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Katie Holmes & Adam Sandler: Christmas & Cross-Dressing!

Katie Holmes & Adam Sandler: Christmas & Cross-Dressing!

Katie Holmes laughs on the set of her upcoming movie, Jack and Jill, on Friday night (October 22) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress shot some Christmas scenes with co-star Adam Sandler, who sported a wig, tiara, purple dress, and high heels!

Earlier this week, Katie was spotted working on the comedy in another red dress.

Before heading to the film’s set, Katie went on a shopping spree at Club Monaco with her bodyguard.

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  • Ginny

    It must be so nice for Katie to stand next to a man and laugh and smile and have some fun. When she’s with Tom, in addition to the simple headache of the constant performance, she also has to deal with that constant pain in her neck from looking down to gaze lovingly in his eyes.
    Whether you like Adam’s comedy or not, he’s a great guy, and I’m sure he’s trying to do what he can to give Katie and Suri a short time in the real world. When Katie’s role was first announced (and I was not happy about it), my positive spin on it was that Adam would make sure that Suri had some fun time with his kids, and I’ve been right so far. Last week was the first time I ever saw Suri in shorts. This week she was in tennis shoes (now if we can get her to combine the 2 concepts).
    Even if it is Suri calling all the shots, a little time with other kids and seeing how they live, what they wear, not having to be grown ups, etc will be a positive thing for her.
    Let’s just hope that Tom doesn’t figure out Adam’s evil plan and put and end to it.

  • xxx lol

    nice katie with out suri , jast jared please don’t put any celeb babies ok?

  • xxx lol

    nice katie with out suri , jast jared don’t put any celeb babies ok?

  • Happy Camper

    I’m about to make a painful but truthful comment. This movie is going to make a boatload of money and I’m going to end up being one of the people who pays to see it. Why? Because of Adam Sandler. We know mainstream celeb shows and Tom’s people will act like it’s all Katie’s doing, but with the exception of Drew, most of Adam’s leading ladies were interchangable. We know that. We go because we love Adam. Good comedy, not-so-good comedy – doesn’t matter. He’s loyal to his friends in all of his movies and I’ll continue being a loyal fan of his.

  • little lucy

    I SOOOO agree! Adam and I are the same age, and when I go to see one of his comedies I settle in for 1hr 45min of emotional comfort. From flashbacks of growing up in the late 70′s/early 80′s to the music in the films: ranging from sappy love songs and pop to heavy metal as as only the true MTV generation can fully appreciate. Adam is great. The 80′s were called the “me” decade, and sure, we’re a little too laid back, but we always stand up for our family, our friends, and the guy that can’t seem to catch a break. Adam shows this in all of his films, and I actually believe that it’s how he lives his life.

  • irene

    both adam sandler and katie have almost the same thick legs. who has thicker cankles? hard to choose, but at least adam is a man.

    I know, she can’t help that, but stop pretending she’s a dancer/ awesome artist/fashion icon.

  • may

    adam sandler in a dress? this is a definite no although it is funny.

  • http://. Not looking too good!

    Katie has a horrible nose. Her face is looking heavy. Her teeth are still yuck yellow!

  • mango

    At least, or should i say, at last, she looks a bit happy.

  • Star Fox

    Are you insane, #2? You don’t know any of these people and TomKat has shown themselves to be very attentive and loving parents to their child. How dare you say otherwise about any parent?

    I doubt Cruise or anyone in his camp will say people saw a movie starring Sandler because of his co-star, #5.

    She usually is, #10.

  • annie

    When Katie smiles her whole face lights up. Love when she crinkles her nose.

  • woogie

    # 11—Star Fox,

    LOL…the truth hurts huh?

    You just can’t admit all the comments above are right on.

    Boo hoo….go get some tissue and go back in that hole where you came out of.

  • lane

    @Star Fox:

    You comment as if you know them, then scold others for doing the same.

    What do you know about parenting?? Your a lonely, strange, young male. You have no sex life cause your always on the internet defending celebs.

    Star Fox is a video game name?? Another clue that your lonely and miserable! You play video games and stalk to net….nice life!

    Tonight do yourself a favor and look up sociopath, you fit the profile dude! GET HELP!

  • Star Fox

    You don’t know what’s the truth, #13.

    I don’t know them, #14. I just use common sense.

    I never said I knew anything about parenting.

  • Torino

    @Lane: Your life looks actually like the most miserable, furtrated one. How can somebody spend such a long time on sth they dislike? Hate? Envy? Anger? What is it ? Don’t u have anything else to do???
    Will defenetly go to check this movie, for KH mainly but also for Adam, silly, fun movies are good at times.

  • Jokergurl

    It must be a relief for Katie to be around someone as animated as Adam Sandler, he likes to have fun and he’s funny. She looks like she’s actually happy. Any Adam Sandler movie I will go watch, Katie can be funny too (remember her on SNL she did a pretty good job) she’s good at sarcastic, dry humor funny, not pratfalls though.

  • Carla

    Katie Holmes wanted riches and fortune, celebrity status, and the ability to shop and have anything she wants. Well, she achieved her goals. By marrying Tom Cruise, she has millions which she couldn’t have acheived on her own, roles in movies that she could not have acheived on her own, and shops anywhere and everywhere, most definaltely something that she couldn’t have achieved on her own. Adam Sandler is a big contributor to scientology, so, is it anyones guess, as to why Katie would be chosen to have a role with him?

  • danielle

    @Star Fox:

    If you don’t know anything about parenting then you wouldn’t know if Katie and Tom’s parenting is good or bad would you?

  • lane

    Hey!! How would you know if I like Katie or not?? Did I state anything hateful about her? You must be seeing things is my guess….
    Go post your nasty somewhere else. You don’t have a clue what your talking about.