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Angelina Jolie Has Hungary Twins

Angelina Jolie Has Hungary Twins

Angelina Jolie carries her adorable daughter Vivienne in Hungary while scouting locations for an upcoming film project on Saturday (August 21).

Vivienne‘s 2-year-old twin brother Knox was seen playing with blow-up toys of an airplane and giraffe. So cute!

Angie is currently working on a love story — the movie will be set during the 1992-95 Bosnian War. “I would like to involve as many local people as possible and learn as much as I can,” she shared.

More pics at X17!

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  • ladylurksalot

    Yippee! First! And I’m not even a troll….

  • cool

    hahha be careful ange cuz some one would to kill you is jennifer***she is there!!! holding the gun………..

  • aeg

    Wish her all the best. She’s a lovely woman and mother.

  • ladylurksalot

    Old pics, Jared, but glad you got around to it. Adorable baby overload! I’m getting into cheek pinching mode, so I’d better head to bed. At least the insomnia comes in handy when you’re the first to an Angie thread.

  • Isador

    Bless Her and Brad, and all of the family. The Twins is very ADORABLE, the pics of Viv reminds me with Shiloh. And Brad you have done wonderful job with “Make It Rights” Foundation, something that you might never do if you still with JA.

  • enrique


    if he would still be with JA if could have been Make It Wrong Foundation….

  • Katsaridoula

    These pictures are so beautiful. Viv is adorable.

  • ladylurksalot


    It WAS wrong, enrique, and we don’t have to make a foundation out of it, X has already used that as a basis for her career.

  • ladylurksalot


    But I kid. I`m truly not sure if I could see Mr Pitt putting a good part of his passion and efforts into humanitarian and relief efforts like he does now. It`s wonderful, and amazing what he and Angie have done for others. Pretty soon a bunch of people will be on here, posting comments slamming her for trying to help others, or for trying to do her job (she`s an actress, she should probably talk to people about acting, no matter what country she`s in) and it`s sickening to me. When one is trying to help the people they meet, why should it even be subject to debate or critisism?

  • ladylurksalot

    And just ’cause the sleeping pill hasn’t kicked in yet, I’ll do a favour for the trolls- here you go, you’re gonna say it anyway, so I thought I’d spare you the trouble (and the J-P fans) the task of thumbing you down into moderation hell.

    1.she’s too skinny
    2. she’s a bad mother because sometimes the children travel with her
    3. she is breaking up with Brad any minute now
    4. see number 3
    5. this is a photo op
    6. she is a fake because she doesn’t look the same as she did in the
    Rolling Stones Video (and she had the affair with Mick- don’t forget
    that one) or in Tomb Raider
    7. see number 3
    8. she’s a homewrecker ’cause a legally separated and in-the-
    process- of-a-divorce man fell in love with her (adulterer!)
    9. she gave birth to real live children, didn’t eat them as expected, and then had the nerve to sell pictures of them to support charities. How dare she! Stupid better world for all!
    10. see numbers 1 through 9

    Have I missed any?

  • Andrea

    I live in the capital of Hungary, hope I will see them around:D

  • Katsaridoula

    @ladylurksalot your list made me laugh, very witty, well done :-) A message from me to all demented, stupid and two-faced Maniston fans, who gather like vermin and annoying maggots on Angie’s/Brad’s threads: GO TO HELL FOREVER AND LET NORMAL PEOPLE LIVE IN PEACE.

  • sav

    Beautiful Angie and her beautiful kids.

  • busted

    Wow.. Angie so going to Direct.. She already directed that documentary A Place in Time.

    Don’t you just love when people actually go out and do the things they want to do instead of yapping about it. I guess Angie was about to burst if she didn’t Direct again.

    A Place in time was used in Schools.I just wish it was available for the public. I would love to see it. It was such an interesting idea.

    The twins are cute and getting so big. Angie had an interview where she talked about the children speaking a second language. She said the twins speak more French words the English. The have a French tutoring working with the family.

    Knox and Viv actually look a lot alike to me. But we can’t really full facial shots.

    Well Angie is just showing again that she has many talents.

  • dakila

    haaa haaaayyyy…. adooooraaabblleee!!! lady who lurks, ur comments make me hahaha
    anyway, thanks jared, angie and her family is the only reason i come to ur site.

  • Some Bunny

    Thanks for posting these pictures Jared. I do not usually go to any other site, so glad they are finally here.

    Angelina is always glowing with happiness around her children. I love how she takes time individually with each of the JP kids.

    Blessings to all.

  • Judit

    I’m so excited that she will be working here, in Hungary! Hope it isn’t a gossip! I love you, Angie!

  • shylola

    oh i saw this pic yesterday at popsugar

  • shylola

    btw, i love d’ twins have same hair!!! how cute.. in purple really suit ViV <3

  • xiana

    They twins are becoming more beautiful as they grow. Like Shiloh who is prettier now!!

  • ebmo

    ladylurksalot @ 08/24/2010 at 4:57 am +1


    It WAS wrong, enrique, and we don’t have to make a foundation out of it, X has already used that as a basis for her career.

    Ahhhh Ladylurksalot, you are too funny! but you know the trolls will be particularly vicious because Maniston BOMBED so badly.

    BTW Maniston has already planted the “meeting with surrogate mother” stories as well as blaming the failure of “Turkey Baster” on the premise that the story was bad (high-jacking a woman’s womb). I am shocked! The wolrd is shocked! X taking no responsibility for one of her many failures!

  • S. Michelle

    Master Manipulator!! She does not fool me for one second. Viv is cute!

  • NAN

    Very very beautiful mother and the twins,I love to see all her kids and her husband Mr.Brad Pitt !
    Thanks JJ ,That you just have time to shows the pics of the twins and their mom.
    He He He,someone have to hide her FLOPPY ,BOMBED BOMBED !
    ONE MOVIE ,but have 3 names ,next time Jen have to changes
    ” 3 IN 1 ” or ” BABY BOMB BOMB ON THE WAY ”
    This woman sooo INSECURE of her FAILURES life and her career !
    She have to go back to TV ,to helping CCA to be The Big BOMBED like DIRT ,ha ha ha ha ha

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Great photos, love this family so much.

  • phool


  • anustin

    cr.dulci.mega 4
    More info about Angie’s Bosnian war movie


    Actor, mother, United Nations goodwill ambassador: Angelina Jolie has many strings to her bow. This autumn she will add another after signing on to make her feature directing debut on the self-penned low-budget tale of a Bosnian woman who falls in love with a Serbian military man.
    The movie, so far untitled, will cost $15m (£10m) to make, will feature local actors from the Bosnia and Herzegovina area and is set during the Bosnian war in the early half of the 1990s. Jolie will not be appearing in front of the cameras.

    The movie, which will be shot in English, is not Jolie’s overall directing debut. In 2007 she shot the documentary A Place in Time, also known as A Moment in the World, which captured scenes across

  • guy

    I really like Angelina, I adore Pitt, from his Thelma & Louise days but that’s enough with all this pics, rumors, news about them…

  • gg

    jared, why you so late for everything? viv and Angie cute. I can’t wait for it. It going to be good.

  • anony

    love those children, especially Viv

  • trinilady

    c;ute chubby-cheeks to kiss

  • Mia

    Omigosh Viv is so cute! Oh so adorable those twins.
    LOL ladylurksalot. I think you’ve got it all covered.

  • trinilady

    to EBMO any more details about this?

    Maniston has already planted the “meeting with surrogate mother” stories as well as blaming the failure of “Turkey Baster” on the premise that the story was bad (high-jacking a woman’s womb). I am shocked!

  • anus

    I loved Angie with her hair short. Such a shame. Anyways shes still beautiful

  • t.m.delafonda

    Beautiful family and wonderful woman! BTW, I saw that someone wished you, PT, Happy Birthday on the previous thread and I remember that you said that your birthday was on the Leo-Virgo cusp, SOOO……Happy Birthday, PT and many , many more.

  • hana

    Love her and the kids. yes all twenty of them! cant wait to see this movie she is making i think it might be kinda sad but ill watch, its always good to know whats going on in other parts of the world. I wish her the best with this next project.

  • Bobybobis

    Twins are too cute for words.
    I love Knox & Vivi!!!

  • Srb

    It was denied here in Serbia that Angie will come to Belgrade on Sept. 3rd and i think it is true. Denial came from the daughter of Rade Serbedzija. She said that Angelina was talking to her father about the film but she never planned to visit him in Croatia, or to speak to the producer in Serbia (Filip Gajic, husband of Lucija Serbedzija). They only met in US.!.html

  • haha

    Wow! They’re def Shiloh’s siblings. uncanny…

  • Caroline

    I love Shiloh, Knox, Viv very much.
    But Viv is the most cutest in my heart.

  • andamentothat

    way to go Ange.. Break all the barriers.. This will be a fascinating movie, take tips from Clint too my gal!

  • Bridget

    @Caroline: My fav is Zahara. She’s ultra feminine.

  • Rainy Day

    Radar Online is speculating that she is pregnant again because all of her Red Carpet gowns have been so loose around the waist. Mmmm :)

  • QQQQ

    I guess it wasn’t bogus after all… LOL! I’m in awe of this woman. Where did she find the time to write the screenplay. Like busted said, she doesn’t go around talking about stuff, she does them. Girlfriend is the screenwriter, director and co-producer. Amazing!

  • Whamo

    I think ELO wrote this song for…this creature

    Song: Evil Woman ELO

    You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams have got to end.Hey woman, you got the blues, cos’ you ain’t got no one else to use.There’s an open road that leads nowhere, so just make some miles between here and there.There’s a hole in my head where the rain comes in,You took my body and played to win,Ha Ha woman it’s a crying shame,But you ain’t got no one else to blame


    Jennifer Aniston stuck in second tier with new flop

    Quote from the article”

    Said another producer who has worked with her: “There are some actors like Angelina Jolie, if they want to do the movie, then you make the movie. Aniston is not the kind of star that drives movies getting made. She’s the kind of star that gets the movie made if you want to make it anyway. If she says, ‘I want to do a script,’ people are going to say: ‘How do you sell it? What’s the budget? Who’s the co-star?’ She’s part of a package within a package.”

    The photogenic Aniston might lend herself to poster art — and attracts publicity in the form of those ever-present magazine covers — but she can’t open a film by herself. Her boxoffice track record has more to do with the power of her various male co-stars than anything else.

    “Bruce Almighty,” which grossed $243 million domestically in 2003, was by far her biggest hit, but that movie was sold as a wacky Jim Carrey comedy with Aniston tagging along as Carrey’s fiancee.

    She also broke the $100 million mark appearing with Vince Vaughn in “Break-Up,” a sort of anti-romantic comedy, and by sharing the screen with Owen Wilson and a lovable dog in “Marley.”

    But teaming with such lesser lights as Steve Zahn in last year’s “Management,” which received only a token release, and Aaron Eckhart in September’s “Love Happens,” Aniston hasn’t been able to drag movies over the finish line by herself. In fact, “Love” opened to the same sort of weekend that greeted “Switch”: $8 million.

    “On her own, she’s not strong enough,” one of the producers said. “She’s like the cleanup hitter, but you need the rest of the team.”

  • an oldie

    My dear friend Whamo, your poem fits Maniston to a T. Ar you still in celebration mood?
    And how dare those critics be so mean to Jen? They are ignoramuses and they need to STFU.

  • AJP

    Oh beautiful children! Viv reminds me of Shi when she was that age, chubby chubby cheeks but Viv appears a moody tot comparing to breezy Shi. Knox is cute beyond words… These tots are so adorable, of course their parents used to be super cute tots too…


    Angelina Jolie looks absolutely beauitul bonding with the twins.

    Back to that fiasco that know one seems to want to talk about. The Switch arriving in theaters DOA . Did you guys notice most of the entertainment shows did not mention the weekend box office? Mmmm. They keep trying to force the aging sitcom actress down the public throats. They promote the hell out her movies. When the sh!t bombs they pretend as if the rest of the world did not here about the “a-list actress” epic fail. When Angelina Jolie Salt came in #2 with $36 million it was the lead story. When Marley and Me beat Benjamin Button it was breaking news. When poor little rich girl can’t sell tickets all you hear is about is her quest spot on Cougar Town. Amazing the story came out the same day the box office receipts were count. B!tch we are on to you and your PR stunts. We know what you are going to do before Huvane tell you what to do.

  • lol

    Jared’s got all the pictures out of order. This was first then came Bosnia. It’sl all good.

    Everyone looks great.

  • aseret64

    @ladylurksalot: nice one lol bty, the kids looks great. I would love to pinch those chubby cheeks lol BRANGELINA forever