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Alessandra Ambrosio: New York City Sexy!

Alessandra Ambrosio: New York City Sexy!

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio looks flawless while walking around New York City’s Soho area on Saturday (April 24).

The 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel was in the Big Apple along with fellow models Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel at a VS event celebrating the Heavenly Flowers launch.

After taking in the sites in the concrete jungle, Alessandra tweeted that she was heading back to L.A.! Cute pic Ale!

10+ pictures inside of Alessandra Ambrosio looking New York City sexy…

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alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 01
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 02
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 03
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 04
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 05
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 06
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 07
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 08
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 09
alessandra ambrosio new york city sexy 10

Photos: WENN, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • WW

    Wow. Love her and Adriana Lima.

  • hannah

    sooo skinny!!!!!!

  • Katsaridoula

    how does she do it? she has a kid and a body to die for. Lucky woman!

  • Beth

    That fur better be fake…

  • Beauty Is Diverse

    She’s pretty. !!

  • Nicki

    @Beth: yes, better

  • teri

    Have no idea who she is.
    JJ can you not get ahold of Angelinas new stills from her movie or current pictures out with her kids? Really what gives?

  • Lu

    For me she is a great model but isn’t pretty & her face is weird but I respect her. And the people speak bad things of me because I don’t agree with them, this is ridiculous.

    ps. im not fat ugly girl hehe

  • Leah

    Oh come on, are you to lazy to look up the stills yourself? Check imdb or the official page! JJ doesn’t answer to you as far as I know…

  • LolaSvelt

    Does anyone else find these Victoria’s Secret models to be generic? They are not real models at all. They pale in comparison to the great supermodels such as Freja, Natasha Poly, Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson and Lara Stone.

  • Mave

    @LolaSvelt: I completely agree, I rarely see any of the VS-models walk in any of the more significant shows, or in any editorials where they have to wear more then a bra. They are beautiful though, but they are not fashion-models…

  • Soprano

    Beautiful Italian/Polish woman!

  • sara


    don’t talk sh!t about stuff you don’t know. Alessandra walked for Prada and Louis Vuittona about a month ago. there were also a lot of vs models walking in Paris and Milan last season. what a supid comment you made. if they are not models, what are they? actresses? gtfo!
    ps.: i can’t believe this is the real LolaSvelt from tfs. get out impostor!

  • Hannah

    Shes so gorgeous – but i do agree shes a bit too skinny, but all VS models are

  • julia

    WOW! how does she always look like she’s in a photoshoot!! amazing..she’s gorgeous! perfect!

  • julia

    @Soprano: SHE’S NOT ITALIAN OR POLISH! She’s brazilian! geesh an’t read?!

  • sara

    ^she was born in Brazil but she has italian and polish blood.

  • Mave

    Wow relax, I said rarely didn’t I? It’s a fact that most of the VS Angels (the smaller groups contracted to do ads and stuff for VS) are not regulars during the different fashion weeks. All the models LolaSvelt mentioned walk almost every big show, they are the biggest models in the industry. And fyi I consider them underwear-models..

  • doug

    So beautiful…!

  • uhmm

    Is that REAL fur?
    SHAME on you Ale.
    Your felow Angel, Miranda Kerr attends a movie premiere for a film that brings attention to the environmental crisis of global warming, and you walk around town in an animal that died for your vanity.

  • Maggie

    Italian Blood? Are you crazy? She’s totally brazilian!

  • LolaSvelt

    @sara: I AM LolaSvelt from tfs? Why would somebody steal my identity. Anyway, who are you on TFS?

  • Luke

    a BRAZILIAN beauty!

  • sara

    they are not only underwear models. they have big contracts with vs and that’s why they don’t have time to do many other things.
    prada and louis vitton think she is great fashion model so who are you to say she is just an underwear model? stop trying to put people in boxes.

  • sara


    i’m sorry but i tought the real LolaSvelt woudn’t make such a comment. the girls you mentioned are great but vs models can be great too when they are given the opportunity to do good editorials and walk high profile shows.

  • Leah

    You are taking their view way too personal….

  • Roberto

    Excuse me please, but Alessandra Ambrosio is ethnically Italian! Only her nationality is brazilian if she were American she would be Italian-American like me. They have millions of Italians living in Brazil the largest number outside of Italy in fact. Alessandra is Italian! My cousins are Ambrosio but unfortunately not related to her.

  • Mave

    You told me not to talk about “sh!t I don’t know”, well categorizing models are very normal. Some are more suited for editorials, other just for runway. Others are more commercial. Saying for example Marissa Miller is an underwear model is not putting her in a box, it’s a fact. So chill out…

  • Alves

    There is no such thing as Brasilian blood. Brasil is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic country like the United States. Your nationality is not your bloodline in the case of Brasil since so many different ethnic groups immigrated there.

  • theegoandtheid

    I saw her with friends at the apple store nyc.
    The funny thing was that I was actually admiring her friends beauty, then I recognized her, she was very skinny and boring looking, not dressed up for the paparazzi like on the above pictures.
    Nothing special.
    lmao @ LolaSvelt, the girls you mentioning work a different market then the girls that are being cast for vs, the vs models work as commercial print and beauty models.
    while the other girls are high fashion models.
    those high fashion girls do not have the mess appeal and are not even giants in the fashion world, those girls come and go.
    a contract with vs is so more lucrative for a long term career since those models are more famous.
    I personaly find all the models that you just mentioned super ugly and i have met some of them.

  • Kriss

    Ambrosio was born in Erechim, Brazil on April 11, 1981. Her parents, who are of Italian and Polish descent, own a petrol station.[2][5] Ambrósio was just eight years old when she decided that she wanted to be a model, after seeing a picture of top covergirl Karen Mulder in a magazine: “I wanted to be like her”, she recalls. She enrolled at a modelling class at the age of 12 and at the age of 14 she was one of 20 finalists for an elite modelling competition in Brazil.[5] Ambrosio was always insecure about her large ears and at eleven had cosmetic surgery to get her ears pinned back, though two years later she suffered complications.[9] In 2006 she appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, and said that the surgery was a bad experience and has discouraged her from ever getting plastic surgery again.[10]

  • Sophia

    I am British but I am also Italian. Italians live all over the earth.

  • Coldplayer


    Thats a body to die for, eh? Try starving your self…. Win-win…

  • Coldplayer

    Still funny looking to me…. No VS model will ever have the sexual appeal as Adriana Lima… Besides her, the rest of them are so bland and/or weird looking

  • nat

    @Mave: why do you want to walk on runways for a few thousand when you work for victoria’s secret and earn millions.

  • Samantha

    Freja, Natasha Poly, Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson and Lara Stone ara amazing but I do loce Ale Ambrosio, Ana B Barros, Adriana Lima , Candice…

  • dana

    she’s beautiful

  • amy

    pretty..her earrings are really cute

  • Tall Pop…….

    OMG she looks freakin amazing!!!

  • ugh

    Real fur = real b!tch.
    She should be ashamed of herself.

  • Hypocrites…

    @Beth: You better be a Vegan.

  • Tasha

    @Beth: I wear real fur, but make sure the animals died of a natural cause. I eat meat and wear leather as well.

  • http://j ivanka

    body to die for definitely

  • how

    how can you be sure the fur you buy is from animals that died of a natural causes? i’m really curious.
    anyways imo fur (real or fake) is the most tacky thing somebody can have in their wordrobe. i don’t know why i find it so lame.

  • FYI

    i live in NYC and i was downtown on saturday and saw everyone and all the action first of all alessandra i saw before she is naturally gorgeous even without makeup and shes also very sweet ppl were asking her for her autograph and she gladly signed and smiled also her vest she wore was FAKE i work with the HUMANE SOCIETY and i was close enough to tell it was totally fake you can even really look at it and see plus i know shes involved with animals working with the humane society she is a huge donater she is very thin and very tall about 5’10 but i must say as thin as she is she has a cute butt in her skintight jeans and she looked awesome as usual and also fyi she is 100% brazilian if you ask her she will tell you she also said her little girl is learning portuguese as well but she will speak english as her first language great awesome gorgeous cool girl

  • Long long

    I love her long legs. And beautiful facial structure.

  • Jasmine

    who gives a flying fcuk about runway models? or any other model in that case, stop debating such stupid shit. she’s a beautiful woman, that’s it. who cares what she does or what she wears, get over it.

  • @jasmine

    there you go perfectly said i agree 100% with you jasmine shes a beautiful woman end of story

  • bronxy

    the vs models while they may get oppurtunity to do fashion once in a blue moon (and the fashion work pales in comparison to their “sexy” work) the fashion work they get once every four years is beyond boring. their sexy stuff, now we are talking. thay cant do fashion, just sexy. boring mdoels. you see who gets the important vogue covers and ad campaigns…NOT THEM haha

  • Rachele smith

    she is pretty