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Katie Holmes: Cupcakes for Bailee's Birthday!

Katie Holmes: Cupcakes for Bailee's Birthday!

Katie Holmes leaves her trailer clutching a script on the set of her new movie, Jack and Jill, on Monday (October 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress is working alongside Adam Sandler, who cross-dresses in the film and stars as both Jack and his wacky twin, Jill.

Katie recently stopped by the Wizards of Waverly Place set to help her Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark co-star, Bailee Madison, celebrate her 11th birthday.

She surprised Bailee, who was filming an episode of the hit Disney Channel series, with cupcakes and a birthday card!

FYI: Katie is wearing The Shirt by Joe’s.

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  • tgunn

    YO HO.

  • tps reports

    What’s with her and the cupcakes??? I’m surprised Suri wasn’t there to eat them all since that’s all we ever see her eat!!!

  • Katie Sucks

    Can’t tell if she’s taken her meds today…

  • Happy Camper

    @tps reports:
    Now now, don’t exaggerate. Suri also gets her baby bottles full of Scientology Xenu Juice, as is normal for all 5 year olds.

  • Jokergurl

    Here’s the thing, she was into cupcakes before she even met Tom Cruise, so it’s not related to Tom or Suri. I used to be a Dawson’s Creek fan so I would read about the casts all the time and she was hooked on cupcakes then, she and Joshua Jackson (Pacey) used to hang out at the sweets place in Wilmington North Carolina where the t.v. show was filmed (well that’s when she was dating Joshua Jackson too). I like Adam Sandler though, and have always been a fan of his movies, it doesn’t matter that Katie Holmes is in it or not.

  • Happy Camper

    I think your comment says it all. Cupcakes represent her last desperate attempt to hang onto her former life. She and Josh broke up in ’98 or ’99. (Although the understanding is that a few years later they formed a friends with benefits relationship).
    Everyone else has grown up and moved on. The cupcakes are no longer cute.

  • bebe

    @Happy Camper:
    I didn’t realize that you had to stop eating cupcakes at a certain age. Does this also apply to cookies and ice- cream? or is it just cupcakes? Anyway, the cupcakes were for Bailee.

  • Happy Camper

    No one gives a rats a** about the cupcakes. It’s about “MASTER THESPIAN KATIE HOLMES”. Always putting on a show for the masses. aw shucks! What would we do without her?

  • pr person

    Aawwwwww….. Mrs Crazy has a ……… friend. It would be kind of cute, if it wasn’t kind of creepy and odd.

  • Bruce

    Come on katie! fix your hair and dress better!

  • joel

    She annoys so much with her cupcakes. She tries to get attention.

  • Speak Now


    Oh come on you people get annoyed over the stupidest things. She is NOT trying to get attention using cupcakes, so please get over your bitterness.

  • tps reports

    @Happy Camper:

    OOPS, my bad! You are so right! The endless baby bottles and x-large cups of ice cream PLUS I just remembered when KH took Suri shopping (what else is new) and she let her eat like a whole box of lollipops.
    Such wonderful choices! Maybe that’s why Suri is so damn crabby, she’s always coming off of a sugar high.
    Notice in the link above, Katie is hiding her mouth…..well, that’s because she has a major herpes outbreak which she so lovingly passed on to Suri!! Yes, suri has herpes.

  • blockbuster

    @Speak Now:
    OH PLEASE ! KH is an attention ho. It’s obvious by the way she pimps out Suri. She’s a sucky actress (and mom) who uses her daughter or cupcakes for attention!

  • Annie

    She looks so frumpy c’mon katie, can’t you at least wash and brush your hair?

  • kizbit

    HAHA!! Another movie? Do her movies ever actually come out? She’s like a movie-making machine and then they never show up in theaters.

  • whackjob holmes

    @tps reports:
    So I guess the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rules don’t apply to Suri.
    Funny that Violet Affleck is about the same age as Suri, and Violet seems so bright. If Suri is developmentally delayed due to a medical issue, everyone would embrace her anyway (although Tom, like John T would put his ego above Suri’s needs and try to hide it). I’m suspicious that her developmental issues are mostly the result of Tom and Katie’s poor parenting.

  • tps reports

    @whackjob holmes:
    I agree. Violet Affleck seems very bright, happy and well adjusted. There are just to many indications that Suri has issues for her age. I’m inclined to think that it is Tom and Katie’s poor parenting. Suri clearly tells her parents what to do and Katie “just wants to make her happy”, so she stated in the recent interview with Regis and Kelly. This is such a lame way to parent! Katie needs to end her pathetic acting career and start taking some parenting classes before Suri becomes a lost cause.

    What a bimbo!

  • it’s Robo Bride

    Dirty hair – check
    Messy, unkempt hair – check
    Frumpy clothes – check
    Phone in hand – check
    Calling paps for a cupcake opportunity – check.

    Yup. It’s ROBO-BRIDE!!!

  • Denise

    I personally love cupcakes and am over 50… I don’t think she’s trying to get attention. What gets me is that cupcakes are the kind of gift a person with no money gives. With her access to millions, couldn’t she have given the kid a real present? ;-D

  • Star Fox

    Now does she pimp her out, #14? How do you use cupcakes for attention?

    She’s had two movies released this summer, #16.

    You don’t know how either kid is like and there’s nothing to suggest that they’re not any less bright than any other child, #18.

    How do you go from ‘we just want to make her happy’ to ‘we let her tell us what to do?’

    What a trivial thing to complain about, #20.

  • dani

    @Star Fox:

    Ah, but Stars in your eyes Fox–both movies BOMBED BIG TIME.

    And explain to us how the press got ahold of this information about the cupcakes? Are you so naive that you don’t realize her PR person put out a memo or press release?

  • Star Fox

    That’s not what you said, #22. Also, both movies were limited releases anyway. It’s not right to compare them to other commercial releases.

    Holmes attending that very public party isn’t exactly a state secret.

  • pooper

    oh shut your pie hole Star Fox!

    everyone knows you have an unhealthy fixation on the weirdo family.