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Hayden Christensen: Barbados Beach!

Hayden Christensen: Barbados Beach!

Hayden Christensen soaks in the sun as he strolls along the beach with family in Barbados on Wednesday (November 2).

Earlier this week on Halloween, the 30-year-old Canadian actor was seen making his way into Roosevelt Hotel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

Hayden has been dating his Jumper co-star Rachel Bilson, having recently reconciled after splitting for a short time last year.

Hopefully we’ll get to see Hayden back on the silver screen next year in Battlecreek!

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Credit: Islandpaps; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • swirly

    Jeez, how many times does his family and him go to Barbados? He was there in January then went with Rachel and his family a couple months later, now again. Must love the beach!!

  • swirly

    Just curious, does his sister live there? She was there along with her husband and kid when Rachel and him were there for his birthday.

  • @swirly

    I think I read somewhere one time that the family has a home there.

  • Anonymous

    Boy he sure is ugly now that he hit 30. And no wonder he wears a flannel shirt and long baggy shorts at the beach….we’ve seen his fat flabby dead-white body in pics from Barbados before and it’s a total buzz kill.

    Love the shot of him striking a supermodel pose with one hand on his hip and looking at the camera. He’s the most girlie youngish male actor in Hollywood (who doesn’t claim to be gay) as well as the worst actor of his generation. He’s found the perfect mate in Rachel Bilson though and it’s great that they’re getting married. He is exactly like she is: untalented but well-connected, uneducated, so stupid as to be classified as feeble-minded, and obsessed with their own ridiculous selves.

  • tina

    Sunglasses and windblown curls. There’s just something about Hayden looking casual on the beach. He looks good.

  • Loves

    WHere in Barbados are u my dear????

  • @Anonymous

    @Anonymous: You have serious issues.

  • :)

    It is really nice to see Hayden spending time by himself with his family :) Don’t you think?

  • lexy hates bilson

    He’s like Rob Kardashian except I don’t think Hayden’s family has jobs…I think he supports them all…vacation from what exactly???

  • canadian_caveman

    STILL jobless???

    STILL mediawh*ring???

    STILL a loser???


    Battlecreek would only happen on his fansite & sometimes tabloids – trust.

  • NohoCycleChic

    Funny coincidence, I was looking at beach vacations yesterday. At least he’s dressed nicher than I’ve seen him in a bit. I think I saw that shirt on The Gap .com. :) Well, best wishes to him on his new project. I hope it goes well.

  • nice

    Hayden looks like he is having a good time with his family, what a beautiful place for a vacation. For those who will wonder where Rachel is, she was filming Hart of Dixie yesterday, and was interviewed by some TV news stations this morning very early about Hart of Dixie. She did a “satelite media tour” according to Amy Nadine, who did her makeup. One interview is on the CW website. So Rachel did not go to Bardados because she is working on Hart of Dixie. Hope Hayden has a great time with his family, it looks like his sister’s family he is walking with.

  • Hayden Aging Badly

    What happened to him? He used to be so handsome. Its too bad. No wonder he’s not working. Battlcreek? Not happening for him. Trust. I understand his next job will be doing autograph signing at 150 dollars each for the Star Wars convention. The folks with talent being interviewed at the convention have been mocking him for years as has the convention host (I know I’ve been to the last 3 conventions.) Hayden Christensen is the biggest joke in the Star Wars saga and one of the biggest jokes in Hollywood. The only bigger joke is his future wife Rachel Bilson, the posterchild for Hollywood nepotism and casting couch. Can’t wait to see him there in August of next year, in dirty jeans, a flannel shirt and greasy baseball cap and Rachel’s sunglasses, three days of stubble and smelling like a sports bar during superbowl. Fitting job for a has been.

  • They live off him

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Yeah, Hayden’s family has no job.
    His younger sister gets a production job thanks to his money and his connection. She is snotty and lazy as ass.

    His older bro, we all know that he knows how to treat a woman right IOI, and not to spend money (that is not his) in lavish things (expensive cars).
    He is a good guy with many talents and the most noticeable is spending his bro’s cash.
    The older sister seems pretty normal and decent just like his mom.

  • He looks annoyed

    Poor guy! He looks pissed to see the paps there when he is enjoying some vacay with his family.
    So sad that now he won’t get peace since they all know where he lives and where he goes in vacation thanks to his “beloved” on-off “talented girlfriend who likes to call them to get her pics taken even when she buys tampaxx.

  • periwinkle

    Mr. Christonesen been spending time w/ his family coz he got no choice where to spend his INdefinite free days for that loooooong period of time – as he’s been bumming around &/or never been that busy for over a month for the last “4 years or so and its still counting”…

  • Battlecreek

    Battlecreek just went from pre-production to now in production on the IMDB page for it. So Battlecreek seems to be moving forward with Hayden Christensen in it. Clint Eastwood’s daughter is directing. Not too shabby. Its not Clint Eastwood himself directing but still not bad for Hayden.
    @nice: He could have set up his vacation to fit Rachel’s work schedule, because Battlecreek isn’t filming yet so he has nothing but free time. Instead they haven’t been seen together for three weeks but seen out separately many times and now Hayden goes on a vacation without Rachel. If he wanted her there I am sure he could have set it up to fit into her filming schedule for Hart of Dixie.
    JJ makes it sound like they only recently reconciled LOL and JJ went from mentioning how they were seen together last month to not mentioning that at all LOL
    Where there is smoke there is fire…just like last year.

  • @Battlecreek

    @Battlecreek: Just because the movie is in production doesn’t mean it’s going to start anytime soon. Hayden is the only one set up in the cast right now. Weren’t his other movies The Diplomat and Money For Nothing set up on his page for production, but now they are projects in development. I wouldn’t start getting your hopes up that Hayden and Rachel split, he was in the Caribbean with his family back in January without her but they were still clearly together. I could care less if they are together or not, but unless breakup rumors start I wouldn’t even begin with it. He’s been in LA for what seems like 1-2 months, I’m sure if they broke up he would have went back up to Canada land. Maybe it’s his sisters birthday, or his nieces, who knows!!

  • jeezzum

    Beast Of Bataan, Tin Tin, Neuromancer, Fallen, Mona Lisa, Casino Jack, Mandrake, Genesis Code, The Cold – that all goes officially went down only on “papers”.
    And there goes now called Battlecreek… and if it would ever materialize (& its a big AS IF)… is the role that HC is playing in any way resembles of a tree or something made of plank of wood? Because if it is then; kudos to the casting director!

  • @/@Battlecreek

    @@Battlecreek: Everyone keeps saying he needs to be in LA for his career to have any chance of surviving. Yet when he is in LA then it must be because of Rachel and not because he is trying to get his career going again. If an actor wants a career then he needs to spend an equal amount of time in LA or NYC as well as lets say Canada. He had to get a new agent because he kept spending too much time in Canada and not in LA for auditions or business meetings and they parted ways. Maybe he has learned has learned his lesson and is getting smart about his career spending more time in LA and letting himself be seen. If he isn’t seen he isn’t noticed.He can’t expect to compete with all the other actors out there if he is always in Canada. So if he spends time in LA its for Rachel or to famewhoreit up and if he is in Canada then he is a loser with no career that isn’t trying anymore to act? Wow Hayden really can’t win can he.
    If he wants Battlecreek to have any chance of getting off the ground then he needs to be in LA like he has lately and he needs to be seen around town. Which he has been lately during the last few weeks. Now he is seen in Barbados making him look calm and on vacation like just another happy actor. Which is key to casting directors and producers wanting to hire him or keep him attached on up coming films. It’s all about appearance and image when it comes to Hollywood. The fact Hayden and Rachel haven’t been seen together might also be part of the image remodeling to get his career moving again. If they aren’t seen together long enough rumors will come again giving Hayden more exposure in the public eye for Battlecreek then he has had in awhile. Hollywood is a game, that everyone is trying to just stay on the board let alone win.

  • Rose

    Flannel and board shorts a true Hayden original look. :P Lumberjack meets surfer chique :P

  • #23 (aka @battlecreek)

    @@/@Battlecreek: Hayden and Rachel were seen together about 3-4 weeks ago, that’s not a long time with them. There are times we go months without seeing them together. So it’s not that strange. You know the only reason Rachel hasn’t been seen with Hayden lately is because she’s working. She’s only been seen about 3 times in the past month. Every time they are not seen together it’s YOU guys that say “oh I bet the break-up rumors are going to start now” and do they? No. All’s I’m saying is there is no point in guessing and assuming they broke up just because they haven’t been seen together. My opinion, I don’t see these two ever breaking up. If they break up again, I’d see them just getting right back together again. They’re kind of a package deal now.

    And if it’s all about appearance when it comes Hollywood, then it’s not working for him, he looks pasty and messy in these pictures.

  • reedley

    He looks now like a wondering-aimlessly-male-starlet who’s trying so hard to get a job but still can’t get any. And he can’t just accept any role coz he’s one of the major products from one the biggest movie franchise in HW – y’ know he got some sort of image to protect LOL
    Who would really ever thought that the likes of Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum, Ashton Kutcher or Paul Walker can have a working career than him when those 4 were also have questionable acting talent?!
    “Bad luck / misfortunes” seems to attaching him for life like a dreadful leech huh!

  • Sunshinedelight

    Hejsa’s husband is a cruise captain. She just basically helps him out I guess. They have a house there and one in Ontario.

    Oh my goodness the little girl is precious.

    But Hayden!!! I thought you were doing some work. Awww now I’m disappointed. Well enjoy the sun while you can.

  • Orange?Ewwwww

    @laverdadduele: Not everyone should look like a member of the Jersey Shore cast. I think pale and pasty is much better than burnt orange. Robert Pattinson, Garrett Hedlund, Chris Evans, Andrew Garfield are all pale boys. The snookie look wouldn’t be good on any of them. Snookie isn’t a good look on ANYONE. BWAHAHAHAAH

  • C3

    Vacation!!! Again!!!???? Jeeeeeeesus Christ! In order to take a vacation you have to do some WORK WORK WORK to take a vacation from it. So this can’t be called another damn vacation. Just call it loafing. The dude is a loafer. Kaylen is sickening. She and Tove both ride whatever they can scrounge off of Hayden, whatever that is. Most of it all comes from one movie Star Wars because he’s done nothing that is worthy of mentioning since that movie and even then Star Wars sucked because he was the most talentless lump of clay in that movie.Tove drags girls down the street endangering their lives and then getting off scot free and no punishment. Hayden’s Dad I think the dude’s name is David mind fuqued Lana or Lanna, which is hilarious. He’s a player too. Poor Alie. yeah poor them. I don’t feel sorry for that family. None of the watch where their going and they don’t care about consequences. Hayden most of all because he’s the biggest embarrassment to show business. That’s the thing Hayden has no business to be in show business and even when he tries to make it his business he’s the worst at making a lucrative business for him.

    I’ve never heard a bad thing about Hejsa except that she’s a prude, judgmental, unforgiving and righteous. In other words the girl thinks she’s better than the rest of them. Other than that she looks likes she’s getting fat. Rachel is probably enjoying her time away from Christensen. This way she can think of way to let that dude down gently because hopefully she’ll see the light and drop his no good unemployed ass.

    For Shame Hayden Christensen parading that little star of a girl around like that. She’s a little person not aware what you just did to her. you paraded her innocence on Just Jared. Shame on all of you. I think celebs should know better than to parade their kids where the can be set up for embarrassment. this was the most embarrassing photo.

    All these guys look sick. If that’s Hejsa she looks fat and sick. Don’t recognize her. The only healthy one looks like it might be that little girl.

  • Sunshinedelight

    The little girl’s birthday I hear is this month. Might be why he’s with her. So you guys don’t badger him for spending time with her.

  • Deborah

    A couple of days ago on a saturday and sunday he was all alone by himself and not with Rachel. Does she work on weekends too? Give me a break! They are like always breaking up or broken up. This relationship is ridiculous. He deserves better than a girl like her mugging for the cameras every chance she gets and when he’s in Barbados she is shopping in California. She also this week said in an interview how much she wanted Ryan Gosling to be her husband but breaks off the engagement to the man she should have been married to two or three years ago. I think he is fed up. Get a clue media and all you who think this is such a great relationship. Wake up and smell the coffee. They break up more than they make up. I hope he sees the light and finds someone who wants to be his wife.

  • lol

    @Deborah: They broke up once then got back together, that’s not breaking up all the time.

  • chill out ppl,,,,,,

    he he he he,
    i bet she is so pissed not to be with him?
    so much for them enjoying time together her missing a freebie holiday as well.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well they better enjoy mooching off him while they can b/c how long can his Star Wars money last?? He doesn’t have a business manager like Kris Kardashian.
    Let’s face it – the paps are there b/c Rachel alerted them…I’m sure she’ll be showing up shortly. HC isn’t Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian that is followed to remote locations!!

  • @C3

    @C3: Okay whatever you say “loco” lol

  • The80sRule

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Get a fkg life, HATER! & thank god Hayden mother iSN’T Kris Jenner!!

  • Robbi

    Hayden Christensen hearts plaid.

  • Katia

    Rachel Bilson needs to move on but she is too hung up to do so.
    She’s going to watch her eggs wither as she waits for this guy to marry her because newsflash, he never will!!
    If he broke it off with you before, what makes you think he’ll ever want to?

  • just me

    @Deborah: Agree with you. Jared should have posted the same time she was shopping which the nov 2. You can’t make people believe that this relationship is still on. Rachel did this herself last year for attention and you know this. Why mention her at all. You always mention her when he alone by hisself. If he is alone don’t mention her. She doesn’t work all the time like that. She is at home not working. Jared just didn’t want to show that they was far apart again. Even if rachel don’t say nothing about what going on with them. I’m sure that she could have went if she wanted to.@lexy hates bilson: And Rachel is not coming .it was the same day she was shopping silly girl.They took his picture this jan. and no one told them. It was a surprise. After what she said about being with ryan goshing i would have left too. She don’t need hayden anymore for attention. Don’t you think that this relationship has ran its course? There is no more to discuss about this relationship. If said that she don’t go no where.Here is proof that she don’t. Jared should be ashame for posting this days later after she was seem the same day that she was shopping in la. Why he can’t it be wriiten that he was by hiself? There is no proof that his sister has a child. Are he would have mention and it would have been on his story board.@C3: And your information Rachel is the one that don’t need to be in show business when things are given to her.He can act and don’t need to beg anyone for a job like Rachel does. He has done more things than her she just starting over was is bad.And jared she broke up with him again too. Just because rachel haven’t said anything about them not being don’t mean things are going well with them. You should respect hayden more than this. When rachel be alone you don’t even mention hayden name at all. Stop trying to sell this relationship. If they are not together they are not. Hayden never said that. Rachel the only one put that out last year. She use hayden cause he was her back up plan and the other guys left her alone. What he should do.About his work well too many movies and no one to star in the with him. But i hope he find something soon.Jared you’re using hayden just like Rachel is doing by mentioning when he not with her. Rachel chased after him last year. That’s what you should have said.Rachel went around telling people that for attention. When she was interested are being with another man. Did she say she had a crush on Ryan Gosling? No hayden anymore.

  • AJ

    @ just me & Deborah

    Wow, how long have you known Hayden and Rachel to know all this stuff about them? Rachel was interviewed live yesterday on the TV station I watched, and the interview is on the CW website. You should tell her she was not really working when she was on television live yesterday morning. If you don’t know Rachel or Hayden, do you use a crystal ball to know all this stuff?

  • nina
  • canadian_caveman

    Whats that fansite all about?!
    ALL about pap-tipping & photo-ops?!
    Yeah Right!

  • Look at fat ass Rachel


    Dude you have big issues. Is the blonde woman who happens to be his sister is a fat cow, I’m the Queen of England!
    She is not fat but you do have a fat smelly tongue of Blthch.
    Look better at short-legged Bilson with an ass bigger than her brain, then come here and make us all laugh with your stupid comments.

  • Look at fat ass Rachel


    Dude you have big issues. Is the blonde woman who happens to be his sister is a fat cow, I’m the Queen of England!
    She is not fat but you do have a fat smelly tongue of B.tch.
    Look better at short-legged Bilson with an ass bigger than her brain, then come here and make us all laugh with your stupid comments.

  • lol

    @lexy hates bilson: Wow, so Rachel’s not even on the trip, and you’re still blaming her for the paparazzi.

  • Rachel DID CALL her friends


    Rachel does no good to hayden. She ruined his career and makes him a joke or a filler in stupid gossip magazines where she DOES belong.

    They are mismatched fromthe beginning. She is a typical brainless superficial LA girl,average looking and with tons of connections.
    He has appeared to be deeper thatn her.
    the only common point is that they are both actors (or at least they try).

    She is known to call the pap to follow her and keep her visible in the gossip mags.
    Why do you think she is wearing the latest designer cloth?
    Cos she knows by doing that she will get her pics smapped and then be in magazines.

    Sometimes I wonder if C3 is not someone of her PR crew.
    He is too good to her to be true. He might get paid to write something nice about her,

  • lol

    @Rachel DID CALL her friends: She’s not known for calling the paps, you guys ‘assume’ she calls them. One of the paps who was listed as the photographer of most of her candids and even used to comment here wrote on his website that she has never tipped or alerted the paps on his website. He stated he covers the Los Feliz area where he follows the same certain celebs and that her pictures always get sold to magazines fast which is why she is always papped. If I find that website again I’ll post it. As for C3, when you search under Rachel or Hayden on twitter, that person is on twitter so you can see he’s just some random guy. I know it’s him because the way he talks on here talking about Hayden’s family, he does the same on twitter.

    Rachel is no where near using Hayden for her career, he has been in absolutely nothing and has been pretty irrelevant lately, so how is she using him for her show and career? Whenever Rachel or Hart of Dixie is brought up it never has anything to do with Hayden. The only time it does is on the comments here, it’s you guys that think that.

    It’s hilarious how when Rachel is with Hayden, you guys say she calls the paps. When Hayden is on the beach by himself, you still blame it on her? Since you guys think she’s such a mediawh0re, why would she want the paps to take pictures of Hayden on the beach when she’s not there??

  • C3

    @Rachel DID CALL her friends:

    I see you’re still not quite fluent with your English. lol. That’s ok. It’s still readable. Lady, you are a staunch hater of Rachel. All you who hate her, hate her probably for the same reasons I can’t stand Christensen. But I don’t hate Christensen. I’ve admitted he can act like in Shattered Glass and Life as a House. And I’m no one’s PR agent. I just admire the beautiful Rachel Bilson. I wish her all the best. She deserves better than Christensen. She is a sweet little woman and boy yeah I wish she was my girl. Her best feature is her eyes. She’s a seductress with those eyes. But I’m not obsessed with her. I’ll admit she loves some attention and she loves to shop. And the girl is fickle and probably a little aloof. But that doesn’t make her bad. She’s just a girl you all are jealous of.

    Hayden Christensen has had plenty of chances to prove himself. Since Star Wars he’s done nothing to impress me. Still waiting for him to get smart and go back to what he’s good at which was acting in something more with a dramatic feel to it. He’s just a moron. That doesn’t mean I hate him. I think he’s no good for Rachel. She needs some dude who will show her off to the world. And she needs someone who’s so in love with her he’ll show some of that affection in public. She deserves that as much as any woman. Just cause she came from a family who has a Hollywood background doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve some happiness. So yeah I’m a fan of hers. But not a fan of her acting. I just think she’s a very sexy woman.

    @Look at fat ass Rachel:

    Her ass is actually perfect. Her thighs kill me and seduce me. And she’s got the perfect build. She’s little and has these huge eyes. Perfect. That’s what she is. A perfect fit. But she’s definitely not a perfect fit for Christensen.

    By the way doesn’t he look sick?

  • Rachel DID CALL her friends


    Dude when you can just 1 language, you better shut the f. up!
    Who do u think you are ? Do you think that your so called perfect English make your comments more relevant??
    I don’t think so. cos actually you are not as clever you you think you are Just to see your endless luv for Bilson speaks for itself.
    You might be one one the guys hanging posters of girls and having dirty thoughts . Eww.
    Obviously my English isn’t as bad as your tastes in women.
    Poor you.
    Bilson is an awful actress and she is not even the next jenifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz.
    Who said that she doesn’t happiness in her life? you ‘re plain ridiculous as much as she is stupid! She doesn’t deserve all the attention she gets cos she is ireelevant in almost everything she does. She is not fun but funny!
    It’s obvious that Christensen is not in love with her . I can understand why but anyway.
    She used his popularity when she needed until the barometer of a stardom rises and now that she scored a tv show she doesn’t need him as much as before.
    Their relationship is weird and smells fishy just like you breath when you talk here C3.
    Yes Hayden is “sick” of her and all the Sh.t she brought to her lfe (like her friends the paps).

  • whizbang

    “Beautiful Eyes”?!?!
    Yeah right, BilPOOO’s got ‘em

  • call me crazy but…..

    Darn, I feel kinda sorry for him now his bubble’s busted. Can’t help feeling the guy expected bigger things to happen after the SW prequels but he’s ended up doing s so very little and nothing good. Rumour has it that his fansites are closing coz of lack of fan interest. Can’t be easy, watching his gf find work, watching his own career fizzle out and losing a whole lotta fans as well. I know people on this site used to razz his gf like crazy for not working. Looks like the shoe’s on the other foot, now.

  • C3

    @Rachel DID CALL her friends:

    Oooh you poor wittle baby. Did I make you mad at me? Awww. Well pity party for you. I’m an honest guy. I’ll admit both Christensen and Rachel have nothing good to show for their acting except maybe Christensen’s Shattered and Life. I can be honest and say those two don’t belong together. I can admit Christensen has a right to dress any old he wants to cause a dude can wear what he wants and it won’t matter. I also can admit when I think a girl is gorgeous. Rachel is no actress, not even in the smallest degree. She’s hot though. She’s got some talent for getting attention and getting it in the right ways to make opportunities come to life for her. So she’s not dumb. She’s dumb in some of the things she says and she’s made some stupid idiot choices being with an unemployed actor like Christensen who doesn’t even know how to show one ounce of affection for his woman. The fact remains, whomever you are, I can be honest and still love Rachel and still accept some of Christensen’s work. That fact is I don’t hate. You are a troll here who posts in favour of Christensen and use that opportunity to bash Rachel because your jealous. You post under multiple names because you don’t think your argument is strong enough on its own. Hate is a disgusting character for a a woman to have. No man would live with that. Which might be why you are here hoping Christensen will dump Rachel and go for you. Princess, Christensen was the one that got his ass dumped by Rachel the first time. Have you forgotten you are a woman and can identify with other women? If your guy was treating you like crap out in public, didn’t touch you, stood a mile from you, never made any public proclamation of love or interest in you and at the same time he’s unemployed, wouldn’t you dump his sorry ass?

    Some of you women surprise me. You can’t be honest enough to say a cake is a cake. You have to overstate your thoughts because you love him so much you don’t think he could be responsible of any wrong or stupid choice. His stupid choices are he’s messing around with Rachel still and probably doing a mind fuque on her just like his pop did to that Indianapolis woman, Lana. He’s a sorry ass for keeping her hanging on for some kind of love proclamation or marriage or anything positive that shows how much he cares for her.

    It’s not honourable how he treats her publicly. And she is stupid for allowing that behaviour. They both are stupid. At least I’m honest and not blind sided by my admiration for Bilson to see things the way they are. At least I don’t have delusions of grandeur about other people’s relationships. Christensen and Bilson are together and your saying anything won’t affect them or make them break up. You’re a wishful woman probably in your 50′s and you probably are unemployed yourself or depend on an appreciative husband. Or else you wouldn’t care about what Christensen does.

    At least I make REAL money doing something admirable and worthy of money in the medical field. And I can speak more than 1 language. I can speak 3 languages and do it well.

    My admitting that Rachel Bilson is hot does not make me a bad guy. If any of you girls had a hot body or gorgeous sexy eyes like she does I wouldn’t hold back. I’d say so. I appreciate beautiful women. But as I said before, I don’t lie about her acting ability and the fact that she’s hopeless as an actress.

    You people need to be honest about Christensen without getting all swept of being a honey dripping fan. You 40 and 50 year old women should be smarter than that. If you’re going to let your honey drip for him at least be intelligent enough to admit your feelings about how awful he’s been getting nowhere roles or limited shallow supporting roles. Admit he’s just as lame as Bilson. They both are nimrods for playing the media. And they both play the media game. Of course they do. It’s not just Rachel.

    I don’t think that this pic above is set up by the paps though. And Christensen has a right to play with his neice whose getting ready to turn 4 years old. I just think its sad he goes where he knows he can get papped and have to expose that little helpless girl to the slime and attacks of Bilson haters.

    Can you be honest about your disappointments without bashing Rachel? Or can you only bash Rachel? Why not say something nice about her. Remember your GOD Hayden Christensen chose her for some reason. He would probably spew at you because you spew on her. You call yourself fans yet you betray Christensen by dogging his girl.

    At least I don’t have to bash Christensen to build up Rachel. Christensen actions or lack of action speaks for themselves.

  • C3

    @Rachel DID CALL her friends:

    Oh yeah, and by the way, Rachel ruined noone’s career. Christensen is a fully capable man. He can take care of his own career. Which is the problem. He is not taking care of his career. He’s doing next to nothing and shows no real sign that he even wants to work. Rachel, on the other hand is working. She might not be a good actress but she keeps her options open and keeps working in some way. Even if Christensen could only get bit supporting roles or commercials at least that would be work. But is he doing that? No.

    When I saw Shattered Glass I thought what in the hell? Why isn’t this guy doing more roles like this? Or even Life as a house. Why doesn’t he do the roles where he’s actually superb? Why do only empty roles in lame movies? And then why does he go long periods of doing nothing. Unemployeed. That’s not something that Rachel needs for her own personal image. I don’t think it would harm her career any but she doesn’t need to downgrade her own image or even her personal image just because she’s can’t make a smart enough choice to throw this unemployeed loafing actor to the pavement.

    He’s capabable enough of an actor to make some great movies. He’s made 2 movies like that. But the dude is responsibe for any ruination of his own career. Not Rachel. The only thing those 2 do to one another is give negative press attention which might seem bad.

    By the way, as long as you bash Rachel I will continue telling my opinion here about Christensen. I support these actors. But separate. I don’t support them together. I won’t say how stupid and lazy Christensen is without mentioning how stupid Rachel is.

    Try to be smart when you write out your thoughts. Even if you can’t write good English can you at least try to be smart?