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Dina Lohan: Lindsay Told to Stay in Cannes!

Dina Lohan: Lindsay Told to Stay in Cannes!

Lindsay Lohan parties with friends while drinking and smoking on a yacht in Cannes, France on Friday (May 21).

Lindsay‘s mom, Dina Lohan recently told Radaronline that Lindsay was told not to return from Cannes while a warrant was out for her arrest. She said, “We did that for court purposes and the warrant purposes. There was no music to face. We were dealing with issues to get her back safely — without an arrest and vacate the warrant. And that takes time, that doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of phone calls, a lot of people involved and a lot of decisions being made. So we did what we had to do to protect her.”

15+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan partying it up in Cannes…

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dina lohan told lindsay stay cannes 02
dina lohan told lindsay stay cannes 03
dina lohan told lindsay stay cannes 04
dina lohan told lindsay stay cannes 05
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  • commonsense

    What kind of crack is this family smoking?!

  • Dieter

    She did not commit a crime. She just drove under intoxication like three years ago. Leave that girl alone. She is working so hard and so talented !!!!

  • anne

    this girl is a train wreck about to happen. somebody needs to get ahold of lindsay and put her in a rehab centre today. there have to be people who care enough about her to want to alive at the end of the day

  • naomi

    that girl is so messed up! she needs jail AND rehab ASAP

  • lucas

    she should have gone to jail for that crime “like three years ago”. instead she was given probation and didn’t fulfill the conditions. Which actually is a crime.

    As for her hard work and her talent. hardly. and even if both existed it doesn’t excuse her immaturity.

  • Dawn

    Oh shut up Dina. You mean you told her to go to Cannes and stay there.

  • halli


    That IS a crime numbnuts.

  • happy girl

    She did not commit a crime but the law is the law and she should answer to it just like every other hard working American with a lot less money. I feel sorry for Lindsay I really do. However, if there is a warrant out for you, then you should not be out in Cannes drinking and partying. She should stay in her hotel meditating or something. And that mother of hers is a problem. I hope Lindsay gets help, I hope she gets rid of the enablers and gets on the right track. Such a beautiful and young girl should be focusing on different things. Otherwise she will be a statistic. Lindsay, don’t be a statistic, you have a great life ahead of you. Get rid of mom and get rid of the enablers and clean up your life.

  • nata

    Poor girl, she is such a mess. I think it will be better for her to be put into jail. It will be helpful for her rehabilitation. She is a very sad story.

  • Kaila Imada

    i like what she’s wearing!

  • Tomo

    @Happy girl .. I don’t know where you are from but where I’m from cocaine possesion and driving drunk are indeed crimes genius..

  • Denise

    Dina Lohan might as well sign Lindsay’s death certificate now, She is setting her daughter up for it.

    This pitiful young woman never had a chance with Dina for a mother,

  • ke$haluv

    Screw the judge, she should just move out of the country, move to one where the drugs she likes are legal, no need to sit in jail in the US if she don’t need to. She got millions of dollars, run girl run

  • offtheproperty

    this Cannes episode is another low point for our Lindsay.

  • Ali

    these parents need counseling – they are ridiculous. and their daughter will wind up on the trash heap of the industry. the tragedy is that she had real potential. but with these parents protecting her weaknesses, it is doubtful whether her potential will be realized. she already looks like a trainwreck.

  • Buzzy

    You need a license to own a gun, or to drive a car. But anyone can become a “parent.” It’s a shame Lindsay had the parents she did. Don’t approve of her actions, but the kid was behind the 8-ball from birth.

  • Pot

    I know Lindsay creates her problems for herself, but I feel really sorry for her. I really do. She is such a beautiful and talented girl. To look at her in these pictures is like looking at someone on their deathbed. Her father and mother are both worthless. She needs to get away from them. It sounds harsh, but they obviously don’t care enough about her to stick her ass in rehab. Her only hope is to meet a guy that will do right by her and take care of her. But the way she’s looking & acting, I doubt that is going to happen either. I pray that she stays safe and has the courage to straighten herself out. Good things will come to her if she has the strength to get herself back on the right track. Bless you, Lindsay. People do care.

  • Pot

    I really wish some older, wiser & rich celebrity would reach out to her and help her. I mean somebody have a heart! Some did reach out to Britney when she was in trouble. Her parents and agent don’t care…they like her to be a circus and make money off of her shame. So sad.

  • true

    Girls take heed from Jezebel! This is what happens when you have no boundaries with sex, drugs and mayhem. You become an absolute mess…In her case, it looks like METH rules…Her mother and father are just teenagers stuck in grownup bodies. Nobody is watching out for her. She needs to connect with mature grounded people with morals and faith before its too late.

  • Neorules2112

    Gotta Love The Family Values .

  • Cedric

    Let me break it down for the ‘tards. Lindsay *DID* commit a crime. Driving while under the influence of alcohol *IS* illegal.

  • Allie

    I was watching Mean Girls today on TBS and shook my head. What happened to Lindsay Lohan? She was so sweet and healthy looking and had that nice red hair. She’s a total train wreck, but let’s hope she turns her life around. And not in the Britney Spears conservatorship way because that’s just creepy.

  • pup

    Well. She looks like crap.

  • Tomo

    @Cedric… You’re forgetting the cocaine they found in her pocket when she was booked for drunk driving.. Which she conviently blamed on “the black guy” her words not mine.. She needs the jail time then rehab.. She needs tough tough tough love immediatly ..

  • @Dieter: Is that you, Lindsay?

    On an unrelated note: I love her headband.

  • Tyler

    She deserves a good hard punch to the face.

  • Jasmine

    Here’s the thing about addiction and f-ckups: Rehab is not necessary. When you decide that you’ve had enough, that it’s time to become clean and turn your life around, you do it. For some rehab is needed, but for others it isn’t. This girl has been in rehab, she’s had people on her ass, she’s been in legal trouble, yet she can’t get by a damn day without chaos in her life. Like one of you said, she was damned from the beginning because of her pathetic excuse for parents, so it’s understandable. But at some point, a person needs to look around and realize that their mentality is not normal. That their actions are not normal. Driving drunk with cocaine in your pocket is not normal. Didn’t she also run over some guy’s hand? Or was it a foot? Some limb. Whatever, point is, any dumbf-ck will realize that sh-t is not right. If she hasn’t at this point, and she’s at a point where she can hardly get a job because she’s so screwed up, then she needs to be incarcerated.
    I wish we could just vote on this, because I’m tired of reading about her drunken tweets, her desperate pleas for Samantha to love her, and her shitty ass parents. Lock her up until she comes to her senses. Please!

  • hayden


    it’s funny you wrote that. when i first saw the post, i was like oh shut up dina. just shut the hell up already. she’s as messed up as fcuk, period. nothing you say isn’t going to take that away.

  • hayden

    what i meant to say is nothing dina will say will take that away.

  • AutumnM

    Both Dina and Lindsay are pathetic! Dina is constantly making excuses for this young woman. Dina needs to get a grip. Linds is a mess and she is in serious denial.

  • Paul E. Stanley

    Dina is correct “there is no music to face” when you have people always making excuses for your bad behavior. And let me point out something to all you “poor Lindsey, people need to leave her alone” No one is shoving the coke up her nose. She is doing it on her own, she is an adult women and should be held accountable for actions. Just like you or me if we were to act like her and do the things she does.. Seriously, do you really think you could get away with saying. the cocaine in my pants isn’t mine because these aren’t my pants? No we would be thrown in jail that very minute.

  • joboots


    Perhaps Dina needs to be locked up as well for not being a good

  • iDani

    How old is Lindsay? 23??? When is she old enough to become responsible for her own actions?

  • .

    A far cry from when she was in Cannes last! She was golden and glamorous. Now she looks tired, aged, and dull. Hanging out with a bunch of no names, where even hanging out on a yacht makes them all look dingy. Washed up at what 23? Shame.

  • JeepersCreepers

    Protect her? These parents are such idiots!

    Protect her from what? Only she is responsible for her idiot actions and needs to face it like everyone else.

    Don’t the parents realize the huge mistakes they are making?

    They need to have their heads examined!

  • mac

    Almost sad to read Dina’s comments. Maybe she thinks she is giving a reasonable explanation but it shows how she has no education, no knowledge of law or legal procedures or no idea of what situation her daughter is in. Once you paid the bail, the warrant is vacated with immediate effect. No need of many phone calls and decisions. No need to keep your daughter partying in Cannes.

  • toni

    @Dieter: That is the most stupid comment I think I heard. How can you say she just drove intoxicated? She could’ve killed someone and it IS against the law and she had cocaine which again IS against the law. Then you say leave her alone when it’s so clear that even Stevie Wonder can see that she’s still drinking and on drugs and that she clearly needs help since her careless fame whoring parents don’t. As a person who is a fan of her, you should stop making excuses because along with her mother who is definitely in denial your excuses for her actions will lead to a BREAKING NEWS story that no one will be shocked about. I wish someone like Drew Barrymore Elton John or Robert Downey Jr. would come and just save her since they recovered from drugs and came back perfectly.

  • question

    So where is she now? I read one account that she was on her way back to the US on a flight out of London. But now, is she still in Cannes? If she misses that Monday court date, she better find a country with no extradition agreement, because she will be in very deep doodoo. What a mess.

  • anon


    And you need a swift boot between the legs.

  • tlc

    Lindsey must be doing some serious drugs to be 23 and look 30 something already. She is to blame, but her mother Dina should be jailed for being the worse mother on the face of this earth! Cannot stand that mother.

  • MM

    I wish Lindsay from the Parent Trap would come back…what a cute girl she was. Sad

  • MM

    I wish Lindsay from the Parent Trap would come back…what a cute girl she was. Sad

  • mimi78

    I wonder what happened to her to make her so self-destructive. Poor girl.

  • happy girl

    Tomo: You did not read my post entirely. I was responding to someone who says she did not commit a crime. And I am saying, crime or no crime, whatever the defense is – the law is the law and she should abide by it like any American citizen. Why don’t you bother to read posts before snippy remarks? Or is that where you come from they don’t offer free reading classes?????? Read my post dingbat. Geesh!

  • Mery

    She is a mess.

  • happy girl

    And TOMO, the LAMO, yes I am the GENIUS and you are the BRAINDEAD VERMON because you CLEARLY did not read a post of mine which specifically said Lindsay Lohan should abide by the law like any hard-working American with LESS MONEY. That means, I was inferring that the rich should not get special favors and should abide by the law regardless of their defense or what they think was a crime or not. I SAID she should get help before she becomes a statistic. I SAID all this and you, Trailer Park reject, Junior College screwtard clearly did not read the post and then attacked me? Maybe the problem is you got a sniff of Lindsay’s crack, you imbecile. Take a pill and chill inbred.

  • brightside

    I think the desire that Dinah feels to protect Lindsay is very late in coming. The time for her to protect her daughter was round about the time her daughter started to go off the rails. That was the time her daughter needed support. Unfortunately Lindsay has had a really raw deal in the parental responsibility department and having her mother give her this kind of advice is several kinds of bad. Lindsay should stand up to what she did, accept the decision of the courts and, if gaol time is the result of that, then do the gaol time. She might learn a far more valuable lesson than listening to her appalling mother.

  • KVB

    All delusional addicts and her co-dependent mother should be held accountable (one can only imagine how the other two children will develop having been under her care and influence since birth). Lindsay Lohan has developed into a pathetic creature while misperceiving herself to be some great starlet. She has so grossly (physically and psychologically) abused herself she looks like a middle-aged woman. Dina Lohan, are you proud of your grand molding?



  • Dear Dina,

    That is called enabling. You are not doing Lindsay any favors.