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Suri Cruise Visits Mom Katie Holmes at Work!

Suri Cruise Visits Mom Katie Holmes at Work!

Suri Cruise drops by the set of Jack and Jill to visit mom Katie Holmes on Wednesday (October 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Look how big the 4-year-old is getting!!

Yesterday, Katie was spotted in a red dress and a white bath bathrobe in between filming scenes.

The upcoming comedy also stars Adam Sandler and Al Pacino.

Meanwhile, Suri‘s dad, Tom Cruise, has been in Prague working on his new movie Mission: Impossible IV.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Madewell plaid button down.

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  • Lonnie

    Beautiful child.

  • ronald

    i don’t approve of these posts of toddlers, its just not right :(

  • Sci

    Rosemarie Baby, but it’s not Halloween Yet!

  • http://j ivanka

    she is so cute, hopefully she won’t have the legs of her mother

  • jggju

    she’s really pretty.

  • kay

    she’s looking a lot like her dad

  • Dani


  • katie

    i love the caption! it makes it sound like she just drove herself there to visit katie, haha.

  • Maddie

    This kid has hid the genetic lottery.

  • ronald

    @Sci: perfect example why Jared should lock comments on posts of kids

  • Dan

    @Maddie: I think you meant hit. If that is the case, I agree.

    @katie: HAHA so true!

    Suri is adorable, but as to be expected from such a good-looking couple.

  • Rattle-Snake

    eek! Its creepy how much Suri looks like a mini-grown woman in these pics.! her thighs, legs and body are already developed like an adult person–on a child’s body.. maybe she spends too much time with adults and she’s going through a metamorphosism

  • Meghan


  • Suri is uncomfortable..

    Meanwhile Suri does not know her pics are going to be in tabloid magazines selling her cute little face and body for a few bucks
    making her important to the world…..why ? She is only a little girl.

    Therer is something really creepy. pathetic about these pictures.

    Possibly b/c i know her parents don’t know she is getting her picture taken today. doesn’t seem right.

  • jacket??

    Ok, I try not to judge, but it’s been cold and rainy in LA the past few days. Why is this child dressed for summer? I understand allowing a child to dress themselves but really, at 4 years old a jacket would be a non-negotiable article of clothing when it’s cold and rainy out.

    Just sayin…

  • marebear

    It bothers me that all the adults around Suri are wearing long sleeves and/or jackets and this child is running around like its beach weather.

    I know Suri doesn’t like coats and picks out her own clothes and that Katie is hauling around a blanket for her, but when do the parents step in and say “enough is enough, you wear this today”?

  • thanks,Justjared. so Beautiful

    What a sweet ,little angel face!

  • Suri Jackson

    I agree 100%. She DOES look just like her daddy, and she IS beautiful!!

  • bebe

    Suri is so pretty!
    It was in the high 60′s in L.A. so it wasn’t that cold, and you can see Suri going into Katie’s trailer so she probably wasn’t outside for long. She was seen wearing a coat in Prague a couple weeks ago when it was chilly.

  • Suri Jackson
  • marianna

    you know for some reason i’d have loved her as renesmee in breaking dawn… :)

  • LOVE

    SHe looks like TOM ALOT lately …. and katie . Why would Josh not want this child if it was his …come on really. She is TOMMYs Doll

  • Suritard

    This feral brat is every pedo’s wet dream.

  • Ginny

    Josh couldn’t do anything even if he believed Suri was his or wanted to. Between the fake pregnancy timline, Tom presenting himself as Suri’s dad for over 4 years, and Tom’s unfortunate power in H’wood, Josh would look like the bad guy no matter what in this.
    Tom and Katie are complete a**holes.

  • regine

    She looks old for her age and she has katie’s legs

  • bebe

    i don’t agreed to posting a child pictures at the public boards. take this pictures down just jared, suri is having the same rights to have grown up normal as a normal kid not a celebrity.

  • danielle


    Katie is parading her around for the paps. She could have asked (or demanded) for a closed set for the day (i.e. no photographs), but she did not. Or she could have left the child with her nanny in the trailer or behind the trailer. Instead, she puts her right in front of the camera. If anyone should be smacked down–it is KH and TC for allowing this child to become a pap golden opportunity.

  • Daisy

    Absolutely…..check out how short that dress/nightgown is!!! What the hell is wrong with Katie! Suri looks like she just rolled out of bed, as usual with the messy hair and that super short nightgown. KH should be ashamed of herself! This is sick!

  • missy

    So I guess all the other celebrity kids who have been photographed visiting their parents at work are being “paraded” too? It’s not as if Suri is the only kid to be photographed.

  • bebe

    “Or she could have left the child with her nanny in the trailer or behind the trailer. Instead, she puts her right in front of the camera.”

    If you look at the photos Suri IS walking to the trailer. Obviously, she has to get out of the car to walk to the trailer. Or do you expect her to magically transport.


    Hallelujah !!!!!

    The child is wearing sneakers!

    A first!!!!

    Now, if only we can get her out of her wrinkled nightgown in public, especially one she outgrew two years ago.

    Is it too much of a reach to ask for her hair to be combed?

    No, I’m reaching.

    Clothing will be miracle enough.


    EGADS !!!

    I just saw the full sized blanket again!

    When, Lord?

    When will it end?

    Suri is five. We are not stupid.

  • chocolatecookie

    @TIM GUNN: you rock

    @TIM GUNN: and you rock again! LoL

  • hot dang!
  • Maya

    Suri is a very cute child but why does Katie ignore her daughter? She never interacts with her (at least not on camera) and the child seems to be pretty much left on her own or carried around like an infant without any verbal stimulation. I wonder if she is able to talk yet.

    Someone should light a fire under KH’s @$$. She acts like she is brain dead at times.

  • Star Fox

    She looks fine, #15. Worry about your own kids.

    She doesn’t seem to (ever) care, #16. Why do you?

    Don’t bother arguing logic with these people, #19.

    You’re disgusting, #23.

    Cruise is the father, #24.

    Why go through so much trouble for closing the set down (as if she could) or not allowing her kid to walk around wherever she feels like because of some jerks, #27.

    It’s ridiculous that you can defend the behavior of tabloids or the paparazzi so you can use a self-righteous excuse to bash her parents.

    Don’t bother arguing logic with them, #29 and #30. It’s futile.

    Holmes ignore her daughter, #35??? What kind of new bashing method did you critics invent now?

    She interacts with her ALL the time, the kid is NEVER left on her own, it doesn’t matter of she’s carried around and you can’t tell if she’s getting ‘verbal stimulation’ or not!

    YOU’RE the one who’s brain dead.

  • marta

    she is cute but really seems like grown up woman in child’s body I mean look at her moves

  • Thai


    Sad child and she has all the reasons for being that. Seldom she’s seen smiling or laughing. Hard to have wacko parents who swear allegiance to Xenu… Being a child in Hollyweird is a nitemare, u have no idea…

  • Pacey

    @hot dang!:
    Yes, sweetheart. Just hang in there.
    Diane and I are coming to get you.

  • danielle


    Ah, but we don’t see them out and about every chance the parent gets to parade them to the paps. With Katie we do.

  • Suri Jackson

    Before making this comment I will freely admit that I am a conspiracy theorist by nature (so feel free to roll your eyes at me).
    Despite Star Fox’s denials, I truly believe that he works for the Cruise camp. He makes the same ridiculous denials and responses over and over and over again, but you know what? He stopped including me in his rebuttals a few strings ago. Have I (and some other believers who I love and appreciate) hit a nerve by discussing a topic that TC hopes will go away (but isn’t and won’t)?
    Things that make you go “hmmmmm”…..

  • Iffy Miffy

    She is a sweet child just like any other kid her age; all kids are precious. Her parents though … I shudder when I think what she must be going through, just look at the state she’s in!

  • LuckyL

    Lol at people thumbs upping a comment about Suri having Katie’s legs–that’s a BAD thing.

    And unfortunately the kid also inherited her mother’s zoned out stare.

  • Kristin

    Suri is a really beautiful little girl, but she looks like she is really spoiled. It’s nice to have parents who have so much money.

  • Disco Woman

    This is beyond MORTIFYING!! Suri is wearing a nightslip by Esme Loungewear! It is crystal clear that KH is brain dead when it comes to parenting Suri. I wonder why Katie’s friends/parents don’t step in and tell her to snap the hell out of it and dress this kid in appropriate clothing!! I am a mother of 2 and NEVER have I seen a child/kid out with a nightslip on!! PLUS, this one is SUPER short and KH knows that Suri is going to be photographed!! My guess is that Katie is completely brainwashed by the BRAT and her crazy Scientology religion!!
    I found this post to confirm.

  • martha

    For once Suri is dressed like a child of 4… sneakers, tee dress… and not a miniature adult.

    She’s apparently one of those children who don’t feel chills. It’s normal for some.

  • RubyMarii

    Shes getting BIG!! x

  • buddah

    @Star Fox:

    Dude….Seriously, you have way to much time on your hands! You are a certified STALKER! My guess is that you are troubled, lonely person who is looking for attention so you spend your days defending this wacko family knowing that you will get tons of NEGATIVE attention. This family does not give a sh** about you, so if you think your making some kind of difference here you are so sadly mistaken.

  • aml

    How is she dressed like a normal 4 year old?? She is out in public being photographed in a super short nightgown with no coat, sweater or socks! There is nothing normal about this! It’s ALWAYS something with this kid. She is either in overpriced dresses with heels and makeup on or dressed in a nightgown!!! Suri is far from normal!

  • lane

    You can practically see her whole body in this skimpy short nightgown. If she were to bend down her diaper/pullup would be flashed!