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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Madeo Mates

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Madeo Mates

Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols share a laugh together after grabbing dinner at Madeo in Hollywood on Tuesday (Sept 1).

Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, seem to have rekindled their romance after dating for awhile in 2006.

The One Tree Hill couple were last spotted having frozen yogurt together in SoHo a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, their on-screen romance as Brooke and Julian remains strong as the new season of One Tree Hill kicks off on September 14.

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • nicole


    I couldn’t say it better myself.

  • jen

    I’m glad Sophia is growing her hair back out. She looks beautiful. Not a fan of Austin so I wont comment. But its nice to see her so happy.

  • ilovelucy

    I’m not some crazy Sophia fan. I’m not crazy about anyone on the cast. I do like Soph, Bethany, and Austin. They are my favorites Sophia being the least but people do need to leave her alone if they’re still busy worshipping that cheating whore Lafferty.

    James and Shantel are together and have been together longer then you people want to know. You people are being stupid believing anything you don’t want to hear. Why would anyone make that up to make Sophia look good? It wouldn’t make her look good. She is what she is. She does what she does. No offense to her. That would be so stupid. If Sophia is unprofessional so is James. Sophia didn’t try and pull strings for Austin like James tried to pull for the new poor man’s Sophia. Shantel is a get around girl who takes her clothes off for anyone. Do your research.

    James and Shantel are the dirty little secret that even the cast was kept in the dark about until it blew up in their faces. The only person who knew about them from the start was Mark. People should hope all the dirty details don’t come to light about why the character was changed to fit Shantel and what else James requested and made happen. If you’re a Soph, Bethany, Austin, or Robert fan know that your favorites have dealt with big bullshit and drama do to James and Shantel. For their sake it better not leak. It will kill the love for some of you.

    Who cares whether you guys believe this or not. There are tons of private pictures waiting to come out if you know the right people in Wilmington. Robert is just a front. Heaven forbid the NH fans find out. Worse they’re putting a batshit crazy amount of stock in Haley and Quinn and Clay and Quinn. Too bad they can’t do Haley and Clay and let the lying whores keep the STDs to themselves.

    People are so easily played. The James and Shantel bomb sunk so bad on set. Especially if you know the details. What did take them so long to cast Quinn by the way?

    For those of you who think I’m just a know nothing hater, I’ll say some things about OTH this season people wouldn’t know unless they were with someone on the crew like I am. Hear me now, deny and call me names. Believe when what I say comes true.

    Brooke wants to marry Julian and you’ll know in epi 1. She is to ask him on the beach and then doesn’t. She’ll be sad when eavesdrops on him when he tells his dad he’s not thinking about marrying Brooke in a later episode.

    Nathan and Clay flirt with the baby mama person at a road game party. You will see it in flashbacks. Clay will even mention it needs to look sexy. Nathan plays the role like a lap dog instead of ignoring the baby mama liar when she sniffs him and tells him how good he smells. Clay and Nathan mention if pictures like that get out it will look bad. Those two look like dumb f***s in the flashbacks unless the network slashes and dashes. They didn’t like how it made them look. It’s filming now. For fans of Nathan and Clay and you “believe want you want to” fans better hope the network gets their way and wins the battle with Mark.

    Alex tells Brooke that she stripped to her birthday suit for Julian and Brooke gets mad that Julian didn’t. Fans of Brooke are in for insecure Brooke bull this season.

    Believe or not. No reason to lie. James and Shantel are the most disgusting people on that set. Everything you’re seeing in the media and around wilm and reading in the press is a publicity smokescreen to protect the franchise. Sophia gets around but it’s her life. If you want to hate on her don’t be a hypocrite. James gets around and cheats on the people he gets around with. Sophia isn’t a cheating whore. That title belongs to Lafferty.

    Some of you fans have got to quit believing only what you want.

  • julie

    OMG! That was the juiciest post! Love it. But I’ve heard that James is like the nicest guy on the planet.

  • Hmmm…


    I’m sorry but I can’t see why if you were really someone ‘in the know’ you would bother coming on to a site like JJ to bitch about the cast.

    Also, the things you said ‘only someone with a crew member would know’ are already spoilers that have come out.

    I’m not calling you a liar, just stating the facts. Oh and I agree with you on the point that James seems like a playa (Although I heard he was a really ‘nice’ guy) but he’s 24… Boys will be boys and young boys tend to think with their lower half… HEHE

  • ilovelucy

    If you don’t think people “in the know” are watching the public perception of the show and cast (including sites like these) you’re not very in touch with all that goes on in making franchises work.

    I’m human just like anyone else. If I want to comment especially when I see someone being unfairly attacked given the real bts dramas on the set I’m going to comment. That’s all there is to me coming out to post.

    I don’t like seeing someone being wrongly or hypocritically being picked apart. That is happening. I’ll comment if I want. What I want to waste my time doing should be of no essence to anybody nor should it invalidate my information.

    Okay I give. Uncle. I’ll bow out of this game after this, everyone can believe what they want. I know I wouldn’t want to believe it either.

    Has anyone mentioned this?

    The show is going to do an eating disorder and body image story caused by Brooke being petty and jealous towards Alex.

    Alex will start taking pills and drinking lemon water as meals. Millie will copy Alex. Millie will start to have problems.

    You’re right. I must not be “in the know.” Like I said believe or not no skin off my back.

    James can think with his lower half he is a boy. When James thinks with his lower half and attempts to impact some things I won’t even mention for a girl who hasn’t had her first scene on the show air it’s not hehe funny anymore. It’s not professional and it’s not fair to the other cast members who would have been kept in the dark unless the bomb dropped. It’s because the others found out James and Shantel won’t get away with everything they were trying to.

    I don’t like seeing people get shafted especially when in the bucket of things Sophia and Austin are just a drop compared to Lafferty. James can be nice. Everyone can be. It doesn’t change my points.

  • Nan

    James is definitely doing Shantel and she has quite the rep in LA. The girl has slept with half of Hollywood. James is going to be shocked when her DIRTY secrets come out. Austin is in love with Sophia and always has been. Sophia is a beautiful woman. So is Joy and Shantel. You OTH fans get all nasty because your fav doesn’t get press. No need to keep ragging on Sophia because of that. Chad was slammed on his last post also just plain mean folks. Let it go.

  • Jacob

    Sophia Bush is a lot more attractive as a woman than he is as a guy.
    Besides, they look like they are having a good time in the pictures. Nothing wrong with that.

  • jamie

    Ew this guy is creepy. I thought she has better taste than that.

  • mary


    I totally believe you but how did the cast found out and what were they asking for? I was at the filming and cast looked like they get along just fine.

    And I really really hate this Brooke insecure storyline again, can Mark come up with something new for once in his life…I honestly don’t know why I’m still watching this show.

  • ooo


    So are Austin & Sophia dating or not?

    Why did Shantel bring Robert to the premiere, and not James?

  • Hmmm…


    Totally agree…

    -Naley having trouble cause of a girl

    -Brooke being insecure about her relationship and the guy shes with not doing anything to get rid of the insecurities

    -Haley trying for a music career

    -Dan being GD, then Evil, then GD, then Evil

    -Jamie being the smartest 5 yr old ever

    Been there, done that… and it appears it will be the same this ssn… (Cept now Jamies 7)

  • jen


    ditto to all of that and not to mention Brooke/Haley not having scenes for 3 out of 6 filmed episodes, does he really think people care about some random characters…this show is still on because of strong fanbase.

    CW showed how much they care for OTH with that horrible photoshoot, I guess they shipped them to NY so they can bond,lmao.

  • Hmmm…


    HAHA, I think in the end it’ just the risk/danger of watching a CW show.

    The actors aren’t great, but their hot.
    The storylines are good, until their repeated 1000 times.
    The dialogue is cheesy, but we love it. (Sometimes)

    Ah well, I’ll watch to see half naked James and Austin.. (And lets just hope we get more Baley this ssn!)

  • JD

    WOW! The average comments each post on here is 13-30 but these two sure attracted lots of attention lol. That hitcher girl is d@mn fine btw but the guy look gay_just saying..

  • sophia

    @Hmmm…: James ok but Austin. I don’t know what hot you find in him. I’ll watch only for Sophia!

  • Hmmm…


    See now if James had a tan it’d be James all the way.

    I used to think Austin wasn’t gd looking at all but now there’s something about his smile that just gets me.
    Agree with u about Sophia tho… She def makes the show

    Because us ppl who watch OTH don’t have lives… It’s the sad truth.
    Oh crap, did I say that out loud?

  • sophia

    @Hmmm…: Yeah but i find him only charming because of the smile. Nothing more.
    About Sophia – Beautiful, intelligent and kind.
    Enough said!

  • Rocio

    Man, this girl goes through co-stars… Chad Michael Murray. James Lafferty. Now Austin!… I liked her with James best. Let’s hope no
    One new comes on the show. Or poor Austin will be left behind… PS: no hate. I love Sophia Bush.. Just tellin it like it is

  • Hmmm…


    Agreed re: Sophia

    & Austin, cept I also find him hilarious (From vids of him and Hil etc. on Youtube) and he seems nice with his fans.


    Yeah, I’m just waiting for her and Rob Buckley to get together.

  • ……..

    @Rocio: That thing with James was nothing serious. And as far as i know neither with Austin

  • Kat

    He’s cute, I dont watch One Tree Hill anymore

  • Sam

    I was talking to some of my friends, and I mentioned One Tree Hill..alot of them thought it had ended in s6..which I think they should have just to save whatever sanity is left us this show..I don’t see how having all these different characters serves as a good thing for OTH in s7. I checked out the first 4min. of OTH bc I thought about giving it a try but reading some of the spoiler and watching it, it looks like a shitty season, so I am not going to waste my time. There is nothing “reinventing” about this show bc it’s the same story over and over again, give or a take you have new cast but that’s nothing. The CW is on drugs if they think this is what “reinventing” means..Besides I love Joy she is the only one worth watching and she not given much credit bc she is the BEST actress that is left on OTH but no mark wants to waste screen time to giving it to all these randoms. I just think Mark doesn’t give a crap anymore, he’s completely run out of ideas, and he lost two of his core. I guess he is just trying to finish out this series no matter how much of a joke fest it has turned out to be.

  • Annie

    Stop the trashing already. You have so much interest you keep coming back to post about it. That is where the truth lies. You are obsessed and nothing can change that. I wish the show and cast all the success this season.

  • Amyy

    If you love Joy, then good for you. But to say she is the only best actress left on OTH is pretty damn hilarious. Especially since she’s not really acknowledged as the “best” actress on the show by that many people. So I guess that goes to explain why like you’ve already established, “she isn’t given much credit.”
    Any ways, I have no idea how the new season is going to turn out. Whether it will be good or not is still up in the air. The only reason I watch this show is for Sophia and I will continue to watch just for HER. When she goes, I go too but until then, I’ll stick around and continue to watch what happens…….even though I can’t stand Mark……at all.

  • othfan

    @ilovelucy: I agree that I’m sure there’s “drama” on any set…but why would Shantel and James have Robert as a “cover” for their relationship? James dated Sophia and it was known around Wilmington even to fans of the NH relationship. There weren’t any “decoys” or whatever, they were together and affectionate publicly.

    Most people don’t even know who Shantel is yet anyway…so I don’t get that. What’s the point?

  • othfan
  • sarah

    Can i say gross ? The whole outfit of this guy or maybe gay is awful. She look nice.

  • oth
  • sophia

    @ren: Let me guess. Another K fan or maybe itself Kenzie. Sophia has more class in her little finger than you has in your whole body and thats the truth.

  • oth

    @ren: LOL at your comment. Seriously is that the best you can say about somebody you don’t even know. I really feel sorry for you. You must live a miserable life, please go see a therapist because we don’t need anymore negativity in this World.

  • Kristy

    Sophia Bush is one of the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and talented women in Hollywood and anyone who says otherwise should seek medical attention…..and fast.
    I usually don’t comment on the lives of celebrities but after reading some comments, one can’t help but be amused by all the crazy comments that some people post. Whats even more funny is when these exact same people claim that they are not “jealous.” But then again…..if you’re not jealous, why go to such lengths to be so cruel in your comments??
    As someone who has deep connections inside the industry, I can honestly say that I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about this woman, not only from Hollywood insiders, but others who have come across her and have met her as well. She’s extremely down-to-earth and one of the most talented actresses in the industry. It’s a real shame that her show is filmed on the other side of the country where she spends the majority of the year filming. In order to get extremely good roles in movies, one has to be focused solely on films and nothing else. But considering how she doesn’t have too much choice when it comes to picking films since she spends most of the time in NC, and can only shoot during her short breaks, I’d say she’s done pretty well for herself and most of her films have done pretty well at the box office, especially considering that even A-list celebs have made movies that have bombed big time like Jennifer Aniston’s “Management” which barely made 1 million and Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep’s “Lions for Lambs” in 2007 which was a huge disappointment at the box office and struggled like hell to make up the losses. These two movies are examples of the many films that have crashed and burned at the box office. Most of Sophia’s films have raked in good money and considering that she’s not a fully devoted movie actress due to her show, I’d say she’s done pretty darn well for herself.
    I just hope Sophia eventually decides to become a full time movie actress because she is very talented and has the ability make it really big in Hollywood mainstream cinema.

  • meeee

    she’s gorgeous i love her and he’s so hot, i wish them the best!

  • hokiegirl517

    Thanks Just Jared! Keep posting Sophia Bush pics.

  • lilly

    These two are the cutest thing EVER!!!

    Go to youtube and look up the new Behind the Scenes video of OTH S7 with Brooke and Julian, OMG, Sophia and Austin are sitting really close and are just SO CUTE <3

  • lorna

    s7 looks like crap. no peyton, no me. rob buckley cannot act at all.

  • oth

    @lorna: Funny that you would take the time to post about a crappy show that you aren’t going to watch. I don’t think the pictures indicate anything about s7.

  • Kim

    WOW so many hypocrites this girl has as fans…Let me get this straight no one can ever say anything bad about Sophia because to you guys she is BEAUTIFUL and so on….. yet you guys (her fans) will go and talk down and say rude sh*t about other co-star of hers and people? Yeah that makes since…

  • Gaby

    just wow it’s so laughable when people say that Sophia carries this show, what the hell? She might carry some vaginal disease but to say she is the star of OTH is utterly ridculous. There are 2 other core cast members left and I am pretty sure Sophia did not make us get to a s7 all by herself. You all seem to believe she has the biggest fanbase out of the OTH cast, but how would you guys know? Ridiculous. In fact, as many claim to love her I know alot who don’t.

  • oth

    @Kim: sorry but I only like the show. I don’t know any of these actor/actress personally to make any kind of judgment. But honestly I wouldn’t want to waste my time bashing anybody either. I just think its funny that if you don’t like the show or the cast then why waste your time posting about them. I can name plenty of things that I would rather be doing then being negative about certain celebrities and then trying to justify why he or she is this and that.

  • oth

    @Gaby: so what if she has vaginal disease or has AIDS for that matter. It’s her life not yours however maybe you have those disease as well

  • lorna

    @oth: um pictures UH NO watched the 4 min clip. Not going to go crazy on you, if you still watch OTH that is your choice, but s6 was boring for the most part. As to why I’m commenting? Who cares. Love Sophia, Paul and Austin. Haley has been annoying since s5. Naley bore me now. No more OTH for me unless Hil does a guest spot. Best of luck to S, P and A.

  • lorna

    @oth: i can say what i want, i um, actually watched the 4 min video, not pictures. you know what they say about making an assumption….i like paul, sophia and austin, but i was bored to tears.

  • lorna

    an d leave austin alone. seems like a nice guy.

  • Ellie

    Big news Hilarie Burton is preggers with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s baby. Season 7 will rock without her annoying self and Chad the douche. I like the new cast , Robert and Shantel are awesome. Although Shantel is now doing James. Way to go.


    Bushnic: the new fauxmance!

  • steph


    just cause joy doesn’t go around trying to get attention from the press and going to events/restaurants were the press hang out, doesn’t mean she’s less talented. joy has ALOT of other talents besides acting(writing, directing, singing, producing, restaurant…ing? lol!) and she’s got alot going on right now, so it’s really offensive of you to think that just because she gets less credit, she’s less talented. she is VERY multi-talented, and anyone who works with her knows it, but she hates being in the spotlight and getting attention from the media. that doesn’t make her any less talented. the show gives more recognition to sophia, because she’s in the public eye more and gives good promotion to the show. not because she’s the best actress.

    I happen to like both sophia and joy, so i’m not saying this because i hate sophia. i do LOVE sophia, but joy is a differnt kind of actress than sophia. sophia really enjoys being in hollywood and all that, but it doesn’t make her more talented as an actress.

    it is your opinion that sophia is the best actress on the show, but not everyone has to share that opinion, and you can’t prove that opinion by who is “more famous”.

  • LMAO

    s7 is just waste of time.. This show is NOT the same like years ago. And what is that joke? Sophia and this guy ? You gotta be kidding. This guy look like a clown.

  • anonymous

    I completely agree with everything you said, it’s like you took the words out of my mouth! I’ve actually met Sophia quite a few times because of the field I work in(I may have been one of those people that raved about her to you, who knows!)but I have to say it’s really sad to read all these negative comments about her when I’ve gotten to know the type of person she really is; nothing but very kind and down-to-earth. Of all the celebs I have met, Sophia Bush was by far the most real and grounded and selfless. She’s also extremely intelligent and very well-spoken for her age. I truly wish more young actresses and some even old ones would think more like her. I see a very bright future ahead for this girl. Everytime I’ve met her, I’ve taken away something positive from the experience, can’t say that about every young star I meet.
    She shouldn’t be criticized because she’s dating her co-star, she’s not the only actor to do that and it definitely does not make her a bad person. And as for Austin, I’ve met him as well, only once, but he was very nice, too. They seem very happy together so good for them!
    This was my first post here and it will be last, I just felt I needed to defend this girl who I’ve only seen great things from. It’s not fair to her to be judged by so many who don’t know her at all. i think every once and a while someone who has actually had conversations with her should post the truth so that’s why I posted. Take it or leave it.

  • LMAO

    @anonymous: Are they really dating or what ?