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Jennifer Aniston: Stop with the Adoption Rumors!

Jennifer Aniston: Stop with the Adoption Rumors!

Jennifer Aniston visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new comedy, Just Go With It, in an episode airing Thursday (February 3).

When asked by Ellen if she was adopting another dog, Jen replied, “I think you’re confusing that with the Mexican child I’m supposedly adopting.”

“I’m not adopting a Mexican child. [My co-star] Adam Sandler adopted four last week and that never even got mentioned,” she joked. “No, I’m not adopting any children.”

The 41-year-old actress, who plays a single mom in the film, also put the baby rumors to rest while talking with Extra.

“That’s annoying. Stop taking my thunder!” she said. “When that day is going to happen, I want to be able to be like, ‘Hey, guess what?’”

Also pictured below: Jennifer stopping by Conan on Tuesday (February 1)…

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco
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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Old woman impediment

  • m


  • AJNano

    Hmm. Why all the hate? I don’t like her very much either but everybody just seems so bitter. Before I went to JustJared I didn’t know how many celebrities people actually hated. Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna were surprises.

    If you hate Jen why go here and spread it? I see a lot of people mentioning Brad and Ange. Who cares? How do you know she hasn’t gotten over it? The break up happened YEARS ago. It’s old news. Shouldn’t we be moving on?

  • Anita

    funny how this adopting story comes out right when shes got a movie to promote – i aint mad though cos thats a smart move

  • Blek

    She’ll be 42 in a few days.

    Baby Jane with no brains or grace.

  • WOW

    WOW…at least she’s kind of admitting she’s too old to have a child naturally so adoption is going to be the route she takes. It does a great disservice when all theses 40 yr. old + first time moms pretend they didn’t need IVF, surrogacy or adoption to have kids.

  • e!

    I bet if she did adopt everyone would claim shes copying Angelina.

  • truth is

    Hey Jen! what’s the most annoying is your interview and you. Have you seen these young kids in their interview they sound more intelligent than you. Have you watch yourself when they show it in tv? You should be embarrass on your interview because even preschoolers will laugh at you. Stop these stupid interviews, please and go to school.

  • Razzberry awards

    Congrats on the double razzi nominations tv hosts are too nice to ask you about,

  • Joi

    Why can’t she admitted that she just does not like or want any kids?? Come on, Jennifer, tell the truth!

  • imaN

    i agree with u AJNANO. whats with all the hate? if u dont like her or care about her then why come here to bash her? u guys care enough to come and comment every damn time. u can insult her all u want but she makes millions a year while u guys behind your computer and hate. hating on her doesnt make any of u richer, it actually keeps her relevant and on magazine covers.

  • Dressdown

    @Joi: If she said she doesn’t want children people would attack her like they do Cameron Diaz. Believe it or not some people are stuck on the idea that our only value is to have children and work in the kitchen/

  • s

    You must have missed the death threats and wishes directed at Angelina while pregnant with Shiloh by JA fans. Also the interviews she gives to any and every magazine that gives her the time of day since then!

  • yep

    Love Jennifer! I got my Allure magazine today! Great interview and photos! 15 years she has been giving to St Jude Hospital! I wished I knew she was going to be on Ellen! I am looking forward to seeing Just Go WIth It!

  • yep

    @Razzberry awards: she is great company! Marlon Brando!

  • yep

    jen looks awesome!

  • s

    Of course you agree with whoever…you need to see the hate directed towards a happy family of 8 and say that say comment! By the way…you aren’t fooling anyone!!!

  • bobbi

    I keep wondering when people will finally get tired of this no talent actress.

    Sorry to offend her fans but if she wasn’t married to an A-lister, studios wouldn’t keep shoving her in one flop after the next flop after the next…

  • Gem

    Actually The Bounty Hunter, G Butler and J Aniston were nominated for a total of 4 Razzies. Worst Actor, Actress, Movie, and Screen Couple.

  • justsaying

    I love this gorgeous funny woman … but oh does she bring out the maggots that hide under rocks.

  • Neiba

    Angelina fans need to hop off Jennifer and vice versa.

  • Nora

    You’d think she invented the National Inquirer as she loves to orchestrate her own gossip. Bravo to the biggest fake of all entertainment history…

  • imaN

    which hate? do u listen to yourself, the jolie-pitts are the ones who r everywhere on this site leaving comments as if angelina is their mom. the media has made jen seem like some desperate woman when in fact she has dated hollywood most desirable men. maybe thats why most people on this site hate her. she has dated most of the guys u wish u had and makes millions which u envy

  • yep

    I loved the photos in Allure magazine! One picture has Jen on a 7th grade field trip, another with Chasitity Bono at High School, some photos In Friends with David Schwimmer,other picture from Friends with Courtney and George Clooney and Noah Wylie a fun photo Meryl Streep and so forth. Great interview too! Jen is awesome!

  • O’Sullivan

    I love Jennifer she is gorgeous and a great actress, you haters are only jealous.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Most desirable men. OMG!!! That’s really funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  • yep

    beautiful! yes just beautiful! awesome, jen!

  • Alexis

    I couldn’t believe she said the adopting story was crazy. Making it sound like adopting is crazy for those who do adopt. That was on another show. And to that one comment… we are not jealous of who she dated….
    we are not fond of John, Vince, Gerald, and whoever else she’s slept with… I’m just wondering why they keep leaving her if she is so good? Maybe she think she is too good for them?

  • amanda

    Maybe i’m just being sensitive here because i work with adopted kids but i didn’t find anything she said amusing.

  • kids kids kids…

    It is same boring shit just another day with jenbore. She probably was put it out herself and deny it to deflect her tedy bear mess up and razzie win.LOLs

  • ugh

    all of u haterrs need to hop off her dick. slow news day for u jolie-pitts huh? go and write comments about how jolie is not a heroin addict and how u wished u were part of their family. hey! maybe jolie might read it and invite u to join their fam. #get a life haters

  • Fug Face
  • Susan

    Obviously money can’t buy happiness, otherwise Jen would have it made. The fact that she has dated 5-6 men in the six years since Brad suggests she really would like to have a partner. Why didn’t work out with any of these guys some of whom have gone on to marry (Vince Vaughn) or settled into steady relationships (Bradley Cooper with Renee Zellweger). She must be high maintenance or terribly insecure….not hating ..just saying.

  • oh my

    .Stop with the plant and denies, Jennifer, in the tabloids. Stop mucking with your face.

  • Troll Face
  • Transvestite Face
  • ugh

    haters step aside or write 100s of comments to keep her relevant and make her millions $$ hahahaha. #ur mad

  • yep

    @Susan: or maybe her heart wasn’t ready! going through what she had to endure in public had to be really hard! i pray one day she will find true love! everyone deserves love! i wish jen only the best!

  • yep

    jen is great! jen is hot! jen is just wonderful! i will be watching ellen! oh yes! i am finally getting some jen time! also planning to see just go with it twice! one with girlfriends and other time with my man! YES! Looking forward to Jen, Adam, Brooke, and Nicole!

  • just GO AWAY with it

    @Troll Face:
    Haha, she looks like one of those troll dolls that were poplular in the ealry 90′s LOL.

  • just GO AWAY with it

    Yep, its hard to believe you have a man LOL. Is he imaginary?

  • Jennifer Saves The World

    Oh we should worship her because she told Perez hilton you’re a meanie and you shouldn’t be mean to me, and he stopped being mean to me, hahahahahaha!!!! What a turd Aniston is! She calls out Perez but don’t call out old butt buddie Handler,oh that’s right because she’s not the one at the mercy of Handler’s racist, feminist attacks! it’s her ex husband’s new woman and their kids! It’s all about poor Jenny poo, fake ass ho!!

  • To Yep
  • To Yep
  • To Yep
  • ugh

    @Jennifer Saves The World:
    #UR MAD? go take a chill pill while jennifer lays in a million of $$ of masion. make her richer hahaha

  • ugh

    @just GO AWAY with it: UR MAD? Jen will not go away b/c haters like u keep her in the news. now go comment on how jolie is a saint while jen keeps racking millions #hahahahaha

  • julie

    She is 41 years old. What the heck is she wearing????

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    just GO AWAY with it @ 02/01/2011 at 10:56 pm

    I know. She really does look like a troll. Big ears, big nose, and that horrible looking features.