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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Run Errands in Los Feliz

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Run Errands in Los Feliz

Rachel Bilson and her boyfriend Hayden Christensen run errands on Thursday (October 13) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress drove to the post office to drop off some mail, while Hayden went to pick up some lunch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

The day before, the lovebirds enjoyed a meal together at a Thai restaurant!

Rachel‘s television show Hart of Dixie was just picked up for a full season! You can check out Rachel and the rest of the cast on Mondays on the CW.

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  • fitz

    i’d like to take Rachel on the top of my…yes i do

  • reedley

    HER show badly needs ratings & attention… HIM a job & attention.
    Thats it all.

  • use your brain

    love them

  • periwinkle

    Oh look at Bratchel’s smug look… now that she already got a (non-rating) TV show; she thinks that she’s already make it big in HW – making Christonesen her “errand boy” now.
    So anyways…
    “Hear Ye (3x) for the (regular) ERRAND boy & girl of Loz Feliz”!!!

  • Anonymous


  • mwannir
  • whodie

    Nah… its the reincarnated version of John Lennon & Yoko Ono (basing on height & facial features) but badly needs (legit) relevancy & talent implants.

  • tennille

    Yah right… this so-called Dixie chck just said recently in an interview that she never talked about her lovelife; but when it comes to pap-tipping – its all UNlimited. So privacy my azz!

  • Johnny English

    They behave just like two normal people do when in a relationship, eating out, dropping off mail, doing the daily odds and sods that most couples do and this upsets people why? They’re in a relationship. Besides, he needs someone to love him and he’s lucky to have such a gorgeous girlfriend when he’s nothing very special himself. She could do better. As she chooses not to, it must mean that, for whatever reason, she loves him very much. Lucky sod!

  • nina
  • aberfitch

    Yeah RATchel is so utterly *gorgeous*!!!

  • Friday At Last

    They are perfect together, absolutely the best match for one another. The two of them are exactly what Hollywood is all about and everything that is the mass media business. Thank God for them because we can look at them and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that its perfectly possible to get rich without a speck of talent, except being good looking, as long as you know/are related to people in media and hustle for attention 24/7/365. She is the poster child for Hollywood nepotism and cronyism at its most obnoxious and he is the perfect example of someone who was an adorable child and a hypnotically beautiful young man– now aged out and average, career over because he really had only one thing going for him. I love Rachel and Hayden because they remind me that Hollywood is nothing but fluffy pink cotton candy laced with cynanide.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe she should buy him a car now that she’s the “star” in their relationship or at least make him drive her around!! I’m surprised they are together – I know they think they are stars at the same level as Paltrow and Martin!!

  • Erin

    Well, Hayden is dressed better in this photo at least, he looks good! He is wearing a Cape May tshirt, he was there with Rachel this past June and a couple of years ago with their grandmothers. He seems to have lost some weight.

    @ Johnny Enlish

    I agree with you about them being a couple doing normal things, and I can see you like Rachel. But as for Hayden being nothing special? There are many women who would love to take Rachel’s place, Hayden is very good looking. Just search his name on twitter , most of the comments are of how good looking he is, mixed with some star wars complainers of how he was in those movies. A year ago Rachel was not in a very good place in her career, she is doing much better now. It would not take much to put Hayden back on the Radar if he did a good movie, a year ago he was more in the limelight than Rachel was due to Takers coming out. There are plenty of guys that would love to take on Rachel, I agree that they are together because they want to be, but not because one is better than the other.

  • Johnny English

    No, he was not good in the prequels. He was terrible. The ire of SW fans still flows at the very mention of his name. He can’t truly act and I’ve never seen him in anything good nor have I ever seen him good in anything. Rachel Bilson however lights up those around her with her personality. She’s bright, bubbly and fun and has a superb figure to boot. I have no idea what she sees in him and can only assume that he is a different person around her than he appears. She has the type of personality and smile that can make even the grouchiest man feel uplifted. She is the bright light in this relationship. I don’t blame him for wanting to be with her no matter how much I wish it were me in his place. He must have the luck of the Irish to snag such female perfection.

  • just me

    @Johnny English: Why do you get this from? Rachel is not a nice person she uses everyone that be around here. She use her best friend to get a job. The only reason Hayden is hanging around her is that he is waiting to hear from a movie that is audtioning now. I can’t believe you all are saying that rachel is a good person. As soon as he start working things are going to change. Hayden does not need Rachel he can take care are hisself. Rachel making people to believe that Hayden needs her and he don’t. This is all for attention for her. Why do all are you buy into that.Rachel is a nasty and gretty person. She sell her relationship for attention. That’s all she did for the interview she did. Nobody here talks about his work. Like that’s all he does is hang around rachel.Why do you all think that she’s doing this? Its not for hayden its for her. Hayden is the one who has talented she don’t. That’s why she went to new york to get him to visited her.Hayden is not there to please rachel. And also Hayden has his own car. She don’t need to buy him one. He has money are his own. @Erin: WIthout her friend josh she wouldn’t have a job at all. Rachel was too lazy to go out and get one. Rachel do think she is better than him too. You are lying about that. She gets mad when he gets a movie and she don’t. Don’t let Rachel fool you. She just waiting to see if he still going to be in a movie. Rachel is stIll wants to be in the limelight more than him. You ought to know that by now. Cause that’s what she’s doing. She is making him look bad cause she got something going on and he don’t. She will soon grow tied are him being in the la with her not doing nothing. Rachel was paid to say those things.As soon as Hayden leave and go home or do the movie. She will be chasing any man she seem to be with her. Oh you think that Hayden is the only man she see? That’s not true and you all know this. I wouldn’t call hayden her only boyfriends she has many that can give her anything she wants and she knows it, She just feeling sorrow for hayden and he don’t need that. Cause he ‘s not working. Rachel run behind Hayden when she wants to be with him. Cause the other guys don’t want to be with her cause she use them also. Hayden needs to be with someone else beside her. She will only use him when she can’t get him to come and visited her only when there is work there. I wouldn’t keep saying that’s her boyfriend. She be will other men too. So why don’t you all stop hyping her up. She still nobody just because she has a show that she made her best friend husband give her. Hayden treat her like a dog and she keep running behind him like one. Rachel don’t want a nice guy that ‘s in la. She wants a guy who don’t be around her much. She want a man that do her any kind are way. She buys things for Hayden and he don’t do nothing for her. When he get ready to leave he going to. So she don’t need a man that she has to track down and make him come and see her. Because that’s what she did. Hayden was on coming to see her. And when he did. He came when he wanted to. She was the one that brought him lunch. When Hayden could do that hisself. All are this is for Hayden to give her a job in his movie then she would be happen. She just being nice cause she think she going to get something out are him. Rachel do think she is better than any woman he been with. There are more talented and nice women hayden can get if he wants too. And there are men Rachel can get if she want to too. You shouldn’t have say that about rachel is nice and she don’t think she is better than him cause really does. She hates his family are she would have went to visited them. Rachel is dating herself not hayden.

  • OMG!

    LMAO Brightside’s still here with a superiority complex. Happy Megalomania Friday.

  • chill out ppl its a coment***

    if they are back, welcome back
    both her and lexy hates bilson say it like it is.

  • ?

    @just me:
    (Yawn) tl;dr, way too tl;dr. You obsessed or what?

  • whizbang

    Rachel BilPOOO… is only INfamously famous because of the prevalence and popularity of the modern & money-oriented paparazzi. If anyone outside of the US looks at her in the pseudo-news and assumes that she represents the quintessential American; most of their brain cells are not functioning properly and or they have some problems with insularity.

  • Anonymous

    @aberfitch: She is gorgeous.. calling her ugly isn’t going to make yourself feel any better!!! :)

  • Lolly

    Their presswhoring is in full swing again. Surprise!!! Not. Just in time for the salvation of Hart of Dixie. Someone said they are acting like a normal couple.. Yeah right. lol. They usually don’t see each others for months and then suddenly when the publicity iron is hot again they can’t be seen without each other. Both of them have been waiting for this little bit of relevant buzz again for a long time. Normal couples hold hands in public and don’t go without seeing each other for months upon months until the opportune moment. Hayden really is turning into her little errand boy which will probably continue until she dumps him for greener pastures of presswhoredom some where. They both have enough access to money and resources to see each other much more often than they do. It’s called a plane one or the other should try it more often. Although now that would have to be Rachel since she has the show filming in La. Most couples in Hollywood stick to the two week rule. They never go more than two weeks without seeing each other face to face. A couple that has been engaged once and still goes forever without seeing each other is a bit off and a lot of people can see it. People are more wise than ever to publicity tactics than ever before . Thanks to the internet XD
    @lexy hates bilson: While I doubt either one is completely broke. Christensen most likely has more money than her. Over the course of his career he has probably made about 15million to 20 million. With movies,ad campaigns, and probably a little presswhoring. Bilson made a lot on the OC although she was paid well enough. With Jumper she got very little. Same with Last Kiss, Waiting For Forever and Life Happens. A show like Hart of Dixie doesn’t pay very well until it gets into later seasons and even then it is the CW they don’t pay well. Her promotional jobs like Sunglass Hutt and ice cream adds again don’t pay for some one that is not either A list already at her age or the next big thing. I think Christensen is just cheap in general with his money and that is why he doesn’t have his own car. Same reason why he never got a new house in La. Always wearing the same clothes for years. He is either smart and cheap with his money or not fully committed to La and the presswhoring. Although it is so much easier to presswh@re and get more bang for your buck in the same car. Don’t you think.
    Hart of Dixie is going to bring many many more posts like this one I think. As long as the show is around it will continue to the biggest and best potential of getting attention for Rachel and her errand boy Hayden. Until she gets a new one.Even after HOD is canceled one day they will still be able to drag some publicity out of it. lol

  • Lolly

    “Although now that would have to be flying to see Rachel since she has the show filming in La.”

  • kaleigh

    Much ado about nothing for the nobodys!
    Obviously & accurately… that they’re each other personal & professional’s version of albatross / vacuum.

  • just me

    @chill out ppl its a coment***: I;m not obessed about her at all. Why should i? All she doing is use people to get what she want. she use Hayden to promoted her show. She use josh to get her a show. And what show it is. what the first thing she does is make out with someone on it. Like she did with hayden on the set are jumper movie.That’s why had to break up adam because are it. Rachel wll never be nothing to me but a liar and tramp. She don’t want talk about her relationship cause its still the same. Rachel still let come to see her for a booty call when he wants to. He still leaves when he wants to and reteurn when he please. That’s what she don’t want to talk about? Why she want hide that for. Cause its the truth and not a lie she can sell to the magazines. She got paid and photos got taken for price. That’s what Rachel is all about. She sold her break up story to people magazine and others. And when she went barbados she sold that too. One person was that hayden was in the limelight. Yes he was it was his job to do so. She get mad cause he didn;t ask her to the takers after party? But she kept calling and texting him until he call her. This was the reason she hook up with him. She didn’t have nobody to be with her and give her media attention again. Something that she could have done herself. Rachel is still Nobody with her new show Hart of Dixie and Hayden .She lack brains she only for looks.But hayden has all are that. Brains and looks. He don’t have to sell hisself much she does. I believe she followed hayden to canada last year to takers party last year. She never wanted hayden to be in the limelight only her.All she want to do is beg men to be with her for attention. She can;t do nothing by herself.Rachel is obessed with hayden she don’t know how to deal with other guys. She leave them time she meet thing. Hayden is still not enough for her.She pretending he until she meet someon else.Her show sucks and she does too in it. People praise her about it don’t know why.She don’t think people know that she hide the fact that she use men to get what she want. She think what she got between her legs is gold and she pretty at what she does.She’s not.She won’t tell people that she made the same mistake twice and want people to think things ok when they are not. I wish that hayden would wake up and find out that Rachel is still using him in la. Rachel still golddigger and a tramp.

  • ida

    i used to be in love with this guy.what the hell happened to you hayden!?

  • pathetic

    @just me, etc.

    I think you should try another meds the ones you have right now, is not working at all…..

  • ATLQueen

    Nothing. He just didn’t return any love to you. And he didn’t turn out to be the guy you thought he was…. Sorry. I’ll allow you to blame me for it go ahead. Say something nasty. You know you want to.

  • lol

    @ATLQueen: Take your meds please Queeny lol.

  • @ just me AKA lois

    lois stop with the long rants you do it here and on other boards, it’s past the stage of being silly you ARE totally in denial

  • Jenn

    Awww these 2 kids are so cute together! Rachel is such a pretty girl and she’s going to age very gracefully. She’s 30 and could pass for 20. Hayden is probably not going to age as well but he’s still handsome for right now! Haha. I love Hart of Dixie and I hope they keep it on for a long time. It’s a very charming tv show. I would like to see Hayden do an indie or an Oscar worthy film – something very high quality instead of an empty Hollywood movie. Takers WAS HORRIBLE. One of the worst movies ever. But I know he’s capable of doing better. He just needs to choose higher quality films.

  • Lora

    Hi guys,

    I happened to watch “Vanishing on the 7th street” with HC yeasterday.

    Dear! I was shot dead by the stupidity of the film. I did not get the plot. I could not read the message. What it was all about?? The most stupid and inarticulate story. Poor acting of the cast. HC looked and performed absolutely the same character as in Jumper. Did the box-office cover the costs at list?

    What a dissapointment! What a shame! I did not really expect that HC would choose to lead in such a crap… Or is it his brother who decides? I guess HC is manipulated by his brother who forbids him to play in a film if he is not one of the producers.

    Your know what I did, I just threw the DVD to the bin in disgust. I am sure I would never like to watch it again. Absolute failure.

    What a dissapointment!

  • Said That long Before


    @LORA #32
    Sadly hadyden is far from beig “adult” . He does not make his own choices and tends to rely on his bro’s choice. TOVE IS THE DECISION MAKER (and the one who enjoys Hayden’s money). Tove does not encourage his little brother Hayden to take parts in movies unless he (TOVE) produces them.

    Actually the prod business hayden and his bro got is thanks to hayden’s money. Tove is a womanizer who just uses the brother.

    Hayden is right now real failure on EVERY level of his sad life.
    Hw has lost of his superbe, hanging with bloodsucker and looser like Bilson (he is a real joke now. No serious directors want him in a movie.
    HE doesn’t have people around his to tell him the truth : his choices in movies sucks big time!.
    HE really needs a wake slap in the face before it’s too late.
    HE relies to much on the past Glory and presswhoring buddy (Bilson), and his brother’s awful advice in term s of career choices.

    EVEN the chick who started a website just in his glory “desiring hayden .net” about a decade ago is tired of it and wants to shut the website down.

    Most of his longtime fans ( and I am one of them), do not understand the character he became. He is everything he once said he would never be : superficial, a presswhore (has too due to his obvious lack of success and with the encouragement of his f.. buddy bilson), lazy and not into his art anymore.

    SAD SAD SAD….. he had so much potential and he’s just wasting it with bad energy people and bloodsuckers!!!

    He might not be as clever as I thought. I see here now “human dictionary” but a wasted guy who once has Hollywood favors.

  • lilly antama

    I don’t like them together. He’s better and needs to get out there and start to fly into all main and co star roles. I do agree that she’s a gold digger and I feel he’s useing her for his bedroom needs. They’ve been together for what 5 years, and there not even married? I mean what kind of man can’t comit to someone he’s been together with for 5 years. Unless he’s using her. I wouldn’t think that they realy love eachother. If he got into a car crash and became disabled, she’d leave him to fend for himself. Simple as that.

  • @ 34

    @ lily

    Maybe you should ask Brad Pitt why he can’t commit to Angelina Jolie, why they aren’t married either after several years and 6 kids! And Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn aren’t married either ater 20 something years. The nerve! You should have a talk with them, and every other couple that is not marred after 5 years!

  • Lora

    @Said That long Before:

    Yes, I agree in general. I only think it is not the matter of being clever in his case, it is rather an absence of independent thinking and strong will to follow own course.

    I am not his longtime fan, not even a fan to be precise, but I was really really charmed by his parts in SWs, Awaken and LAAH. I was certain that he would make a very good career in Holywood some day. Now I am not any longer. I actually resign.

    I could only wish him a miracle – a breakthrough with a perfect part in a perfect movie of a perfect director.

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