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Penelope Cruz Arrives in Toronto Pronto

Penelope Cruz Arrives in Toronto Pronto

Penélope Cruz poses with Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard and Sony Pictures Classics President Tom Bernard arrive at the Sony Party during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival held at the Michelle’s Brasserie on Friday (September 11) in Toronto, Canada.

The 35-year-old Vicky Cristina Barcelona actress has been caught up in a pregnancy rumor, which was questioned after smoking out in public. She later responded to the rumors stating that she isn’t pregnant.

10+ pictures inside of Penelope Cruz arriving in Toronto pronto…

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penelope cruz toronto pronto 01
penelope cruz toronto pronto 02
penelope cruz toronto pronto 03
penelope cruz toronto pronto 04
penelope cruz toronto pronto 05
penelope cruz toronto pronto 06
penelope cruz toronto pronto 07
penelope cruz toronto pronto 08
penelope cruz toronto pronto 09
penelope cruz toronto pronto 10
penelope cruz toronto pronto 11

Photos: Jag Gundu/Getty Images
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  • pup

    I didn’t think she was. I mean smkoning? Come on ppl!

  • pup


  • mmsic

    I still say,she looks pregnant.If you look closely,she has a little of a bump in her tummy.If she is,then congrats is in the offing!!!

  • Another mimi

    Remember when Jen Garner trapped Ben Affleck and claimed she was not pregnant?
    5 month later she had Violet, so let’s wait 3 month and see what is the truth.
    Those women (who trap famous actors to expand their “brand”) have no problem lying about it.

  • linda

    She ate too much. Or, she gained weight. Tummy is definitely not flat but she never had a concave tummy. Somepeople still smoke a bit and drink a bit while pregnant though. I have seen a smoking room in maternity wards.

  • anon

    Jared stirs the stinking pot.

  • maybe

    Maybe she was but now isn’t. Happens.

  • Erin

    I seem to remember it was Just Jared himself who started the damn rumour with an ‘exclusive’. What you think we wouldn’t remember?

    The accuracy of info on this site is debateable. Its all second hand not to mention you’re trailing way behind the others. Isabel Lucas was in the car accident with Shia and considering all her movies coming out, she made the blogs and news stories, apart from here. Then when Transformers was released you overdosed on her like she was a new shiny puppy toy to play with whilst the other sites had her on their radar many months before her face ever appeared here.

    You need to step it up.

  • Anna

    She looks really tired in these pics. All the film fests so close together all over the world have to be very tiring.

  • ellie’

    Just love Penelope Cruz and there’s only one person that would trap someone and now hes a miserable BAST*RD. LOL

  • karebare

    i think she is a great actress but she need to stop smoking her skin is looking bad

  • cj stjohn

    Women do not trap should be just as responsible for birth control as a woman should..if they would only think with their heads instead of their pe*is there would not be a problem.

  • Vince

    Another Brown Latina who makes it in Hollywood because of her Ethnic looks, Ugh… Cant’ understand her cockaroach English.

  • Anita Hill

    Penelope’s hair looks exactly like my horse’s main.

  • Ashton Kusher

    Pregnant??? of course not. Just 2 nights ago she was sniffing cocaine while sucking on my cock”"”"

  • Jen Jen

    I don’t understand why this foreigners Like Pene criticize America so much but keep on going to hollywood beging for roles that won’t stereotype them, eventhoug they have terrible accents. Take pene for example, movie executives have spent thousands of dollars on language coaches to soften her accent, and they simply don’t work. American directors sure like brown piece of meat in their movies for variety, but the audience is just not buying their accents.

  • boobie

    Jen Jen-

    Huh? Did you really just say all of that nonsense?

    really really stupid!

  • K.G.

    She looks hot.

  • m

    Yeah, rumour started on this site by some “source”. it would be so much better for blogs to list their sources.

  • Megan mutherphucker

    I hope this Cochroach latina has a midget with alot of problems because of her selfish smoking.

  • eva

    Vince: I am hurt by your comment, I am Spanish (mediterranean look -green eyes, light brown hair) my skin is may be whiter than yours and by the way i really like it when i am tanned otherwise is too white. Anyway you should know a bit of hystory and geography. Spain beongs to europe, the only reason why the inhabitants of mexico and southamerica (generaly speaking and with all my respects) are called “latinos” is due to the language. Spanish such as Italian and French come from Latin. Since Spaniards obliged “indians” form peru mexico….to speack Spanish in an attempt to conquire the new world, that is the reason why the are called nowadays latins because the were obliged by the latin world. However the roots between spaniards and the people from peru, mexico and so on …are different! In Spain there were romans, godos (germans), and arabians but never indians. Therefore penelope is not a “latina” in the way you may understand, and by the way I do not like penelope but she has progressed a lot.

  • ee

    Another Hispanic gold and fame digger who made a career out of clinging to famous actors and directors.
    Had she not been with Tom Cruise, nobody would have known who she is.

  • ee

    Just like Gisele made a career out of clinging to Leo Dicaprio for so many years, and her Latin friends trapped other Americans by getting pregnant, Salma Hayek trapped a French billionaire, and Camilla did the same to Matthew Mchonauhey.
    This woman use their womb and bodies as a career.

  • Another Mimi is the Vartan ho

    Mimi you are some kind of wack job, not to mention obsessed. You are probably her stalker too.

    You all must think you are in the 1950s. Women don’t trap men anymore, they can make it on their own if they want kids. If a guy (like Colin Farrell, Liev Schrieber) doesnt want his girlfriend knocked up-he knows what to do. You don’t see any of George Clooney’s many girlfriends knocked up do you? That’s because he doesnt want kids. All the other unmarried guys wanted kids.

  • jim

    she put down the USA?
    if so..what a dick

  • la

    ee:so what?
    Why are u guys been racist?

  • Kat

    Her jacket looks great. Does anyone know what brand it is from? Thanks.

  • British latin American

    You’ve got to hate ignorant Norte Americanos.


    You people above who think that women don’t trap men by becoming pregnant are very naive. It’s the oldest trick in the book-just tell him you’re on the pill, men are waaay too concerned with getting laid, and not, God forbid, using a condom to think about it too much. It serves them right for not caring about their partner’s health and insisting on wearing protection. Anyway, there seem to be more and more Garners, Richies, and Kardashians for me to think it’s just chance. These ladies know exactly what they’re doing and they are clearly NOT interested in single motherhood.

  • tadow

    @Vince: She is not a Latina, she is from Spain, she is European. “Latina/o” people come from Latin America.
    That being said, whether she is Latina/European/African/Nordic whatever, it doesn’t matter. She made it in Hollywood because she’s talented and because she’s beautiful.
    It has nothing to do with her “dark” or ethnic skin. Scarlett Johansen (sp?) is as white as they come, but she is marketable because she’s talented, exotic and beautiful. You don’t need to be dark to be exotic.
    Don’t be jealous because Penelope has what you never will.

  • lakers fan in boston

    some of u f’ers are stupid calling her latina/hispanic
    she’s from spain so she’s a european u damn idiots
    she doesnt look that great, just ok

  • interneta pieslēgums

    she is soo hot

  • Snowie

    Yes. She sure has a lot of lovelyness.