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Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig Caps It Off Newsboy Style

Daniel Craig sports a mustache as he walks around Columbus Circle with longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in New York City on Friday (November 6).

The 41-year-old British actor was also reportedly with his dad and step-mother, Kirsty. According to Wiki, his dad is Timothy John Wroughton Craig, who was the landlord of two pubs and served as a midshipman in the Merchant Navy.

For the next month, Daniel will continue to perform in the sold-out Broadway play, A Steady Rain.

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Credit: Mario Magnani; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • to 236

    That’s OK.I believed you.

  • re: 251

    @to 236:

  • D.C. Girl

    Hey Guinness, DTM, DIH nd Mendel -

    Just catching up here. Thanks Guinness. I’d love to read to Dan. I’d love to read him bed-time stories. (Must be the Mom in me) Especilly those nights when he is too tense and might have insomni.a He can lie his head on my lpa. I’ll stoke his hair while I read him story. Ooh, wouldn’t that be lovely girls… What would you pick to read to him?

    Slowly getting over the Bronchitis I took to N.Y.. But I have had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics I hve been taking. And No Guinness, not a yeast infection, no itching – Thank God. But I have been sick to the stomach now for 2 days. The thing is I usually don’t get sick much. And you Mom’s know what it’s like when you have small kids – you are not allowed to be sick. Arrrgh! Just shoot me and put me out of misery.

    Thanks for all the Dan videos. They make me smile…

  • Daniel is Hot

    Guinness, what makes you become the manager of this debacle of Dansfans gang? Is it because you said it first? Well ok, be the manager. I will be the assistant manager, after all he will be filming in “my country” right? Yes, that gal is lucky to be in a DanHugh sandwich. And I love seeing part of his undies, but part of my job as his dresser, I would not let him go out like that. Only I can see his undies. I hope there will be snow for you and Dan to roll around in Mendel. Sometimes Toronto has only rain, but as his dresser, I will have an umbrella for him, bring your own Mendel, but I am sure where you come from, you have lots of umbrellas. Good night sane posters!

  • Dan kissing female fan
  • “My apologies”
  • 251

    OMG!!!!! I made mistake! My post is addressed to Sandy. NOT to #236
    to Sandy
    That’s OK.I believed you.

  • fact

    that they are not signing playbills any more and that they are selling signed playbills in the theater. It was even announced by the actors when they started the auctions. And when you watch the recent stage door videos you can see that they are not signning and taking pictures with the fans any longer. Otherwise they would not have gained such HUGE amount of money for the charitiy.

  • to 258

    Cannot we buy it at the back bar? Regardless of the auction.
    I read it with the message board of BBW.

  • to 259

    I don’t know where you can buy it, fact is they sell the playbills for 100$ in the theater after the play to the audience. And therefore Daniel and Hugh don’t sign playbills after the play at the stage door.

  • to 258

    Yeah,I know they have not signed any longer in the stage door.
    According to BWW,the current prices for playbills are $100
    and posters are $300(or two for $500).

  • to 258

    my post : to 260.

  • To 240

    Maybe your mom would hesitate to tell it because you was too terrible.
    That’s too bad…

  • Gia

    touching his shaved face, talking to an old granny. she got a kiss

  • Sandy


    Thanks so much! it’s nice to hear kind words.
    For some reason this whole thing upset me yesterday but it’s just a silly annonymous website. I think maybe some people think I’m someone I’m not. I’m just a girl who likes Daniel Craig, found this website after doing a news search for Daniel Craig photos,went to NY and thought I’d tell you all about my story. You can buy the signed playbills at the back of the theater (at the bar) if you have cash or credit. Apparently, if you have cash, you can buy them from the ushers as I did. I hope this info helps anyone who might go.
    I wish I could take a photo of it and upload it somehow but I don’t know how to do that.

  • Sandy

    PS – I wish this website was not annonymous. It would be so much nicer if everyone kept the same name so we knew who we were talking to and it was more conversational. I guess it’s really just meant for a quick post about the photos and not about back and forth, even though it seems to have become that. I do look forward to the photos and videos that people post. That’s really what keeps me coming back.

  • Guinness

    Some good points were made that i have to respond to….thx for calling some of us sane “Sandy” (BTW–you spelled my Name incorrectly–interesting.) and true, they are only signing playbills inside, but if I were an usher and i was walking around with them signed, i would make darn sure someone knew how many i took and how much cash i need to return to the manager. And now I am kicking myself because i stuck out my Guinness bag instead of my playbill to get signed. (I stuck it around someone because I COULDN”T SEE A bloody thing!! cry cry cry)

    And for today’s news…all horrible about everything else and not a thing about Dan yet….he was in the public this weekend, correct? well, we did get the Danhugh sandwich pic, I guess that is what we will have to take for now. howly crap….that sun thingy is out again! i may have to partake in the soaking of UV rays and check in later taters!!!

    BUT! DIH–hey! I just assssumed it the manager position…you are correct. OH CANADA….(that is all i remember with words, I can sing the tune though for the national anthem). It’ll be hard to be a manager….but hey, if you think you can handle Dan…I mean, all of us will be handling him…but you will, well, hell, let us just handle him… i can’t complete a thought after handling him….. but we all get to do our jobs and maybe he will manage us…. hey! we can all handle and manage him. ok. too much coffee. too much kids in my face…aaaahhhhhh

    DCG: nothing is worse than being sick and want to die, EXCEPT for being sick and having to carry out your duties as a parent/wife/professional/sister/mother/moneygiver/disciplinarian/foodmaker/laundry-doer/taxidriver/etc…..aaaaahhhg. a “z-pack” always works for me! so good luck with that–you are not alone. and thanks for checking in even though you are sick!! AND btw….i really couldn’t think of anything to read to him–except hemingway and his hunting that might get Dan animalistic… (but I HATE Hemingway!).
    DTM, see, he may just be tooooo tired by the time your job comes along, so think about that and see if you still want to do that….although a tired dan is better than a no Dan at all!!!!!!!!!

    A Steady Rain should be swamped again today, as like every day, dah, —Veteran’s day here, nothing is freakin open!!

  • dtm

    I don’t know what we’ll do when the play is over….have got used to seeing stage door footage and other little bits of DC news…..although it has all got a bit tedious… we need something new to liven it up a bit …but until then more of the same…BTW Guinness I would still have fun whether he’s tired or not!! (wink wink Nudge nudge say no more1)

    A mixed bag of reviews

  • Incognito

    Hello everyone,
    I am incognito.

  • dan dad tweets

    Virgin can’t fault the flights great staff if it wasn’t for all the crap getting through the airport I could enjoy flying
    6 minutes ago from web

    Oh New York oh the weather oh the time that we have had what a joy what a performance (s) it was the dogs
    21 minutes ago from web

    seems he enjoyed the play

  • dtm

    To DC girl…hope you feel better soon…it can be hard when you have kids…I know I have been on long term sick for almost a year with balance and dizziness problems.. making me feel sick.. unable to drive or walk very well.. still undergoing rehab … its a long slow process…have got brain scan next week (thats if they can find one) may be it will showw up something (I hope not)

  • re: 271


    Don’t mean to sound harsh but this is aboard relating to Daniel.
    Can you try to keep your personal chit chat for somewhere else?
    Can you possibly set up a personal email or twitter account for your daily life musings, as this thread is not for that.

  • to 271

    re the request from 272, i second it. i came on to this board to read information regarding daniel not what you are doing and with whom

  • post about the cruises

    “I live in Greenport, Long Island and I saw Cruise and Holmes together today. They were NOT on the set of Katie’s movie. They were in a small park in the middle of town. The movie is filming right near here and Katie is staying here.

    THIS IS A PHOTO OP. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. I stood there while the photographers set up and Cruise and Holmes stood around. When the guys were all set up, they walked around the park hand in hand for the pics. It took all of 10 minutes and when they were done, they got in a car with a driver and left. Again, this is totally a PRE-PLANNED PHOTO OP. Again, I watched them set up while Tom and Katie waited for them!! It was disgusting and pissed me off to no end! If anybody believes any of this, they’re just dumb.

    Greenport is a really small town 130 miles from NYC. No magazine photographers would ever come out this far unless they had a reason!

    I never had a problem with Tom and Katie before this but now that I saw this, I think they’re the biggest creeps on the planet. Whatever you see from them and about them is a set up. PERIOD.

    I was excited about a movie being filmed in our town but now… way am I going to see it.

    THE CRUISE’S ARE FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”"

    - same as many pics with daniel and sats including the one of them walking around the harbor in italy hand in hand (paps were there and they knew it )and more recently, the pictures of them running
    across the street. when will stars realize that fans are not naive?

  • post about the cruises

    Why do you people still call Tom Cruise a master media manipulator

    “Because he is. I work in PR and Cruise is known for having his people call the paps with his location. He makes deals with various agencies, they get a call about where he’s going to be with said “wife” and child, and the shots are taken. He’s done this for the past 4 or 5 years and everyone in the business knows it. It’s just the deluded fans who are unaware.

    He’s doing a film at the moment and so is his “wife”. They’re also dealing with alot of negative press about their involvement in Scientology and rumors that their splitting (How do you split when the “marriage” was never real to begin with?). He’s looking for positive press, hence the lovely “romantic” pics with Holmes. #29 is absolutely correct. She just caught Cruise and Holmes doing what they always do.

    If that bothers you, you need to get an education about how the PR industry works.”

    Another relevant post to Daniel and Sats although this time, I feel sats or Laura (on her behalf anonymously) tip of the media.
    Ring gate anyone?

    Love the line about the “deluded fans”. I agree, many deluded fans about daniel and sats, I can name one website that’s full of them.

  • ??

    @D.C. Girl:

    Any pictures of this trip to NY to see Daniel???

  • to 275

    thank you for saying about daniel and satsuki what i’ve have been trying to tell my friends. they have this believe that dan/sats are very much in love and that “ring gate” proves that they are married. i wonder how long daniel and sats are going to keep this up; how long before they each move on to another

  • @273

    @to 271:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • new images
  • to #274

    I agree that Tom and Katie of couple are “FAKE”. They make use of acting ability for PR.with “force a smile”However, how about Dan and Sats?Dan doesn’t hold her hand , and there isn’t a smile either.If they do it for PR, I think that they perform more.
    Dan is a GREAT actor.

  • re; 279

    @new images:
    Saw those.
    You can just see Hugh dotes on Daniel. Look at Hugh looking at him and holding him.
    Not really a natural thing is it?

  • to 279 and 281

    oh god! here we go with gay nonsense again. but oh well, if you insist on being dense then there’s no hope for you.

  • re; 282

    @to 279 and 281:

    Well you should know as isn’t that a requisite for D2D?
    Seems to me you are too quick to get defensive about it.
    Can’t laugh it off like any person secure in Daniel’s heterosexuality?

    Too bloody obvious!!

  • lol

    yeah, people call them “cute” when they dont have the balls to say what they really feel about the picture.
    hypocritical is another pre requisite for that website!

  • to 279

    LOL!! Look, Hugh staring at Daniel in fourth pic! so hot!!

  • but

    it is cute LOL

  • re; 286


    and gay.

  • guinness

    vertigo. it happens because of inner ear inbalances…check it out dtm….my sister has had it many times…you move your head in a sequence the dr tell you and it helps…check it out.

    ya know, it is rude “not to be rude or anything”…. we met because of DANIEL CRAIG so what we post can be ignored, and we can write until admin here tells us not to. So personal or not, we can write back and forth and it can be or not be about Dan–because it is all about dan that all of us are here. so stop being rude and read whatever you want. leave us sane people talk.

  • match up with dan
  • to 279

    I love those pics. Especially the first! Daniel is so cool.

  • re; 288


    I disagree.
    Take your personal stories OFF here.

    It’s for Daniel talk not the tangents (ie children, illnesses etc) deflecting off that. Not related.
    Why don’t you set up a Twitter account under an anon name and post the link here so your friends can follow you there. It’s safe enough.

    Continuing personal chit char is rude as is ignoring the majority of people who have asked you to not do it.
    Evidently you don’t give a toss about what other people want.

    THAT is not not only rude, it’s ignorant and indicative of a certain mentality we have all met before on here.
    This time we will not tolerate it or any attempts of derailing.

    JJ has been notified about such attempts.

  • lol – you jest?288

    leave us sane people talk.


    LOL, not only is that ungrammatical, it is also debatable.

  • re; 290

    @to 279:

    Yes, they’re so gay cool and nothing wrong in that.
    I’m sure Daniel is enjoying himself BEING himself for a change.
    Anyone notice how happy he is doing this play?

    I’m happy for him.

  • deena

    I spoke with someone who works in the media, they said that daniel was a bit of a ladies man some years back, and was known for playing around with a lot of women.

  • re: 294


    Here they come. The defensive posts! Keep em coming D2D!


  • to match up with dan

    Thanks for the link!The chemistry between Dan and me seems to be good!

  • blind item
  • to 293

    Why don’t you mention Hugh?
    With these pics, Hugh seems to be in love to Daniel.

  • re: 296


    You really are a nasty element aren’t you?
    If all else fails , mention a name of someone.

    Wanker. Your crap stinks more than anyone else’s.

    You are far from funny.

  • re: 299and 298

    @to 293:
    Because we know Hugh is gay, that’s a given.

    But Daniel isn’t married dear.