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Katie Holmes Wears A Big Bathrobe

Katie Holmes Wears A Big Bathrobe

Katie Holmes stays under an umbrella as she returns to her trailer, wearing a white bathrobe on the set of latest movie Jack And Jill on Tuesday (October 19) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress was covering up her red dress that she was wearing while she was shooting scenes for the movie.

Tom Cruise is currently in Prague working on his new movie Mission: Impossible IV while she and daughter Suri stay in Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes wearing a big bathrobe…

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katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 01
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 02
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 03
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 04
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 05
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 06
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 07
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 08
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 09
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 10
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 11
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 12
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 13
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 14
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 15
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 16
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 17
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 18
katie holmes wears a big bathrobe 19

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN, Famepictures
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  • thick legs

    Is Katie sitting on a fat midget’s shoulders?

  • boston61

    What kind of mother names her kid after L Ron Hubbard’s home town? Suri, England. Katie is a freaking disgrace and should be held accountable for the sh*t Scientology does to families.

  • lola

    This is what it looks like when all life has been sucked out of you..

  • Dan

    i stopped tunning into this website because every time I came on it it only had articles on the same handful of celebs…and as I came on today for the first time in months, I see nothing has changed.

  • cancer

    This woman is annoying. There’s no reason to spoil her daughter like she does.

  • Olin

    TC left Prague 4 days ago…wakey wakey

  • Sarah2474

    Katie is a beautiful girl, but what in the hell happened to her cankles?? Her calves are so damn big!! I don’t know what happened to her…

  • Katie walking on the set again

    Wakey Wakey did you see Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise in the
    dark dirty water together pretty cozy..might say..!! Doing a scene for
    the movie MI5…wonder where Suri is …All By herself I see no co
    stars in this one and she has a minor role in it.

  • to sarah 2474

    Her daughther has the same legs as well. Bad gene.

  • to boston61

    i don’t understand Scientology nor do i want to. as far as i’m concerned it is one very strange religion. aliens and all that. i think the people who follow this belief are nuts. however, this is America and here everyone is guaranteed the freedom of religion under the first amendment. as for holding katie responsible for what this nonsense does to families, well you can’t do that. the only family she’s responsible for is her own

  • Blockbuster

    Is she covering up yet another cold sore???? LOLZ
    At least the robe is covering up that unfortunate red dress she is wearing, which, by the way looks like sh** on her!

  • slambang

    How many movies is she going to make this year?! And how many of them are actually going to be any good?

  • @star fox

    Going back several threads to your comment about Katie’s two bombs being limited releases–even limited releases are suppose to make money.

    The Romantics took in 106,000 in 21 days in 14 theaters. Hardly a success in anyone’s mind. And it got horrible viewer reviews. I’m sure it cost more than $106,000 to make. And they didn’t even release it in the international market. Fortunately tho KH was an executive producer so any monies lost were hopefully Tom’s.

    The Extra Man made a grand total of $454,763 and was in circulation 80 days in 33 theaters. And managed to make a whopping $4k in international release. Again, not very good viewer reviews. And again, hardly a whopping success.

    I’m sure looking at the those that acted in these movies and the kind of crew they needed including writers, marketing, camera/sound/editing etc) they both spent far more than what the movies took in.

    Only you could defend something that was so totally and obviously two movies that bombed big time. I’m sure the money makers behind the scenes are desperately hoping that they can get some of the $$$ back thru DVD sales. Of course, you will probably buy several copies of each, right? Hate to have one break. Or do you illegally download your movies thereby depriving poor Katie of revenue?

  • More Cupcakes!

    Is Katie bulimic?

  • kelly

    she has man hands

  • tj

    OMG ! Can you say CCCCCCCCANKLES!! No style or taste whatsoever. All that money and she looks like this. Being with an ultra-rich- egomaniac-control freak midget must be worth it. LOL

  • Lavito

    @star fox
    We don’t give a shit what you have to say about the Cruise family. You’ll never convince us that they are what you think. I’m starting to think you have issues in stalking this family. Katie is a terrible mother and her daughter is a messed up spoiled brat.

  • Lavito

    @star fox
    I didn’t mean my comment to YOU, I’m so sorry. I thought you were that crazy stalker that makes comments to our comments about the Cruise, clan. Sorry. I’ll direct my comment to her when she dumps her BS.

  • @star fox


    No problem! I think star fox is a he. I think at one point he said he was a college student or something like that. He is obsessive regardless of whether he is a she or a he. He is like one of those folks who believe the world is flat or the Holocaust never happened or man didn’t walk on the moon.

  • Star Fox

    That’s a new one, #2.

    Mind your own kids, #5.

    You’re very shallow, #9.

    Why are you replying to me here, #13?

    What The Romantics got is actually pretty good for a limited release.The Extra Man not only was a limited release but released on TV earlier and Holmes wasn’t even a lead in that movie.

    I’m not defending anything. Just correcting your misconceptions.

    I’m a guy and I’m not obsessed, #19. I just can’t stand seeing these poor people bashed all the time and not do anything about it.

  • pooper

    Star Fox….YES U are very obsessed. No question.

    You are the one that has huge misconceptions about the weird Cruise family. If you think they are “normal”. something wrong with you for sure!

    You can comment to your hearts content…but, no one is gonna believe your crapola one bit!

    Go home Katie,,,,,as a matter of fact…..Tom, Katie and their brat…..go buy a rocket or whatever from Nasa and ship off to your alien planet.

  • Daisy

    @Star Fox:
    These poor people??? You really are nuts! Like they give a sh** about what you have to say. Dude, you seriously have major issues. You are a total stalker! Who are you to say that we have misconceptions?? Remember, Tom, Katie & the Brat don’t give a crap about you. You obviously defend them because your desperate for attention, even if it’s negative. Get help!

  • boston61

    @to boston61:

    She is promoting the cult with her kids name. She is giving it her stamp of approval.

  • Pets

    Where the heel are they?????

  • Puzzler86

    Responding to Boston61 – at least get your facts straight. L. Ron Hubbard’s hometown is East Grinstead – which is located in the county of Sussex, England. No Suri there – so come on now. Give this family a bit of a break.

  • LJ

    @boston61: I’m English and I’ve never heard of a place called Suri. I just goggled it and the closest I could find was Surrey, which is my home county and pronounce differently from Suri. Basically, you’re full of it.