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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Madeo Mates

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Madeo Mates

Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols share a laugh together after grabbing dinner at Madeo in Hollywood on Tuesday (Sept 1).

Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, seem to have rekindled their romance after dating for awhile in 2006.

The One Tree Hill couple were last spotted having frozen yogurt together in SoHo a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, their on-screen romance as Brooke and Julian remains strong as the new season of One Tree Hill kicks off on September 14.

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Love Sophia Bush

    She’s G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S*. I LOVE HER!!

  • siera


    well she’s constantly like “oh no i would NEVER get drunk and party, thaqt’s such a bad example blah blah blah” so it would kiiiinda make her a hypocrite no? plus all those other pictures out there of her drinking and smoking…i don’t like hypocrites.

  • Cassie

    @siera: First of all she don’t smoke! And second you need to find your own life.

  • Celebwatcher

    The guy seems gracious but I don’t see this going anywhere and I’m psychic.

    Check out my 2010 psychic prediction and Brangelina analysis at

  • Cassie

    @LOL: Do you have pictures to prove it? No, so please shut up. Pathetic losers. Sophia rocks!

  • M

    I call bullshit. They’ve been pictured together way too much recently for this not to be a publicity stunt. Just like there are pics of Rob/Shantel at the Final Destination premiere together. I know they are all “friends”, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something’s up. If I’m wrong and they are back together…..that’s a shame because I think Austin can do much better.

  • Ernhal

    Why do people said that Austin is guy ?!

  • Drunk

    @Ernhal: Bc he is obviously

  • Ernhal

    is gay, sorry! I like them together ..

  • Ernhal

    They look happy together, so leave them alone

  • Lucy

    @clearly not dating:

    oh please like what info do you know.

  • fashion smashion

    actually I’ve heard a lot of people think he’s gay.

  • j

    love the bothhhh
    sophia looks gorgeousss

  • jana

    wow just because they’re laughing that makes them drunk everyone hates chad cause he frowns now everyone hates sophia cause she smiles pathetic and everyone is still saying stuff about costars wow you jealous pathetic losers need to up date your trash talk it’s getting boring to read by the way cute couple!

  • jenna

    OTH fandom is really crazy, I’ve never seen any other teen show where fans hate each other so bad.

  • Bree

    Sophia and Austin look really cute together and it looks like they’re having a lot of fun. I love that they’re matching.
    really can’t wait for the new OTH season now. brulian ftw

  • :)

    Sophia has GREAT legs.

  • Allie

    wooo! love them!!! sophia especially!
    props JJ for posting about them. keep it up!

  • jamie

    @hu wow you think sophia is chubby that’s sad i wish i was chubby if i could look as good as she dose sausage legs lol her legs are hott jealous much hater

  • tiffany

    she looks really beautiful here glad to see her so happy it makes me happy:)

  • Jen

    I don’t like Sophia but she is not chubby
    I think they look really cute in these pictures. I love Austin’s smile.

  • Em


    And the “R” is Jennifer stands for RUDE. Shut the hell up.

  • kelsey

    whoever thinks sophia is fat is ugly inside and out she is one of the most beautiful women and how can you not like someone if you don’t even know them

  • paula

    Another co-star???
    very disrespectful to the ones she already dated and Austin is ugly

  • Penelope

    James Lafferty is much hotter

  • kara

    @ paula why does everyone keep saying another costar like a stuoid idiot it’s been the same costar for about a year now austin nicols so it’s really not all that shocking the most innoying comments are on here and about disrespecting chad please he was like engaged to kenzie while he was still married to sophia so i’m sure they don’t care about each others feelings anymore it’s been 4 years

  • BambAM

    mmkay sophia..time to move away from the co-stars……and Austin time to admit your loev for Jake

  • BambAM

    mmkay sophia..time to move away from the co-stars……and Austin time to admit your loev for Jake

  • siera

    actually yes. there is a pic of her smoking. here ya go :

  • Melanie

    Oh please. A picture of her smoking that was taken a couple of years ago?? What are you trying to prove?? I can PROMISE you that Sophia has NEVER been a smoker. Yes, she has had a cigarrette or two here and there but she has never been a smoker. And she hasn’t touched a cigarette in years.
    The worst thing Sophia has ever done is drink alcohol which is something that EVERYONE has done at one point or another. Yes, she drinks. She never said she doesn’t drink. But she has NEVER done anything stupid while drinking unlike most celebrities in Hollywood who have driven while drunk or have danced half naked on table tops in clubs or parties.
    DON’T sit there and act like a f*ckin saint. Sophia is NOT underage and nor is she breaking any laws. So calm the f*ck down and leave if you’re not a fan because you sure seem to be spending a lot time focusing on someone you apparently don’t like.

  • siera

    hey, i was just answering a question. someone asked if i had a picture of er smoking or drinking and i did so…i posted it.

    i think it’s hilarious. i never said anything about it being wrong. do something with your life besides writing 3 paragraphs defending a person you don’t even know.

  • j.

    i think sophia could’ve had a good career in movies but for some odd reason she decided to stick with the shitfest that is OTH. i’ll never understand that.

  • Melanie

    If I feel like writing a f*ckin essay, then I WILL. Who are you to tell me what I can write or how long my comment should be?? If you can’t deal with it, then don’t bother reading what I post. Its not exactly rocket science.

  • siera

    o sophia worshippers…so hilar. i just found a new favorite hobby – riling up the sophia fans, my favorite part is when you start cussing and personally attacking people. ok carry on…i’m gonna go back to observing in silence and laughing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww, she looks so happy
    hope everything is going ok
    cute girl like her deserves it all
    i dont think that skirt is very flattering on her, it kinda looks like she has a big stomach

  • riley

    Wow talk about FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Everything about these two is just wrong.. Austin needs to come out, there’s no shame, and Sophia just needs to date someone else other than the guys at the same tv show.

  • mich

    i am so happy that they are dating !

  • mich

    i am so happy that they are dating !

  • Ana

    Love these two. They look like they are laughing and enjoying themselves. The OTH nut jobs posting here are ridiculous.

  • Nikki

    who are these two, are they even famous?

  • Hmmm…


    BWAHAHA… Jealous much?

    Doesn’t really matter if their together or not, they seem happy.

    Just wish Austin would stop wearing those horrible shoes!

  • alamokid

    If he wants to avoid the “he’s gay” comments, I suggest he think twice about wearing satin suspenders and big turquoise rings in the future.

  • D.

    Sophia Bush.. About as famous as the deli guy down the street. That’s all that comes to mind..

  • Lynn

    WOW did not see that turquoise ring Austin is wearing, is he really gay? I mean there is nothing worng with being gay but I did not see his ring until someone said something LOL..I can’t stand Sophia she is soo fake, and thinks she is better than some..please don’t make me laugh.

  • kara

    lol srry if sophia is so unfamouse why is there always stuff about her on websites why does she have so many fans and why are they’re 100 comments everytime she has a post by tommorow there will be 200 and how famous are you? wow the haters post are so sad she dosen’t care what you say and no one else does gosh go get a life

  • kara

    oh i forgot it’s terrible to see how jealous people are there is nothing wrong with these to so you just have to make stuff up cause it makes you feel better about yourself that’s all this site is fat ugly losers who have no life come on here to bash celebs cause it makes them feel better i wish this site would just go away so people could get a life of there own so they don’t have obsses over celebs and be so hateful you should all be ashamed of yourselves

  • Taylor

    Keep talking haters. All its doing is making the post garner more hits which in turn shows Jared how much people love commenting on Sophia which in turn will get him to post more and more about her. And thats GREAT news for her fans who LOVE and ADORE her to death.

  • mary


    Does it bother you so much? he’s been wearing it for years now and if you can tell if someone is gay by the clothes or rings they wear then probably half of this planet is gay. those rumors are getting old so people should come up with something new.

  • Jimmy

    This girl is so fu#cking HAWT!!! She’s way to good for him. She should date me instead..

  • Sam

    Is this girl pregnant?