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Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

Miley Cyrus dances around a pole atop an ice cream cart while performing her hit new song “Party in the USA” at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Disney starlet picked up SIX surfboards for Comedy TV Actress, Comedy TV show for Hannah Montana, Music/Dance Movie Actress, Hissy Fit for the Hannah Montana movie, music single for “The Climb” and summer song for “Before the Storm.”

Later, Miley presented the Ultimate Choice Award to Britney Spears because “I’m a huge fans of hers.”

Watch Miley‘s pole-dancing performance go down TOMORROW, August 10 @ 8-10PM ET/PT on FOX.

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus‘ pole dancing party in the USA…

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Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ; Photos: Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/Getty, Kevin Mazur/WireImage
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  • http://england lily

    ok thats so wrong, why would you have even a reference of a pole dancing skit at a teen awards thing, im 19 and even i think thats wrong on so many levels. ick who’s her management?

  • http://england lily

    ok thats so wrong, why would you have even a reference of a pole dancing skit at a teen awards thing, im 19 and even i think thats wrong on so many levels. ick who’s her management?

  • julia

    COME ON! its ok, i dont like Miley either..

    BUT so what with showing her bra?! WHATEVER everybody uses it, or already saw it.. its not THAT bad

    now, the SHORTS are SOOOOOOOOOOO SMALL.. and she’s not even hot to use it!!! she doesnt even has nice legs to show.. EWWWW!

  • Quinn

    @lily: Her mom’s her manager.

    She’s becoming druggie-thrashy-Sl_tty Lindsay Lohan + Britney Spears 2.0. Even her sister, who’s NINE, becoming like her.

  • Riley

    No wonder she ended up with a stalker. This is completely inappropriate for a 16 year old child.

  • Jenny

    Trashy. And number #107 is right. That girl is disgusting and inappropriate, and then wonders why she has a stalker. I’m sure he isnt the only stalker either. Don’t her parents get it? Or are they just using her as a cash cow?

  • Tia

    Oh please Miley is awesome and she is just doing her Job leave her alone and let her live her life.

    Miley you rock.

  • Tina

    You people are so awful I watched the video and Miley didn’t even spend a minute on the Ice cream cart and everyone is saying she did a pole dance. Miley is awesome and her performance rocks. Get over your jealousy and dislikes.

    Miley Fan forever she rocks so haters get a life.

  • Jayda

    Oh God why?
    shes 16 years old!

  • Vay Nay Nay

    That girl’s expression in picture 6 says it all.

  • Celebritywatcher

    I’ll skip that party!!!

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions @

  • blah blah blah

    What has happened to her?
    Lots of people making bad choices for her, obviously.
    I did not see a lot of “talent” going on in this performance.
    Her voice is not great and her dancing was pretty lame.

    Too bad.
    ps. The Michael Jackson hat trick is far from her replacing the King of Pop.
    Dream on.

  • claire

    wtf is wrong with this girl? pole dancing at 16 seriously?

  • Lola

    A 16 year old doing a pole dance. That feud she had going about those photos in Vanity Fair, the photographer just totally won.

  • LoveLeeR

    Miley is just a teen and she can have really stupid idea. But come on, you can’t only blame her for this pool dance, BLAME THE PRODUCERS OF THE SHOW AND HER DAD for allowing this!!!!!
    Poor girl, they’re going to kill her reputation once and for all.

  • kim

    Excuse me but pole dancing at a teen awards show? Hello – wrong!

  • Kim

    Shame on Teen Choice Awards…

    Her parents should ground her till she’s 18…then she can go on to become the trashy performer she is trying to be…she is a role model to girls who want to be like her…she should be ashamed of herself! Her parents need to step up to the plate and be parents!!

    Way to go Billy Ray!! Another accomplishment to be proud of right up there with the mullet!

  • Mileyfan


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    you white people will build up the most ugly, untalented, whoriish biishes. it’s ridiculous. LOL
    don’t need – looks, class, or talent – to become a star in white america. hahahahahahaha..
    little annoying fugly-fish-faced bish got millions of ugly easily influenced little girls wanting to be just like her – priceless.

  • AJ

    EWWW! thats so gross. I can’t stand her.

  • tiffany

    can somebody tell how holding on to a pole for 10 seconds is “pole dancing” ? Honestly u haters blow stuff way out of proportions

  • vanessa

    All I have to say is …GET IT GIRL! haha I’m so proud of her for gettin down like that!

  • Tip

    Steal the show Have millions of people talking about you the day after. Mission accomplished. She has great PR!!

  • Kara

    She didn’t even really do anything.. oh and Vanessa is definitely more trashier than her.. Miley doesn’t pose naked or kissing other girls!!!!! You all make a big deal out of Miley but dont with people who actually more trashier and less classier. I don’t get people these days.


    I cannot believe that Miley would pole dance and wear basically underwear on TV. Come on, show some class.. You are such a role model to so many young kids… What is this teaching them? I would NEVER and I mean NEVER let my daughter out of the house dressed like that!

  • Amanda

    And then she’ll go apologize for this and say she didn’t know it was a bad example. If she wants to dress/dance like this then she should make music that targets older people and move on from her tween idol status because this was inappropriate.

  • Danielle

    I couldn;t agree with you more

  • Amber

    that’s the point. pole dancing isn’t her job.
    being a role model for little kids is her job, so don’t even say shes just doing herjob. that’s far from it, kiddo.

  • Steph

    terrible!!! she has ZERO class… she should take a cue from Alexis Bledel…

    check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage

  • Steph

    terrible!!! she has ZERO class… she should take a cue from Alexis Bledel…

    check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage

  • Steph

    terrible!!! she has ZERO class… she should take a cue from Alexis Bledel…

    check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage

  • what a ho

    People who say that wasn’t pole dancing need to grow a brain, it’s obvious what it is. When a 16 year old kid dresses in sequined undies and does this sort of thing, it appeals to and encourages pedophiles. She’s just a kid. If she wants to turn into a slutty ho she could wait til she’s 18, since she’s a Disney kid and lots of really little girls idolize her.

  • Mommy

    Very classy, her parents must be proud, cha ching, cha ching.

    All she needed was that fat skank Kim Kardashian to come out and have guys pee on her. Great role models for our teens!

  • Topdog

    that’s exactly the problem, isn’t it? she’s 16, and young girls are watching this show. no pole should have been part of the prop during her performance. it doesn’t matter what she did with it for how long. the audience is still impressionable youngsters.

  • Jen

    how could they allow that. A 16 year old on a pole during the TEEN choice awards in those shorts , a bunch of kids are watching this. For heaven sakes, this girl is so trashy and the show is worst for allowing this.

  • Kelsey

    This is of the nast…miley cyrus is 16 YEARS OLD and should not be using a stripper pole at any of her performances. This is clearly wrong. Unless she wants to give people the impression that she’s a slut.

  • Re: christina

    Britney didnt act like that until 18 or 19 years old. Not 16!

  • leah

    prudes on here this is the only way to make it the world and for her to move away from disney. whats the big deal she has clothes on. ease up you go girl.

  • eryn

    hmm, that thing that she stepped out of, what was that supposed to be? it sort of looked like a house from a trailer park? maybe its mileys new home.
    i really dont understand why she hasnt totaly flopped yet. i mean, litle girls are still alowed to watch her on tv and listen to her music.
    hasnt she; posed almost nude pictures of herself on the internet?
    posed nude for a magazine?
    dated a much older guy?
    and now pole danced on tv?
    i dont think that many parents are all that approving when it comes to these things.

  • bellA

    Classy . . .it proves that Disney stars are bound down the road of Britneys fallout.

  • Angel

    Well after watching the video, I’m glad to see she didn’t really get dirty with the pole. she did the one signature move, but that’s about it. Regardless, she’s only 16 and if her parents aren’t going to tell her “No” then someone else needs too. She’s 16, and doing what typical 16 year old girls do. They are bombarded with images of skanky ho bags and sex, so they imitate that in order to be “attractive.” However, most 16 year old girls have parents to tell them “No” every once in a while. Or “No, you can’t go on stage in front of millions of TV viewers in short shorts, a ripped t-shirt with a sheer bra underneath, and dance with a pole.” So, it’s too bad she doesn’t have enough common sense and respect not to do such things, but it’s REALLY too bad that no one is guiding her in the right direction. Sex sells, so I can understand her doing such things in a couple of years, but letting her do these things at 16 is giving her a bad reputation.

  • elementsofblindess

    Its not that she pole danced. SHE DID NOT. She just STOOD there.

    BUT she was not dressed nice. Showing as much as possible is not cool! esp for a 16 yr old! esp when you have MANY MANY little girls who look up to you!

    Miley Cyrus is not classy at all. And that is why people “attack” her. If she dressed appropriately (not for her fans but mainly for self respect and modest issues) she’d be near perfect.

  • me

    OMG!! WHY?!! are they doing this at the TEEN choice awards? 8 year old girls watch this show! 8 year old girls who for some reason look up to Miley Cyrus and they let her POLE DANCE?!! What is the world coming to?!!

  • jobie

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the white trailer trashpole dancing wanna-be whore out of the girl. Another Disney mistake…*shamed* She shouldn’t be on anything “teen” any more.

  • amy

    she has nice teeth

  • bey rocks

    OMG are u kidding me? she looks like a stripper and she is just 16 AND a disney star! great role model!

  • cutie pie

    WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED????? and ewaht she is doing is not dancing,, she cant dance strutting around on stage and acting like a hooker is not dancing! her voice is annoying and if it walks like a duck call it a duck Jamie Foxx!! good looking out!!

  • Mileyfan

    Wtf?! guys it’s not that bad… miley cyrus is not a britney spears 2.0 ! Her performance was great well… sort of… but the singing was good! What’s so slutty about this?! It’s just pole dancing what’s so wrong about it?!

  • Quinn

    @Mileyfan: How about the fact that she’s a 16 year old wanna-be “role model” for all the little kiddies that (sadly) idolize her? She’s pretty much sending out the “HEY KIDS LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. LETS ALL DANCE AROUND STRIPPER POLES AND ACT LIKE SOON TO BE SLU.TS!!” message. :/ And yes, she is Britney 2.0… maybe worse. Actually, yeah, she’s way worse.

  • Jon King

    I really don’t get this. A show watched mostly by kids….why the need for that act here? If she wants to dance like that, that is her busines, she has MTV and numerous other outlets. Why on earth did that act need to be done on that speciic show?