spending so much of his children’s money. He and Kate are a waste of piss-poor protoplasm.

  • gosselinssuck

    And since Kate is ESTRANGED from her parents (and entire family) it makes all the sense in the world that she go camping there. JustJared, why don’t you follow her and see where the bitch really goes? Just sayin’….

  • Daisy

    Why is it that when they show it, it’s fake, but when they don’t show it, it never happened? Or if it’s bad, it happened, but if it’s good(or not even good, just not horrible)it’s a rumor? Kate never did anything with her kids before(because they didn’t show it(which is stupid because they are always doing stuff on the show)), but now that they are doing something on the show, it’s just made up for the show? Did I get that right? So if you see it, it didn’t happen and if you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Okay. I think I got it. You guys must be way smart not to confuse yourselves with this nonsense.

    And Abby, you can stop with the pointless one-liners. If you can’t explain and make me understand why you are in love with Kate Gosselin to the point of stalking her, I have nothing more to say to you.

  • Daisy aka Ya’ll are strange

    Calm down Abby. I still think you’re strange, I just needed a shorter name.

  • Ha ha

    I guess all the Kate haters are back and commenting on duplicate names when it’s really only a few. Now that people are starting to see Jon as a nonDad, they can’t stand for Kate to get any sympathy. The fact of the matter is that if you tear her down, you are tearing down those kids. People are getting way too angry. Seems like there are a few guys who can’t get a woman and women with real “winners” at home that are the few that are commenting but pretending to be multiple haters. If you really hate her, ignore the posts, articles, shows, or anything about the Gosselins. Put your “passion” to something better like helping out people in your community or even members of your families that badly need a hand.

    My 2 cents…

  • lola


    she doesn’t have to butter up the public into liking her or feeling sympathy for her. Jon did that when he started running around with a different woman every couple of days – not to mention mr. lohan. kate will continue to be kate – like her or not.

    you people who are obsessed because she has help or money to hire help, you must not have money. if you did you’d know that it can’t buy you out of unhappiness or tough times.

  • Shocked

    I am shocked at how many “Perfect” parents/women are making comments about Kate. Let’s hope you never go through what she is going through right now with her husband and divorce…although, I am sure you would all handle it as gracefully as she has.

  • Kendra Goisba

    @lola: I think that alot of you get up in the morning just hating You all know that kate is a good mother and is doing her best to cope in this very difficlt time I dont care how many people she has working for her and helping her with 8 kids It appears that her soon to be exhusband doesnt give a rats ass about any body but himself!!! Stop hating on Kate and try to understand what she and her children are going through her and her children

  • lola

    @Kendra Goisba:

    I don’t hate Kate. I think a lot of people here skim posts and then just assume they are negative about Kate, but if you took the time to really read my post before responding to it, you would have known that i don’t hate kate. You owe me an apology.

    You know what happens when you assume, right?

  • SjE

    @ya’ll are strange: *woot woot * :)

  • daaaahhhh!

    I guess all the Kate lovers are back and commenting in duplicate names when it’s really only ONE.

  • Amy

    Another site said that Kate packed up that stuff and took it to UPS.

  • Gina W. O. Perry

    For Kate parenting is just like showing a manufacturers label; You just pretend you are a good parent when the cameras are rolling , like pointing your label to the camera.

  • Amy


    She didn’t say EVERYBODY and she didn’t single you out.

  • Amy

    @Gina W. O. Perry:

    Are you there all the time? How would anyone know this? All any of us know, is what the media feeds us.

  • Kelly

    Gina – very true!….. te-hee

  • abbie

    Go Kate! I’m excited the show is back.

  • hate Khate

    I heard Kate say that she will never let her detractors and the media stop her from traveling and being on the road to make money.(for the kids,..yeah)
    What a truly horrible mother she is . How much is enough greedy witch?

  • lola


    So when she clicked reply to MY post (the way you just did – i says @lola in her response) that wasn’t singling me out?

    Are you for real?

  • Amy

    I just hope the Gosselin children will never read the horrible things that are said about their parents.

  • anna

    @ya’ll are strange:
    #7 Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • lola


    So when she clicked reply to MY post (the way you just did – it says @lola in her response) that wasn’t singling me out?

    Are you for real?

  • Shannon

    Gee, I hope Kate doesn’t hook up the camping stove fuel wrong…….kablooey

  • Amy


    I apologize to you. I didn’t even notice that she had clicked reply.

  • Danielle K.

    # 25 Hannah…. Right ON !………. hehe

  • TRw

    I always feel sorry for people that tear other people down. I am glad that my parents taught me not to do that.