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Kate Gosselin Blows a Kiss to Cara!

Kate Gosselin Blows a Kiss to Cara!

Kate Gosselin blows a kiss to her daughter, Cara, who heads to a friend’s for a sleep-over on Sunday (May 30) in Reading, Penn.

Yesterday, Kate was looking pretty in pink as she headed to the local nail salon for some downtime from the kids.

The 35-year-old mom got the family into a patriotic spirit as they all placed flags in their lawn.


15+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin blowing a kiss to Cara

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kate gosselin blows a kiss 01
kate gosselin blows a kiss 02
kate gosselin blows a kiss 03
kate gosselin blows a kiss 04
kate gosselin blows a kiss 05
kate gosselin blows a kiss 06
kate gosselin blows a kiss 07
kate gosselin blows a kiss 08
kate gosselin blows a kiss 09
kate gosselin blows a kiss 10
kate gosselin blows a kiss 11
kate gosselin blows a kiss 12
kate gosselin blows a kiss 13
kate gosselin blows a kiss 14
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  • gosh….

    Her boobs are huge..

  • Barbara

    Looks like someone has had a boob job….or two…just what you need to help raise 8 kids I guess. Look back at her 1st season with John and she had a much smaller chest.

  • dick

    downtown from your kids?? does she not already get that from the pack of nannies that raise her kids?

  • Alaia

    Imagine having this fat hag blow a kiss at you. Poor child must now be blind.

  • brightside

    Have to say they look natural to me….fake boobs surely don’t sag that much! She looks like her boobs have had eight kids hanging off them!

  • Cathy

    She has more down time from her children than anyone I have ever seen. Why is she on this site? She is not interesting in the least.

  • Venom

    Kisses from the devil…

  • Ayaz

    All the haters sitting behind their computers make me laugh. All the negative comments are from fat virgins who live with their mothers or alone in a dank apartment with their collection of cats.

    I would wear Kate like a hat, as would any self respecting male.

  • dessertgirl

    She didn’t breastfeed the kids, she pumped the milk into bottles with a machine. She was like mass production milk farms with multi-cows. She is a cow.

  • Ms. Anonymous


    Um no, it;s a fact that Kate treats her family and everyone around her like crap. She even put Joel on the laundry room floor when he was sick! This is on the tv show! Don’t judge until you know, she HATES HER KIDS.

  • Julia


    Carpet wins over sick kid. Apparently.

    And Im sorry, but I am not a virgin, my mother lives over 1,000 miles away and I am allergic to cats. The whole “Virgins” or “fat chicks” in a basement that continuously gets thrown at anyone who doesn’t like the celeb that you do, has gotten very old. Find a new insult or stfu.

  • missy

    as usual the thumbs up/down is not working. Getting paid by TLC, just jared?

  • kizbit

    So sad, really, that she just doesn’t want to be with her kids. She’s all about money. She’s going to be one lonely old lady.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    C’mon kids, it’s time for our Memorial Day photo op! Then Mommy will go for another nail job, courtesy of you. Actually, everything on this first class b….. comes courtesy of her tortured kids. Her fake hair, nails, looks like two boob jobs now, tan, tummy tuck, plastic surgery.
    Hope you’re happy with all your millions at the expense of your children and your family, Kate.
    Downtime from the kids? How laughable. She has a cadre of nannies to take care of the kids she doesn’t want. They only come in hand when it’s TLC time.
    Go away, witch.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Ten pictures of those kids and not one of them is smiling in any of the shots. How about we change the headline to “Kate Gosselin Blows”?

  • Payson

    kate,kate,kate….where’s the love? you have for your children? You never smile when in Pa. near your children. Why is that? Only smiles for crew and adults. How are the kids doing? Have you looked at these pics kate? NOT ONE SMILE from any of them…why is that kate? You wouldn’t be “so alone’ if you engaged yourself into the lives of your children. Kate have you met the neighbors? Do you know any of them-have they been to your house for a pool party? Maybe a chat in the driveway? Might take up knitting so you have something to do when the kids all move away from you-far,far,far away.

  • Hi Haters

    Kate looks great, the kids look great!

    You all act like hateful hags who are so lonely and jealous of a woman who is living her life. Get off the couch, get away from the computer, go meet people. Being fat is not an excuse. Even fat people can find companionship if they want it. You don’t want it, do you? You just want to sit home eat devil dogs and complain about a woman you don’t know, whose life doesn’t affect your life in any way.

    Poor things.

  • jealous lover

    @Hi Haters:

    Sounds like you can’t handle an opinion or 20. She is a hag and she does use and abuse her chirrun. Deal.

  • Hi Haters

    @jealous lover:

    WHATT!!?? LOL, I love the jealous haters who are so honest about their hate and so blind about their envy! It’s so cool to read the hate and know that it’s all about envy and that the haters who spew their hate are so clueless about how they look or that people can see through them. It’s a pysch experiment gone mad in here. JJ posts it, haters respond to it, in any number of hateful ways (kate’s mean, she’s ugly, she’s fat, she doesn’t deserve her fame etc.) those who don’t hate see through to the haters real pain and envy and sadness, that they will never admit to feeling.

    Amazing to behold, it is.

  • Patrocoa

    Keep stirring your cauldrons, haters! Keep making Kate so controversial that TV producers just keep giving her gig after gig. She’s laughing at you all, all the way to the bank! Do you really not get that?

  • kady

    She is blowing a kiss to the paps and jus blowing her kid off as usual….hahahaha

  • kady

    @Hi Haters: think your putting too much into anothers post…take your meds

  • manny

    Well if Tv land throws her a curve ball than she can always get a job at HOOTERS with them knockers

  • lolly

    Funny how when she is in full drag with cameras on her she is grinning from ear to ear. Have her at home with the kids and she has a permanent scowl on her mug, Yeah she lives for her kids, NOT.

  • Khate

    fill ‘er up with 100 cc’s more x 2…..I don’t have enough attention yet

  • hmm

    Looks like Khate has been getting her boobs enlarged again, for the children, of course. Everything is for the children.
    Oh, cut the crap Kate. We know that you read about yourself everyday and we know that you are blowing kisses to Cara for the sake of those paps (probably TLC paid paps). Your narcissistic a$$ isn’t fooling anyone. Damn woman, get some help before you totally destroy those kids. Here’s advice for you, Kate. Downsize the lifestyle.
    You looked slimmer before you started exercising, before the foobs (it makes you look fatter)…you look like Jaime sculpted your body to be just like hers. What’s up with that, Kate? Uh huh…..yeah, we know.

  • KIK

    I heard Kate Gosselin read Hugh Hefner didn’t want her for Playboy because she gained a couple of pounds, so she went ahead and moved on up a couple of bra cups *not her 1st time either because no one rejects the great Kate Gosselin. Doesn’t Hugh Hefner know who she is? She had 8 kids, EIGHT CHILDREN!!!!!!, a tummy tuck and a little help, hehe, in the boobage department. Who is she to say no to all that money Playboy has to offer?
    Kate is just showing Hef like she showed Jon….no one tells Kate NO, dare they suffer the fallout that is Kate.

  • Jokergurl

    Why even post these ? this broad (yeah I said broad because woman is too kind for her) is a poor excuse for a mother and the modern equivalent of a Narcissus.

  • whatthehe__
  • tilly

    ugly cow. poor kids have nothing to smile about now that mommy is pimping them out to television again so she can stay “famous”. famewhore is what she is. she could care less about the kids, except that they bring her money.

  • Melanie

    what a good mom

  • Patricia


    Actually, Kate Gosselin didn’t ask to be in Playboy. Some interviewer asked Heff about the possibility. I doubt very much she would consider an offer from that smut rag, even if one was made.

  • Carla*

    Hope you’re reading this Kate, you’re ugly and your mama dresses you funny, Bitch!!

  • dxbravo

    If it weren’t for the kankles she’d be perfect.

  • aww whats wrong kate..

    poor baby…nobody is paying attention to her….

  • reginaldwilliamson

    OMG Kate is so hot. All of you nasty women on here wish you looked half as good as Kate.

  • facadestilladser

    Thank you for this article. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many bases.see you