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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Madeo Mates

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Madeo Mates

Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols share a laugh together after grabbing dinner at Madeo in Hollywood on Tuesday (Sept 1).

Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, seem to have rekindled their romance after dating for awhile in 2006.

The One Tree Hill couple were last spotted having frozen yogurt together in SoHo a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, their on-screen romance as Brooke and Julian remains strong as the new season of One Tree Hill kicks off on September 14.

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Lisa

    Listen to yourselves. Who is better , who is more famous? You sound so petty and immature. Who cares? This topic has gotten so many responses and it is so transparent.Trying to tear down different casts members of OTH to make one the better of the bunch. Stop your souls from showing through. Wish them well in all their projects. Stop being so bitter.

  • Maria

    Shantel is an easy lay ask around trendy LA area. Lots of guys have done her and never see her again. Ask Brittany Snow what type of bitch Shantel is? Ask how many guys she has had sex with while dating Michael? She jumped James like a fly on sh*t.

  • steph

    why are people talking about shantel? this post is about sophia/austin and as far as i know shantel is neither of those people. there’s no reason to spread these rumors about shantel, she’s a nobody. who cares if she’s $lutty?

  • Jessica

    Please tell me this is a joke, austin really???????? This girl slowly losing her mind. I am not judging but i really was hoping this wasnt true for god sake. And trust me austin is not for her. For a lot of reasons.

  • Lynn

    OMG is it always this crazy when there is pictures of Sophia/Austin/Chad/James etc on this site. The numbers of comments that people have is unbelievable. I just started watching this show in June talk about crazy insane fans and not so much fans. Reading some of these post makes you wonder what extreme people will go to just to be hateful/envy/jealous. Society as a whole really suck what happened did the devil got the best of us. Sorry but please put more emphasize on your love ones (children,parents,spouse). I guaranteed you the rewards you get back is more than putting your focus on certain Celebrity who probably doesn’t give a crap about what you or everybody else thinks about them.

  • OMG

    LOL it looks like she wants to be in Guinness World Records for multiple dating co-stars isn’t that great ? At least the other co-stars were gorg compared to this jester.

  • Colleen

    hahahahaha James is banging the new girl Shantel who could give him and everyone more STDs than are know to the world. Ask Brittany Snow about this slut bag. Poor Baby James believes she is a sweety. James is on his second co star on OTH, Chad is on his second extra, although he will probably never work again but his woman count soars miles above anyone else. James has poked alot of girls in Wilmy who were looking for a sugar daddy. Shantel has been sleeping with her co stars on her other projects no need to stop now.

  • Kristi

    Defending James about his doing co stars. What he gets a pass? Jumping Shantel bones in like a week. So professional on both their parts and Shantel was still with Micheal and John on the side in LA. Girl is easy doesn’t even take time to get her pants off.

  • kara

    ok…so you people talking about james/shantel…i’ll say this real slow-like…DO…YOU…HAVE…ANY…PROOF…

    because seriously…no one as ever seen a picture of them together or even heard about them speaking on set. if you do have proof, bring it on! more juiciness for moi, and i do love juicy! i just like it to be actually true, and not just some rumor

  • Kristi

    It is TRUE. Just wait. I’m not upset about it, good for them. Two hot actors getting it on gee that is sooo uncommon. You are in denial.
    Trashing Chad and Sophia is allowed but not these too. Please they are up into each other.

  • Kimmy

    Wait. pregnant Hilarie Burton?

  • kara


    ok so i’m in denial…yet you’re the one making claims without any proof? this has nothing to do with chad or sophia, i don’t give a crap about chad or sophia.where did that come from?

    i was asking about james/shantel. what have you heard/seen? if you’ve heard/seen anything at all, that is. all you have to do is give some proof lol, and people will believe you, but if you just say “oh it true, just you wait” it mkaes you no different than a hundred other people who start rumors on this website everyday.

  • Lola

    Haha you keep posting trash about Sophia WITH NO PROOF. Yet anything said about about the others hurts your feelings what a little baby. Shantel has F**ked more guys than in LA than guys that live in Wilmy. James is a little douche betraying his good friend and now has moved on to the whorebag that is Shantel. Ask around LA she is an easy skank. Boohoo you feel insulted. STFU.

  • Ana

    Sophia has has four relationships in SIX years. Shantel has slept with six guys in a week. I heard Shantel gives great head.

  • Lisa

    The crap you aholes spread about Sophia, Chad and Hil. What Shantel is off limits. Get real.

  • erin

    no proof? there is for sure proof she has dated 4 of her co-stars. that’s all the person said. however, there is NO PROOF that james has dated anyone after sophia, or that shantel is apparently such a slut. there are pictures and RELIABLE eye-witness reports of sophia with chad, james, jon foster, and austin. where are your photos and reliable eye-witness reports of chantel/james? you either have them, or you don’t.

    people have been saying for weeks “just wait, it’ll come out” about james/shantel, and NOTHING. it’s pathetic to make up rumors about people you don’t even know.

  • anni

    why do people always mention james and shantel here?
    this post and these pictures are about austin and sophia.
    what do we see in these pictures?
    a girl and a boy who are laughing and enjoying there time together.
    why should we be jealous? why do you people always find something to critize?
    they like each other and have fun together.
    I love their smiles.
    They look so adorable-
    just open your eyes.
    whats wrong with a girl and a boy having fun together?
    if they are in love fine.-. you can’t chose the place where love settles.

  • Lynn

    James is doing Shantel. He dumped Sophia for a bigger whore. Check out under James Lafferty. People are seeing them out in Wilmy and Shantel rubbing his back.

  • alex

    I’m not sure about Shantel and James but James didn’t dumped Sophia, Sophia dumped him to get with Austin….

  • ele

    no actually james dumped her cause someone like attacked his family and he didnt like the public attention that cam with dating sophia. sophia didn’t even get wit austin until at least a few months after she and james broke up.

  • jen

    FYI both Sophia and James families were attacked by bunch of crazy fans who can’t separate real life from fictional characters. They are different people and James couldn’t handle attention.

  • Trish

    Wow. Half of are all psychos. Move the hell on!!!!
    And to just make things clear…….James didn’t dump Sophia nor did Sophia dump James. Their break-up was mutual and they both decided TOGETHER that they were better off as friends…..which they still are today.
    Lets just all move on from this and stop with the nonsense. Its getting ridiculous.

  • jen

    okay seriously stop bringing stuff over from oth forums to act like you know what you’re talking about. its funny that you didnt mention that the person who posted about seeing shantel rub james back also said that james started coughing really hard and that they seemed like nothing more than friends. it’s ridiculous that some of you try to bring down everyone in the cast because of sophia. I like Sophia shes one of my favorite actresses but she’s not a saint and you only make yourself look pathedic by trying to bring everyone else down to make her look better.

  • Mela

    Okay, no offense, but I think its very unfair to assume and blame particular fans for saying those things about Shantel. Its not fair to say that fans of a certain cast member are responsible for what is being said about her. Shantel is still new to Wilmy and OTH fans don’t really know all that much about her. But what they don’t realize is that that there ARE people who DO know her and know of her past relationships and may also know whatever she is currently up to. I know that there are some people in LA that don’t like her for whatever reason and its only a matter of time until people start talking. We’re forgetting that celebrities are people too and they happen to butt head with people they don’t get along with as well……and sooner or later those people will start talking. So for all we know, what thet are saying may be true.
    So to put the blame on the fans of a certain cast member and assume they are the ones who are saying these things about her is pretty cruel. If people really want to play the blame game then how about we talk about how some Chad fans have been spreading lies about Sophia online ever since the divorce?? And the same can be said for fans of the other cast members who aren’t as famous and popular. If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the OTH fan base, its that the fans are very volatile. They are always pitting the cast members against one another and making comparisons and thats just not fair to anyone involved.

  • oth

    @jen: Wow is that why they say the OTH Fans are crazy. Now you just validate that its true. Seriously its a freaking TV show not reality show. I really feel sorry for James and Sophia along with their families to have to put up with this crap.

  • jen


    Yes, some people are psychos,I bet a lot of them are posting here. Watching someone on tv doesn’t mean you know them and it doesn’t give you right to harass them and their families and friends.
    That was one of the reasons James cancelled CG, things were that bad.

    OTH fandom is full of fans that hate each other for different reasons but I think things were just fine before Chad/Sophia divorce. After that fans took sides and it all went south,even now after 4 years people are still using JJ or other blogs to fight about them or wanting them together when they both moved on.

  • M

    Oh my god. Wow. It really is crazy in here, isn’t it? This is ridiculous. It’s pathetic, really. My gosh. It’s their lives, not yours. Let them be. What did they ever do to you people? You all act as if they ever did something to you personally. Have you even met them?

    Oh and for those of you claiming to “know” that James and Shantel are dating or sleeping together or whatever, I just want to know where you get that kind of information. That’s supposed to be private. Do you see them out and about in Wilmy hanging out as friends and just assume things? Or do you hear things from unreliable crew members on set? Or do you actually hide out in their closets and hear them have sex? Because really, how would you know otherwise? That’s what bothers me about this whole thing. Some people on here seem to believe that they know James and Shantel and everyone else personally. What’s up with that? Gosh. I really hope none of them EVER goes online here because the things they would see….I don’t even want to picture that. Poor people.

  • Jenna

    Hey FF Mods Shantel gives great head. She is giving it to James right now. James is on his second co star.

  • Sophia

    She is beautiful.

  • Kyle

    Sophia is so gorgeous. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She’s is simply amazing. I’m happy she’s found someone.

    They make a good couple. They dating a long time ago and remained close but it could have ended due to their distance as she’s in North Carolina. I don’t think she just said “I think I’ll date another co-star” but he’s someone who she’s had feelings for in the past that she spend lots of time with now so it make’s sense they’d rekindle their relationship.

    Eveyone from that cast dates each other. Chad’s engaged to a co-star. Hilarie was engaged to a Director’s Assistant. Paul dated Danneel and Katherine (Erica Marsh). They spend 10 months out of the year stuck in a very small town. It’s only natural they’d date each other.

  • n

    to be acurate they dated 3 years ago when she broke up with her ex husband. she seems happy so i think all you nay sayers should back off

  • M


    How would you know? If you don’t mind me asking of course.

  • Vio


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  • suppress your appetite

    I love her

  • Jamie

    nina, there’s more than enough proof out there that James and Sophia dated. People just don’t like to accept it.

  • Jamie

    Jenna, what’s your point exactly? Sophia’s on her fourth already. Who the hell cares?

  • Jamie

    ilovelucy, Sophia’s just as bad, if not worse. So much for your claim that you’re not a crazy Sophia fan. It’s well-known among the cast that Sophia and James both pulled strings to get those random BN scenes at the beginning of season 6, due to their relationship. If Shantel is a slut, then Sophia isn’t much better sorry to say. Everyone’s known she’s a whore for a while now. You’re right about James and Shantel dating, but you know what? Grow the hell up and deal with your own life, instead of getting so involved in other peoples’ just so you can defend your precious Sophia. God forbid anybody actually states the truth about her.

  • Sarah

    Nan, so has Sophia. LOL

    Amyy, actually that’s not true. A LOT of fans acknowledge Joy as the best actress on the show, so nice try but no cigar.

  • Sarah

    Nan, so has Sophia. LOL

    Amyy, actually that’s not true. A LOT of fans acknowledge Joy as the best actress on the show, so nice try but no cigar.

  • April

    Kim, thank you! Exactly!

    Ellie, that’s nothing new. Been going on since June and plus, Sophia’s on her fourth co-star. I have no problem with any of them screwing each other. They’re young, rich, and life is short. If they all want to bang each other, then fine. Who am I to judge? LOL

  • Anna

    Colleen, Kristi, that’s pretty much what Sophia does too. No difference. LOL

  • Anna

    Lola, Sophia is just as much of a whorebag so nice try. LOL