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Judge Issues Bench Warrant for Lindsay Lohan's Arrest

Judge Issues Bench Warrant for Lindsay Lohan's Arrest

Judge Marsha Revel has issued a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan‘s arrest.

Bail is set at $200,000 – Judge Revel found five violations after examining the report on Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet. Sources tell TMZ the data from the alcohol monitoring device shows evidence of alcohol.

Lindsay maintains that she is in compliance with the judge’s orders. “It is just unfortunate and unfair because it distracts from the fact & the truth that i’m in such a good place,” she tweeted earlier today.

“My scram wasn’t set off-Its [sic] physically impossible considering I’ve nothing for it to go off,” she added. “All of these false [reports] are absolutely wrong.”

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Lindsay‘s people are posting bail for her now and that it’s likely that the judge will recall the warrant once bail is posted.

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  • All the Gays

    We believe u Lilo! You’re still our girl!

  • nilestheninja

    Karma is unavoidable. Moron.

  • bobbi


  • ck_always

    Girl, I hope you like orange!

  • Lurker

    Jail is not a bad alternative for her at this time, it might actually save her life.

  • Cayenne

    I wish Lindsay the best.

  • Asha

    This chick is so hopeless. She is given chance after chance. I give up on her.

  • nata

    Poor Lindsay, she is such a hard worker. She is never goes to parties and is always home. The world hates her because she is successful and beautiful. Please give me a break and stop insulting our intelligence. The only thing you did at Canes was party( I never saw any pictures of her working. The only pictures I saw were of her partying). The only thing she has done lately is party and doing events. It is obvious that she is not clean, and I hope that this time she will get arrested. Maybe that will teach her a lesson. She needs to stop playing the ” I’m just 23 and the world is out to get me” card. It is not working.

  • don’t understand

    What’s the purpose of the SCRAM, bench warrants, etc. if all she has to do is post bail and get away with everything once again? Waste of the taxpayers’ dollars.

  • happy girl

    What part of ALCOHOL BRACELET so you shouldn’t be partying up at every alcohol filled party does she not understand???????? That 200,00 coould feed several families. I felt sorry for her before but not I think she might be a moron.

  • !

    Can she just stop being such a fame wh*re and go get her life straight?! So sick of this screw-ups messy life being written about!

  • Iffy Miffy

    I really don’t get this. She’s violated every single thing the court has proscribed for her and she’s still not in jail?! Not a single ‘normal’ person would be able to pull this off. And then they say that money and fame means nothing in the eyes of the law – yeah, right! I don’t give a damn if she kills herself but what will happen if she ends up killing someone else? Say by drunk driving? Whose fault is it then – only hers or the system’s too? Bad, bad message all round.

  • Sun

    Oh for heaven sake!!!!! just leave her alone! there more important issue the judge need to focus on! children being raped by their father etc! The authority doing the same shit to MJ before till the day he died! Get a bloody life you people!!!!

  • sparkly sequins

    Um honey, the these-are-all-false-reports-self-delusional antic works with tabloids- not so much on the U.S. justice system.

  • hannah

    She’s such a hopeless case…

  • Catharine

    She’s got a court date in July that this is all leading up to so the judge is not wasting “tax payer’s money”. Lindsay better watch her tweeting as they could get her for perjury as well.

  • offtheproperty

    Looks like we’ll be looking at Lindsay looking bored in court again real soon.

  • Alan

    She is a moron she just proved everyone was right about her lol everyone knew from the minute that braclet was placed on her it was only a matter of time before she goes to jail……………she is going to get a reality check now…………her mom she go with to jail as well!!!

  • conishkee

    I do not know what to think of this one THIS time because these celebrities get away with just a slap on the wrist, whereas if it were you or me, honey, they would not hesitate to slap those cuffs on our wrists and throw our collective azzes in jail. It makes my head spin to think of just how fast they would do it. But here we go again with Mz. Lindsay and another episode of “I didn’t do it; there was a malfunction in the device.” Give me a serious break!! Let us see how she gets out of this one THIS time!! Enough already!! It makes me sick at how lenient our judicial system is when it comes to celebrities. I feel like, God forbid I should ever get in trouble legally, and the judge should ask me if I have anything to say in my defense. I thought about it, and I would say, “Yes, your honor, I would like to request the same leniency that was given to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan over and over again.” How is that for a justice question? Yeah right. I would probably piss the judge off by asking it. LOL!!

  • At this point…who cares? Let her ruin her life. Isn’t it California residents’ money going into all this shit?

  • Times a tickin

    The only thing she has suceeded in lately is getting in trouble with the law, partying all night and just being trashy. Soon she will be completely irrelevant, in jail or dead.

  • Joboots


    She’s become just another novelty,JMO!!!!!

  • Jojo

    I’m over this. I used to come in here and say that “its such a shame. She could have been great. Its to bad her parents are assh0les.”

    Yeah yeah yeah. She obviously doesn’t care about her life, so why should we? She is in serious denial. Whatever.

  • Channy

    @conishkee: “Yes, your honor, I would like to request the same leniency that was given to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan”
    LMAO!!! I can just imagine!!

  • Helen

    @All the Gays: damn, do you really? SERIOUSLY? are you dumb?

  • shaCHEER11

    i honestly think that everyone needs to stop protecting her and let her be accountable for her actions. she is 24 almost 25. she is a grown ass woman who needs to face the consequences and if that means jail than so be it!


    Free Lindsay!!
    She is my idol!

  • me

    anyone else feeling a loss of compassion for this girl? Life is trying to teach her sense and balance and she doesn’t have the self awareness to respect the feedback and slow down.

    I have the impression she’s cultivated a self image in which she enjoys the idea of herself as a glamourous rebellious self destructive driver of a fast hard life.

    look out for that brick wall little girl, its fast approaching . . .

  • FreshStickOfChewingGum

    Seattle’s The Stranger weekly will be breaking an in depth report this week about the unreliability of the SCRAM unit most widely used by government police agencies. Including the unit’s problematic physiological saline response detection system that can record a subject’s Oh spasm and report the fake trace result to it’s central computerized monitoring system. In one study, the device was frequently set off by a woman’s male partner. Who may have consumed a few servings of alcohol, that were then picked up by the female rubbing her raised legs against the wet side of her partner. In another widely reported case, the monitor unit’s false detection was triggered by the female subject swallowing and digesting several large portions of pearl jam over a 24 hour period.

  • Trina

    She just keeps going downhill. Can’t she see what she’s doing to herself?

  • Liza

    How can one pay their bond without being arrested…I thought ya paid to bond OUT after ya went IN…

  • fox

    i CANNOT believe Chace crawford got arrested for an ounce of marijuanna and thick chicks running around breaking the law left and right and getting off the hook more than once. SAD!

  • Helen

    The Scram doesn’t lie. I’m assuming she tried to trick the scram bracelet by messing with it, and then thought it would work. I think she’s done that before.

    Anyways, when is this woman going to learn her lesson? When?
    Come on seriously, it’s not hard to obey the rules and be good for once!

  • teri

    I think I’m the only one who believes her. I think so many people are out to get her, she better watch herself.

  • teri

    Do you really care about Lindsay or do you just want to see her punished? Continually kicking her and insulting her sounds like you really want the joy of seeing her thrown in jail. She’s been passing her drug and alcohol classes, now her scram bracelet goes off and you automatically assume she’s been drinking. Just like Britney too many people wanted her thrown in jail forever without getting help. It’s people like you negative nellys she needs to stay away from.

  • Monty

    Five false alarms? I don’t think so.

  • Rachel

    she is hot

  • FreshStickOfChewingGum

    Trina at 1:34 said: “She just keeps going down…” You might be right. TMZ is now reporting that LL has admitted that she has been swallowing.

  • http://lauraloo L$

    Its time for her to grow up…she isn’t the lovable girl in Parent Trap any longer. Comon’ Lindsay get your act together before the only movie industry that will be interested in giving you a job is the porn industry. They don’t care how much trouble you get into. So sad.